Why is World of Warplanes a Failure?

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Hello everyone,

I think that by now, everyone is aware that the World of Warplanes project ended in failure and Russian players are discussing, why did it actually happen. One of the more promined Russian community members, Dietolog (also a known troll, but this post is actually quite serious) wrote a post about this issue.

At first, he showed this graph about the WoWp RU attendance:


This graph represents the online numbers of each day (the red line puts it in average). As you can see, the tendency is quite clear. Dietolong names the following reason for WoWp failure:

- the maps are too small, the fact that the fights are quick on them does not mean automatically that the fights are fun
- the fights are monotonous: in WoT, there are multiple classes with different gameplay, but WOWp is basically reduced to fighters (light and heavy) and assault planes, where assault planes can work as “superheavy fighters” as well, so in the end, it’s like “World of Fighters”
- rockets reduce the characteristics of planes too much
- missing bomber class

There were more reasons, but some of the stuff I don’t even understand, because Dietolog uses some sort of incomprehensible-(at least to foreigners) and borderline-retarded slang (what’s with the MLP ponies o.O).

Either way, he proposes following solutions:

- make the maps twice as big so there is room to operate and maneuver
- implement bombers and assault airplanes (bombers relying on massive defensive firepower or speed)
- implement airfields, where the planes can land and recharge
- reworking ground targets so the battle can be won by their destruction

Or something like that. The most interesting part is that graph I would say…

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  1. I have a better solution: make WoWp more similar to War Thunder. Seriously, there is no contest here.
    But no matter what they do, War Thunder is simply several magnitudes better. Hit points are fine with tanks, but planes? This is just plain stupid.

    • War Thunder has hitpoints too, they are just hidden from sight.
      But each module has a certain hp pool too.

      The only difference with WoWP is that you can kill a plane in WoWP without damaging modules, whereas you kill a plane in WT by damaging a module enough to kill the plane.
      DIfferent approaches, but saying WT has no hitpoint system is very wrong.

      In all honesty though, I feel WT is lacking.
      The servers are wonky (hit detection is appalling) , Gaijin is the most corrupted game studio I have ever seen (see plane of the month: always a premium plane) and there are MASSIVE balancing problems. So much that they have to mix nations in “historical” battles just so one side does get stomped in 5 minutes flat.

      Look, WT is better technically, there is no contest. It’s beautiful, runs like a charm, has amazing potential, but heralding it as the flight sim everyone should measure up to is ridiculous.
      It has massive problems, and quite frankly, it’s as boring as WoWP.

      In my opinion, I have no idea how to make it more popular, but trying to copy WT is the worst possible thing they could do.
      They could start making the flight models act like planes, and not rail shooters though, that would be a great start.

      • i agree about WT is just sooooooooooooo much better than WoWp. and that WoWp copying WT is plain stupidity.
        but i didn’t say both games are boring.
        it’s just that i don’t think that a skinny metal maneuvering and shooting each other with rapid firing machine guns or cannons is cooler than big, heavy chunks of metal moving with a pair or two pairs of tracks shooting each other with a big caliber gun that makes loud explosions and stuffs. and that’s why i think WoT is better and i have huge hope that WT GF would be as cool or better

      • “Gaijin is the most corrupted game studio I have ever seen”

        *Cough* EA, SEGA, Nintendo *cough*

        Although I agree a lot of their community work is downright embarassing for a company this large.
        I often like to compare it to WG ~3 years ago where only Overlord seemed to understand that public relations go beyond posting patch notes.
        And after Overlord left for WoWP the WoT relationship between devs and playerbase was non-existant.

        That’s one of the reasons why I liked SerB’s Q&A even before he stopped replying to everything with “How Terrible” or “Join the army!”, it gave the devs an idea about their community and the community an idea on how the devs work.

        That’s public relations 101, and by now I think the amount of data WG gets from the Q&A and stuff like Storm’s blog posts is incredibly helpful to them and in return to us, since we get to see more on the whys and hows of things like the artillery re-balancing.

        Meanwhile Gaijin:
        *post patchnotes*
        A thread about lacking community involvement? Locked and archived.
        The “Gaijin Dev blogposts” are more propaganda than information one couldn’t already get from users in the forum 6 months ago and any kind of negative discussion is usually shut down as quickly as possible.

        I give them half a year before they realize that, while WT is superior to WoWP and has a completely different approach to tanks than WoT, it won’t help them if most of the community left due to bad management.

        • Ah well WG is not saint either, they are as bad in the PR department, but at least they don’t released blatantly overpowered vehicles as premiums, then nerf them to the ground while releasing another blatantly overpowered vehicle.

          Once is a mistake, twice is embarrassing, four times is downright criminal.
          Even EA and Activision can’t match up to that. Greediness through every means possible is one thing, but intentionally breaking your own game in order to boost up sales? Despicable.

          • Microsoft then,
            they released Halo 2, 1 year after the Xbox release with worse graphics than Halo 1 in order to boost the sales of Halo 2 on Xbox and Xbox sales in general.

            It’s true though, the PR of both companies sucks, and in my opinion it’s a problem due to their nationality.
            OMG RACIST!
            Nope, what I mean is that for the longest time both companies only really had to deal with ex-soviet countries’ mindset, and while people all over the world are equally dumb the way certain people react to something differs depending on where they live, because the environment is different and therefor also the upbringing.

            Catering to one demographic is very easy, but when things get more diverse and all kind of stuff comes into the calculation then the job gets quite hard.
            One good example is that German offices/politics suffer from Historyphobia, in that everything that could connect Germany to the Third Reich must not exist.

            Neither of these companies had any big project before their mmos and neither of these companies had a lot of experience with the western market (Surprisingly Gaijin has more than WG).

            WG made mistakes like that, too, in the past, plenty.
            However they’ve learned by now.
            WG is actively responding to customers ever since the Q&A started, even if it is just “How terrible” it’s still a response.
            And for the most part nerfs/buffs/etc are explained nicely.

            Gaijin on the other hand… *sigh*
            It’s one of those times where you know they will change, like WG did, but it takes time… it’s a process that can’t be tempered with, a learning experience for them.
            Sadly their playerbase suffers for it.

          • A few months ago Nintendo massively copyright striked every Nintendo game footage on Youtube.
            Reason: They assumed that people watching people play on youtube = worse sales

            Although SEGA beat them in that regard by even copyright striking video blogs without any game footage.

          • Quote from the link:
            “CBT is at full blast and many of CBT members think that the game can be released for open test, we still want to fix, check and finish a lot.”

