- various “which tank is the most popular” polls have no influence on tank balancing
- Q: “Will the rework of tanks to HD models be made based on historical battles or popularity amongst players” A: “One does not interfere with the other”
- apparently, more things (such as destroyed tank models) are not scheduled to be pre-loaded into memory during map loading, because it would pointlessly clog the computer’s memory, while the “microfreezes” (when a tank gets destroyed, the game lags a bit loading the destroyed model) are bearable
- ingame accuracy of a gun does not influence the chance of the shell to fly towards the aim circle center
- accuracy ONLY influences the size of the aim circle, that means that for example a gun with 0.36 acc and another at 0.46 acc, if the aim circle of both guns is of the same size (SS: when for example the first gun moves with the turret), the chances to hit for both guns are the same
- 25 percent penetration RNG will NOT be replaced by lower number, because a) it reflects real life randomness better than say 5 percent and b) in such a case, well-armored tanks would be too difficult to deal with
- Storm mentioned that some least popular maps could be removed altogether from the game, Windstorm will not be amongst them
- league system for random battles will not be introduced
- gold ammo for credits will not be removed
- developers are slowly starting to deal with tier 2-5 balance (SS: goodbye, sweet T18)
- retraining crews to different roles (SS: as in, radiomen to drivers for example) will come, “it’s done when it’s done”
- apparently, Storm thinks that after the introduction of the new modes, noone will play companies anymore
- 2014 will bring 3 new tier 8 medium premiums (SS: we’ll see :) )
- An option to re-buy once bought premium tanks for credits? Storm: “We’ll have to think about that”
- the plans for new game modes, unveiled in today’s video, apply for this year
- it’s not planned to implement the option to select, which HD content you want and which you don’t
- the feature to get your unique/reward/premium tanks back is tested on US server, it will be available on RU, EU and ASIA as well

Storm: “Arty will have to be nerfed again soon.” Link

191 thoughts on “9.4.2014

  1. >apparently, more things (such as destroyed tank models) are not scheduled to be pre-loaded into memory during map loading, because it would pointlessly clog the computer’s memory, while the “microfreezes” (when a tank gets destroyed, the game lags a bit loading the destroyed model) are bearable.

    Man thats one of the most stupid shit i have read from WG in a long time..

    • Truth. I have 8 GB of ram with 2GB on video card. You can’t tell me they can’t fit the destroyed models aswell.

      • the funny thing is, they leave maps inside the ram, even when you play it only once and never get it again in the rotation it stays in the ram preloaded….

    • “Man thats one of the most stupid shit i have read from WG in a long time..”
      Not like in 2014 nearly every Pc has 4Gb+ Ram -_-
      They game should check which tanks are in a match and then load the wreckkage of them.

      I hate the fucking micro freeze too. I dont care for HD at all. I want a smooth running game.
      And EU server lag is still going strong.

      • Well, maybe most russian players have like 1Gb of ram…

        Even my computer has 8Gb, and I paid only 250€ for it.

        • I run WoT on PC Chip, i have 8Kbit of ram and 20MHz 8bit ATtiny85 Microcontroller cpu, and it’s the only game that allow such strong optimization and consideration of small controllers that why i love WG.

        • “Well, maybe most russian players have like 1Gb of ram…”

          Well, if they are running older computers using some versions of Windows XP, something like that is actually a possibility

          • That is why I have repeatedly told that installing SSD will enhance your FPS.

      • How about option to choose pre or ingame loading? and how about option to turn on or off HD skins on tanks?

  2. - apparently, according to Storm, it will be needed to nerf arty soon again

    Really ? oh thank god, I hate arty XD

    • I hope he just trolling, even now there is no more frustrating class then artylery.

        • The problem is, even the nerfs didnt result in more skill needed, as they were placed at the wrong characteristics. They only made Ary even more random-> more annoying for enemy as not predictable and less skill needed as, well its more random.

        • Problem is that arty is not about skill but about luck. I have no problem with timing to hit moving tank, but if the server decide that you will not hit anything then you will not, no matter how skilled you are. Xp gain is lower than on any other class no matter how much dmg will you do.
          And last thing, you are constantly insulted by enemies which you will hit and allies which have feelings that you dont support them enough.

          Trust me i wouldnt play arties if we wouldnt need them on CWs

            • Devs don’t play arty. They just get hit by it. So that’s why they opt for nerfs instead of fixing that shit.

      • This. I’ve started playing artillery, it’s almost a miracle if you deal as much damage with it than with a normal tank.
        Hell, the most efficiency I’ve got out of an artillery was playing tank destroyer with french tier 4 arty which is insanely fast.

        • dead horse, meet stick, stick, beat the dead horse…

          my (sold) and neutered useless SU26 does not agree with the ridiculous arty nerf.

          In any case, the only thing necessary is to specifically nerf the arties with ultra high alpha and stupid firing arcs/blast radius:
          the GC prime example, it will drop a freight train straight down on you, there is practically no cover from that arty as it drops from super high angles and has an insane dmg and blast radius.
          T92 should also be brought down a notch(like.. half the dmg it does now).

