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  1. More proof that WoT is not P2W? People may pay the most per person than any other Free to Play game, but that doesn’t make them any better I suppose >_>

    • Premium tanks cost much money compared to other “big” items in other free2play’s, and many more players are willing to spend their money on them.

      • That’s not what WG makes most of it’s money off of. At least 80% of their revenue comes from Premium Accounts and player buy gold that’s converted into XP and Credits.

        • srsly why is that pay to win you dont win more when you play money,but it makes the Live in Wot much more easier WG,is just very good at marketing nothing more

          • it is pay to win in sense of prem account + prem ammo. whit prem account you almost dont lose credits going full gold.

            • Nope. Still the same. I still wonder why people believe that bullshit. I have premium account all the time and gold in hand whenever i need it and its not a guaranteed win. It still depends on how you play. I still meet a lot of tomatoes ruining my day

            • If you pay gold for premium ammo am deeply sorry for you :) you think that premium time make you win more??? :)

            • I tell you what capicanuto, I’ll give you 3 days premium and challenge you to play 15 tier 8, 9 & 10 battles for those three days shooting All GOLD. If you make profit, I’ll buy you another 6 months of premium. However if you don’t then you buy me 1 year. Take up that challenge of STFU because you are talking out of your ass

            • This pay to win bullshit always comes from noob players who cant deal with being bad in something so they are looking justification why they fail. They see gold ammo and right away skip to conclusion that gold ammo or premium gives you advantage in battle over others… I pity you man

            • So how do you explain that the worse player i’ve ever met in wot, had spent thousands of euros in the game unlocking all trees without having to play the tanks, prem account and tanks and before you cold buy prem ammo with credits he used to spend lots of gold in ammo as well. His WR is awful, lower than 45%. If the game is p2w that guy should be one of the best players in eu considering that the money he spent in this game could feed a small African country during a year…

    • Feel free to list the P2W aspects. In detail.

      The last I heard F2Ps made a killing off cosmetic trifles and convenience features…

      • You can pay to progress through the levels faster. People confuse level progression with “winning”.

        • But you actually have to play the game to accumulate free XP in World of Tanks. Unlike War Thunder, which let’s you just progress through the tech trees with money, without having played a single 1 minute of the game itself.

      • Look at Valve- TF2 and DOTA2-massive amount of cosmetics are in those two games, and best thing is-they are community made(yes, creators earn money for sold cosmetics)

        WoT and WT earn on premium accounts and tank/plane packs.

        • “More proof that WoT is not P2W?” is guilty of gratuitous ambiguity if that was not the meaning; the rest of the post did nothing to clarify the issue.

          • Is it? I didn’t get that feeling, though that’s probably because that’s how my thought process goes: in questions, because I’m never internally completely sure of anything.

            Then let me make it clear for you. This is even more evidence that WoT is not P2W.

      • as far as I am aware, “pay to win” f2p game models either consist of games which either force a paywall to effectively continue (they wont cut off content in the form of subscriptions, but just make it very hard to do so for free) or give a leg up for players who pay in the form of superior equipment or perks that almost guarantee a paying player outcompetes a f2p player.

        I dont think WoT or WT follow this model, although I can understand where people get mad at both of these games. premium tanks and aircraft in the respective games do not necessarily give a player an advantage on the playing field, since the vehicles in questions do not have any significant advantages for their tier and oftentimes are somewhat nerfed to compensate for their premium status (typically low pen t8 tanks for example, or the innately overtiered premium aircraft), so players still must rely on skill to achieve victory over their opponents.

        moreover, unlike the poor reputation the f2p industry has, WoT and WT have earned their player’s loyalty, I see it more that the players are willing to spend money in these games not simply because theyre trying to get an edge, but because they genuinely enjoy the game theyre playing.

    • Lelz boosts such as premium tanks or premium account won’t give you nothing more than simple streamline of grind process.
      Try Star Wars Online without premium. Playing up to 15 lvl is okay, but then your character is inferior, you arent getting any missions and if you fing one the reward is only too little money compared to your travel/fight expenses. Thats pay 2 win. WOT is most balanced game (gameplay wise) when it comes to pay
      for ingame experience.

      • Well I don’t know how its right know but half a year ago I’ve manage to level up in 2 months without using any real money and I had all the best equipment in every stage of levelling…. Actually I was disappointed how fast levelling actually was

    • As indisputably evidenced by the manner in which they’ve been positively throwing free gold out of the figurative windows recently.