            Quoting myself:
            “The “Gaijin Dev blogposts” are more propaganda than information one couldn’t already get from users in the forum 6 months ago…”

            And regarding the Progression system that’s what people had posted and discussed ever since the dev server went online, with the difference that it’s analyzed from head to toe with what’s bad/good about it.
            The entire “Progression system 1.39″ reads like patch notes and explains nothing that one couldn’t realize him/herself with a bit of thinking.

            Meanwhile WG with it’s Q&As, Storm’s posts and Videos provides at least some kind of in-look of what their thought process during development is.

            WG could still do more, but I feel that this much helps a lot of people to properly understand decisions and reduces (to some degree) the whining.
            Meanwhile Gaijin’s blogposts could as well just be a regular news post by some hired guy instead of being written by the a dev… if it’s even written by one.

    • Hitpoints with planes make more sense than tanks with hitpoints. You can’t one shot a plane with .50cals, but you certainly can with an 88.

      • pussukka, tbh I would say it makes even less sense as far as giving an aircraft a “universal hp pool” in the same manner that WoT or WoWP is doing, rather than giving each module it’s own individual hp pool that is more of a flight performance indicator, where at full hp it allows optimal lift, thrust, minimal drag, etc, and at 0 cannot function whatsoever.

        for that, I would say war thunder did it’s job well, and perhaps WoWP could start to take queues, but by no means does it have to, since an arcadey shooter like WoWP in theory could work, if…

        the work with the optimization and controls, and yes, the fighter variety is another issue, so are maps, but fml the game runs poorly and the controls are as unintuitive as war thunder’s original stock controls (who the hell uses “w” for thrust in a flight sim nowadays).

        simply put, it isnt a bad concept, because we know ww2 flight sims work, even arcade flight sims, but WoWP needs an overhaul.

    • make WoWp more similar to War Thunder ?????????
      NO WAY !
      for me WT is a very bad game with very bad flight system !
      wowp i very good game ! with best realistic flight !
      i dissagree with you !
      please WG stay with this WoWP ! and only upgrade it !

      • Totally agree Roo23th. WoWP is the better game in terms of how the planes handle and their characteristics. WT is an arcade game for kids with multiple respawn, its easy and death doesn’t mean the end of your game.

        The article is flawed as well because the higher up in tiers you go the bigger the maps get, some of the tier 5+ maps are huge to take into account hte fact jet planes move much faster. This person clearly hasn’t progressed far enough in the game to know this.

        His comment about bombers is valid though, they would be a great addition to the game but lets not forget that WoWP hasn’t even been released long, and I am sure they will come in time.

        Also battles can be won by destroying ground targets, again something he would know if he had spent more than 5min playing the game.

        • Roo23th and mr lova lova,

          even comparing arcade to WoWP, the flight models in WT are far better modeled and the controls are inherently more intuitive for mouse aim, as for joystick, well if you fly joystick, play realistic battles, like me.

          but WoWP has a joke of a flight model on their aircraft, everything seems to defy physics and firing at control surfaces does little to hinder an aircraft’s performance.

          I dont ask for absolute realism from WoWP, since it is an arcade shooter, but it is not a game about air combat at all, it is more like a game about machines moving through a viscous fluid firing at each other suffering no damage until they arbitrarily explode (or get set on fire or lose their “engine”)

      • >WT is a very bad game with very bad flight system !
        >wowp i very good game ! with best realistic flight !

        stop playing arcade on WT, there is a reason why there are 2 more game options in WT.

  2. “Either way, he proposes following solutions:
    - make the maps twice as big so there is room to operate and maneuver
    - implement bombers and assault airplanes (bombers relying on massive defensive firepower or speed)
    - implement airfields, where the planes can land and recharge
    - reworking ground targets so the battle can be won by their destruction”

    In short:
    War Thunder.

      • look at the comments above, there are some points why copying WT could be bad ;)

    • they can’t copy WarThunder, they lack the engine
      double the size of maps, impossible! the engine barely works with current conditions

    • Yes, copy the Warthunder before they ruined it in 1.39 patch.

      WT before had bit like rock-paper-scissors-gameplay, where rock were NPC tanks and vehicles, paper bombers and scissors the fighters. Unfortunately they nerfed the bombs to the point bombers can no longer hit any tanks, so instead of dozens of targets they added 2-3 “bases” which heavy bombers can hit to win a game. Also they made heavy bombers to spawn about 5000 meters where fighters must climb several minutes to catch them. And guess what, no one bothers to do that, so fighters play kind of deathmatch while bombers kill to bases. And deathmatch with fighters is boring gameplay (also its only mode in WOWP), so many people have just left the game.

      • “Also they made heavy bombers to spawn about 5000 meters where fighters must climb several minutes to catch them.”
        Oh, you’re one of those spechul snowflakes who neither protects friendly nor attacks enemy bombers early on in the game, just because you feel much more comfotable mowing the lawn, than raising to the skies. Climbing to 5.000m is trivial in a fighter, especially when you just spawned. Also, each and every bomber climbs slower than a fighter plane, so fighters always win climb-duels easily and flying bombers is nothing but a climb-duel.

        “Unfortunately they nerfed the bombs to the point bombers can no longer hit any tanks, so instead of dozens of targets they added 2-3 “bases” which heavy bombers can hit to win a game.”
        A direct hit almost always kills a ground target. The problem with bombing ground targets with high-altitude bombing is, that splashing does jack shit to tanks and co. Also, the bases are a brilliant addition, as they lenghten a ground strike mission and also both increase the life-time of bombers (there’s not just one target they can circle above early on) as well as make them obvious targets (you almost always know where they are, even if you don’t see them personally). Plus, it adds gameplay value to bombers, as you don’t just have one target to go for.

    • This^^ and one other thing.

      I stated multiple times, over and over in beta on the boards to get rid of the stupid collisions, or I would NEVER play once it went live.
      They left in Plane Collision, I uninstalled.

      MANY times an enemy plane flew 100m past me, and we both exploded. And by many, I mean probably HALF the frikkin games! We never touched, yet we both exploded into fiery balls of doom.

      I don’t give a shit about realism, plane collision ruins the game. Make the planes bump off each other for no damage if you want, or reduce the damage to like 1%, but when you have different players, with different ping times and server lag, making the game have instant death collisions was FUCKING RETARDED.

      I still contend, IF they remove collision damage, I will try it again. Until then, absolutely no frikkin way!

      • This has never ever happened to me and I play at 250ms ping and have been playing since alpha.

        Unless you can show me replays of this happening (Yes, the game now supports replays) I am going to call bullshit and say that you are experiencing major packet loss and just have no clue what that even is.