          261 is fine, when it hits it hits like a T10 heavy rolling ~500dmg on hard targets thus a nerf is unnecessary

              • Ironically, campers are safer than active players, as they either don’t get spotted or hug a rock/building. These being the only two ways to avoid being killed by arty.

                • The last I checked you generally had to expose yourself to actually shoot at shit. Which can end poorly if an arty player has decided to play overwatch on your corner.

                  There’s also this amazing new thing called “evasive maneuvering” you might want to look into…

          • Yep, nerf those arties so they aren’t accurate, they don’t have alpha, they don’t have splash, they don’t have view range and HP… then we can remove them and whine that TDs are OP.

        • Be under artillery fire is not nice too, but its nothing compare to spend 15 minutes hitting absolutely nothing or just one, two tanks on splash.

          • Still better than being killed/crippled with one hit in the first minute, with the only way to prevent this being camping in the base.

            • If you are being killed and crippled with one hit in the first minute because you left base you REALLY need to stop driving in a straight line toward enemy base and instead head to help one of your flanks.

              • I gave a simplified example of a situation worse than Helldix’s example.
                Also “driving in a straight line toward enemy base” is not necessary, simply getting spotted and not having a mountain to hug is enough.

                • Your simplified examples are retarded to the point where they have nothing to deal with the game itself. GTFO.

                • If a team is still dicking around their spawn by the time the YOLO skaut gets there and the enemy arty has actually reloaded they *deserve* the Verdun Special.

              • Or those who actually play actively (as I do with my medium tanks) and are unfortunate enough to encounter the enemy suicide scout.
                Followed by orbital strike several seconds later.

                • What orbital strikes are you talking about? Do the Artillery players you go against mount conical guns or something?

                  I’ve sat perfectly still in the open in many tanks taking shots at the enemy for extended periods of time, effectively making myself a juicy target for Artillery ON PURPOSE to draw fire from them, and they consistently miss a still-sitting target the size of a house.

                  See, I can make up scenarios too. How often does your made up scenario happen compared to mine, and how do you know it’s artillery managing to splash the last 10 hitpoints off you after you get shredded by heavies and tank destroyers?

                • Atomic_Emu if you get regularly hit by an arty in a fucking medium tank then it’s a sign you should uninstall, cause you’re a noob beyond hope.

                • Then please tell me: what advantages (in general) do medium tanks possess compared to heavy tanks other than size and mobility?
                  Obviously, if I want to utilize that mobility I have to leave cover, leaving myself open to being hit by arty. Meanwhile heavies and TDs camping behind their bushes/rocks/buildings are safe.

                • @Atomic_Emu

                  Arties soooo OP that they need to be removed altogether? Then why don’t you try arty yourself and see how well you can “orbital strike” your enemies?
                  And remember to choose enemy mediums as your target. If you constantly hit your targets, you might as well be an excellent artillery player; if not, then it’s your problem that you get hit in your medium tanks.

                • Oh I tried arty several times, including after the so-called nerf. The last time (on 8.8 test server) I usually ended being in top 5 with damage and several kills with next to no effort. Clicking once every 30 seconds is not very difficult, you know. And to keep myself entertained during reloads I was reading a book.

              • As well as any tank that isn’t exactly what one might call ‘fast’ (read: most heavies – the Germans and British in particular, a few tank destroyers – particularly the high tier American and some German ones, the AMX-40, the Matilda II, and a few other slow tanks).

                As a heavy driver, I can say from experience that arty doesn’t focus on you because you’re actually a threat (if they were prioritizing based on threat, they’d usually be going after TDs first unless there aren’t any top-tier TDs), but because you’re the easiest target to hit (big and usually not very quick).

      • Arty is meant for players who need as much RNG as possible to level off the playing field, aka bobs. If you find arty frustrating, don’t play arty, it’s not a class meant for you.

        • How about they just fix it instead of suggesting people not to play it? And I mean: Fix, not fucking nerf or buff.

    • It needs to be entirely reworked, not ‘nerfed’

      It is frustrating as hell to play artillery due to how random it is. You are completely at the mercy of your team – too bad and there is nothing to shoot due to spotting, too good and nothing to shoot due to it dying before you aim. Have a good game? Don’t worry, you will get substantially less XP than if you were any other class anyway.

      It is also frustrating as hell to play against – 90% of the time it does nothing, 10% of the time it smashes you in the face for a massive percentage of your health.

      It doesn’t serve it’s purpose – it doesn’t stop people camping, as your shots are incredibly random, and your reload time is so long that a miss leaves the camper in place for ages.

      Faster firing for lower damage is the obvious solution, along with either increased accuracy (or just aim time) or splash radius. Artillery not potentially oneshotting stuff would also leave WG free to rebalance HE shells so they can be useful in normal play, rather than your tier 10 gun doing 10 damage to the WT E 100′s turret.

      Maybe they should substantially increase RoF, but make the aim time obnoxiously massive.. except that it has a ‘negative’ bloom on shooting to represent ‘zeroing’ based on shooting, or something. This would make random snapshots pointless, but create an eventual zone of death for things that don’t move.

