T95E6 and Roaming – Still Tested

Hello everyone,

just to let you know: roaming (the ability to play temporarily on a different server) and the T95E6 tier 10 tank are still being tested and it seems their testing is quite intensive. Practically every day, players send me pictures of these being “caught in action”.

Pics by Mutch15:




And here, other supertesters got “caught” on EU server



I am still not convinced roaming is such a good idea though…


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  1. Hey, I’m stuck in Eu for 2 years and maybe more and have my account on asia server and I get 400 ping.
    Roaming is the only thing I am looking forward to at the moment.
    My account has two tier 10s with over 3 skills, a premium tier 8 and several tier 7s, I don’t think I can do all of that from zero again on another server.
    I don’t mind a transfer but they refused :(

  2. is that serg4480 from the 9.0 Test or from a Supertester “proper roamer” ??

    If its Supertest, just report it, he will get permbanned due to SuperTest rules


      • that is also my fears with roaming, but then on the other hand, i would be able to play with my US friends

      • at the beginning i thought it was an interesting idea but from my experience from test servers with russians and americans i would say NO!
        we we’ll have to deal with their hatred against europeans, and with their propaganda!
        as for in game effect, team damage/kills, pushing team mates, even causing of defeats on purpose!

        roaming = bad idea!

        • “The roamer who broke the rules of the server where they playing with will punished by perma-ban from roaming ability.” WG Dev said it before

          • “from roaming ability.” – hahahahaha, I can’t imaging how hard is he laughing right now.

        • US doesnt hate people from EU. If anything US peeps like me are thought to be couch sitting fatties who are less intelligent.

          I can`t wait to form clans with guys based on Diff servers. Imagine a International team of great players.

      • Well, i have played several test servers, and the amount of shit US and EU players say to RU players is the same. Considering the ratio of players which is 10 to 1 for RU, its appalling that we can match them in insults.

        In one game EU guy literally said, “At least one EU player (me), stupid primitive fag Russians, we should get our own TS” … i helped TK him.

        • that’s my biggest fear with roaming, I play on the US server and yeah we get a few idiotswho spout racist crap but I cant recall seeing anything as hateful as the stuff screenied here from the EU server…

          I like my WoT without anti-semitism as a regular thing…

          • I’ve been playing on the EU server since the 0.6 patches and I can’t recall seeing anything as hateful as the stuff screenied here from the EU server. Your hate-free WoT’s going to be mostly fine even if all the idiots actualy migrate over the pond.

            Roam-trolling during the first few days of roaming however, that might turn out to be a problem everywhere.

              • And a series dedicated to singling out all the rotten eggs in the community goes counter to my point how exactly? The ‘participants’ of the 4 episodes of hall of shame contribute to something around 0.01% of the total EU server populace. With those odds you could never come across one yourself outside of forums.

                • Your 0.01% is taken out of the arse.

                  I see folks like that at least few times a week (well, not exactly anti-semitic, but people talking BS on a chat are common occurrence). I don’t know – perhaps you’re one of these sunday players that you find it to be so rare.

                  People allow themselves to speak what they want because there’s no consequences. In games like DOTA 2 or LoL bans for misbehaviour are something common and as soon as few people report you in the match – you get short ban to chill out. Nothing like that happens in WoT. I don’t know a single person who would ever see anyone banned.

                • You put the Hall of Shame as proof WoT is filled to the brim with racist arseholes, while it itself contains screens of just a couple dozen different players. I stand by what I wrote, I have yet to encounter players spouting as vile bs as SS has documented, though by no means I deny their existence. It’s just that the ‘racist anti-semite EU player’ is a tiny minority among the flood of players that are just simple internet assholes, but you don’t need roaming to have those on your server.

              • Astonishing my ass. Will it come as a great shock to you if I point out I, for one, rarely if ever run into dickweeds like that? Even more generic “u suck noob” “no u” “ur mom” flamewars are few and far between.

                Generalise harder brah.

  3. If I would be a “civilized Russian”, I’d say that supertester guy is right and deserves a medal! Fortunately, I am only a European sovietophobe :D

  4. Well, yes, I hope the roaming will NEVER be implemented. Playing online with or against Russians is not a pleasant experience usually. If the roaming would come you can be sure there will be RU infestation.

    • I fear cyrillics invasion, because most of them cant even speak “broken english”, fortunately the only words i recognize in cyrillics is Stalin and Moskva, and i cant be offended with the name of their capital or criminal. I dont consider majority of the russian players to be like that, but i think the most idiotic ones will come to EU server to cleanse it from supposed widespread fascism and buttsex…

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  6. No Russians on EU servers please. All they ever do on the test server is insult and team kill anyone from the EU or US.

    I’d happily play with people from the US or SEA, but I don’t want to know anyone from Russia. I’m sure some people are good, but the majority are stupid little racist kids.

  7. For normal male, i see that licking Merkel ass is better option than taking Putins dick in my ass. Offcourse is all differend in russian i see.

  8. From my personnal experiences, somehow, Russians managed to make Americans look smart.

    I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact both were superpower, of it’s because they are continent nations, but man… I went to the US and was mindblown by the average american. Even “elite” students (law, political science) seem to lack any kind of knowledge and critical spirit. Same applies to Canada, too.

    Then I went to Russia, and found that the average Russian makes the worst Texan redneck look like a nobel prize scientist. Though the Russians are usually more welcoming, too.

