9.0 Test is Live

Hello everyone,

the second round of the 9.0 test (or first round, if you don’t count the historical battles test that ran until now) is live. List of changes, compared to historical battles:

Changes in the First Public Test of Version 9.0 in comparison to the Historical Battles Public Test
  • New, improved models and textures added to the following vehicles: M18 Hellcat, M103, Tortoise, Maus and Panther.
  • Certain bugs and defects fixed in the updated models of the following tanks: Tiger I, M4 Sherman and Т-54.
  • New Non-Premium Garage added.
  • Fixed the “Steppes” and “Severogorsk” maps for better game play balance.
  • Lighting improved on the following maps: “Malinovka”, “Steppes”, “Abbey”, “Himmelsdorf” and “Mountain Pass”.
  • Textures and models of 150 tanks reworked to match new lighting.
  • Mistakes in descriptions of certain medals corrected.
  • Implemented the turret slipping off the tank hull when it is blown off.
  • “Change Graphics Settings” dialogue box added on initial game client launch.
  • Gunshot effects supplemented with dynamic lighting sources.
  • Certain game client crashes identified during the “Historical Battles Test” fixed.
  • Issue with tanks burning while underwater fixed.
  • Garage-camera response delay fixed.
  • Certain bugs with rewinding / fast-forwarding during battle playback fixed.
  • Certain malfunctions in updated graphics settings window fixed.
  • Performance drop on “Widepark” map fixed.
  • An issue with being able to enter into historical battles in a tank of non-historical configuration fixed.
  • Certain tracks display issues affecting updated tank models (gray contours, excessive stretching, etc.) fixed.
  • Issue with improper types of texture being displayed on updated tank models fixed.
  • Volume of tank engine and suspension sounds reconfigured.
  • Volume of shooting and explosion sounds reconfigured.
  • Issues with display of pop-up help messages for historical ammunition fixed.
  • Penetrations indicator performance in after-battle statistics window fixed.
  • Certain graphics issues and new Premium Garage defects fixed.
  • An issue with graphical artifacts appearing when the “Motion Blur” is set to low fixed.
  • Synchronisation of tracks and driving wheels added.
  • Issue with tanks occasionally getting stuck in a battle fixed.

51 thoughts on “9.0 Test is Live

    • Answer on the EU forum from Merdis:
      I can’t…
      Same issue as with previous round – they used my old account from NA, which got permabanned when in beta servers were splitting into separate EU/NA.

      • Luckily I got an old RU Account from the time of testservers where it was only possible to Test with an RU account

      • i’m gonna try it because my acc was created before the EU/RU split, and in the HB test it wanted to login to RU server account. Installing it already

        • Well, my acc was also from way before the split, I created it a few days after the CBT Europe started and I still had the EU/NA split problem

  1. ”New, improved models and textures added to the following vehicles: M18 Hellcat, M103, Tortoise, Maus and Panther.”
    They even buffed the M103s turret armor , on the live server the armor is 127/127/51 while on the test server it is 254/99/53 as you can see here :http://imageshack.com/a/img841/4061/w5ir.jpg .

    • Wat?

      Losing 28mm of turret side armor = now everyone and their dog will pen you frontally when aiming at them
      7mm of hull side armor = overmatched by 150mm guns, more damage by arty
      for different mantlet calculation is a – buff?

      I really hope this is just a temporary change due to new HD model.
      M103 is already meh, it doesnt need any more beting.

      • In terms of avg penn most 15cm guns from the SPG line don’t have enough penn to go though 99mm with normal HE shells. However as it is a variable (penn) 99mm is going to be punched through more often then the older 127.

    • It was already removed yesterday, a lot of the changes like more people per team and removing/adding certain tanks were changed when i logged on yesterday.

  2. “Lighting improved on the following maps: “Malinovka”, “Steppes”, “Abbey”, “Himmelsdorf” and “Mountain Pass”.”

    “Improved”, not optimised…hell, they want to kill my gameplay slowly…

  3. Panther Shmallshturm is finally LIGHTER than the stock turret.

    Also, the new panther model looks badass.

  4. Every time i press TAB , the info abuout players,map,mode… appear but not disappear…i must restart game to disapper it :/ please help :(

  5. “Issue with tanks burning while underwater fixed.”

    What does that mean? Tanks not burning any longer when you get them underwater? or only not possible to catch fire..
    will need some rounds on the testserver…

  6. am I the only one who absolutely hate the lightning ?
    it was excellent in 8.10-8.11 … now it so bright and that contrast ? It looks like a cartoon.