“Karl mode” (8bit Map) not loading? Here’s a fix.

Hello everyone,

in report sections of the EU (but also RU) forums, people complain about one specific issue: whenever they try to enter the “Karl mode” and play with boxy Karl, the game just freezes and the map doesn’t load. Here’s a solution how to fix it, as submitted by “plkJaqenHghar”, a Czech player.

Basically, what happened: in most cases, it’s because of the obsolete “paths.xml” file in the main WoT folder (needs to be updated), but if you use the Wot Tweaker software, then for some reason, two files “disappear” (or don’t get updated) from the latest micropatch (the one that fucked up all mods). Fixing it is easy:

- download the files from here
- unpack the archive
- copy the files to “res_mods\0.8.11\particles” folder

It should work.

9 thoughts on ““Karl mode” (8bit Map) not loading? Here’s a fix.

  1. Well a XVM has a bug with showing (not showing actually) tanks in team battles.

    Should be fixed by deleting file


    and there is an application file if you delete it, it will work ;)

    • Download nightly xvm build (beta version), they fixed stuff there ;) No need for any deleting (it wont fix anything, you just wont see the problems). :)

  2. I downloaded this and tried, still not working for me. :’(

    I dunno what could be the cause. I’ve deleted my mods and tried as well but I still couldnt get it to go, perhaps I’m just not destined to play teh Karl.

    • This fix was only for people using WoT Tweaker. First thing you should do is check if your paths.xml in your main WoT folder is up to date. It should contain a line –
      “./res/packages/94_battlecity.pkg” – (in </Path syntaxes, it wont let me post it in here)
      - if not, edit it in for example Notepad++, add the line between lines containing "87_ruinberg_on_fire.pkg" and "hangar.pkg" and save.