  3. This game is hopeless lost. After the Global Alpha most people said, this game is boring and not fun. The Devs said, that the Alpha-Stage is not the Final Product. Now, 1 Year Later it is released and the final product is 10% better than the Alpha…
    The battles are short, but not funny. Garage-Battle-Mode would be nice. Gaijin did it right.
    WoWP is dead-birth!
    I hope they will do their homework for WoBS. This game MUST Flash me!

    • Its been World of Warships for a while now, its not just about Battleships.

      And its safe to say that they have learned their lesson.

      • There will be no HP on battleships or not the same as tanks, WoWS Developers said. Only the durability of armor, armament and buoyancy of the ship. It looks like the same as how War Thunder implement the realistic. It only comes to who gonna be the first one can release a ship battle.


          • True , very true.

            I hate it when the WT:GF community start blabbing on about how much skill or whatever you need to play GF.
            I haven’t experienced that at all. In WoT you have to consider more things, aim for more specific weak points , consider every corner and bump in the map and know your tank’s role even then that’s no guarantee.

            In WT planes Arcade mode is pretty much just fly around and shoot things, Realistic and Sim modes are just know you plane and fly fast and high.
            I find WT:GF a lot easier to do well in, than WoT, especially since you get rewarded for individual performance and most of the time i don’t care at all if the team wins or loses.
            Just don’t get shot and apply a little bit of the good old WoT-sidescrape and angling and you can pretty much stomp all over the “RealisticSkillz” guys

            And since tanks and planes are that way, i expect ships to be the same.

        • There will be a hp system, but you will have to hit multiple parts of the ship- hit the same part after its’ allocated ‘pool’ is gone and no further damage will occur.

  4. WoWp serves just 1 purpose IMHO, as an alternative way to activate codes on WoT when the WoT web site is being hammered. Have all my WoT account with WoWp accounts, but never play on it as its a complete fail for me.
    I agree with the community that its flat-out boring, and as an Radio Control (RC) pilot its performs nothing like the real thing, even taking into account the “Arcade” nature of the thing.

    Kill it and be done with it

      • yeah I guess that the wowp is much more realistic with their jet FM that accelerate beyond 800 kmph while climbing at a 20 degree angle! it’s just that good, ain’t it?

        • marty, too bad real korean war jets dont accel like that, or is that what you are implying lol

    • I would hardly call WT attempt at tanks a fail. It is just a different, much more realistic approach.
      But if you wanted to simplify it this way, then it is obvious. As far as I know, Gaijin (or some of their men) were the ones who made several older flight sims like IL-2 Sturmovik or something along the lines. No wonder they have their planes well done, they know how to do it. Tanks on the other hand are completely new for them.

      • They employed most of the guys who worked on the T-34 vs Tiger.
        Atm their main problem is to rework the engine designed for air combat to ground warfare (they are making it step by step).

      • Yeah you are right WT is based on last IL2 game. its basically 10 years developed game converted to online multiplayer… WOT has like 1 year of development from scratch ….

        • WoT did tanks well, since it didnt try and make it realistic, it is basically a massive brawl battle royale style with iron behemoths modeled like historical (and not so historical) tanks, but thats why it is so fun.

          war thunder is trying to make a MMO tank sim, which I guess appeals to some people, when I play WT ill be an air elitist, because I would rather just bomb those tanks (except the splash radius of bombs is laughably weak against tanks now), or just go after fighters, since I am a fighter buff.

          • WoT had a nice balance between arcade and sim. In terms of how armor works it’s pretty deep and the one life to live setup makes it interesting. Also I think they nailed tank movement they feel like tanks. I don’t like how flying feels in WoWP.

  5. Seems that the guy making the suggestions did not play WoWP, I agree that there is a lot things to fix, but these are not for the best.

  6. Also WOWP is fucking terrible if you are a joystick user. As an IL2 fan I use stick and I CANNOT FLY FROM EXTERNAL VIEW!

    Internal view is like a zoomed sniper view and is weird…

    • I think that is the real problem with WoWp– you don’t feel like you’re driving a plane. You’re just chasing targets around with your mouse. It’s kinda like a more visually interesting version of a 1970′s Pong game.

    • For an IL2 veteran WoWp is like a Playstation 1 Ace combat arcade game…

      After I crashed into an enemy airplane at 500 kmh and survived I asap uninstalled.

      No thx WG… WoWp should still be in beta… AT BEST.

      • Reminds me how Jingles got rammed… 3(?) times iirc in his beaufighter.

        Much realism, very wt, such dmg models, balance wow.

    • Hey there, another VERY old IL-2 veteran here! (Il-2+PF+AEP old time)!
      and yes, arcade has no fitting into a plane game, even if you do arcade the flight and physic models ned to be 100% accurate, the planes in wowp dont fel like they’re moving though air or moving like they should.

      do you guys remember putting IL-2 in “100%” arcade mode?(or just leaving the realistic engine and flight parameters only), now THAT is what wowp should have been.

      Ionigus: you mention the 500kph ramming, i ask you this: How many times did you ram anything in IL-2?, i’ve flown thousand of missions and i honestly can’t ever remember ramming ANYTHING(i can only remember smashing into bombers when i was out of ammo or accidentally when strafing them, but that’s it), less so a fighter 1v1 frontally, that’s incredibly retarded.

      and yes, wowp is unusable with a HOTAS, it’s designed with mouse and KB, i tried to use my Saitek and it was uncontrollable

      • well, when talking about IL2 Sturmovik, that’s actually the best warplane combat simulator there, even with somehow outdated graphics and so on… even WT and their wanabe “hyperrealistic plane MMO” shit has to go a long time to get to the level of realism and fun offered by IL2

        • and IL-2, even when new(what was that, 10 years ago already?) could support 32 players in the same server!, with crappy single-core computers, geforces MX and low speed broadband!.

          i remember playing in one of the largest dogfight servers and there where 32 and 64 players!

  7. 1 thing should be noticed from all this failure — it makes WOT gain even more!
    Because the big disappointment of WoWp makes an user get back to WoT even stronger and for longer time :)

    The same story as the Cola Zero failure that made Classic Cola even more adored by fans.

    As of me – screw WoWp, WoT here I am!

  8. WG made WoWP an analogue of WoT and It cannot work that way for aircraft. FFS Tank warfare was nothing like WoT anyway.

  9. WoWP relies mauch more on skill than WoT, so wallet can’t play.
    Ans such skill-dependent game without skill based matchmaker is crap – in half of the battles one or the other side is butchered in few minutes.
    Other thing is total lack of endgame and harder than in WoT economy which slows down grind to higher tiers just for grind.

