A Few More Wargaming Statistics for 2013

Source: http://top.rbc.ru/economics/11/04/2014/917322.shtml

Hello everyone,

so, I guess you have seen the statistic post “Third year in numbers” – yep, those numbers are interesting (150 mil battles, nice!) – but what about other numbers? Let’s have a look at some more data, as written in the abovelinked news article.

- in 2013, World of Tanks users paid 475 million USD for the game services (from March 2013 to March 2014)
- that officially means 4,51 USD per player, a number unheard of in F2P
- interestingly enough, if both numbers are at least roughly correct, that puts the number of WoT players at over 100 million
- worldwide, World of Tanks Xbox version number of users is more than 2 million players (only cca 100k of which are Russians)
- an estimate on WoT Xbox revenue is 9,5 mil USD

22 thoughts on “A Few More Wargaming Statistics for 2013

    • Nope. WG isn’t making money from all the people in the Chinese server. A company paid them for the game and that company keeps the profits. They may pay WG a portion of them but the vast majority of the Chinese market money is kept by the Chinese company that WG sold the game to. That is why the Chinese have things like the WZ-111, Type 59, Type 59 Gold, Fail Lowe, M60 that can be purchased as a premium.

      • Hmm. I do not think it was just one transaction and after that WG has no influence over the chinese market. If that was the case the chinese WoT would receive no updates.

  1. It means 4,51$ per player, but I spent @ least 120 – 150€ last year for WoT. So I am 30 Players in One Person :-) Hey… I could have my own Match then :-)

    • No it for sure isn’t. I have played mmorpgs that required you to spend 1K a month or more otherwise you wouldnt be able to pvp at endgame.

      Even war thunder to skip from rank 1~rank 5 aircraft it’d cost more then going from teir 1~10 in wot[maybe even more then two lines].
      So wot doesn’t win the being the most expensive award.

    • Only if you want it to be. WG certainly has no objections to people’s loose purse strings leaving their disposable income in their accounts ofc.

  2. All of that revenue income and they cant fix any of the problems that nearly every player are constantly complaining about at one point in time or another? Something doesn’t add up here..

  3. Tbh, Wargaming deserves every cent of those ~500 mils for making this game we all love so much. but i feel personaly offended that they pay those shitheads in paris from it

  4. Nobody push you to pay, if you are a dumb head you will pay, if you can’t play without prem acc don’t play.

    • Yes, that’s great advice. Watch all the players stop paying, so that there will be no game for you leeches to play. Then you might actually have to learn the way the world works and get a job.

  5. WoT is the game I play most, despite I have Steam full of games I never tried :D
    More, I feel ashamed for not buying premium. I could – but I know myself – with premium there would be “urge” to play each day.
    In those 3 years I spend ¬200 euros for garage slots and some discounted premium tanks.
    Bonus codes help to prolong moment when another 20-50euros will be spend. But I wait for next huge discount on some premium tank I want.

    WOT – is perfect F2P!

    • Revenue =/= profit. And there’s still dividends and whatnot taken out of the latter…
      Still, the project ought to be well within their price range and the publicity certainly won’t hurt.