85 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer Voicepack Available

  1. Yeey :D About time :D :D :D

    @SS: i don’t know why ponies. I mean, it was kind of logical GuP would get involved with WoT one time or the other.. I mean, it is an anime about TANKS :P :P Seems completely logical for me knowing japanese customes and dedications when it comes to anime and gaming :)

      • Grown men watching a show about pink ponies. Think about that for a moment.

        • Grown men watching
          aliens with monkey tales battling, shouting and destroying everything
          house sized robots shooting each other because…
          20 men chasing a ball and try to kick it into a rectangle
          tales about a mediocre painter who became a world known leader
          a show where everybody bitches about everything and a pandemic that turns the dead to live again with almost no brainfunction
          a medieval age society where everybody dies sooner or later by any means.
          a disfunctional animated family doing random stuff that tries to be funny

          Kids… i mean Grownups these days…

  2. Lol! This is….I don’t know what it is but it’s not right.But obviously this thing have fans so who are we to judje…Next I want football club emblems on tanks! Yeah! German Tiger tank with Liverpool emblem on the turret destroing IS with Man U emblems.Priceless!! =D

  3. Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!
    ^anyone having the same issue? can anyone who already have it post it in a dropbox so we can get it more easily?
    Thanks :)

      • ur not more than 10 years old or you are from Japan or China.
        Im not going to arque with u for 1 simple reason.My fart is more clever than ur mind.

        • So are u saying that anime is for chinese and japanese people or little kids? LOL you clearly know nothing about anime, don’t judge, please ur statement is making me lose braincells XD

          • who says that i speak about anime.i speak for the answer delete ur life he write.
            i have nothing with anime.Simple anime are for young people.Thats my opinion nothing more nothing less.Also my opinion is this mode is rediculus.Nothing more nothing less

        • you can’t argue because you lack the skills to properly write in english , hence, all you have in your mind are farts.

          go learn to spell or stay in school lame hater

          • why i must learn to write proper english?I see u understand my post even i had many mistakes!Grow up.Ur answer also tells me ur not more than 5 years old in mind.Ur body maybe is 20-25 years old

            • why i must learn to write proper english?I see u understand my post even i had many mistakes!Grow up.Ur answer also sya ur not more than 5 years old in brain.Ur body maybe is 20-25 years old

        • You’re so fucking ignorant and stupid I’m not quite where to start.

          I mean, c’mon, your choices are “ur not more than 10 years old or you are from Japan or China”? If anything, you sound like you’re the one no older than a 10-year old.

        • I am from China.

          Problem? Your grammar indicates that you clearly never made it through middle school; don’t state the obvious.

          Toss off, сука.

    • But SerB would like it! :O Why not please him? After all maybe he would buff some tanks because of it! :)

  4. Well, i wonder too, SS. “This” is considered “normal” these days…

    inb4 weeaboos and their “all who dislike this must die” defence

    • Rather, we don’t want you to die, we’ll just look at you, shake our heads, and continue on liking our anime. It’s the same attitude I take whenever some idiot starts going ‘OMG YOU LOVE GUNS YOU MASS MURDERER’ at me.

      Don’t like it, don’t install.

    • Do you like books? Movies? Video Games? Western Comics (because that is what Manga/manhwa is, except Japanes/Korean)? Maybe Dancing? Or sports?

      If one of these applies, then your arguments are 100% invalid even before I get to hear them. If none apply then:
      1. WTF you doing here?
      2. Present your arguments so that I can destroy them.

  5. Well, I knew that I shouldn’t have gotten hyped up. It’s better than the mods made by other users, for sure, since there’s no background sounds caught from recording the anime itself, but it’s not as good as I would’ve liked. Hopefully they put the other seiyuus to work.
    Anyways, link dead. Gotta wait for people to loosen it up a bit.

  6. Can’t understand all the whine. People who don’t like it can refuse to install it. Not like it’s part of the game or shoved down their throats.

    I mean…yeah, when I’m thinking of squeaky japanese girls mewling over a tank background, it makes me upchuck, technicolor yawn or other some such comparisons. But that’s me. If people like it, they should be able to get the damn mod.

    Kinda like there are mods for the game that changes the German flag with swastikas and some such. For each person, the game has a different “movie” in his head so..why not help him feel better.

  7. It is absolutely logical they did this. I mean they put tanks up at the real Ankou festival in Ooarai, they do know marketing.
    Now ponies? I know ponies go with everything but it just misses the connection.
    As a sidenote there are both GuP and MLP mod threads on EU/US forums, so if you get so upset by optional features which make some people happy, I advise you to look at the forums for added fun!

  8. “I wonder what’s next – ponies?”

    Im pretty sure there are many pony voicemods/tank skins as autistic manchilds also known as bronies cannot live without putting ponies on everything.

    • Please excuse my impoliteness, but I’ll have to disagree. I’m a fan of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon (IMO, the older generations are still shit, though), and I don’t want a pony voice mod in my tanks. I was using German voice mods before the national voice patch, because I played mostly German tanks, and I like my “realism” mods.

      I’d appreciate if you didn’t lump us all under the same heading. Of course, if you want to claim I’m not a real tanker, I’m happy to engage in a friendly conversation on the relative benefits of half-track steering or my experiences with the Russian standard of ergonomics in the BTR-50, or what have you.

    • I somehow doubt they actually got boner on a fucking tank. You ever heard of figurative speaking? On the other hand there is a pr0n dedicated to anime. Just saying, since you mentioned stiff dicks.

  9. I cannot compute such things…
    But Teletubbies ftw :D

    Jokes aside – I should try to make TFS DBZ Abridged voice mod. Would totally rock.

  10. Mod for degenerates. P.S. SS fix the goddamn comments. I’m not posting too quickly!!! I just want to insult fegots.

    • SS why are you not policing commenters like this insufferable goon “fegot” that’s been flaming and (failing because he doesn’t understands the concept)trolling ALL the anime/gup related threads…

  11. WOW all the bigots and retards here is remarkable.
    Yea I love anime. Anyone wanna entertain me like a bigot? or even better be a stupid hypocrite!
    You don’t even see this shit in middle school’s (in the UK) anymore.

  12. I would be interested in a Brony voice mod, with men putting on falsetto. Would turn WoT into a horror game. :-D

  13. For the Bronies:
    If you want pony mod so much… make use of the fan-made ones. No need to wait for WG to make it official. Like some could say.. Tanks =/= Ponies.

    For the Otakus:
    Just use it. And contain your excitement to yourself. No need to provoke others.

    For the Haters (animus and ponies):
    Keep in playing your own choice of mods. No need to flood the comments with constant ‘eww’ , ‘ugly’ etc posts.

    And yes. I used the official mod. Why?

    Just for asthetical purposes.

  14. well i installed it and hmmmm dont know, the voicing is too “emotionless and improper”, it lacks PASSION and command tone…
    if i comapre it to the kancolle voice mod, the girls have a commanding powerful voice, UTEEEEEEEEE!, they sound like in a real badass fight with tons o shit going on around(they also sound more grownup).
    but the gup… sounds like a tea party rehearsal
    (disclaimer, i have NOT watched GUP yet, so i can’t say if the voicing in the anime lacks emotion like that or not)