    Retarded decisions like frag for ram, unknown experience algorithm, ground targets lead to retarded gameplay.
    No team modes.

    And finally – there is War thunder.

    So why bother?

    Maybe, but only maybe, WG decided that planes may fight with tanks in CW on same map after all – there are at least 5 WoT maps placed on WoWP ones. It’s kind of complicated thing only for easter eggs.

  10. WowP doesnt work simply because its the worst of both worlds, its too much like a simulator for the arcade action fans and its too much like an arcade game for the simulator fans. It should have tried to stick to one crowd.

        • “complex controls” my balls, mouse and keyboard…
          limited ammo: WHERE, you have INFINITE AMMO… (except bobms, because that’s stretching it a bit too much)
          simply not going where you want?, and you call that “like a sim”, that’s basic..
          stalls?, WOWS has no stall, you have NO IDEA what’s a real stall…., a stall in wows is simply “oh my speed got to 0 for climbing too much”
          the flightmodel is anything BUT realistic

          i’ll tell what’s “like a simulator”:
          1) REAL AMMO LOAD, no fancy retarded ammo counter either, you get maybe a level gauge in the cockpit, that’s it, maybe a 1K rounds, squeeze trigger for more than 10s and you’re out(if you’re lucky 10s)
          2) REAL FLIGHT MODEL: redouts, brownouts, stalls, spins, aerodynamic limits(pull too hard and the plane starts to shudder due to sudden loss of lift), go too fast in a early P38 and you will end up in an unrecoverable flat spin, having to “step on the ball” to recover from a spin, WOWS HAS NO SPINS AT ALL.
          3) REAL DAMAGE MODEL: nothing of that BS HP shit, bullet damage modelling, aerodynamic changes with every hole, IL-2 did ALL THAT 10 years ago!
          4) REAL ENGINE MODELING: you call “infinite fuel” in wows “like a simulator” as well?, nope, LIMITED FUEL, and you need to do engine and prop management

          • >“complex controls” my balls, mouse and keyboard…

            Alas, direct neural interfacing is no more reality today than commuting to work with jetpacks or laz0r pishtuls.
            What the *fuck* are you expecting in terms of user-end interface hardware?

            >LIMITED FUEL

            Do I even need to explain why this would be even more retarded than with teh tanks? Rocket interceptors (operational models: 1) aside warbirds had operational range in the high hundreds of kilometers and fuel endurance measured in multiple hours.

          • “Want realism? Join the Air Force!”

            But seriously, where are these realistic elements in WoT? What? Oh, they aren’t there? So then why is it a very successful game?

            WoWP does not need to be a sim to be popular. It desperately needs (imho):
            - at least 6 new maps (3 for lowbies, 3 for highbies): it’s very boring to play on the same maps, I agree
            - every nation needs all lines ASAP (fighter line(s), heavy line and GA line), because right now, it’s quite limited. You can only fly Soviet planes if you want to kill ground targets, you can only fly Germans for (good) heavy fighters, etc.
            - more game modes (this should be the top priority): much like tanks, some Encounter or Assault mode or something… where one team has to bomb the crap out of the enemy base, while the other team has to not let that happen… or flying over a specific region of air would start a “base capture” counter (much like in other arcade MMO games like Star Conflict, like a “beacon capture” mode)
            - first person view!!! It doesn’t work with tanks, that’s okay, but in most planes you are alone by yourself, so why can’t I feel like I’m actually in the plane?

            Who cares if it’s not realistic in terms of ammunition loads, engine boost and such, if it’s more than just “let’s kill the other team as fast as we can”, it will become much better! And I say this as someone who still enjoys flying in WoWP, even though I just realized (after playing the American Navy line and the Brit heavy line) that the soviet Yak line is for me, because I can’t fly high to save my life. I’m still having fun.

  11. WG should just merge the WoWp team with the WoWs team and focus on two massive games instead of trying to make a game that fails. Gaijin just have too much experience in the area to be competed against. WG is better off focusing on two games, even though that meant allot of money went to waste but WG should have known better.

  12. Well, I guess that there’s just not that many plane geeks. And most of the people jumped on the “wt is better” bandwagon.


    -Making maps bigger? Sure, why not. But not too big.
    -Better optimalisation is a must. And better graphics, so at least some eye-candy loving monkeys have something to drool about.
    -implement cw. If there’s gold involved there’s bound to be a crowd of CANIHAZFREEGOLDPLOX tards. Doesn’t matter if they spend it on wot.

    Anyway – it doesn’t matter that much what wg does to improve wowp, since it has a very bad press I’m afraid. Many donkeys will rather jump on the hypewagon than actually try both games themselves and see if the whole criticism wowp gets is deserved or not. And there’s a damn lot of wt crusaders spewing their bullshit whenever wowp is brought up or someone dares to criticize their beloved game or their gods from gaijin.

    See, I loved Airfix dogfighter (even though I’m a complete noob) and I liked wowp. Too bad I don’t have a pc, so I’m not able to play it. As for wt – ain’t touchin’ it, too afraid of brain hemorrhages due to mass retardation and blind fanboyism of it’s playerbase.


    • “As for wt – ain’t touchin’ it, too afraid of brain hemorrhages due to mass retardation and blind fanboyism of it’s playerbase.”
      “Many donkeys will rather jump on the hypewagon than actually try both games themselves”

      No orzel, you are the fanboys.
      And then orzel was the fanboys.

      Seriously if you can’t bring yourself to play a game objectively (or at all apparently) then you don’t really need to state your opinion, we know it’s not of any worth.

      I installed both WT and WoWP beta at the same time. I enjoyed both, found WT had better controls, but otherwise neither appealed to me just because I find I prefer my flight sims to be more fun if I can create my own scenarios rather than play the same 5-10 maps over and over doing the same thing in planes I’m not interested in.

      WoT I can stomach because I’m more interested in tanks than planes.

      Maybe you shouldn’t be afraid of WT and try it. It’s ok to like it or not like it, just don’t base your opinions on other people’s impressions, it won’t help you later in life.

      • I knew someone would point that out.

        There are some big differences between me and wt fangirls.

        I’m not bashing any of those games. I’m sceptical about wt (imo the whole concept of naval, tank and aerial combat mixed together is impossible to balance for example), it’s not the game that’s the turn off – it’s the damn playerbase. At least the vocal part.

        Why won’t they SHUT THE FUCK UP? There’s no need for some fucking crusade, I can make decisions on my own all right, there’s no need for those bloody idiots to write “WT PWNZ ALL!!! WOWP SUCKS CUNTS!!!” all over the internet ffs.