      • I’ve heard your argument before. Like others, you’ve missed the current example of why faster firing, more accurate, low damage arty will break the game. Think of it this way. The FV304 has exactly the qualities you want in arty. The most hated arty currently in the game is the FV304. Now imagine every arty in the game was like an FV304. You and most any other tanker would either quit WoT in frustration, or start playing arty again.

        Since 8.6, I’ve grown to hate playing arty, I’ve got three more to research and then I’m done playing it. The FV304 is the exception. I can actually influence the battle in that, and can often carry.

        • I don’t disagree with you, but at least the FV feels like it has the potential to influence the outcome, while most other artillery simply don’t. I thought of the FV while writing that originally, but the current slow-firing artilleries are so massively unenjoyable to play (and play against, occasionally) that I would almost prefer the FV.

          I guess, really, what I wanted to communicate is that they need to find a way to make artillery less random (at both ends – extreme potential damage isn’t fun, neither is missing every shot because RNG decided you should). Your bringing up that this would turn every artillery piece into an FV really just shows that the current model simply doesn’t work at a much deeper level – artillery can’t be anti-camp tools because with decent RoF they track things forever and are inescapable, and really, with the low arcs they fill the same role as TDs – stay in cover or die, rather than promoting not staying in cover. This is why I suggested a higher rate of fire with some kind of ‘negative’ bloom – only zeroing by firing repeatedly – so you don’t end up in a case where you are being pegged again and again by artillery unless you have been massively negligent.

          The fact that neither way is any good just points to the current model (at a much deeper level) being ineffective.

      • I really like your idea of “negative bloom”.

        Only problem it got is that it’s making it even more difficult to affect gameplay, and arties with uber-long reload time are going to be horribly crippled (before they manage to pin-point the area – action will already move elsewhere).

        • ..hence the other suggestions of substantially increased rate of fire and reduced damage.

    • dont worry even if they have 50 mts dispersion we will find the way to make you cry.

    • Probably the nerf is because they are thinking about enhancing HE shells capabilities, just like what happened when they increased accuracy. In this case you will have MOABs raining from the skies unless you balance against them.

  3. 3 new tier 8 premium mediums? :D can’t wait!!! i’m hoping that they are either British, German, or Japanese

      • SS and what about that lighter version of T-54? Isn’t it count to those 3 meds?
        Or they left the idea of be prem tier 8 med?

        • I think a T-54 prototype is among them, but I’m not sure.

          That could be a problem though, as we’ve already seen what such a tank would perform like in the form of the Type 59. WG had better be very careful to avoid flooding battles with them, the obvious solutions being to make it expensive and not give it special matchmaking (meaning that it can see tier 10 games).

      • I would have guessed British, Japanese, and Russian, not German.
        So British T8 is probably either 4202 with a new T10.
        The Japanese is probably a STA-1 clone or variant.
        I was expecting a T-54Light as a soviet… What German mediums are left to fill that spot?

        • Possibly a Panther Ausf.F or some other derivative of the Panther. Maybe a speculative tank based on the ‘modernized Panther’ concept that the Bundeswehr was looking into in the early 1950s (but ultimately canceled in favor of the M47 Patton II and, eventually, the Leopard 1).

          That being said it’d BETTER not be yet ANOTHER tank that gets shafted with an anemic 75 mm gun (i.e. the Panther/M10, which could get a new lease on life in historical battles if they allow it into the Bastogne scenario). I would expect at the very LEAST to have the 88 mm KwK 43 L/71 as the main gun. It’s good enough at tier 8.

  4. I don’t think another arty nerf is necessary, the amount of team damage/kills because of huge aim circle and long projectile travel time is more than enough already.

    • Have you tried not platooning into Tier 4 and 5 and also NOT sitting directly infront of Tier 3 or higher Tank destroyers?

      • Oh boy. There is nothing better than tears of a sealclubbing piece of shit whining most gruesomly OP low tier statpadding tank is gonna get nerfed.

    • Cry some more, Sealclubbing scum. My Cruiser Mk.III feasts on your tears of anguish!

      • You call others sealclubbing scum, yet you have a tank that uses the T4 pompom at T2.
        Sounds legit.

        • At least he can be penned by pretty much everything. T18 is a joke, this thing either shot go one tier up, or someone should scrap all the engines but a stock one,

  5. Hello,
    any update from the kv1s nerf? I can’t catch any news from it for a long time. I guess accidentally was forgotten by WG…

      • That it is. Gun’s crap, but the armor is effectively that of the tier 7 KV-3. It’s pretty tough to penetrate for most tier 5s if you angle it (unless the tank shooting back is a BDR, or a T-34 or KV-1 with the 57 mm gun, at which point you’re basically screwed).

    • well, you would only be able to get one of them, and then wait 180 days to get the second one (if i understood the current system correctly)

  6. “An option to re-buy once bought premium tanks for credits? Storm: “We’ll have to think about that”

    If they do this…will be amazing, I have quite a few tanks to “re-play” :P

    • It’s funny he said they had to think about it, because,
      - the feature to get your unique/reward/premium tanks back is tested on US server, it will be available on RU, EU and ASIA as well

      does exactly that. I have never sold a premium tank and gave it a try. It told me I had no qualified tanks. Lert actually got 3 premium tanks back, and paid credits for them.

