9.0 Test: Autoaim Reworked

Hello everyone,

after numerous people wrote me about re-worked autoaim, I decided to investigate – and yes, this is a change that will make tomato, Red army, deer, crayfish and Alexei players very, very happy. Earlier, as is well known, autoaim aimed at the center of the tank, which often meant that when facing the tank forward, it aimed at the upper frontal plate. This has been changed. I am not sure, how exactly is the autoaim point defined now (center of the hull?), but the autoaim mechanism aims significantly lower.


On the picture above, I am standing on a small hill above the IS-3, you can however clearly see that with autoaim enabled, I am aiming at its hull. If I was on the same level, I would be aiming at the lower frontal plate. This is perhaps the biggest problem with the new autoaim, it will allow noobs to aim lower at the lower front plate, where usually a weakspot for most tanks is, allowing easier kills.

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  1. “pro” whine incoming 3… 2… 1…

    actually, I don’t think it’s that bad change… not that I’m going to use it (no autoaim except in light tank circling enemies… )

    • Personally I do think it’s a bad thing, I’m no pro, but I had a fair share of games in WoT and through that and reading WoT-related websites and blogs I learnt about the weakspots, which allowed me get better than average tomato. And I think this is a fair advantage I had gained, of course, there won’t be that many situations in which it’ll help penetrate but still, I find it kinda disturbing to make it easier for people who won’t even bother to learn such basics as LFP being a weakspot.

    • Look at it from different side. Most of the newbies don’t know where (and how) to aim, so they are using autoaim, and current system is showing them that they should aim high. IMO, new system can improve skill of newbies.
      1 Rework autoaim
      2 Give it to newbies and noobs
      3 They will have more skill, or do more dmg for our teams.
      4 PROFIT

      • that’s exactly what might be good ;) especially about that whole “tomato” business… :D

      • Yes and the same newbies will actually try to use MORE autoaim because it does it all for them. No skill achivied at all.
        And then come the bot users, praise RNGesus if the newest players figure out how to play the damn game…..
        We veterans from the begining of the game learnt it by asking on the forums, websites and such, as “Hustodemon Zewel von Lelek” said above…..not by using predone aiming mechanics -.-”

        I don’t like this change at all since it looses the point of learnig where the fuckin’ weakspots are, pinpoiting the same ones and in the end shooting them.

        So hell no, I do not welcome this change AT ALL.

        • Agree, these idiot aiming puts no emphasis on learning weakspots and learn when its time to aim carefully or back off and wait for better opportuninty. Nowdays people just wanna derp around the corner with gold ammo and autopen/aim. If you have good reflexes and sensitivity allowing you to aim for weakspots, thats fine and fair. But allowing any noow to autopen/autoaim withoyt manually aiming is taking away a very big part of the game. Aiming skills, etc. is totaly insignificat nowdays with all these aids (autoaim and gold ammo).

        • Right, because you’ll totally hit the actual weakspots with that shit. And absolutely won’t be shooting into terrain at least half the time if the target is even *trying* to use cover.
          goofy pls

          • Well, in close battles if you circle tenks etc you dont really need to shoot weakspots that much. Only differance is doing it manually requires aiming, reflex and other stuff, autoaim you only point and click because you are lazy and possible a “flat head” (pls interpret this how you wanna, but I think u know what I mean since im from sweden) :).

            • And when exactly did the topic suddenly narrow down to dogfights, which tomatoes suck at in very many ways besides the shooting part anyway?

      • Ummm, mrgotz, have you got banned for that replay? I haven’t really payed attention to all that fuss, but i read somewhere that you did. Just asking.

              • It looks strange as hell dude, underfuckingstand? Since WG cant prove u used aimbot other than visual, you are guilty in my eyes, roundeye.

                • 1. The only working aimbot available works in combination with the WoT autoaim. Have you heard me using it in that game?
                  2. All those shots are quite easy to make and can be explained by skill, but the replay is bugged. Watch as the green reticle leads the way and my view reticle follows it and, if the green stops for a moment, will stop in the exact same spot as the green reticle. Can an aimbot do that? Why would an aimbot do that?
                  3. I sent the replay to the BRW contest and it was quite popular one month ago, ending in “Popular Replays” category with 600-700 downloads, noone has said a thing.
                  4. The support itself has told me, that aimbotting in WoT is impossible although I have been banned for that
                  5. A moderator in the official forum for the only working aimbot has said, that this isnt an aimbot, just skill

  2. + side for drive by scouts.
    - side for all the no skillers who get help with some of the easiest tasks.

