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Hello everyone,

recently, a stream with Aleksei “Inaki” Ilyin (WoT community manager) and Artyom Safronov (Xbox WoT producer) came up and Maiorboltach was kind enough to re-write, what was said in it.

Keep in mind that this concerns WoT Xbox, not WoT itself

- currently there are 10 maps in the game
- Soviet branch will come very soon
- WG hopes to introduce soon the following modes: companies, confrontation and team battles (currently, there are usually 150 people in the queue, who wait cca 10 seconds for a battle)
- there are no separate servers the way PC WoT has it – Russians are playing on EU servers with the French, Spanish etc.
- many players already have more than 600 battles
- most players play tier 6-8
- there are standard 3 man platoons in the game, they can be formed via the Xbox Live system

- in the future, unique achievements are planned, that will not exist in the PC version, there will also be more Xbox Live system achievements
- many maps have reworked spawnpoints and bases, for example the Sand River
- PC and Xbox WoT account won’t overlap (won’t be unified), it’s technically impossible to implement that
- splitscreen gameplay on one console is not planned, but there might be a “Dual-Play” system implemented (SS: whatever that is)
- there is a Mountain Pass map and also Winter Mountain Pass in the game, both are running as an experiment, the way Winter Himmelsdorf runs on PC
- newbies specifically start in smaller battles (7 vs 7), so they have time to get used to the game, explore mechanics etc.
- currently, the developers of Xbox WoT are concentrating on filling the game with content (new tanks, medals etc.)
- WoT Xbox has friendly fire disabled, apart from the arty – when playing arty, you can kill a friendly tank
- the game doesn’t have a text chat, but only voice chat – if a player is spamming it by noise, it’s possible to mute him
- there are no crew perks in the Xbox version for now, but they will come very soon
- there is no “depot” in the game, the equipment of a tank is sold at its full value, when the tank itself gets sold. This system won’t be changed for now
- if I understand it correctly, all the crews have the Sixth Sense on by default, as well as the perk, that shows you critical module damage on enemy tanks
- the Sixth Sense works differently than in PC version – it activates only when you are facing (looking at) the enemy – in case the enemy is besides you for example, it won’t activate
- there is no Kinect support and it won’t come anytime soon
- the color of tracers depends on the vehicle class that fired them, the color of shells depends on their type (AP/gold/HE)

15 thoughts on “Xbox WoT Stream QA

  1. - there is no Kinnect support and it won’t come anytime soon

    - splitscreen gameplay on one console is not planned, but there might be a “Dual-Play” system implemented (SS: whatever that is)
    I guess its like one guy controls the moving, while the other controls the turret and firing?
    Or im totally wrong…

    - if I understand it correctly, all the crews have the Sixth Sense on by default, as well as the perk, that shows you critical module damage on enemy tanks
    I played it for a while, I know theres a sixth sense by default, but I dont think the Eagle Eye perk is there…Need to double check.


    • Well its mostly due to the fact there is no crew tab yet. Nor accelerated crew xp. So all the xp you get on the tank after you elite it stays there and builds up. The sixth sense is not a light bulb in the center of the screen like on PC. But a little warning in the lower left corner 3 seconds after you got spotted that says “spotted!”. Its easy to miss.

      As for eagle eye. It only shows a icon of a track when you damage or destroys the track. Or an ammo icon if you damage the ammo rack above the tank for a short second. It does not come back up again when you aim at it like eagle eye does on PC. It only shows when you do damage to a module. But not what modules are damaged on it when you aim at it.

      Same when you spot an enemy tank. If you are rewarded with the spot. You get a notification in text form who you spotted. And the tank in question gets a binocular icon over its head.

  2. Soviet branch coming?..Dont they already have russian..or is that two diffrent things?

        • The Brit line has lights now up until the Crusader.

          It was only US and German at first, with the British line coming 3rd. I think the main markets for the game are the US and Europe (Western) so it makes sense to concentrate on their tech trees first I guess.