      The only thing I can think of here is there may be a time limit for buying your sold premium tanks back. The only thing they would have to do is turn off the time limit then, which I have little doubt they’ll do so long as selling your account is illegal.

  7. - apparently, according to Storm, it will be needed to nerf arty soon again

    HAAAHAHAHAAHAAA, nerf it with fire!!!!!

  8. - apparently, according to Storm, it will be needed to nerf arty soon again

    If it needs nerfing again they can better remove them. Arty is now 80% luck anyways. I hit the same amount of shots whitout aiming as while i’m fully aimed :P.

    So let make its reload 7,5 mins now so you can shoot your gun ounce.
    Nerf accuracy so your aim circle goes over the whole map
    give them camorating of the maus.

    this should stop ppl whine about arty

    • Indeed. Before the nerf it any more, they might want to remove it alltogether. I am used to arty as I play WoT since Beta. But more nerfs? Playing arty is the most frustrating class already due to RNG and the team-dependancy. After the last nerf, I sold half of my arties and I barely play the rest because I feel I can’t influence the game as much as if I’d be driving another vehicle. If they nerf it more I might as well sell my Tier 10 arties and the others I still have too.

      Before they nerf them to death, they should reward XP spent on arty as FreeXP and remvoe the whole class so players could finally find something else to cry about. TDs, I’m looking at you. *nudge nudge* ;-)

    • Yes, please! I’d love to see that. Arty is pointless as it is and getting back my XP and credits from 3 arty lines (1 completed and 2 stopped at tier 9) is the least they can do. I also spent premium time on those but WG would never refund that…

      • Best way to fix arty is to nerf the alpha and nerf the module damage (as in arty HE has a lower chance of module damage than other tanks HE) and nerf the r/l time. Then they can restore the accuracy and flight time (at least partially). That way you can hit more often but do less damage per shot and roughly the same damage per match.

        Once they add the manual option for gun elevation they should make it mandatory for arty. That way you have to position the reticle rather than point. (This would actually make some tricky shots easier as you wouldn’t have to search around for the right spot to aim to just clip the top/side of a tank hiding behind partial cover)

  9. quote: “- 25 percent penetration RNG will NOT be replaced by lower number, because a) it reflects real life randomness better than say 5 percent and b) in such a case, well-armored tanks would be too difficult to deal with”

    part b must be a miss-translation, cuz’ that’s exactly what current RNG does
    or, it’s not a miss-translation, in that case .. WG are morons, again

      • Confirmation Bias. They believe that it regularly rolls for less. Thus anytime it rolls for average or more than average they subconsciously ignore it and thus never know it happened as it would disagree with their belief that its always rolling for less than average.

      • that’s exactly the point
        it rolls very hi the same % it rolls very low, and both roll lesser than the apex of the bell

        so .. how many shots to roll that magic number

              • He just is a complete retard who can only talk negatively about wargaming. He is a pest witch is here for more then 2 years, and he keeps coming back. I really don’t get him…

            • Your obviously not a programmer. Its easier to program and even curve distribution then one that’s not even. Really try do something with your life instead of being a sperg lord on ftr forums. You know, like learning to program before you comment on programming.

  10. Deleting 10 maps.. NOOOOOOO

    I would rather have more maps with some that I do not like than 10 less maps.

    Diversity is good.

    By all means, make maps more balanced but leave them there.

    • Who needs diversity when you can have multiple palette swaps of the same cityscape.

    • I suspect the reason they are deleting 10 is because they spend far too many resources trying to balance them, only to then find out they really didn’t balance them. The solution? Just delete unbalanced maps. Typical WG mentality.

  11. - the feature to get your unique/reward/premium tanks back is tested on US server, it will be available on RU, EU and ASIA as well

    DO WANT!

    - apparently, according to Storm, it will be needed to nerf arty soon again

    Better solution: Make all the Arties into TDs. Sturmtiger will be TD anyways so why not make EVERY of them into a TD?
    You want this… YOU REALLY WANT THIS…

  12. Storm: “Arty will have to be nerfed
    again soon.”

    Music to my ears, beauty to my eyes. Fuck you, arty cowards :)

      • +1 Janusz Hain,
        Arty Haters tears and whining, are sweet.
        I have unlocked and played every arty in the game, 43 of them are in my garage, over 50% of my 20k games are in arty.
        This is Artys game too.
        Oh and I play every tier and class, there are 157, tanks total in my garage.
        When I get one shot by arty, I deal.

        • Emo faggot who is useless in any other tank beside arty and still barely makes 50% wins detected.

          Edit: Oh boy. I’m a fucking psychic genious.
          I actually overestimated you. 50% WR is your wet dream.

            • Sweetie now really? Faggot or Emo, you usually talk to women that way?