    At least it will fail hard if you hide your lower hull a bit. Ground seeking shells. <3

        • You too? I can’t believe it but I actually played 57 historical battles under those conditions on round 1 of the test server. Log in, hurry into battle, disconnect after 2-3 minutes, log back in, re-enter battle in progress, disconnect in 2-3 minutes, repeat. I guess I just had to test the new game mode.

          My replay files look hilarious: 243 kb here, 37 there. 321 kb, 97kb. Ugh.

          • Mine is worse then that…

            I was getting bumped out even in round 1. Oddly all of the test servers from 8.11 and before never did that to me even with my 300ms ping from the US.

    • If they introduced it all of those “pro” players would be playing other “pro” players and their WR would go from 55%+ down to like 50% because they are playing other “pro” players and they would then whine about that… ofc.

      • But if there were leagues pro players would have around 50% wr at, say, “elite” league, meaning much more skill than 55% wr at “beginner” league. A simple fact of playing at at certain league would be “wr e-penis” then.

        • But then at “uberprosupergodlegend” and “how do you start this thing called PC” league there would be only 10 people and they would wait for hours to get into battle… and what if half of them would say “fuck this i go and play tier 2″ and the other half would say “ok… let’s grind the 10s…”. Even more waiting time.
          And WG doesn’t like queues.

    • Hey if you want to a good player on your team you could always.. you know… become one.

    • Good news for my (future) Jackson, LFP is the only place with at least some armor.

      Bad news for every other tank I have.

      Overall, I think that if they decide to introduce it into live server, you should only be allowed to enable it within your first 500 (1000 perhaps?) battles, but no “autoaiming that shit till I have muh tier X)

  3. I disabled autoaim after it screwed my game on KV-3 – I was left 1v1 on Abbey against T29, aiming at his MG port ( we were both 1 shots for eachother) when accidently clicked RMB and auto-aim “hit” T29 a bit higher, in mantlet I think, while US tank didn’t have any problems with my KV-3…

        • Well there is much more important controls so I would rather move it to a different mouse button / key and have the important stuff on my mouse.

            • Free look.
              I have that assigned to my right MB and the auto aim to the middle (scroll) – hardly every use auto aim.
              Free look on the other hand means I can look around without losing aim focus or I am able to look around while still having the turret face my enemy, if I didn’t use that, I’d show him a side of a turret while checking the surroundings..

              • The last I checked that worked just fine with autoaim on the same button, only side effect being that you occasionally lock on to enemy tanks without intending to.
                But then again if you have time to be panning the camera around you oughta have easily enough time to release the lock as needed, too…

              • Yep. I also put auto aim on scroll wheel. It’s absolutely terrible when you want to free look while aiming at an enemy (e.g. stationary enemy).

      • Using autoaim is good when you are on the move and want to keep your gun on target while driving decently.
        IE: Clan War.

        You can even fire on the move, hoping to get a lucky hit, all while driving in a formation.
        Plus, circling with meds/lights…yeah, autoaim has it’s uses.

        • I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but the right mouse button is usually meant for the more important stuff.

        • A better way of thinking of autoaim is ‘automatic turret rotation’. You don’t need to fire; most turrets are best protected from the front.

          • Yep. This comes in very handy when you are playing a td and get flanked.

            Also, when playing lights or meds autoaim is very useful. Especially when combined with a vert stab.

            Not much of a help for noobs, but a nice change for lower tier mediums.

        • And most people doesn’t know that if you autoaim the turret ( or hull ) rotates with increased ( i think double or 1.5x ) speed.

  4. Seems to aim at the geometric center of the “box” of hull plus tracks if that pick is to judge by. If so that would make autoaim rather more useful in dogfights since it shouldn’t be trying to shoot at a point in many cases largely surrounded by empty air when viewed from the side, rear-turret designs being particularly annoying in that regard.

  5. I use AutoAim on when scouting and when I am going to and fro behind rocks (and the target is moving around)… It works well sometimes.

  6. Its a nerf for me :D. I am using autoaim mostly for very long range snapshots when i need to fire quickly and in the center for the highest hit chance and now i miss more often. Also i am more likely to hit the tracks/ground when circling a weakly armored tank – another situation i like to use autoaim.

