XVM and Politics

Hello everyone,

the developers of super-popular XVM mod made an interesting thing last night:


The blue-yellow test says “Slava Ukraini” – “glory to Ukraine”. According to a post (that was removed in the meanwhile), the text was added to XVM in last night’s build. It caused some butthurt in the Russian community…

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    • Are they talking about Ukraine that country with land stolen from the romanians? czechs? polish? what a shithole.

      • well, actually, half of the Belarus was Poland bewore WW2… and half of the current Poland was Germany… and there was a West Ukraine AFAIK, in twenties… and Lithuainia, Latvia and Estonia were for some 40+ years part of USSR… and all of former Czechoslovakia was once part of Austrian Empire, so beware of what you call stolen country and shithole… or learn history little less selectively ;)

          • OK, first things first: I’m a romanian, so I *might* be biased.
            But… While Ukraine has some romanian territory, it´s because of Stalin (as an aftermath of the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact). It was not Ukraine per se, but the Soviet Union that took a chunk of my country; of course, because Russia wasn´t an adjacent country. So, hating Ukraine for taking that would be… misguided. It was just a pawn in the soviet (read: russian) map-chess game.

            Meanwhile, each and every effort to bash the russian expansionism (even a coloured line in XVM) should be supported unconditionally. Between a police state (US) that wages wars all over the globe, and a “stronk Russia” that waltzes into every neighbour country, I think the rest of the world should drop petty rivalries and unite against the armed political terrorism.

  1. That was a dick move.

    Unprofessional and stupid. XVM doesn’t need any more shit but now it will get it. I hope someone trolled them and that person will be kicked out because it is a PR catastrophe.

    • unprofessional? well, thank god xvm is not a professional tool anyway, and is made by moders! :P
      xvm PR catastrophe. lol

      • And you think it is amateurs that are developing it? They might be modders because they are modding a game, but still, they are professional developers/programmers/analysts etc., same goes for the WNx guys – go and make a better formula if you think any amateur can do it.

        • I can make a better formula than WN.. it’s called winratio.

          There you go.

              • Ah.. jealousy must hurt does it? What, you just can’t take it that someone is better player than you, you are dissapointed you couldnt insult me on that basis. So now you resort to “oh damn he plays all tiers! damn sealclubber!” rotfl

                I have 241 Ace Tankers. When you get to half that number let me know.

                In the meantime, spare me your jealousy. And don’t tell me how to play the game.

                • ace tankery badges are the most pointless stat to try and prove anything… Noobs get lucky as much as anyone else. Sometimes enemies just throw themselves in front of your gun one after the other.

                  Playing all tiers is just an excuse to sealclub. Play T8+ or go home.

                • Go ahead, get lucky 241 times. Words are easy. WoT is full of noobs with 100+ Ace Tanker badges *sarcasm* I bet you don’t have half that number.

                  Why do you want me to play only t8+ ? Didn’t I beat you enough times in t8+ ? You like losing to me or what? Or are you playing low tiers and don’t want me there because I’m too stronk for you?

                  I tell you what, get lucky 241 times then we talk ok? I don’t want to be unfair and bully weaker players like you so I’ll just wait till you get better than these noobs who can get 241 Ace Tankers easily.

                • Keep calm, D_D is one of the best active players ATM and a helpful one to add to it. I have learnt a lot only by ‘tooning a few times with him. Just admit he is good and move on.

                • Actually I’m not active anymore, very busy atm and can barely find time to login :)

                • well, basically EVERY tank i have been driving in the last year got its acetanker… since i am not really in ahurry to get them fro those i drive when i started playing i couldnt care elss about acetanker badges (aka. get the most stupid enemy team while you shoot as much as you can-award)

                  meanwhile my average tier is higher, my average damage is higher and my WN8 is higher.. all that without to much tooning :)

                  im glad that i got you butthurt so much

                • I care far too little about ace tanker badges to buy back the many tanks i have sold over the years. They mean NOTHING, any tank i have played a serious amount and genuinly enjoyed has an ace tanker on it and i didn’t even need to do effort for it… they just happen.

