52 thoughts on “50g bonus code

    • I remember that yesterday, just minutes after the stream started, they released a 50 gold bonus code. Only for it to be the only working code we’ve seen all day…

      Let’s see if the similarities will go on…

    • They said there will be new codes

      They said there wont be new codes

      The only way for WG EU not to be wrong is to both confirm and deny – one of them will be true.

  1. Hope they generated a new set of codes, and this is not just one code so they can makes us watch and hoping for codes, on the other hand maybe they want to recover from yesterday and today will get a bunch of codes….

  2. Used it, “incorrect code” on wot eu site, successful activation on WOWP site!
    Thanks! (activated it 1min ago)

  3. Thx :) worked. They said “Connection timed out, please try again.” but i got the gold a bit later. Thx man.

  4. They will probably do what they did yesterday, give one working 50g code out at the start to make people think more will be coming so they keep watching.

  5. work for me, its hard to enter in WoWp site but when u in code is valide :)

  6. “You have reached the code activation limit”. That’s dissapointing…

  7. ty for the gold santa whit ur 50 gold and the other 100 gold this morning

  8. It says “connection timed out” all the time. After a few tries I’m blocked for code usage for 10 minutes now.

  9. Cant log into WoWp, and I get timed out on WoW.. What the fuck..And no I dident get gold even thoough it says time out.