      • Dunno ’bout you but I pretty routinely lock the autoaim on some barely visible enemy and take random potshots at it when changing positions, at least in tanks that don’t particularly have to worry about ammo capacity or price or horrendous reload times. No big loss that most miss by a wide margin and whatever damage randomly gets done is always something achieved.

          • Sure, *you* aim precisely manually when going flank speed laterally relative to an opponent barely within the rendering box. I’ll just not bother with the dispersion circle five-plus times the size of the target and concentrate on the driving instead.

            • Then I dont take such shots, why do everone think they are entitled to damage tanks in such conditions? Problem is you people think its your right to do everything…

              • *eyeroll*
                Yeah excuse me for actually employing period-accurate tactical practices within the confines of an UI that can’t quite accurately represent the fact driving and shooting were handled by different people in actual tenks.

                And didn’t momma teach you that your arbitrary say-so isn’t much of an argument, nevermind now an even remotely convincing one?

  7. How is this a problem? An experienced player would have aimed there anyways. Autoaiming is terrible and a big reason why noobs are so far behind good players. By closing the gap, the issue of tomato teams should be less frustrating.
    You shouldn’t be exposing your LFP, regardless of the skill level of the player on the other side.

    So please, if you’re gonna declare this a problem, explain why.

    • Its actually great against paper tanks / with very high pen guns when you dont have to aim for weakspots, it guarantees a hit in a quick peek-and-boo and it reduces the time you are exposed. Its situational, but not exactly noobish (well, depends..)

      • If you need “aimbot” while playing peek a bo then you suck to beginn with. If you dont have reflexes or hardware equipment allowing you to aim fast manually, you dont deserve to hit the enemy tank either. Totally takes the aiming and reflex skill away, and yes you can practice reflex and aiming skill. If you are too lazy to practice those stuff you should fucking not benefit either,.

        • Acctually, locking the autoaim on the enemy *does* in some circumstances help by countering certain quirks of the UI caused by obstacles immediately in front of the gun. Odds are good in most cases you’d still better do the final aiming manually once past the corner however.
          Like the man said, it’s situational. Less selective reading comprehension please.

  8. What I’d like to see is an autoaim that ‘sticks’ i.e. keep aiming at the same place of the tank where the player clicked at. I don’t know if it is technically possible tho since tanks will turn around. Also ppl might call it aimhack or something…

    • Wow dude, really? How about getting yourself a better mouse and mousepad and start practicing doing that without autoaim? You know like players did back in the days when they actually wanted to improve their “game”.

  9. It doesn’t matter all that much, really. On RU forum there was a whine regarding auto-aim cheat for WOT – they were discussing a replay, where player got crazy amount of damage using auto-aim (it was obvious from jerking aim circle).
    Well, I’ve made a point and I am going to make it here again – aiming and shooting doesn’t matter that much. No average alex(deer, crab) can get good consistent results just by using auto-aim, so WG migth as well legalize the cheat or even build it in the game. Reflexes and pinpoint accuracy doesn’t matter anyway – right positioning, tactical thinking and correct decision-making is what makes a good player, not ability to aim – it isn’t CS of CoD.

    Well, as we can see my predictions where sort-of correct – WG implemented limited functionality auto-aim. Well, it was there all the time, but they improved it.

    • What are you smoking man? Why don’t you just ask them to fully automate the turret and gun while you’re at it since shooting apparently doesn’t matter at all in your eyes.

      • I smoke weed from occasionally.
        As for automating, don’t you think that moving tank around and reloading the gun are also important? Well, may be there is too much automating – you just press the button to move forward and one button to turn – in reality you need to change gears, if you turn left – you then need to return control to original position. Reloading gun is also automated – they really should make a mini-game, in which you must press mouse button rapidly, to simulate tossing heavy shells around.

        It’s a game, and shooting it this game doesn’t matter as much as in shooter games.

        • Ok you go take a Waffle E-100 out and don’t shoot any enemies but properly position yourself, use tactical thinking, and correct decision making and tell us how that goes. Sorry but if you are aiming so poorly that you can’t damage the tank while driving anything other than a light tank(Only tank that actually doing damage is not expected from as they should scout) then your other skill won’t matter much as you won’t be doing anything to help win the game.

        • Autoaim is highly differant than manually reloading the gun in terms of skill. Aiming and doing it in the right way is more important. Yes this is a arcade game, but nobody can be take seriously if one use aimbot/autoaim or aim assistance in a PC shooter. Just because autoaim is a bad idea doesnt mean we need to make gun reload manualy and change gears etc, this is not a simulator.