        • well yes I imagine they are professionals… in companies and jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with xvm or wot. so tell me please how is that relevant? and how is it a PR disaster? PR is something that people who are making money about a certain product should be worrying about, not modders. I also fancy how you get all defensive and tell me to go make my own formula, like I just said xvm was shit or something. lol
          Here, I’m gonna go fish in a lake next week but GODDAMIT I’m gonna be professional about it! Should probably contact my personal PR department about it, just in case.

    • It’s unprofessional, stupid, and childish. And I think it will cost them a lot.

      • it wont cost them shit because they don’t make a living out of xvm! wohoo! if any, they will be happy for not having thousands of people around the world complaining xvm servers are down or some shit ahahah

  2. Clearly XVM developers have not fully embraced the teachings of comrade Stalin, much like the EU capitalists.

    Maybe it´s time to get more specific about banned mods from mother Russ i mean, Belarus.

  3. Yea, because you wouldn’t be butthurt if XVM had “Glory to comrade Stalin” or “Allahu Akbar”..

    Ukraine is a fail country of fail people who now resort to chanting local version of “Allahu Akbar” while not being able to organize their country.

    To use XVM to promote fail ideology and fail country is repulsive.

    • Just like with retarded suicide bombers screaming shit before they blow up, this thing will work against the cause – it will do exactly nothing for the Ukraine and it will make a lot of problems for XVM…

    • nice slandering of a country. i guess you wouldnt midn if someone said “hail mao” judging by your name…

      yes, escalating the whole thing now doesnt really help but its not like there isnt any aggression from the russians. put a ukrainian flag on your tank on the devserver or in warthunder CBT and dont eb suprised to be teamkileld because soemoen thinks his origins are better than others while not havign done shit for them anyways.

      • How am I slandering a country? It’s called facts. Ukraine is a failed country, economically and politically.

        What aggression? You mean a coup that overthrew democratically elected government, that aggression? Or EU/US politicians on the field and plotting behind telephone wires, that aggression? Or those Ukrainian snipers killing both police and civilians, that aggression? Or Ukrainian-born Soviet leader taking away Crimea and giving it to his country without asking anyone, that aggression?

        • fail country =/= failed country
          first can be considered a simply stupid insult.
          second with your explanation and good will can actually be seen as criticism dont you think?

          apart from that the elected leader wasnt really loved by its people and judging by the way some people support the reasons of the annexion of the crimea it would aos be ok for germany to take back königsberg or some other old land once in its posession.

          the whole conflict pretty much shows why nationalism is for idiots and uneducated.

    • That sounds insulting.
      Besides, Ukrainins make the best Video Games in Europe. SO nah :P
      *Metro, STALKER, Survarium, Cossacks, AMerican Conquest just to name a few, noob.

  4. Stupid russians. They just need to answer “Героям слава !” (glory to heroes) :)

    • I don’t see any butthurt from polish people, there is opposite, there is great support from Poland. But some guys have butthurt (see comments above like “Dongfeng_division” etc.).

      • Why would Poland protest? One more economical slave-country for EU. Current situation in Ukraine is good for Poland.

        Also, why do people use the word “butthurt”? I feel like I’m listening to 10yr old Southpark watchers except even then I didnt use such words.

        Perhaps a proper English, like “offended” would be more appropriate.

        • Dongfeng, when China will take BACK the land Russia is currently “occupying”?
          It seems you know everything about anything.

          • Thanks for asking. China will not take any Russian land. Empires grow and shrink, it’s a reality. China and Russia have solved their border disputes.

            • Not a responsible answer simply saying that empires grow and shrink, if that’s the case then China wouldn’t be asserting her claims on other disputed areas. China and Russia have no land disputes because Russia is militarily stronger…and the Communist government owes her existence to the USSR.

        • You just used the word ‘butthurt’ yourself in your previous post.

          “Yea, because you wouldn’t be butthurt if XVM had “Glory to comrade Stalin” or “Allahu Akbar”..”