              My win rate is down cause I play arty, over 50% or 20k games, so you are not gonna shame me with stats.
              Check my clan war win rate Hun, that’s where I earn my keep.
              If I ran ten or so tanks in my garage and had better than 13 fps avg ( yes I will replace my computer when I can afford it.), I might have a much better win rate, I get in the high 60% range some nights. But see I don’t care about win rate, I do my job well for my clan, and my goal is to unlock every tank in this game, I have about 70 to go. I have every line in the game up to at least tier 6 or higher and ten tier 10s. So you know where you can shove your win rates.
              Semper Fi
              (Yes I was in the Marines)

              • You are playing arty 50% of the time and you are then using that as excuse for shitty WR. Do you realise how fucking stupid you sound? Wouldn’t it be better to ditch the artyfag class and play something normal? P.S. If that’s you on your avatar, i’d do you. You look like a milf.

                • Tell me Medjed,

                  do you really think you can be a manly man by writing in online toy tank forums from your mom’s basement?

                  Time to drop your bullshit man. :(

                • Another thing I especially like about you (you could say I am… *gasp* …in love), is your constant bashing of other player’s statistics and by implication the constant dickwaving with yours. Seriously, you do this every time you are attacked man. That’s just weak! :(

                  While the people you argue with are probably worse players, they are at least able to lead a normal and decent conversation without resorting to personal attacks or useless strawmen arguments all the time.

                  Do you print out your World of Tanks statistics sheet and wave it into the faces of the people you argue with in real life (or just insert you mom here, in case you don’t know other people)?

                  Seriously Medjed, I really like you. I really do. And I care for you and I want you to be happy. Please get on with your life and do something else than annoying people on internet blogs to feel a glimpse of joy inside your lonely soul. It will be worth it.

                  Love and hugs
                  Your genosse

    • All of those red barons’ tears… Their precious point-and-click campy faggotry will be even more frustrating for them. Maybe at some point it will be as frustrating as getting hit from nowhere for 90% hp and with half of the modules destroyed. Then I’d call it a proper, fair nerf.

      • Campers always gonna hate on arty. That’s nothing new. And because majority of players are noob campers – you have what you see.

        Love when people think that skill = sitting in bushes and clicking everything that lights up with insta-hit shells.

        • Meanwhile on the other side of the map arties sit in bushes clicking everything that lights up with one-hit-kill shells with one hand, while fapping with the other.

          • Funny thing is, not all Arty players sit in the bushes. My Bat Arty covers the map, following the push and looking for angles to help my team win. Towards the end of games I go TD mode if needed, I hunt with my Bat, as a OBJ268, E-75, a pair of T-28s, a pair of IS-3s, and a LEO found out to there death in the last couple days.
            My arguments are valid, not stupid, for those that can think rationally.
            And Medjed, yes that is me in my Avatar, thanks, but I don’t do boys anymore, they are not worth my time.
            I play Arty, cause I like to, not cause its the only thing I can play, but screw it up worse than you did in 8.6 WG, and I may just have to spend a lot more time in my Kayak, and a lot less time and money on this game WG.

              • “Meanwhile on the other side of the map arties sit in bushes clicking everything that lights up with one-hit-kill shells with one hand, while fapping with the other.”

                You do realize that by the time an arty shell lands on the other side of the map, a Maus is able to move 20 meters away, do you?

  13. - 25 percent penetration RNG will NOT be replaced by lower number, because a) it reflects real life randomness better than say 5 percent

    So by how much did the penetration vary in real life then? Was it different for different shells? Was it due to their quality or the lack of thereof?

    Any info on that anyone?

    • In practice all over the fucking place due to any number of for all practical intents and purposes random factors, such as specific structural and metallurgical characteristics of the relevant batches of armour plate and shell (Hell, propellant too when you get down to it) and the exact circumstances of the impact.

      Put this way: I’ve for various reasons (morbid curiostiy included) read a fair bit on just *how* freaking random it is what actually happens when a small-arm bullet hits a living body. What I’ve seen written of the interactions between cannon shell and armour plate has been headache-inducing in comparision.

      • Well, yeah, I can imagine in combat situation anything, from wind factor, to the conditions in which the ammunition was stored, to the wear and tear of the armour of the target tank, could play a role.
        The quality of shells and armour factor must have been there somewhere too.

        But surely during the ballistics tests the military guys had to have some kind of standards they tried to keep? Same batch of ammo vs same quality of steel plate they were shooting at? Would it still give different results from shell to shell … sort of like what happens with accuracy tests where the gun will send the shell away from the target up to this and this much, even in controlled conditions? Am I being naive perhaps, thinking any brass guy in WW2 era would bother to be that precise doing shell penetration tests?

        • The obvious need to keep testing conditions consistent aside, the point of tests was to establish the level of performance that could be *reasonably expected on the average*.

          You know, a lot like the game’s average medians and the bell-curve random distributions around them.

          • Well, yeah, I guess. But would extreme results go as far as, say, 25% away from the said average? Or how much could it be? (sort of back to my initial question)

            • Normal distribution, remember? The extreme deviations are *rare* and, yes, crazy shit happens.

              +/-25% bell curve is as reasonable as anything else that doesn’t get completely tangled up in a bottomless moras of obscure and pointless nitpickery, and wide enough to account for just about anything even vaguely relevant one might care to name.