  10. This will be great for those td drivers who like to hide in a bush, auto aim at a target, and pull back far enough not to be spotted when they fire.

  11. I didn’t use auto aim for 8-9k battle, but now im using it regularly.. its very heplful when you are aiming at small targets who are far away, or elc amxes running next to you..
    its like gold ammo, if you know when to use it it’s helpful and clever. using it all the time is being a noob/douche.

  12. As a Unicum i must applaud this change. Tomato teams will no longer be such a massive drag to carry. Competent enemy teams hit weak spots anyway. This will balance things more.

  13. They should remove autoaim, i bet half of the tomatos thinks using autoaim is how the game should be played, i would go even further and say that many players dont even know sniper mode exists, or they dont use it at all, they just autoaim on enemy and spamming shells, even at medium to long distances.

  14. Trolololo autoaim aims at IS-3′s strongpoint.

    Really autoaim at center is better because for most guns not at tier X they are not accurate enough to shoot lfp while on the move.

    • IS-3′s lower plate isn’t weakspot. It used to be, but with recent changes it’s much, much easier to pen UFP than LFP due to angles.

  15. The only reason I use autoaim is that my PC lags so bad that I need to use it in order to stand a chance at hitting anything, and sniper view lags me even more. When I’m at close range or have the time to aim, I aim normally.

      • You sure showed *that* strawman.
        ‘Sides… shouldn’t you be telling him to stop playing on an abacus or something like that, if only for the sake of consistency?

  16. ” This is perhaps the biggest problem with the new autoaim, it will allow noobs to aim lower at the lower front plate, where usually a weakspot for most tanks is, allowing easier kills.”

    Working as intended. World of Tanks is the only game that favours total noobs so much. This is their way of bussiness and gives them a lot of profit.

  17. Cool.
    1. Fill up tank with gold ammo from daddy’s Visa.
    2. Don’t move from spawn.
    3. Autoaim to anything in range and shot.

    Result: you will have better stats than half WoT players.

    • If that means that a player would contribute at all (compared to sitting at base and bouncing everything) he can spam gold until he has to sell his children to russian mafia, couldnt care less.

      • That also ruins game balance and makes the game less fun for eveyone. If we should think like that we should unnerf artys and tds so all teams consist of 7 tier 10 artys and 8 tier 10 tds. Would be fun uh, dont you think? Players dont contribute by playing like dumb fucks, dure they might make a little bit more damage but that would be totally unfair towards those players actually caring about real skills and improve their gaming in the right “way”.

  18. I’m old, sue me, I use autoaim cause I don’t have the reflexes to circle strafe a tank and aim accurately at the same time. Not everyone that plays is 12-30 years old.

    • I’m 26 and I don’t have the reflexes (or the FPS) to circle strafe and aim accurately. I use autoaim for circling so I can pay more attention to where I’m going, which helps keep my circle from being broken (more or less instant death).

    • I just have a terrible toaster which hates foliage and autoaim helped me a lot to not be a burden to my team. Now with this… well… i usually hit the ground and this won’t help to fix the problem i think.

    • Bullshit, there are many players over 30 playing battlefield and other shooters, in wot you dont need any reflex to aim due to aimtime. Actually you gain alot by aiming carefully even in close battles so you dont miss shots. Also if u have bad cp dont play fucking wot, why shpould devs inculde noob functions because you are lazy to train your reflexes and cheap to buy better pc?

        • It has to do alot with manual aiming. The more fps and smoother gameplay the better you can aim precise and hit weakspots and also faster. This is the rule of all games where you point and click, also in wot. I at least think so.

      • This attitude of yours that WoT should only be played by highly skilled ubermensch is:
        A: Pathetic
        B: Detestable
        C: Not financially viable for WG.

        Pitiful elitism or no, the game is intended to have a broad appeal. The public treehouse is not just for the self-titled ‘cool kids.’ However nasty your dirty clique makes its verbal jabs.

        My 67 year old father played this game. He’s as entitled to it as any leet gamer kid and probably contributed more to WG’s future then any ten of those.

        If you go around thinking that people with poorer reflexes don’t have ‘the right’ to hurt your tank your attitude is only going to hurt yourself. Bigger head, harder fall.

