Not much today

- the autoaim was reworked in 9.0, because on some vehicles, the old one was aiming in the air
- apparently, the Tiger I HD model might be to high? Not sure, basically, a player posted this picture of the HD model and then this photo along with a few others, Storm only said that they checked, nothing else

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      • Yep, War Thunder CBT has not very good testing times. But I hope you’ll have time tomorrow SS :) I’d like to see your opinion on WT Tanks. Server will be opened at 13:00 GMT (timezone in Czech rep. is GMT +1, but due to the summer time it’s another hour so it will start at 15:00 I think. It’s really complicated.).

      • Just don’t play it expecting it to be similar to WoT. Rushing around will get you killed quite quickly. :D

      • I’ll be online around 14.45 CEST on CBT, contact me if you want, I’m in the CBT for some aswell as the live one.

    • War thunder claims to be historically accurate Yeh so historically accurate that your going to have planes accounting for ridiculously amount of tanks destroyed per battle…….

      I could go on about how WT is a) not historically accurate and b) not a simulation game, but I really can’t be bothered.

  1. A new video about tactics about the T-62A appeared today. I found it really useful. Also, out of the point, how do I change my avatar here? I searched in the options-setting section I did not find something. Thanks.

    • Nope i agree with player who posted the error,
      Angles are irrelevent here, cause if it was correct no matter how high the angle is you wouldnt be able to see over the track and see the ground behind it because the fenders on the real tank are almost close enough to touch the tracks on the WoT model the gap between the tracks and fenders is too wide allowing the ground behind it to be seen underneath the fenders and over the tracks,
      Silentstalker can anyone on your team confirm the error on the WoT model?

      • Also note that the top of lower glacial plate (where it connects with the middle glacial plate) is to high above the highest part of the track compared to the real tank

        • Why do you even bother replying to this commie. If the Tiger is 5m tall he would say it’s fine because it’s nazi steel box and it’s not big of a surprise that commies hates nazi stuff because it used to kill their comrades.

  2. I would also like to know why the turrets are so different.

    It would be nice to see the different turrets added into the game, from the early production to late production changes, even if it was only a choice as to which the player liked better.

    • I think it looks like the tracks are to small rather.. And also that the tracks are going down at a to steep angle (from the upper side on the front)

    • The screenie has a fucked-up aspect ratio and hence looks hilariously stretched and flattened, which doesn’t exactly help. Neither does the fact the photos are of the earlier interleaved roadwheel system while the model in-game uses the later overlapping one, though the wheel diameters look similar enough. But seems to me like there’s no meaningful difference where it actually counts, ie. between the wheel axles and the side fenders – minor differences in track slackness being of no practical consequence whatsoever (no idea if and how much that varied IRL aside from when a track had to be shortened due to damaged links).

      • Yep you can see it there the lower glacial plate is way to tall, the whole thing needs shorting which in turn will lower the whole front of the tank reducing the large gap between the top of the tracks and the underneath of the side armour,
        Look at how steep the angle is from the rear to the front compared to the real tank its way to much.

        • Actually I think it’s just the drive sprocket being placed too low and possibly also slightly too far back – this produces the track angle mismatches and any number of other visual errors. May be slightly undersized too, hard to say for sure.
          The clearance between the lowest corner of the hull and the ground, and the roadwheels and the side sponsons, OTOH seems to me to be essentially the same between the model and the photo though.