Wargaming to reconstruct Maus…


Honestly, I am not sure whether this is real or some sort of PR or elaborate trolling. Reconstructing a tank of this state (especially something as unique as Maus) is very, very expensive. And I don’t mean “looking for Spitfires in Burma” expensive. We are talking about several million Euro expensive (only the engine rebuilt from scratch – IF that is even possible – I would estimate at 3 million Euro – this is based on the fact that reconstructing a “big cat” engine in the past costed 1 mil GBP and that was not as exotic as this stuff).

But if they make it, holy crap.

Edit: Russian news – so it’s true

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  1. You know, they saw Gaijin restore StuH 42, so they were like “We must beat them, we must beat them HARD!” And there is nothing better than Maus if you wanna brag, right? :P

    • Actually I think it’s the other way around.
      Gaijin saw WG restoring a T-34 and thought they could beat them by restoring something more from the European side.

      And maybe WG just wants to close their mouths forever with this Maus.XD

      • I find this fucking awesome. Just let them restore all the damaged tanks ever. The one that restored the most gets a trophy with its logo on it.

    • funny thing that Gaijin at least records sound from it. Still waiting for Wot engine and gun sounds witch doesnt sound shitty

        • i have it. But WG making tons of € and cant spare some to record fucking real sounds? BS

          • You have to realise that in contrast to your logic the fact that you have money doesn’t mean everything is done instantly. Yes, they are using that money to record sounds, but it takes TIME. Because for every tank they can find they have to record everything, edit it, input stuff etc etc…

            • Open beta started in April 2011. Now is 2014.
              Gaijin did recording for GF in October 2013

              So, why is WG taking so long time since complaints about sounds are from beggining?

              • Gaijin project is quite new, also the game, they just started with a better position because they don’t need to “upgrade”, they just find new!
                WG, on the other hand, has A LOT of vechicles in game and they can’t just record in high quality that number of vechicles (apart from a few dozen vechicles in WT)
                Back in 2011, there was no need for such standards, now there is and they’re working on it, it just takes time.
                You know money can’t buy time, right? :P

            • Is anyone aware that engine sounds can be made using audio software’s too? and sound just as good if not better than real engines?

              It can be done along with gears shifting, rev, etc. Obviously it’s a bit harder than simply recording real sounds, but for tanks that do not exist/work anymore, creating the engine sounds from scratch is the only option.

    • They say reconstruct, not restore so that would mean build a new one from scratch. Which allows for taking a few liberties such as using an off the shelf engine rather than painstakingly restoring a WWII engine.

      Or it could be a bad translation and WG just signed up for about 20 years work.

    • Come on, be realistic. Of course they will RESTORE it. It would be too much work and too many years to build it. And why build it when you already have the hull and you just need to make an engine, the electronics and other complicated things inside which is much easier than building the whole 200 ton monster.

  2. Excuse my language, but holy duck fuck, that’s HUGE in every possible meaning. If there’s anybody that’s willing to reconstruct the Maus and has the funds to do so – it’s definitely Wargaming, so let’s hope for it to happen.

  3. This is true.

    Victor Kislyi told me personally (Gamescom 2013) that Maus is his favourite tank, both in real life and playing WoT. Thats why it was also one of the first HD models to be implemented.


  4. In his “outside the hatch” video Cheiftan claimed that the area in Kubinka the Maus is kept was built around the tank, so provided this is the case are they going to have the demolish a section of the building get the dammed thing out?!

    • Considering the lengths and resources that will be required to get that thing in working order. I think getting it out of the museum in the first place won’t really be all that difficult for them comparitively

    • Yep, at least removing the roof is a necessity to pull the turret off and insert the mechanics to move the thing. Considering the mass of other vehicles like the Karl Gerat literally right next to it, it’s probably slightly more practical to pull the Maus out for it’s refurbishing rather than displace all the other vehicles and try to operate on it within the museum building.

  5. No one dare to construct, than the WG. The only surviving Maus, the biggest tank that ever build, the most expensive tank to build/construct, and the heavies tank (est. 185 tons) in the world.

    I don’t know how many years/months to complete the reconstruction. How many years/months do you think to complete the reconstruction of this tank?

  6. When the guys from Gaijin see this, they’ll be like: “Wargaming beat our StuH with their Maus, now we gonna build the P1000 Ratte!”

  7. 3 millions € (or much more ) is no prob for WG … bot users will definitely helped them :)

    • I’m glad they’re putting the money to good use. No sarcasm, restoring tanks with money from a tank game is the best thing ever, and I hoped they’d do that. And they did.

  8. Well, I have to say.
    With current technology, I think it would be possible to make a real driving maus. Ofcourse it will be expensive, but if they made it , respect for WG :-)

  9. Well WG get my respect too for attempting this. We complain often about SerB and his bitches, the stupid parties and documentaries but if my WoT pennies in some way result in this restoration happening I’ll very happy.

  10. TBH the project would be easier is they just made a new Maus from scratch, it would be a nightmare to restore an incomplete prototype…

    Also all Gaijin need to do is build a better Maus trap :)

  11. if it’s tru i think is nice , spending 3-4 mil euro for a historical tank after hes rebuild he’s gonna return this investment in the first year just from people wishing to see it in action :) best commercial move ever by WG

    • Yea indeed, look at how many people go to tankfest to see the tiger in action. The maus would get more attention for sure

  12. This is a great project, those restorers and those who will create parts will be excited with this one. To restore this almost mythical tank in moving condition would be a great sight for visitors of that museum.