        • You are wrong, I play with many “bad” players every random game, but theres a differance though. There are statisticaly bad players that want to learn the right way and actually they succeed in the end, and there are those that are statisticaly bad and use all those handicaped and unfair play/tools in the game like gold ammo, autoaim,OP tanks, camping, etc. and still suck. How ever in some cases they might suck less because of their handicaped tools they use, but when/if the manage to damage someone they do it in a totally unfair way that requires minimal skill, like camping with gold ammo and use autoaim.

          By using these tools and unfair way of playing one bad player can still do damage without giving a rats ass about practicing his own skill and “reflexes” and all that shit, as well as train crew skills or even learn how to aim and hit weakspots with no gold ammo. This is the problem.

          So yes, I do think worse players not wanting to learn should NOT be entitled to damage enemy tanks in some situations they probably 8/10 times fail if they use manual aim and AP ammo etc.

          Even though reflexes are less important in wot, I do think that players lacking those, should not be able to damage tanks in some situations. Its not so much about pure reaction time in wot or any other tank based game, but predicting where enemies are and develope a mindset to pre aim, etc. In wot, it doesnt matter if you aim uberquick, because you still have to wait on that turret traverse and aimtime, but having situational awareness and prediction you can start turning that turret and pre aim where you think enemies will come. So really reflexes in wot is more about understanding the specific situation fast and take actions and this is demanding I admit. Using autoaim you can focus less on the aiming and just lock on and focus on the driving.

          Aiming precisely is a skill though, which also can be developed. And that is patience, knowing when to take time to aim for weakspots or not risking that you will take too much damage to make it worth. This also is neglected by using autoaim. Also here you need to predict trying to hit cupolas and such on tank in the move and those “dancing” with you in a 1v1 situation. Wot is a information based game, the majority of reflexes you need and reaction time, is actually to react quick on the information you are setting/seeing. Not so much about pure aiming and clicking as in fps shooters.

          Even in 1v1 situations I alreaddy know the pattern of enemy tenk and pre aim, if I would turn the turret quickly and shit trying to hit the moving medium for example, that wouldnt work, its all about fluid smooth movements. Due to aimtime, turret traverse and reload you have time to think and react between attacks.

          So really, these players using autoaim claming they have “bad reflexes” are actually fooling themselves. The pure reflex as in point and click doesnt matter much in wot, react to situations and act accordingly while having other stuff under control, that is what these people are lacking. And they will never develop that “skill” if they dont start to concentrate on both driving, aiming for weakspots, look for other enemy tank, back off, take cover etc.

          Even If dont play for a couple of days this awareness is getting worse on myself and it takes some time before I get tuned in again. So yes, you can learn this shit wihout having no bullshit “autoaim-pitty-mi-pls-tool”.

          • TL;DR. (Nah, skimmed actually.)
            Would you believe that when I check particularly egregious potatoes’ user details post-battle out of perverse curiosrity – no XVM here – even the occasional 42%ers actually tend to have quite acceptable hit ratios? It’s not like shooting stuff is difficult after all; point and click. Even red barons can do *that*.
            What makes them hopeless tomatoes isn’t an inability to shoot straight, it’s above all a total lack of situational awareness and any kind of grasp of tactics. Basically these tards die like flies (unless they camp in some bush behind the arty, anyway…), and usually in stupid spots to boot, but until then they *do* usually shoot at stuff decently enough if not necessarily to much effect.
            It apparently doesn’t occur to them that if they figured out how to stay alive in battle they might actually get to shoot *enough* for it to actually mean something…

  19. I had an odd occurrence the other day in a WZ-132, using autoaim on an Object 140. Came flying around a corner, put a shell into him from about 120ish meters away, moved closer, reloaded, clicked to fire, and realized that autoaim had unlocked and my shot was now pointed nearly 25 degrees left of where the 140 was. Got torn apart. He never vanished, but he did put a hill between us for about two seconds.

  20. Yeah WG makes the game even more noob friendly, in Patch 10,0 u can switch to the weakspots with 1 button press.

    Aiming is so yesterday. Damn wg apes dont touch things 99,9 % of the players dont care about.

    Im a really good player – no not on of the im zo goot pr0 player – and i never used autoaim. Why is it even in the game, throw this shit out of the game.

    If one WG “Expert” read this, we dont want this new autoaim. Take care of balance, gold ammo and this stuff.