  14. “b) in such a case, well-armored tanks would be too difficult to deal with”

    Isn’t that the point of driving a well-armored tank? But prob doesent even matter, everyone load gold anyway when they are shooting something with good armor.

    • My KV-4 for one calls bullshit on that. Few days ago I actually managed to hold back a few T10 heavies with that brick until the proverbial cavalry swooped down on their asses. Oh and the flagpole 107mm did exactly diddly squat to E-100s from the front APCR or no – I quickly stopped trying and just kept wrecking their tracks instead.

  15. Eh, no leagues and lower RNG, so WoT keeps being designed to fuck it’s players in the butt. Great.

      • Stop being bad? I’m better player than you, m8. And tbh, RNG screws most with good players, not bad ones.

        Stop whining? If everyone complies with WG, they’re never going to improve the experience. Their first motive is getting cash, so they’d rob you dry if they could. Feel free to be a sheep.

        • Badness is a state of mind and you’re *right in it*.

          Also sorry to burst your bubble but I literally haven’t spent a *cent* on the game for something like a year now; these assorted free-gold events and codes are neat.

          • Could you elaborate on your first sentence?

            I haven’t spent cash on WoT since 2011 as well. But here’s the neat little “secret” of free to play games: you mostly can’t hurt them by refusing to pay, because there’s always enough other people that will pay. So if you keep playing, you also give other players a motive to pay. Which means, we would need to stop playing as well to hurt the publisher. I like whining more. :D

            • You whine, you fail. As far as I’m concerned tomato-like nittering is doubly inexcusable coming from people who *should know better*.

              (Also I’m still waiting for you to notice you’ve already contradicted your original claim…)

              • So people who, for example, stood up against apartheid, were whiners? And failed? Nice logic you got going there. It’s the typical shut up and put with it or be labeled as a whiner mentality. No thanks, I’ll raise my voice if I feel like it. Deal with it.

                Do you really think I’d reach my performance in game with a defeatist mentality? Not by a long shot.

                • Sure I am. Sorry, but now you’re just spewing bullcrap that is taking us nowhere. Have fun.

                • Hint: “so WoT keeps being designed to fuck it’s players in the butt/RNG screws most with good players, not bad ones” and “I’m better player than you/do you think I’d reach my performance in game with a defeatist mentality” have PAINFULLY obvious compatibility issues.

                  As well as the tender whiff of bullshit and magical thinking floating about them. Hints of the archetypical baddie persecution complex, too.

                • I really see no paradox in the two statements you quoted.

                  Naturally, I tend to get the most out of situations no matter the circumstances given, so of course I learned to circumvent some of the obstacles of WoT’s design. Otherwise I’d stop playing it years ago.

                  On the other hand, I have no illusions about the intentions of this game. It is purposefully designed to frustrate the player into spending. That’s where all “designed to fuck the player” comes from. It’s far from magical thinking, it’s common knowledge. Granted, I’m a journalist and have been studying this kind of psychological tricks for some time. But you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see and understand it.

                  Now, I’m still a bit of an idealist and tend to think that you can change some things. So I’m raising my voice. Can’t hurt, that’s all.

                • “It’s far from magical thinking, it’s common knowledge.”

                  That you find no problems in a statement like *this* arguably closes the case. Honestly, methinks you need to get aquainted with critical thinking a liiiiiittle more intimately.

                  Anyways. Claiming good stats kind of by definition undermines insinuations of The Great RNG Conspiracy kind of *by default* – not to toot my own horn too much, but I *am* well above average. Many people (I know two personally IRL) are *much* better than me, and their stats show it too.
                  Am I to believe we’re all hacking the goddamned Matrix or something to have achieved this despite the dastardly algorithms’ best effort to the contrary?

              • Lol. Now I’m actually sure you have no idea what I’m talking about.

                Nowhere did I insinuate any RNG conspiracy whatsoever! WG doesn’t need it; the laws of randomness do everything they want. And that’s what it’s all about: skill-based games reward good players in most situations, whereas RNG-based games reward them on average. But because human mind tends not to grasp statistics very well, the player gets frustrated with particular situations where RNG isn’t in their favor. It’s like online poker. WoT is online poker with tanks. :)

                So no, I never stated that WoT has any fishy tricks. It’s pure randomness and that’s more than enough.

                And just so you know: I’m a physicist by profession (journalism is a part time job … well ok, last couple of months it’s been full time, since I’m between jobs), so I know full well all the nasty delicacies of statistics and randomness. Want me to lecture you on distributions?

                PS. I also studied psychology (I’m kinda versatile guy, though I never finished that path) so please spare me the clever talk of my complexes. Though I did heartily chuckle at “archetypal baddie persecution complex”; man, no one has accused me of that one yet. :D

                • “Nowhere did I insinuate any RNG conspiracy whatsoever!”

                  That right? “so WoT keeps being designed to fuck it’s players in the butt/RNG screws most with good players, not bad ones” certainly *sounds* awful close to disagreeing with that claim…
                  You’ve yet to actually explain how, exactly, is the RNG supposed to be more problematic to skilled *than* unskilled players…?

                  Feel free to eplain the more general charge of orifical violation while you’re at it.

                • Oh that one’s easy.