  13. This is why I am happy to throw money at these guys. As a student of history with a passion for archeology and the reconstruction of historical things, this makes me really, really excited.

  14. I tiink the restoration could skip the rebuilding the engine from scratch. Kubinka can just ask either MTU , Wartsilla or any diesel engine/engine-generator from them. The engine bay in the Maus is meant to swallow a 44 litre V12 diesel engine from a marine origin and MTU’s engine of that size(the 396 series engine) can produce up to 2200 hp, that 400 hp more than the Maus’s original engine. Couple to the fact it can be had with a generator. So the issue now is to find a Electric mortor to move the 180 tonne beast (I know of Siemens locomotive motors moving thousands of tonnes in group of 4 but will one fit in the Maus is a different thing). Add to the fact it the people also have to find a way to steer the 180 tonne of Deutsch Stahl.

    From the Chieftein insight into the tank, most of the hull is stiill rather well intact and it requires some heavy duty sand blasting, its a pretty feasible job in theory, but in practice its going to be a mountain of problem. Now than Arberdeen, get that Elefant working, same goes for Bovington, if u can get a Tiger and a Tortoise working, you can make that JagdTiger move too…..or at least the TOG.

  15. If they pull this off… well, that’s basically writing history all by itself isn’t it? Considering there were only 2 Maus hulls ever build, even as the video says it’s just mythical. And here we have a myth that we can touch, we can hear and we can see. So much looney this is fantastic!

    It’s almost as if i felt this coming, a few days ago i was daydreaming about how if i ever get as rich as Bill Gates i’d totally have me a functional Maus build, and now this come out! It is just “WAAAAT!?” on so many levels! A running Maus? This is just such an insurmountable task it’s amazing anyone even considered doing it!

    By the way, i’m still in EFE here. Still many thanks for calling me a retard SS. Go to hell.

  16. Damn, even if they won’t make it to running condition, think of the publicity it will attract with restored interior alone. Hell, seeing the 12,8 breech next to Chief’s head made me impressed already :P

    • People already gladly pay thousands of dollars to test drive various tanks. Im sure there’s alot of people willing to pay fo Maus :)

  17. It’s nice to see a company spending it’s money on something other than release parties :-)

  18. If this is somehow real, I’d go to Russia just to see this thing once its operational.

  19. They’re going to have to cut open the building to get her out. She is massive. So glad they’re doing this.
    They’re going to need a modern tank to move her, she’s sunk into the concrete a bit. The concrete especially made for her….which broke…..because she’s so massive….and not even combat weight.

    Can anyone image a “Maus Tour 2018″?

    • I want to see Wargaming use the Antonov An-225 (the thing can carry up to 250 tons of cargo, so it’s the only plane in the world that could haul this thing through the air) to bring this thing to E3 or something once it’s operable. Could you imagine? Or, more fitting, the plane could bring it to a German video game trade show, and have the thing tread on some domestic soil!

      Heck, if you really want to dream big (given that we’re talking about an actual restoration of the Maus, we may already be there), given that the An-225 is the only plane in the world capable of airlifting it, maybe Wargaming can also fund the completion of that second An-225 hull and then buy the thing from Antonov to put it to work as a dedicated Maus mover?

  20. This is obvious. Victor’s favourite tank is Maus, so it had to be chosen to restore.

  21. WG restored T-34!
    Critical hit!

    Gaijin restored StuH 42!
    It’s super effective!

    WG restored Maus!

    Gaijin restored Landkreuzer P 1500 and Tsar tank!

  22. LOL cmon SS. These guys buy a bank, a luxurious HQ and you think $3mil is expensive for them to make a Maus? this is like a small change for them.

    And if it’s going to be built, im sure it’s not going to be locked up somewhere. Imagine how many people would go and pay a ticket to visit the Maus. Besides we all know there’s alot of rich tank enthusiasts out there, who would spents thousands of dollars to try it!

    • A tour all over Russia with this beast, will make them enough money to restore another Maus if there is one.

      Who wouldnt want to see it? or the rich people who will want to get inside it and go for a spin (with a trainer of course). That’s thousands of dollars right there only for a test drive.

      • They’d certainly do something with it. Whether it would ever leave the museum is doubtful. Which is a real shame because that museum is still really crappy to visit if you’re not from Russia- you get a whistlestop tour, not allowed to take photos of any kind of any exhibit and then you’re done.
        Given that similar restrictions don’t apply to Russians, even if there was anything super secret and still relevant today any country who wanted to know would know about it.

  23. Awful, cheesy video. But exciting proposition.

    I sort of get mixed feelings about the idea of using modern engines for it though. Reminds me of going to ancient castles and forts around Europe and seeing “improvements” of the architecture by 18th century restoration efforts combined with incomplete knowledge on how the actual buildings looked.

    But then again it is just the engine, won’t change how it looks rolling down a (heavily reinforced) street.

  24. Well, I suppose if they want to go on original blueprints or modern parts to fit in the hulk. the original engine was a modified E-boat engine so it might not be as expensive to replace as the KT’s rebuild, especially if they decide to use a modern marine engine (not that I’d be a huge supporter of using modern kit in it).

  25. I apologize in advance if this is not allowed, but browsing hte web today, after hearing the Maus will be restored, I found this forum, in which a modeller tryies to bould a 1/35 model of a Maus prototype V2, with complete and accurate internal. He is also trying to found a book about the Maus, and I thought that here might be some people interested, here’s the link:

    And here the link to the model building thread:

  26. I’m thinking they’re going to use 3D-printing and other automated manufacturing means to cut on costs and labor.