  21. Please remove autoaim, thats totally skilles, specially since many tenks can autopen others in the middle of the hull as it is. No you dont even have to aim. Handicaped game really. Goldammo + autoaom = profut, good one opussies.

  22. Stealth German tank nerf. All German tanks have weak lower plates and now all the auto-aim tomatoes will be able to easily kill German tanks from the front. By contrast, most Russian tanks – like the IS-3 in the example – have strong lower plates or angled armour where the cursor rests.

    So German nerf, Russian buff… business as usual at WG.

    • Well, thats kinda true, why the fuck would they make autoaim in lower part of hull, no fucking skill needed what so ever to pen tanks there, specially with gold ammo.

    • Idiots.
      The autoaim goes for the geometric center of an imaginary box drawn around the tank; ATM that box is around the whole hog, turret and all, the new one just the hull plus tracks.
      The old one kinda tends to put a lot of shells in the strongest parts of the front hull and turret front from the front, and into thin air from the side. The new one’ll be undershooting the hull instead and be that much more sensitive to terrain obstacles.
      Main point, I assume, is making the mechanic more useful in dogfights since the current one often ends up firing over the target’s engine deck.

      On another note, stepped-hull Soviet designs are usually easiest to penetrate in the near-vertical upper and lower glacis where this new system will now send most shells towards and the near-horizontal middle plate is universally autobouncy anyway.
      And if you’re having trouble penning IS-3s frontally you’re simply doing something wrong.

      • Why the fuck would u use autoaim in 1v1 dogfights anyways? Unless ur a retard slow poke that needs assistance.

        • Because driving into a fucking rock because you were looking the other way to actually shoot the other guy isn’t really a recipe for gr8 success in close combat? Plus in some circumstances manual aiming will actually throw the reticle above the target so you end up bounching shit off his damn engine deck, which is less than tremendously productive.
          Especially with autoloaders as half-minute plus reload times after failing to finish the enemy off suck.

          • Well then you need a good mouse with precise movements and also use the look around campera to switch back and forth all time. It is called multitasking I do it all the time. Try playing tenks in battlefield 3 and 4 you will look around and aim all time non stop, that is a important skill, which is getting reduced by lazy bastards who cant/wont learn how to be aware of many threats and switching back and forth.

            I dont understand why people think they are entitled to damage tanks when they obviously lack skills of any kind.

            • Right, you didn’t even understand what I wrote. Revise or stfu.
              And the last time I could be bothered to check I was still better at winning battles than you.

  23. My favourite use for autoaim is as a (passive) scout with Designated Target, so I don’t have to manually track a target. :-) Considering how that works, I don’t think this change has any effect on my use.

  24. I make clutch shots in full speed wityh no fucking autoaim and gold ammo, pls learn how to do it the real way, aiming and leading shot, not autowin button.

  25. Honestly, autoaim isn’t so bad, it’s just another tactical tool to be used when appropriate.

    90% of the time it’s useless and if you tried to rely on it, your shots would bounce or miss.

    No, the only times you can rely on your AI gunner are when you’re in an autopen situation against a static (ie very stupid medium) opponent, when you’re repositioning in a high pressure situation and you need to concentrate almost 100% on defensive driving (potentially having to look away from your current target) but still need covering fire or when you’re driving a (non AT/SPG) high tier Brit in a pop-out fight.

    Honestly that last one tends to be the main time I use it. When you’re driving an FV4202 or Conqueror, your entire playstyle and armour-scheme depends on keeping moving and not letting the enemy aim at your (massive and central) weakspots. FV4202 bounces a suprising amount when you’re moving just enough to force them to hit a more sloped section. Anything that reduces the amount of time you spend static increases the tank’s survivability.

    Another trick against tougher opponents is: autoaim, pop out, hit shift (you will be focussed on the target) disable autoaim, re-aim on weakspot, fire, fade. It’s not the simplest drill, but if you master it, you’ll spend a lot less time exposed then if you were aiming from ‘cold.’

    I’m sure the dexterity purists will hate the technique, but we’re not all teenagers, reflexes fade with age and it’s not teenagers that are paying for the game’s upkeep. Those of us who’ve hit 30 have to play smart. z: )

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  27. This change not only boosts noobkills, but it also ruins the two legit uses of autoaim by skilled drivers. While circling a tank in a light ( the shots wil go to the tracks without damaging ) and when shooting HE to a hidden enemy using the HE arc to bypass the hill ( Now the shell will go too low and won´t make it through the hill )