                  Postulate number one: RNG makes particular situations less predictable.
                  Postulate number two: the predictable outcome of a particular situation is that a good player will defeat the bad one.
                  So it’s a logical conclusion that introduction of RNG will mess with the predictable outcome, that is, the victory of a good player.

                  Now, let me stress again: in a majority of situations, a good player will still win. But the number of these situations will not be as high as without RNG.

                  There is an empirical proof for my claims: winning percentages in skill-based games. There, the best players have >95% winrates. Which is a lot more than best players in WoT.

                  Or, we can go at it another way. Let’s say a unicum is confronting a tomato in an IS3. In a zero-RNG environment a unicum would probably win over 99% of duels (an estimate, don’t go up in arms about it). In the WoT’s RNG environment, there are a number of particular situations in which a tomato will light a unicum on fire, destroy his ammo rack, or generally lolbounce his shells. So the number of his victories rises.

                  That said, *RNG is problematic to all players, not just skilled ones.* The latter just lose more compared to tomatoes, who plai 4 phun anyway.

                • :|
                  Go play chess if that kind of thing gets your knickers in a twist. I, for one, have always had a thing against the overbearing mathematical determinism of *those* kinds of games.

                  In *actual fact* the RNG hands out favourable and unfavourable results at a in practice constant ratio entirely irrespective of player skill. ~40% Stinky Cro-Magnons are the ones who waste their *good* rolls on stupid bullshit and in all likelihood perish due to terminal cases of Stupiditis in bad positions anyway. 55%+ Splendid Naked Nudists conversely have their shit together enough that *their* good rolls actually get results due to good positioning, tactically viable maneuvering, knowing where the fuck you actually ought to be trying to shoot, and sundry.

                  TL;DR – tomatos suck and unicums rul OK *mainly due to factors independent of the RNG*; your argument is invalid.

                • Well, the case is not only tomatoes against unicums, but unicums against unicums as well. Or any player.

                  You see, the problem here are not winning percentages per se (if you look up my first post, I actually didn’t bring the case of skilled vs bad players in initially). It’s the occurrence of an improbable outcome that’s frustrating for a human mind. You hit the weakspot, no pen. You hit a scout in the back with a jgpz100 and the shell is mysteriously eaten by the tracks or something. You get a team of monkeys while enemy team has a platoon from FAME stronk klanu. These kinds of situations are deemed unfair – because, frankly, they are. They make players feel powerless. And this is the main motivator to spend real money – to overcome such obstacles, be it by free exping over crappy modules, or shooting gold ammo or anything.

                  And, well, that’s a bad thing. It’s bad for your health and behavior, as a recent study from Oxford claims: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-26921743

                • *shrug* Want determinism, play chess. Anyone who voluntarily plays a competitive game with an universally dickish random variable (or a dozen) has no business complaining about said variable occasionally biting him in the ass.

                  And anyone who’d be motivated to spend money by the kinds of examples you listed is a grade A moron (doubly so as there’s preciously little you can spend money *on* that would help one bit) with appallingly irresponsible attitude to his property and earns nothing but condescension from me.
                  (Okay, maybe also sarcastic thanks for keeping the game financially viable so I don’t have to.)

                • Yeah, well, it you’ve seen the other news on FTR, about the income of F2P titles, you can see how well this strategy works for WG. :/ Or, to put it more bluntly, how many A grade morons there are. Sure, they’re paying for the game so that we don’t need to, put they’re also encouraging WG to carry on with this strategy.

                • I fail to see how it is any problem of yours or mine if dumbshits make idiotic conclusions or can’t handle their money. It’s not like, say, poker would be any kinder to them – quite the opposite.

                  Or how *any* of that is even relevant to the original topic.

                  So. About that RNG impact on different skill segments thing?

    • WoT won’t be a true e-sports as long as 25% of the gameplay depends on RNG. No matter how many millions of dollars Wargaming will invest into promoting it as such.

  16. Arty nerfed again ??
    Give us “World of Tanks”, not “World of Whack A Mole” please

    • Noooo. Leave arty alone. It’s an oasis of calm between frantic strivings for success but there has to be at least a modicum of potential XP or there’s no point at all.

    • “Give us “World of Tanks”, not “World of Whack A Mole” please”

      - That would require banning 80% of community. You know – all these retards sitting in bushes for an entire game and thinking that shooting people from there with near-insta-hit guns is a skill.

      What a load of BS.

  17. “accuracy ONLY influences the size of the aim circle, that means that for example a gun with 0.36 acc and another at 0.46 acc, if the aim circle of both guns is of the same size (SS: when for example the first gun moves with the turret), the chances to hit for both guns are the same”

    here it comes how incompetent retard WG is… accuracy would be exactly about that. this is why there is russianbias in the game.

    • Take into account aim time. For example, a tank could be inaccurate but have a fast aim time. In a way this lessens the negative effect of having bad accuracy in the first place.

      What it sounds like you want is that aim time and accuracy to be functionally linked.

  18. arty nerf for the OP ones, arty buff for the UP ones. not a general nerf for the whole class like last time please!

    • They don’t know shit about arty. They’ll nerf it all across the board. None of the WG people making any decisions about balance is an arty player.