  3. Well achievments are good way to reward players for doing something, I think it should be in standart WoT.

    Not as theese medals like now, but with gold or Silver reward.For example achievment “Lucky ammo” ->destroy 3 enemy vehicles in row while destroying their ammo rack. (3 shots 3 ammoracks no shots between)

    • Beside the achievement to kill a tank by landing on it. That can be done in the tutorial on the first tank you come across. The other achievements besides getting 500 kills are just to get to tier 3,5,7 and to play x number of battles in each tank type. Achievements any bot could get :)

  4. I tried(10h+) Wot on xbox… Nope, didn’t like it at all.
    But Wot blitz didn’t let me down.

  5. That friendly fire thing cleared things up for me, I went to WoT360 forums and people were up in arms at the time about a 3-man Grille platoon that was TKing consistently. I had no idea how that worked because surely people could defend themselves against arty…

    Well I guess they couldn’t. Harsh.

  6. - there is no Kinect support and it won’t come anytime soon
    “How terrible.” BTW WHO WANTED IT? I mean… Kinect is good for SOME games but for WoT… 5 minutes of playtime and you would be exhausted for the rest of the day.

    • Steel Battalion 2: Electric Boogaloo was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of WoT with Kinect controls =/

      • I have kinect. I hate kincet on most games. Kinect sports and adventures and such are fine. And skyrim with the voice commands are genius to. But Steel Battalion? Oh god no. I played the demo first and did not want to buy it after that.

        Voice commands might work to repair stuff I guess. Or change ammo type if you are to lazy to move the finger to the X button. But then again. Why do they need Kinect for voice commands only? As Tom Calncy’s End war had voice commands for units. With the normal Xbox headset. worked like a charm. Since Kinect is further away and picks up sounds form the TV and can’t always sort out what you are saying.

  7. The Xbox version got a few nice details on it that I like over the PC version. Like the notification of who you spotted. Great for when you are a scout. Or the loading screen tutorials that should make it easier for new players to get some basic info that the tutorial level don’t cover. Like spotting and scouting.

    SPG mode is kinda more fun. In SPG view you get a thin cloud cover moving along the edge of the screen. And the HE hits form arty gives a big shock wave on impact that looks nice.

    Shell hits have sparks and such on it depending on ammo type. You can really tell when someone used HEAT on you. Hits hare more visible and detailed then on PC. And got a red glow that slowly fades on some ammo types and gun types, some even burn for a bit after impact. Bounces on a angled surface have a really good sound to it and the effect and sparks are fantastic.

    Most maps have distant flak guns that shoot at bombers passing by overhead. The winter and desert maps have nice details in the snow/sand on the top of hills or other small bumps where the wind picks up the sand or snow and creates a particle effect.

    But the tank controls are horrid, most maps are 90% like the current PC versions. But have way less vegetation as cover. Campinovka have nothing on the left side of field and a few near the center lake. Spotting there is a pain. But El halluff got more vegetation near the dry lake in the center. 2x more then on PC. So scouting there is piss easy. Spotting system seems easier then on PC. As I get spotted even in cover in a light by a medium 100 meters away at times. They don’t have a big map in the corner. Just a mini map that shows 75 meters around you. So you have to hold the back key to get a big map. Thus the situational awareness on most is non existent. Pinging the map don’t help as they don’t see it. And on Cliff… every one goes the 1 line and on lake ville. Every one goes 4 line. Since they can’t see the rest of the map :)

    Shell tracers are really thick and visible. And not faint and small like on PC. So even if you are not spotted. Its really easy to see where you are. Even in SPG mode. So no need for scouts really. Thus its really easy to blind fire if you can’t see who is shooting at you. And thus it makes it easy to see who used AP, APCR or HE based on tracer color. SPG tracers are even thicker. So if you know you are targeted. Just look up towards the enemy base. And wait for that thick yellow He tracer to show up form it and arch towards you. And move away form it.

    There are some stuff 360 get right. But way more they got wrong.