Brace yourselves… Trolling is coming!

Hello everyone,

you better brace yourselves, because trolling is coming to World of Tanks portal and servers (I personally am not very fond of this “holiday”, because last year I posted a serious article and everyone thought I was trolling – I wasn’t :D). Apart from the data-mined new “game mode” (the Karl mortar plus the Battlecity map), Wargaming is going full-blown troll mode on RU portal today.

In a serious-looking post titled “Wargaming announces the “Avenging the Claw” project”, Wargaming “introduces” the “initiative RakoSchit” (“Crayfish shield”), a “charity organization, bent on saving and protecting the river crayfish”. They even made a really nice video:



Those of you, who read FTR often probably know, that “rak” (crayfish) is a Russian word for “noob”, so… yea :) Overall, very nicely done – EU server should have something like this for “tomatoes” :)

Another trollpost came from EU Polish community:

Introducing “World of Starships” :) Too bad it’s just trolling, something like that (if done correctly!) could actually be pretty cool.

By the way, although the Russian document, posted earlier today (by Yuri Pasholok) is authentic, I am not quite sure the Panzer III/IV with Schmalturm is (he is a known troll after all)…. :)

37 thoughts on “Brace yourselves… Trolling is coming!

  1. Hmm, some trolling is good once a year. I don’t know about the crayfish thing… I know WG RU is Belarussian and not russian but still, russians are known for massive fishing which made alot of sea life endangered because of them, so I don’t think that one is done in the right context :P

  2. Then only troll thing is my computer. It suck more ass then ..ass sucking things. Hey SS if you managed to buy a new computer, can you send me your old one? And if there is naughty movies in it, dont remove them, I want to se them first.

        • on a CZ/SK website that sells pc components, GIGABYTE N760OC-2GD, i5-4670, 8 GB RAM Kingston = 486€
          with a average salary job, couple of the new subscribtions, it should be possible in a month or two if I guessed the upkeep cost of FTR and the ammount of people willing to pay monthly about right.

          Not trying to sound like I’m pushing you into it though, I understand that there are lots of things IRL that need attention much more than upgrading a pc

  3. Wit
    h all due respect. But you should not unveil the trolling before the actual troll day is over. That is the sole point of the troll.

  4. Firstly i need access for Youtube to watching the video but i live in Turkey and we have “great!” and “pretty!!!” censor about Youtube!!!

    We cannot watch anything on Youtube because of “National Security!!!”

    I’m understanding the North Korean people now…And i like the dictatorship so much!!! You must try it noob capitalists! :)

    Hey Korean guys i love you and im just like you (if you are permitted to see this post i will be very happy :))

    • It’s the same in China. We couldn’t access websites like Youtube and Facebook. However, we do have websites with the same functions, with the addition of censors.

    • Someone will come up with a plan to smuggle in kitten videos!

      But seriously I know the situation with censorship and control of the media is pretty nasty there at the moment. I hope things improve you you at some point.

  5. @SS : You know the biggest joke about the “Avenging the Claw” ?
    The topic is extremely serious !
    The European crayfishes are endangered by the crayfish plague imported by invasive American crayfishes in Europe. The American species are immuned to the crayfish plague, but not the European species.

    See also this excellent review:
    A review of the ever increasing threat to European crayfish from non-indigenous crayfish species

  6. So todays “trolling” equals “being a jerk”? I like the good ol’ imageboard trolling when you make yourself seem like a fool to make them seem stupid to troll them.
    Also funny little things like this are cool IMO.

  7. Hmm World of Starships… yep it would be fun to command an Executor class star destroyer and crush noobs flying X-wings or some of those idiotic looking Nebulon-B frigates.


  8. I remember times when joking, kidding, pranking etc were not all refereed as trolling all the time.. I’m slowly getting sick of that word…

  9. for more “World of Starships” check out Star Citizen:

    It is a single most successful Kickstarter project ever. I am already $600 in (and going to Boston meeting next Thursday; planning to spend some more) and all ive been shown is pretty imagery and a hanger i can walk around in.

    Chris Roberts (lead designer/CEO) confirmd that Alpha module will be similar to World of Tanks, but with spaceships, specifically. But there is a lot more to the game ! (I wish i could do smuggling runs in my T-54 !)