        And so, there’s no way I’ll follow the lemmings to where – supposedly – the grass is greener. I’d rather jump from my window then onto the wt bandwagon.

        Another point – while I can only criticise what I saw from – for example – Jingles wt videos (ever saw me talking about how fucked up the flight model in wt is? No? Guess why…), because I don’t play it of course, the vocal wt-tards tend to repeat the supposed flaws even without seeing wowp once. And then there’s the most used argument against wowp:


        Yeah, it’s not realistic – because it’s arcade. And it doesn’t matter that there are hp bars. Seriously, has anyone ever said that hp/shield bars in x3 terran conflict suck? HOW THE FUCK IS IT DIFFERENT FROM WT DAMAGE MODEL which apparently uses multiple “hp bars” – for each module/frame section (compare to mechwarrior 4 dmg model – pretty much the same thing, but with mechs – MUCH REALISM!!!!!111111).

        So, my opinion > gibberish of pr0 experts that know shit about: game mechanics, formulating a proper opinion, objectivism and thinking for themselves.

        tl;dr I’m not touching wt not because it’s crap (I don’t think it is), or someone said it’s crap. And I’m not stating which game is better. Therefore my opinions are valid and not hypocritical.

  13. I think Jingles made a very valid point in one of his past videos:

    WG have a great history with the Tank Genre and WT:GF is going to be playing catchup and trying to push the gameplay to the betterment of WoT. (whats coming in 9.0-9.1-9.2) is most likely due to WT:GF)

    Gaijin are very accomplished in the flight simulator genre having created IL2 Sturmovik. This means WG had to play the catchup game with WoWP and they have tried to make WT out of WoT and failed. WG have not really pushed any boundaries with the WoWP game and so WT has not had to really react.

    WoWS will be an open playing field as neither have made a warship game before and ATM Gaijin have not made mention of doing so.

    • Jingles can’t approach WoWP with anything approaching objectivity so his opinion is worth bugger all.

    • Well I don’t even think jingles can approach WOT in objectivity that would be helpful to improvement of the game.

      • Yep. Along with QuickyBaby he is one of the most over-rated streamers and video makers out there.

    • Wat, Gaijin didn’t create IL-2 Stumovik, at least the one most people refer to when talking about IL-2. 1C Maddox are the developers behind IL-2. The only IL-2 Gaijin was involved in was IL-2 Birds of Prey which was an X-box flight simulator.

  14. First, the graph seems a bit too short to make any observations. WHY is it so short? Are there no more data? Is it to hide something, like recurring trends of going up and down?

    As for solutions:
    - make the maps twice as big so there is room to operate and maneuver
    Well, why not. I wouldn’t say twice, though, 1,5 sounds enough,

    - implement bombers and assault airplanes (bombers relying on massive defensive firepower or speed)
    I wouldn’t say implement, but some more differentiation and increased importance of bombers would be nice.

    - implement airfields, where the planes can land and recharge
    No. That delays gameplay and wouldn’t work in this model.

    - reworking ground targets so the battle can be won by their destruction
    But that’s already there – I have won a few games b being the last guy alive (usually the bomber) and avoiding the enemy’s three or five fighters.

    • Making a map literally twice big means increasing its side by 1,41.
      Increasing its side by 2 makes it 4 times bigger.
      Which burdens server more.

      There are assault aeroplanes called Ground Attack Aeroplanes, they are already important, and they are already fucking up the game, one way or another.
      They may be useful in team battle modes, but in random they suck multiple ways.

      For a lot of players it is too damn hard to attack, destroy and not die during attacking a ground target.
      Landing on an airfield may be waaay beyond their abilities.

      Battle may be won by destroying ground targets, and it sucks as a lot of battles won/lost by cap in WoT.

      • Yeah, I was working with side, not with area. In both numbers.

        I am playing GAA, but they don’t have much us right now, yeah. Some more importance upon destroying various targets would be nice (more silver for depot, lowering spotting range for destroyed radar, etc)



    • Funny, some people say that about WT~ wwwwww (I’ve seen both sides saying it, really)

      Btw, I play with joystick, and I have almost no issues with WoWp (aiming is harder, but maneuverability better)

  15. He would like to make it like WT. I doubt it would work.

    The “world of fighters” is not the problem. The problem is that unlike in WoT the only viable tactic in WoWp is “one blob”. Half of your team can’t hold the whole enemy team like in WoT. Half of your team can’t even make a serious dmg to the whole enemy team. Thats why the games became monotonous. If you see someone outnumbered there is no reason to help him. Just stick with the group and pray.

    The WoT is interesting because there is more options what to do on the map. Not because they are bigger.

  16. IMO, to improve WoWp you’d need to:

    - educate the playerbase (since even the crappiest game is fun to play when you’re playing it with the right people; it’s one of WoT’s worst flaws too, btw), so we do not have to suffer the sight of heavy fighters crashing into the ground while shooting ground targets.

    - the game feels kinda slow. If you’d make the planes faster, so that 300km/h actually feel like 300km/h, it would be so much more fun. tanks are fun because they’re heavy and tough and you crush through buildings and mow doen obstacles. Planes are fun, because they’re fast and (most of them) agile. Let us feel this a bit more.

    - how about some random missions for both teams in random battles, like setting a priority target (ground or air target; the whole HQ-AAgun-thing does get boring after a few games (without any real bombers anyway)).

  17. ALSO!

    WG, improve the damned UI and menu.
    War Thunder’s menu is shit. I really like the game, but whoever designed that PoS should go and find the person that made Mass Effect’s menu, take a pistol and then shoot him/her and then himself. It is that bad.
    WoWP has it better, but… compared to WoT’s menu it is still not good enough. Just COPY WoT’s menu completely.

    And then listen to the others :P

  18. This is bias statistical information. Where’s the data from the EU and NA servers? And besides the Russia fan culture is more on tanks than on aircraft. For example when you ask someone from Russia what is the one piece of equipment that won WWII? They will respond T-34 or some other type of tank. If you ask an American the same question, they would respond P-51, P-47, P-38, etc. We are talking two different culture values on strategic equipment. And to give perspective on time, WoWP is not even a year old since its release. WG hasn’t even build up a customer base yet for the product. You think WoT was perfect when it was released?