        • Obvious troll is obvious.

          Every time Poles are offended, someone calls it butthurt.

          Current situation on Ukraine isn’t good for Poland since it moves Russia closer to Poland (this is the part that only people from countries that had connection with Soviet Union and Russia after can understand), as well as current Ukraine government members are close to people that call to take off some Polish territory.

          For those Poles who lived in territories that Poland lost after II World War, Glory to the Ukraine stands really close to Sieg Heil. Effect were quite similar – mass death.

        • Acutally I see a lot of people who are not rushophobes nor politicians and they support Ukraine, but yea, talk more how “Ukraine is bad!!!!111oneone” :)

  5. The slogan of Nazis and degenerated undermenchen right wingers, nice to see that XVM is being developed by these. A fitting tool for Nazis indeed.

      • Oh yea, insult him. Because you have nothing proper to respond.

        Since pro-nazi’s are indeed now in Ukraine government. The only way they could get there (coup) since no one wanted to vote for them.

        And that’s a fact not my opinion, in case you feel lazy reading materials.

        • Dude, it strongly depends on what souce your material comes from.
          If you live in mother russia or behind the ural you may only have access to material corresponding with your current point of view. But that doesnt makes it right or founded in any way.
          What happens now in Ukraine is a massive take over coordinated and supported by Russia which became much stronger during the last decade and is claiming back lost territory from the 80th now.

          However – that move by XVM developers doesnt seem to be very clever.

          • Most of the source material is EU/US propaganda that most of us in EU have to read. And that’s exclusively anti-Russian.

              • Well you know what they say, a person that has counter-argument writes it, and a person that doesn’t starts making personal insults.

                But that’s ok, not everyone is smart, and many here are 13yr old so it’s not realistic to expect high quality. Or any.

                • Dongfeng, if the assumption that you spread propaganda is insult, then you also insulted some people here…

                  and really, what one sees as the one and only truth, could be seen as propaganda by someone else…

                  So I ask, what do you believe and why? Why everything else is lies and propaganda? Why you say that having a different oppinion than you means being subjected to western propaganda? AFAIK, that was the way nazis and communists (and medieval christians) thought… “We have the truth, and any other opinion or questioning is a lie, and those who spread the lies shall be gassed/worked to death/penalized/convicted and detained/shot/burned/crucified/forever damned” they said…

                  I seriously hope that I am not feeding troll here

            • just like the material from russia. There isnt a single difference between the two types of missinformation.

              • Oh, is that “everything is equally good and bad” ideology? Yes, if you’re blind everything is of the same color.

                • well, you certainly “know” about one side that doesn’t spread “propaganda” :D
                  and everyone who says otherwise is a slave to propaganda of the Russia/USA/NSDAP/UFO… :D

                  (sorry mate, no offense, but this is how your posts look… sometimes it looks like you believe that you are the only one to know the Truth, the only right way, and everyone with different opinion is wrong “and shall suffer death by holy fire for his heresy”, if I put it ad absurdum…
                  have you ever thought that the truth and lies might depend largely on the point of view ;) )

          • “However – that move by XVM developers doesnt seem to be very clever.” – clever? Perhaps not. Do they have a right to support independence of whatever country they want to – sure they do. They made a mod, so they have a right to put it, just like Wargaming have a right to put “for Stalin” bullshit in WoT.

      • Yet you are incapable of producing any evidence to support your claim? This slogan was commonly used by the Nazi (Right Wing Extremists) in Ukraine, and that is what I will use as reference when I think of this logo, since no real Left Wing would yell “Glory to Ukraine” Its a nationalistic or patriotic slogan

        • You are incapable of producing any evidence why “Glory to…” something like “Glory to the Queen” should be called “right wing”. The only real Nazi around right now is Putin and his mafia.

          • Why do you even waste your own time to reply to this commie piece of shit SMGJohn. He’s shitting commie propaganda wherever he can.