  19. Fix arty? Don’t allow full pens, make it so the player has to splash/aim for different points around the tank.

    • Actually arty has had several buffs since the last big nerf. Stats don’t lie, and WG are finally recognizing arty are getting to be a problem again.

      • It’s not arties getting buffed, but arty players getting more skilled (noobs quit playing arty and start playing WT E-100).
        Meanwhile, the average playerbase has gotten more idiotic when it comes to avoiding being hit by arty.

  20. They shouldn’t nerf arty.
    They should make it have a high skill floor.

    With many tanks, bad players can’t do anything. With arty, they are just as likely as a 4K WN8 player to mess your face up. That’s not good.
    Bads should do bad in all tanks. That’d create an environment where people would thrive or sink. If you can’t do well, you leave because it’s frustrating. If you can do well, then you get to do well.

  21. “windstorm will not be one of the less popular maps to be removed” darnit I hate that map -_-

  22. SPG’s are here to stay, whine and itch aboot them all you want to they are not going away. Spg’ or arty as people call em ARE NOT CLICK TO WIN, They are very very skilled based tanks that you HAVE to LEAD your targets and thank to the needless “Garbage”(Garbad) cry for nerfs have been reduced to piles of stinking waste produces.

    In my honest opinion, and I’ve posted this on the forums and it was removed many times by staff due to “not part of “OFFICIAL” Spg thread” Is that we need to Remove ALL nerfs to the SPG’s return them to how they were before, There armor, there heath, there gun depression, speed, hull transverse, there gun accuracy, splash, damage, the reload time and Aiming time. All MUST be returned to pre-nerf phase.

    Then The following adjustments are made per Tier, Reload time, larger, and more damage the shell more time to load. Aiming time, the larger the gun size the longer to aim at the target, some adjustments for type of hull/turret that the SPG is on can also be made on a case by case basis. Damage and Splash I feel are linked to how large a shell caliber is, So a larger shell is going to do more damage, penetration and have a larger splash. Now HE will have a larger splash, and damage over an armor penetration round, but the AP round will penetrate better for more constant damage.

    I feel that with those adjustments an SPG player will have at snowballs chance in the desert of hitting a scout that finds him before that scout reduces him to a burning hulk. Right now there is very very slim chance that a SPG will direct fire and hit a scout that is too close and with team no longer having a person sit back and defend them from scouts, due to people yelling at them thinking they are camping or a bot. Spg’s in real life have been used as anti-tank guns as a tank destroyer many time before and yes yes if they were hit by the tank they still were toasted. But none of this light tanks owning a spg because of the stupid nerfs make the round fly some 40 feet over the tank.

    Back before these nerfs I would sit just behind the main push of my team and lob shells into enemy tank positions to flush em out into the open for my team. Thanks to the nerfs my spg is too slow, to weak, and pron to getting one shot by a two tier lower tank. I’ve been forced to sit back at base and prey a light does not find me.

    On a side note, I was in live oaks in my french prem spg, and i took a blind shot at the spot between the hills near the city that most people run to from the lower spawn point and I one hit killed a t49. I have never before done that and at most I’ve only damaged someone with a lucky splash. I often blind fire into areas i know tanks may camp, because with the current state of spg play i might as well be blind…

    • Woa that turned out to be a wall of text, paragraph three is the main part of my issue with spg nerfs.

    • You try to use logic in a comments section full of haters. That’s bound to fail, sorry.

    • “They are very very skilled based tanks”
      “Back before these nerfs I would sit just behind the main push of my team and lob shells into enemy tank positions”

      Such skill.

      • Atomic_Emu said: ”
        Such skill. ”

        I didn’t say i was HITTING the tanks, I mostly drove the tanks out of there hiding places into the open for my team to kill. At most I’d hit one of two stupid tank’s that are out in the open or the I’m not moving arty player that sits and fires from the same spot. But now since the Garbage nerfs have happened I miss even the easiest of shots on a counter-fire shot. And good luck trying to hit that lone kv-5 in the open sitting still. I’d have better luck trying to hit a Tog II or a Maus well no, thank to the nerfs a dang spg can’t hit the broad side of a city block now.

        But then again, once a person has the “remove arty from the game” notion in there heads they become hard headed trolls and no matter what logic is used to counter them they just troll away, you sir, will no longer be feed from me. I said my piece and you said yours. Beating this dead horse will result in much boredom and a broken stick.

  23. NO MORE ARTY NERFS FOR ********** SAKE!!!!!!!!!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU ??? Wasn’t 8.6 enough along with all the damn glitches that came after that??? they completely ruined it and they want another nerf??? seriously WG??? arty needs to be nerfed?? fuck off!!!

  24. Nerf Arty? No it is not necessary, I rather see another TD nerf. Due to more TDs it is more and more camping these days, seems like no one dares to move.

    Arty can hit you anywhere on the map (basically) so that makes people move, but on the more open maps, when the TDs are in place, no one moves, they just waits and waits for the other side to lose patience.

    So to me the TDs are a bigger problem than the artys, the artys makes you move, the TDs makes you stay and hide.