    Here is a video by BItter Clinger’ from the NA server showing the difference between War Thunder vs World of Warplanes


    • at one year old wot has such a ENORMOUS playerbase that not even doubling the numbers of wows alpha+beta+release even comes close.

      i mean, RU server 10K players?, they need to pull the plug fast…
      RU clusters reached 1 mio players in WOT, RU ALONE

      in fact, NA EAST WOT server which is 2nd in emptiness compared to SEA is LARGER than RU WOWP, that’s pathetic and a clear fail indicator, there’s just no rhetoric, nothing you can say about it or spin it that doesn’t end in #FAIL

  19. Sometimes you need to stick to what you do best, perhaps WG should of focused their resources on the tank game.

  20. “rockets reduce the characteristics of planes too much”

    Yeah right…. At least in the “open beta” it was different, with most fighters taking a load of rockets, destroying the first few ground targets and then started a dogfight, ignoring the attack plane that was then moving deep into enemy territorry without any escorts. But well, he’s right, the whole impact of assault aircraft were/are negligible. A real Bomber/Attack class that could have actually done something might have made me play the game a little more seriously… But it seems it was just too important for WG to have four (five) techtrees full of every fighter they could think of, then to work on more diverse gameplay.

  21. WoWP is still in it’s infancy and will hopefully improve, but the one thing I’d like to see is to have the ground units separated (so a 500lb bomb won’t destroy 4 tanks when you drop them) and to have it were certain guns can’t harm certain ground targets and beef up the HQ’s. Airfields aren’t necessary but I think the game needs a reload time rather than Cooldown would be more appropriate for WoWP.

    Maps I agree, they are too small currently. Short battle’s can be corrected by choosing 3 aircraft and you spawn in battle with your first Aircraft and go onto the next when destroyed. Autoaim can be a problem so they need to remove that. HP needs to be increased but also add HP onto the modules, some modules when destroyed won’t being a plane down, such as the guns (each one would be it’s own module). Bombers are arguable, but I’d say they won’t fit into WoWP unless you’re tasked with escorting them.

    Fighters need bombs, although they are primarily for interception they still need their historical loadout. Basically we can come up with a whole list, some we’ll agree but some we won’t.

  22. WT, WoWP, neither will ever be as good as IL2-Sturmovik. Realism is very important in a flight game, as the skill of a military pilot is measured in how well he can take the aircraft to the edge of the performance envelope (without stalling or spinning out of it). Any flight game that doesnt have realistic stalling or spinning mechanics just completely misses the point. All the shooting, bombing stuff is a distant second to that fundamental requirement.

  23. I knew this game would fail. Even by looking at the online numbers of people on their forum. A few dozens. While on WT forum there were thousands online.

    WoWS will have the same fate. Mark my words.

    • “WoWS will have the same fate. Mark my words.”

      LOL. How do you know that WoWS is going to be a shipwreck? Are you a fortune teller or something? The game isn’t even out yet, man.

  24. It’s pretty obvious why WoWp is a commercial failure – because Gaijin did it better… they integrated tanks, planes and shipping all on the same battlefield which makes for some pretty exciting battles. Oh… and they have tactical bombers too… and cockpit view.

    File this entire situation under “Duh” because WG is too muppet-minded to put tanks on the WoWp sized maps constantly hiding behind the bullshit excuse that it’ll blow the server loads out of whack (well make a LOT more content client-sided, morons!).

    • Yeah, right – can you fly ju-87g in gf? No? Then save your opinion on how integrating tanks and planes works out for later.

      There is a reason why air superiority is a big deal fromm ww2 onwards.

      • You poor, diluted fool…. have you no idea how hard it is to hit a tank in a plane closing the gap at 20+ times the speed of the target? Do you know how little time you have to dive, aim, and fire WHILE being chased by a purpose built fighter plane against a slow, ungainly “ground attack” plane? Do you know what pigeon-toeing is? Do you know what convergent fire at a set distance is?

        No? I didn’t think so…. all you think of is that 1-in-a-million massive alpha hit.

        Bet you’re one of those camping arty hater types too that loves to share your opinion when you get 1-shotted by one.

        • “Bet you’re one of those camping arty hater types too that loves to share your opinion when you get 1-shotted by one.”


          light tanks – 2,148 (20%); medium – 2,159 (20%); heavy – 2,801 (26%); tds – 1,937 (18%); arty – 1,607 (15%); total – 10,652 battles.
          15% is a bit much for an arty hater, don’t you think?

          I really don’t think it’s possible to balance tanks, planes and warships. Especially due to wt spotting system. My guess (<- that's a keyword here) is: mixed battles won't be popular due to planes owning everything else. But hey, I'm not a wt fangirl, I can be wrong. :P

  25. The suggestions are unhelpful. Pepsi doesn’t beat Coke by being more like Coke. It holds its own in the market by having its own formula and its own distinct taste.

    - make the maps twice as big so there is room to operate and maneuver

    No. One of the disappointing things about WT is that it takes too long to get back into battle after being shot down. And that when you come back into the battle, you do so at a disadvantage in numbers and momentum. Both of these negatives are a result of the size of maps that WT uses.

    - implement bombers and assault airplanes (bombers relying on massive defensive firepower or speed)

    Assault planes are in the game, and have tremendous impact on the matches. Bomber could not accomplish any more than assault planes could.

    - implement airfields, where the planes can land and recharge

    So they can exit the action for long minutes again, only to return to a battle that has progressed against them in the meantime? Players do not want more downtime, they want less.

    - reworking ground targets so the battle can be won by their destruction

    This already happens on a regular basis. I was in a match last night where the opposing team lost while still having a third of their planes in the air and outnumbering us more than 2 to 1. Why? Because the assault planes had absolutely cleaned up on ground targets.

    In short, if you want to change WoWp to make it more successful, fine. Those of us playing the game would certainly love to see the player base increase. But none of these suggestions is going to help with that.

    • I feel like everyone here who somehow hates Warhunder has never tried realistic/simulator mode, as they always act as if they tried arcade and only arcade.

      Arcade is bad, and a gamemode for complete casuals and those afraid of actually attempting to play something reflecting accurate aircraft performance.

      Small maps and constant action are the atithesis of actual air combat.

      • Also the antithesis of a profitable business model. I’m glad WT created the mode for the hard core enthusiasts, I used to be one myself. But its not where they make their money, and its not a viable place for WG to make money either. Small maps and constant action are the order of the day.

        • Actually, Warthunder’s RB community is the highest spenders by far, with one notable player spending over $1700 AUS on the game (the poor fool).

          They make their money from the entire community, and if you’re seriously arguing that games need to only target the largest (pleb) demographic, I shudder to imagine what you consider fun. Niche games can now sell millions, easily.