    Both nations also share an unhealthy booze addiction.

    I don’t want to sound racist (though I’m sure I do): I still have good friends in north america, russia and ex-USSR, but that’s what I gathered from my trips there, anyway.

  9. I want roaming so I can go to the RU server and buy all the tanks that are unavailable on the NA server…at this point with 100+ tanks in my garage, I’m a collector and want to collect more.

    CO WHACK, NA server

  10. Wtf are you all talking about. I have seen enough stupidities, insults, chauvinism, racism, antisemitism on EU server. A lot of them forwarded against Polish players (seems like a sport for some German players) but also against Russia or their president.

    Most of the people in the world are the same. The same level of arrogance/stupidity/bias. Don’t even think you are superior because you are simply not.

    And, SS, with your bias you wont make yourself popular.

    And in the end to quote Einstein:

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    • Thats not an excuse for allowing even more of them to the EU. And using Einstein quotes wont make you any more intelligent.

      • I never said that i am intelligent. Just quoted someone who was much more intelligent than i am with whom i share this viewpoint which perfectly fits into this thread and article.

        And speaking about roaming. If WG allows Ruskies to come to EU server they also should allow EU players on the Russian servers. Then you could see how some of our “civilized” EU citizen would start to behave. Just check the wall of shame on this site (or how is it called) and you will know what i am talking about.

  11. Guys, what are you afraid of? Devs said, there will be no possibility to use chat when roaming, so you will see no fancy russian swearing in EU.

  12. I didnt experience bad behaviour on test server towards me but i rarely play on it. I am curious how servers will handle more traffic. I feel that they are on a limit now.

  13. Wish those screenshots had showed off the tank stats of the guy with 70~ games in the E6 and not the one with only 3 (and all losses). Cause the guy with 3 in it makes it seem like a shitty tank when it has worse average stats than my tier 9s but if they’re all losses eh who knows.

  14. And then I get heavily slapped just because of my friendly “Зиг хайль! :)” at the start of battles while driving French tank. :(

    • Well you dont need to go there just come to Netherlands and do it in front of the police or at the street and check what will happen to you ;).

      “Зиг хайль! :)” == “Sieg Heil! :)”

  15. Well, I would say that cross server racism would be rampant, but there’s already enough to go around on the EU server already. As long as WG removes roaming capability for people who show such behaviour in chat everything should be fine. I get to play with my American friends finally.

    I suppose the only negative is potentially having people with terrible ping in the game who you can’t communicate with, although probably at least half of the people I have in randoms can’t understand the other half anyway.

  16. EU server is so full of people hating each other already I don’t see a bit of Russian hate being added making much difference, if anything it might get the EU players despising each other less.

    Still, if the test server is anything to go by the Russians will be irrelevant since they will spend the whole match failing to team kill the one NA roamer.

  17. What do you expect when you see US and EU officials encouraging Ukraine uprising? of course majority of russians are crazy mad at them now.

    • excuse me if not everybody wants to live under neo-communist dictatorship and allow their leaders to think for everybody, if russians like that, i got no problem, but leave the rest of the world alone.

  18. Am not against roaming but am not for it either because the amount of crap I have seen from Russian players on the test server I have lost count of the amount of times I have been team killed for no reason not to mention the fact of the language barrier at least here in EU mostly everyone speaks English and even if they don’t I can sort of make out what they are saying.

  19. Ah, so “roaming” is playing on servers outside your region – finally, somebody says what it is . . .

    . . . and yeah, there are people who hate other nations on the Internet, and people who like to stereotype people of other nations. I’m hoping these people are a minority, but when they do pop up, I just have to shake my head.

  20. I’m russian player and my english is sucks, but IMHO roaming needed only for new game experience. For example, on our servers too much USSR tanks in setups and it is really anoying. From this point follows that for foreigners server tactics also have interesting differences, which must be fun to take a look.

    I read the comments in topic and see that many people in aggressive form accuses our players in racism, fascism and imperial ambitions. Someone do this only for laugh, someone truly thinks, that all we are is uncivilized beasts living in terrible circumstances. But I hope, that all we are can discard politics and hostility to different mentalities for the good and interesting game sessions in the future.

    • It’s only a vocal minority that are troublesome. The concern EU (and US?) players have is that most of the people who will roam might be part of that minority, but that is far from proven.

    • Thank you for this post. Too many idiots mouthing off about the RUSSIAN HORDES was getting boring, it kind of hearkens back to the same idiotic shit about how immigrants are drowning europe and how sharia law will happen any minute now.

      I’m still amazed how a lot of commentators haven’t had their brains explode from the massive cognitive dissonance.

  21. I played on EU and had approx 10k battles with 2200WN8. I recently moved to the US and play on the NA server with a new acct I had to make. After playing 1k battles so far, it seems the players are quite similar overall in terms of skill but NA players use chat less (and with fewer insults). Roaming will not change much so do not worry. Serious players will stay on their respective local server due to ping.

  22. Roaming is a bad idea because people might do something? (Ok, probably will, granted)

    And that something is already against the rules and in game reportable?



    Suck it up, ignore/report as your preference and move along. It’s words, they only have power over you if you give them power over you.

  23. That’s the exact reason why chat will be switched for roaming players after roaming’s release. I wonder why this feature is not activated for ST powerdonkeys…