Back After More Than 24 hours (plus Invite Codes)

Hello everyone,

as you probably noticed already, FTR is back after more than 24 hours. What was the cause of the disruption? I actually don’t know. The issue fixed “itself” as far as I know last evening. It wasn’t on our server and it was no attack. Let’s hope it won’t repeat itself – if it does, despite the arrangements that are there currently, I’d have to start look for alternate solutions.

Either way, here’s a couple of invite codes I forgot from rwc81 and Fluidloneknight


If you want more invite codes, feel free to get them at the Alienware site, there are like 3k left

7 thoughts on “Back After More Than 24 hours (plus Invite Codes)

  1. good to see your back…
    hope you guyz have backups cuz you never know what will happen next time