          • That $1700 is less than what the the NA WoT player base spends in a single day. If you want to cater to less than .05% of your possible income, by all means, form your own company and go for it.

            Niche games do sell millions, but that does not mean millions in profit, and there is a reason most of those studios are one and done or never leave mom’s basement.

  26. LOL, this is too funny. Its really obvious War Thunder is far superior than WOWP. Go uninstall that shit silentstaker. In the future World of Tanks is going to copy War Thunder Ground Forces. I bet my money on it.

  27. Cut the funding, limit losses, and put it in WoWS and WoT.

    WoT was successful because it had no competitors. WT Ground Forces and Armored Warfare are not yet out and must catch up to WoT.

    WoWP would have been successful if WT have not yet existed. WG created an inferior product that fails to compete. It brings nothing new or innovative that can draw people to it. It’s too late now. The game was fundamentally inferior and would just be a drain of resources. The Ukraine crisis didn’t help.

    They should get WoWS out before a competitor beats them to it.

  28. The best game would be, WoWP garage side (plane management, research, tech trees) WT battle side, scale, planes more like planes etc. Which is entirely possible, hell, if WG has the cash to play around in Bovington, Kublinka, on lost Spitfires, etc. they can work on salvaging WoWP. I’d rather play WoWP. I’m just getting into the grind aspect of WT and it’s not appealing. But for a quick fix of planes, WT can’t be beat. The garage system is nice (I can see some issues once your tier spread is greater though) I can screw the pooch in a battle, or get wtfpwnd and get right in and make up for it or get revenge.

  29. Since when are borderliners retarded? Cancer jokes end up in the Hall of Shame, this is the same…

  30. I really didn’t like how flying feels in it. It just felt really uninteresting.

  31. Moving ground targets !!! I want that!!!
    Seriously a Bot can be programed to attack stationary targets. lol.
    Take off and landings would be cool, but dont think it would make it Fun/addictive.

  32. The main problem with aircraft games (good ones and bad ones, and i won’t comment on WT because i don’t play it) is that they get boring really quick. at least in my opinion.

    3 games of world of tanks with (for example) Tiger 1.
    1x Himmelsdorf
    1x Malinovka
    1x Mines
    Each game will be different. Peek-a-Boo, Sniping, lots of Lines of Sight to consider, every map is different. even with the same tank.

    Now think about 3 games of WoT with 1x Hummel, 1x Pz38NA and 1x Maus on the same Maps as above. They would play again entirely different from those tiger games.

    3 games of WoWP: (i don’t know the map names besides el halouf)
    1x snow map
    1x mountain map
    1x el halouf

    it doesn’t matter what plane, every game will be roughly the same: climb, look for single enemy, dive down, use boost to climb again.
    the only difference from that simple formula are tier 1-2 biplanes and ground attackers. the diversity is missing and that is why victor kisly mentions that many players return to wot after playing a few rounds of warplanes. it has more variety to offer.

  33. As someone who has played World of Warplanes since it was in Alpha, I can reliably tell you that it was always going to be a blunder.
    If you have ever played even the most arcradey off flight sims, like Ace Combat, you could tell that WoWP’s “flight models” don’t exist. There’s no sense of scale, speed, or damage being done to your aircraft or enemy planes, and the controls are incredibly easy and don’t even begin to reflect how a plane handles.

    The art direction, the graphics, the map design, the frame rate issues, the incredibly easy gameplay and the obvious and well established competitors all combine to make WoWP about as reflective of air combat as playing with toy planes in your hands and spinning around making machine gun noises.

    WoT at least attempts to make tanks feel like tanks (not that well, but they try), and it has some sort of gameplay beyond destroying everyone with a well armed turnfighter in the slowest flight and most forgiving flight game I’ve ever played or bombing ground targets until your bombs recharge.

    Arcade mode in WT suffers from the gameplay and flight models being toned down, but it’s in realistic and simulator that Warthunder really shines, and it feels… Fast. Planes resist control movements at higher speeds, cockpits actually work for most planes, bullets sound reasonably right and look good, cannons actually chop planes to bits, and maintaining a dogfight atually takes skill, be it in scissors, turn fighting, energy fighting, or the dozens of other manuevers that are actually viable with the flight model and controls.
    It feels like I’m almost playing a real flightsim, beyond the rather broken flight models on some planes and unfortunate mission design; IL-2 is of course the game I’m comparing to WT.

    Wargaming should have given up long ago.

  34. WoWp has about the same amount of players as WT: http://i.imgur.com/agAnlvt.png.

    The thing is PERSPECTIVE. Users are decreasing, but the start of summer or end of spring is FINAL EXAM SEASON.

    People get off of their computers to study. People get ready to leave for vacation. Game population fluctuates with the time of the year anyways. Summer is the season of console/handled games. Hell, people are getting super-hyped for Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS.

  35. So essentialy this post is about making a WT clone? TBH WT is the perfect blend of realism and arcade, it can hold a huge playerbase just like WoT with tanks, but WT just does everything and I mean everything…alot better than WowP at aircraft gameplay. Now I like everything, I enjoy IL-2 and I just got the most recent one for that sim satisfaction, also a huge fan of DCS A-10.

  36. Personally, I’ve watched the population plummet from pre patch at around 1900-2000ish players at peak times on the NA server, and post patch(optimum altitude) at around 1000ish that alone speaks volumes. since the 1.2 patch that nerfed many planes and introduced optimal altitude in order to attempt to remove skill out of the equation.
    I wish that WG would publish their server populations so that we could easily check this observation for its validity, unfortunately Ive yet to find their server stats
    I know i will likely suffer a barrage of bashes because I’m not the most liked individual for the way i spoke out against some of the cliques in the game, but i think i have just as much right to air my opinions as everyone else.
    My opinion is that there are a group of people hellbent on damaging the game at the cost of their stats. I’m not here to name and shame, I’m just stating my opinion based on my observations and tests that i have personally run by myself and with the help of a friend.
    I had stated in a previous forum post that some people don’t want new players to do well, and when they see new good players challenging their stat rankings they will do everything in their power to affect their stats in a negative way so they don’t get “DE-throned” by said new and upcoming player.
    The Test.
    So in order to test my theory I needed to do 2 things, I needed to play as a new player with high skill level. I also needed to be friendly so that i could see if people where friendly back, I opened a new account and started playing a new game, and i also asked a friend to do the same. I asked him to observe how he is greeted, and treated by the hardcore player base, and document if he got treated poorly and by who. Both of us flew solo and observed. here are our combined observations.