      Also You Fail Economics Forever.

    • Greedy company? All those companies are greedy. WG just does a better job at getting players to spend money on a game they could play for free.

      • actually , the free to play part is all fake , if you consider it , there is a lot of players somewhere who are actually paying real money to keep the game running , which is something that must be done to be able to play , so it is free for you if you are a freeloader , but it isn’t free for them since they paid for it.
        but earning 3 or 4 doubles over other companies is considered to be more greedy.

        • Which matters diddly squat to Individual Exhibit A who can’t or won’t pay. Though at least acknowledging in principle the nameless schmucks whose wallets pay for the continued existence of the game would at the very least be intellectually honest.

          Anyway, “greedy company” is a redundant expression. What the Hell do you think those exist for in the first place?

      • you fail hard mark78
        take DOTA2 for example, that has a humongous player base and makes money only from cosmetics
        same with TF2

        you say WG are not greedy .. riiiight

        • Feel free to start listing by name companies whose fundamental raison d’être isn’t making money, any time now.

          Might as well be indignant about them having accountants while you’re at it.

          • every company is there to make money, but there’s a difference on how you make your money

            ps: have you heard of Mozilla Corporation? makes it’s money by reinvesting all of its profits back into the Mozilla projects
            and what do you know .. going strong for 9 years now

            • The name may be vaguely familiar from some largely forgotten context.
              Fukken irrelevant in any case.

              Anyway, feel free to itemise your gripes with how WG makes its money. Because I’m having a bit of a hard time finding anything particularly objectionable about selling what basically amounts to cosmetic fluff and convenience shortcuts…

                • Actually in principle *everything* you listed is pure convenience aid – you can theoretically get by with the default starting garage slots alone (plus whatever you free up by selling off gift tanks, if that’s your thing) as long as you’re willing to accept an obviously somewhat limited roster of “battle-ready” tanks and the credit losses of selling and rebuying them when you want to change the lineup.
                  And actually even *that* only applies to tank swaps outside the usual “trading up” when progressing in the research trees as the latter is done on 1-to-1 basis.

                  In any case, garage slots are in practice so cheap it’s not even funny. Keep an eye out for gold giveaways and 50% discounts and you should have preciously little trouble owning a stable of tenks larger than you actually have time to play properly, quite without spending a cent if that’s important for some reason.

                  But ALL premium acc time and prem tenks actually buy you is *convenience* in the form of greater profit margins and exp gains ergo faster grinds. That’s trading money for time and effort, nothing more.

                • Please show me another F2P game where publisher/developer regularly throws premium goods (premium time, gold) at players as well puts in game missions where for little effort you can get plenty of things, from in game currency to even quite expensive toys (IS-6 mission).

            • Mozilla Corporation makes most of it’s money by donations from Google for setting Google as its default search engine. ;-)

  2. The pps that are paying in this game are keeping it free to play so thx to them ;)

    • +1.
      Its nice to see that WoT pays off for WG, as its a nice game and by this its kept running. bets thing is: paying gives u nothing but time. U can get everything just by playing (Yes even gold thx to ESl or Cw ;) )

    • Yep. Im a paying customer and its not a pay2win game. Trust me, i still struggle. I have a unicum friend who hasnt spent a single cent in the game yet. I

  3. Why GuildWars 2 is on the list? You need to buy the game to play so it’s rather not “free 2 play”.

  4. I read the comments and I have so little hope for the future of humanity.

    Successful and popular = greedy? WTFO?

    Who’s the greedy one – the one that makes the successful and popular game? Or the one that wants it to cost less?

    • Could not agree more, it is amazing all the “entitled” people who pollute society with their need to have everything handed to them.

      • Actually I know enough about the bad old hand-over-fist, hand-to-mouth days to prefer the First World Problems of whiny spoiled brats.
        Annoyance beats Dickensian shithole by a long shot.

      • just like any opensource library, all games must be free to play, their sourcecode in public and any party can modify and change it without any restriction.

        if WG wants to rent services it’s ok but they must release their source code.

  5. Looks like Valve is the winner. Consider the costs of WoT vs. TF2 and then remember that TF2 was released on October 9, 2007. Of course I’ve spent far more on WoT and that’s kind of depressing. Anyhow, I guess good on WG but still think Valve is king.

