43 thoughts on “Another working bonus code

  1. Biggest noob game maker team ever …..WOWp and WOT website are down ….
    WTF are they doing ??

  2. Connection Timed out, still got the gold after a few mins. Working as Intendedâ„¢

  3. I just redeemed this in WoT, (1.10pm CET). Seems people had been saying they had reached the limit, but apparently it’s just random.

  4. Wot connection timed out ,,,, WoWp surver temporaty unavaible….

    • WOT time out

      I could not even log in to WOWP

      and now

      You have reached the code usage limit. WTF!!!! -_-

  5. Code usage limit is so dumb, but I guess they don’t want people using 35 codes in a row. Limit is prob something like 3-5 a week. Can’t use it on the WoWP site either.

  6. Where are the codes posted? on STREAM but where? on lower part? left part? full screen?

    on comercials??

  7. Omg, stop posting fake codes here, we are charging the servers, when we try codes, and this is why some people cant redeem codes…

  8. FFS WHY NOT TIME LIMITED????? This is so hectic and frustrating. You receive a code and you rush to activate it. And the server is dead or the code is used. Or you are lucky and get 50 gold.
    This is like a russian (ba-dam-tss) roulette but with 1 slot unloaded and the others have ammo.

  9. it seems they dropped out 2 codes at the beginning and there will be no more, it was just the trap to get the ppl watching again

    • Yep, yesterday was just one and it worked, ppl still watched, today they released 2 codes to make sure…

  10. These are the same bullshit leaked codes from yesterday, but they have been re-activated again. Now at certain intervals and not all at the same time.