    - we were allowed to fly in tiers 1-3 for the first 20-30 matches before we started getting the trolls and troll flights, I’m not sure how they knew i was there, but it didn’t take long and they started showing up, the same usual suspects, the guys that care more about their stats then the game itself. they started flighting up at tier 2 to ensure my stats would not threaten theirs. These guys have thousands of matches under their belt and they just can not help themselves. these people are called poor losers in R/L and they are the number 1 problem facing population.

    - I made several attempts to friend a bunch of people and I was met with some pretty rude people, when i checked the stats on those people I saw an alarming trend. I noticed the majority of the nasty players were the ones with thousands of battles, and the nicer folks had much less battles ( for the most part, however there where a select few that broke this mold.)

    - I also asked my friend how things were going, his observations differed slightly, his xvm rating was not as high as mine, so I’m not sure if that had some effect on the way we were both perceived. but it was generally the same, we saw around 9 of 10 skilled players only wanting to target us, and not befriend us, and we saw 1 of 10 trying to friend us. I asked him to try to ask about clans, and the response he received was unbelievable. he had one guy tell him straight out that he shouldnt be asking people about clans because he was too new, and several others that he asked didnt even respond to him when he asked what clan they belong to. it was outright brutal treatment he received. he asked why talking about clans was taboo, and still same responses from the clans. outright brutal.

    it was as though they had to pad their ego’s by coming down to the lower tiers, to see if the rumor was true about this new guy in the lower tiers that might be better than them, and could someday threaten their stats. When matches started they would fly straight at me, looking to check for themselves if they could beat me or not, some succeeded, and some failed, but it was truly appalling to see them all trying. It was truly appalling to me to see that they just could not help themselves, they HAD to go after that new guy that’s doing way too good for a new guy.
    I guess you could call them the wowp stat police, when they see your stats get too good, they come running with their pin to pop your bubble. Some of them would try match after match, then after 2 or 3 losses they would come back armed with a squad, hell bent on making sure they kill you. \truly sad. Bullying to the extreme in my opinion.
    I understand that WG lets them play like that, and that’s why they do it. do they care about you, me, the population levels or WG??????? not for a second. if those people truly cared about progressing this game they would stay at their highest tiers and keep playing against the top players regardless of win or loss. If all you skilled players grabbed a tier 8,9, or 10 and flew solo and went into the queue, you would see that their are plenty of population for 15v15 matches all day and night long. I know for a fact 1 clan has enough members to pretty much fill 15v15 at all times and there are way more than just 1 clan in this game.

    The problem here is that they only want to play to win, and they don’t want to play against other skilled players. why??? because they don’t have to, and they have options to seal club instead which WG allows them to do. If these stat padders played other skilled players solo, they would not maintain their 70%+ win ratio, and thus they end up playing lower tiers to seal club and stat padd in squads in order to maintain the WR which in turn scares away all new players. it’s a catch 22.
    So you see the problem is in fact WG, they have allowed loopholes for these poor losers to harass and chase the new players away, they’ve allowed them full control of bullying the lower tiers to the point of chasing them away from the game.
    These people who think and play this way clearly have a problem, and they will not stop unless they are forced to do so by the devs. I would bet that if they did my suggestions they would truly alter the dismal path the game has been progressing down, we may lose some stat padders and thats fine. If they are gonna leave because WG wont allow them to continue their unfair reign over the player base then so be it, I personally believe these are not the types of players that will help grow the community. (and this is never more clear then in the forums when they react to new players, bash them, and tear apart their reputation points for stating their opinions) which you will also likely see in response to my post.

    1. get rid of flights all together, bring them back once population has flourished……but for now abolish them. abolish them all together until clan wars are figured out. this does not mean you cant play with your friends, and you all know this. we don’t need to be squadded to play together. the clan i was in did this all the time, we didn’t all squad up but we would enter the queue at the same time. the only reason some people don’t want the squads gone is because it is the number 1 reason their stats are as high as they currently are and they could never maintain if squads where abolished.

    2. stop allowing players to seal club, stop giving them that easy way out to achieve falsely inflated stats…….make them earn it against tiers that they belong in, not tiers that beginners belong in. this could easily be done by not allowing a player to play tier 1 after certain amount of matches played, for example.
    tier 1 500 matches or less
    tier 2 1000 matches or less
    tier 3 1500 matches or less
    and then once you have more than 5000 matches, then you could only play tiers 5-10
    I don’t know if this exact formula would work but something similar to this.

    3. remove the players names, don’t allow people to know who they are flying against, this way targeting based on the persons name wont happen, targeting based on xvm stat still will occur(unless they block xvm from working), but at least not name targeting. I don’t know of any pilot in any war who knew exactly who was behind which plane and what their skill levels were before running into them in the sky in a dogfight. this is silly, and allows cyber bullying and in game targeting to flourish rather than the player base.

    4. once you’ve protected your lower tiers and new players, then you should go on a huge marketing blitz campaign to get new players.

    These are my suggestions, I hope everyone wont start attacking and bashing me for my opinions and my views. I know I’m not the most politically spoken person around and i sometimes rush in emotionally and that is what got my reputation to where it is now. but i don’t deserve the negs on the forums simply because you don’t like me or my view. I’ve got 5400+ battles and i quit playing this account some time ago mostly due to the constant targeting and squads bullying to pad their stats(and deflate mine). I hope to be back someday, but not while all this bullying is going on by the cliques, specifically the stat padders. I always hope to see this game flourish, but i see the old guard heavily guarding their interests, which happens to be their stats. and until they have a change of heart, or the devs force the change, we will never see this game flourish IMHO

    Maybe someone can educate me on this, i was not around for beta testing, but where flights always part of the game???

  37. Ummm why is a bad game failure? Hmm maybe cuz it’s bad? World of Warplanes is a “full realse” game that is in worse condition than some of the game currently in alpha stage. Go check out for example how Star Citizen looks like, game sponsored by PEOPLE not freaking multi milionare corporation like it’s with WoWp. The only reason WoT is so popular is because they were lucky to have already existing massive potential player base (who doesn’t like tanks in RU) and no competition. It’s a new game so things like lack of balance, not a lot of content could be forgive but shit like pathentic graphic, no optymalization, no multicore support (2 core support, u call that multicore?!). I’m afraid it can’t be fixed, at least not without changing game engine. That’s good, Wargaming is way too cocky for corporation which made only 1 “real” game.

  38. One could go on and on, about this topic. But the most simple answer would be. No plane simulator/arcade is ever gonna be as casual player or nawbie friendly as tank arcade.

    Now i could go on and on with points to prove the above statement and there will always be people who will argue with their own point of view. You can choose to believe what ever is your hearts desire.