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  7. I’m reminded of what a friend of mine said when he indicated he had paid for a free to play game.

    And I’m paraphrasing.

    “My money is supporting the game you are playing in for free. Now shut up and focus on killing crap.”

    Something along those lines.

    • Yup. I buy Premium on WoT, I donated 100$ to Dwarf Fortress, I buy old easily-pirated games on GOG.com. Everybody else can have their fun for free, just let me pay and have my fun without being harassed about paying. I’ll still probably get my ass handed to me online, I’m not buying any skills here.

  8. I wonder if, when they done this maths, they took into account the whole playerbase, those 80 mil players they were talking about, from which 75 are inactive.
    If yes, that’s a huge amount 0.0

  9. I think some Ppl Interpret too much into These statistics: it says Nothing about the Earning of the listed companies, because the cost per player is missing.

    Who do think is more “Greedy” (as some Ppl call it:
    A Company Which gets 5$ per player and has Infrastructure cost of 4 $ per player or a Company WHO gets 3 $ per player and pays 50 Cent?

  10. Nothing against WGs profits, those are well deserved. I’d just like if they invested more of the money into the game tech and less in Cyprus.

    • You’re privy to WG’s budgets? Do tell more.

      And please reassure us concepts like “shareholder value” and “tax haven” do not come as startling revelations to you…

      • Well most of the players are kids o people who doesn’t understand how business works. some cry that actually wargaming is charging any money (How dare they), and some just don’t know that income wargaming is receiving must be taxed in Belarus probably taxes takes lot of money.. :)

  11. Wow.
    Looks like ol’faithful Hat Fortress 2 stills holds the line pretty well, even after all those years. Good memories.
    GJ Valve !
    Don’t forget about Episode 3, though. Gordon needs revenge !! And a voice …

  12. Okay, I guess 77 players don’t have to pay because of me…

    And wg is not gready, the only thing you buy is convenience like a lot of others said. 5 dollars is NOT much if you compare this to any other retail game. Its frign FREE to play.

  13. What seriously? WG is earning that big per player? 0_0)

    Well what’s even more surprising is that Gaijin’s WT, a relatively new and small comer, is earning more than the biggest and better games like DotA2 or League.

    These stats are quite fishy…

    • WT’s amount of money per capita raised significantly since last year when they told about ground forces. nowadays people are more like pissed off than hyped because of terrible economy and everything in still beta phase

    • They are not. Dota2 and league actually are not that successful money wise games…

  14. WT is making nice $ mainly because they are new, check back on them in 2 years, and see if they are still at the same amount.
    I have zero issues with WG methods and the amount of money that they make off a fantastic game. I do not pay much to play, clan payouts. T34 free on tree split. IS 6 from the mission, was easy actually as had multiple tanks to run dailies for most nations.
    As far as the economics part, just like my real taxes go to ones who can not afford to pay, what I pay for WOT falls into the same category. Hell, FTR readers are able to keep reading because a number of people (myself included) make monthly pledges, or pay money through paypal here.
    Is WOT FTP? Yup. Is FTR free to read? Yup. Just hope when WOWs comes out, that they will have winey crybaby servers for the window licking tomatoes/donkeys/crabs.

    • Haha your joking right, new, World of tanks has been live for 3 years as it is, not counting alpha, closed beta and open beta stages, so I think its fair to say there well established in the f2p market and that after 3 years its avg earnings per player is among the highest, shows quite well how popular the game still is and how well its doing and will proberbly continue to do well for many more years to come.
      The fact as well they are able now to start improving the game further shows not just high profits but popularity of the game, WG are in a away rewarding players with a better more interesting game, they even went out there way to remove the pay2win elements of the game now what does that say, they are even responding more to player suggestions and taking note of 3rd party modes which improve the game which further incourages player loyality , meaning people are going to be more willing to spend money on the game wwhich will continue to show in their avg earnings per player, BUT WG still have a long way to go before been truely player friendly and having a truely brilliant game.

    • Yep that’s why WT has so high average per players that cause players who are registered are actually playing it :) no second accounts no lets start account just for fun… If they manage to maintain same average after they will have even half of the accounts as WOT I will be surprised :)

  15. Only $4.51 a year per player? I’ve probably spent $300 on this game in the last year.

    • well you are one of the millions of accounts in WOT :) you think that your “huge” money spend have any impact on average figures? :)