38 thoughts on “100g Bonus Code

    • I did some counting now and if someone was lucky and fast enough he could get at least 1200 gold from catching the posts of Silentstalker! From these codes we could buy a tier 5 premium tank if it’s on discount. And I will do exactly that so thank you for the “free premium tank”!!!

  1. Time out here :( … and I retry and retry until I got the message that I try to process too many times … then I checked my account and I had the extra 100 gold.


    • “Connection timed out, please try again.”
      is the WGL still on? strange timeout anyway
      it should have worked already :(

    • I got the code limit error on the WoWp portal, but it worked on the WoT portal.

  2. Limit reached like 4 min. ago,or connection time out or can not redeem on this account.

  3. Aaaaaaand this is why i hated and still hate the bonus code system… You watch a 30 minute video and miss the “free gold”.
    And ofc “timed out” for 10 times then “you have used too many codes.”… and “limit reached”.


  4. 16:00 pm (around that hour) check FTR: no new code. Then start playing WoT
    17:50 pm checl FTR: new code. Already spent.

    This limited usage code thing is totally moronic.

      • No they are not: remember Wargaming is a company that doesn’t make charity, WG makes marketing moves, so if they give away free gold codes is because somehow they know this will increase their revenues. Like sales, they’re not something they do in our favour: it’s a precise marketing decision that has the specific goal of making more profit. On their side this is of course very smart, but for us it’s just annyoing that if you arrive an hour or two too late you get nothing.

        At WG they must have a very good marketing department, but their PR office must be run by a retarded.