    • You are completely correct. But you forgot to add that United States of America also protected compatriots. One little cowboy went West, provoked indians, and he died. Then US went to protect him, killed all the indians and annexed the territory. Then another little cowboy went even more west to provoke indians and steal their land. Then when indians retaliated United States of America went to protect the compatriot and killed more indians and annexed another territory. That was repeated until almost all indians were dead and the only territory left was south (Mexico). Then US went to protect their compatriots in other parts of the world.

      So you see, Hitler was in fact American-inspired.

      • Dongfeng you are so wrong and so messed up i don’t even know what to think about you or the people who raised and protected you.
        But if i ever get close to you, please, in the name of the humanity, punch me in the face hard enough to flee from you and your idiocity for the rest of my life.

        • Shh, he has 241 Ace Tankers, that makes him an authority in any subject, geopolitics, history and sociology included.

          • Why should we care about crimes that occured 200 years ago in the USA. Neither do the russkie fanboys try to understand ukraininan nationalism, what did Russians to the people Ukraine, neither do they care about Holodomor – although it was one of the main reasons for the existence of banderites and their armed struggle against bolsheviks. Its totaly understandable, that oppressed nations of the USSR allied with the nazis in th 1941. They didnt know about crimes of the nazis back in the 1941-42, nor what would they do with them in case they win the war. But they were very well aware of the soviet crimes against them in the 20′ and 30′ and what did the USSR do to Baltic states, Finnland and Romania. Their participation could be described in one word – rightful revenge.

            With full knowledge of nazi crimes it wasnt a right choice, but without it their decision was totally understandable.

  6. Instead of writing “glory to Ukraine” I would have wrote “Be strong Ukraine” or something like that. Its less provocative. Ukraine is a corrupt country. Political and economical situation is in very bad condition and it wont change fast. Also there is Russia that is very interested in keeping Ukraine on its knees. My country went trough similar situation 24 years ago but we are fine now. Be strong Ukraine.

    • What about “Stand still Ukraine”?
      Or “Get well Ukraine”?
      (because imo the “be strong” can also mean: “be strong and kill those bastards”…)

    • Russia was giving free gas to Ukraine for years and years and your conclusion was “they want Ukraine on knees”? Yeah because that’s how you do it..
      Actually, it was in Russian interest to have strong Ukraine and to get it to join the Euroasian Union.

      On the other hand it’s in the interest of EU and MMF to have weak Ukraine so they can economically exploit it (which will happen now). And it’s in the interest of US to have a conflict here so that they can move EU away from Russia, and so that NATO has a purpose.

      • I started laughing after i read “free gas”. I didn’t have to read more to know what stupidity the reply contains. :D

      • Russian gas need to go through Ukraine to reach the European market, surely the Ukrainians must gain something! The gas ain’t free. Russia will never consider herself truly European, she sees herself as the bridge between the West and the East, another entity altogether.

      • Dude, you’re blind like hell with no slightest clue what’s going on around you. Grow up, or something.

        “On the other hand it’s in the interest of EU and MMF to have weak Ukraine” – WTF?! In best interest if EU and MMF is to have a stable and strong Ukraine that would produce goods on it’s own and grow up as a democratic, well developing country. Pumping billions of euro – which is what happens right now – is the second worst thing that can happen (the worst one being Ukraine in total anarchy or under Russian occupation).

      • We want to be away from Russia, because we dont like to be called gay-loving-faggots in the russian media, we dont like being threatened with nuclear annihilation by russian news anchors and most importantly because we (Czech republic) have 40 years of experience with russian way of “governorship”. I would rather kneel before the US, despite their flaws, then to be a slave of that primitive eastern despocy ever again. And because of this i rejoice every day over the fact, that my country is in NATO and i want my country to contribute to it accordingly. And i am well aware of the fact, that they may not help us or the Baltic states if the war with Russia happens (eventualy, i dont think it will happen because of Ukraine), which feel the same way i think. Still, its much better than nothing.

      • Have you ever heard of Eurasian Economic Union? Did you knew that EU was offering Ukraine to join union but Janukovich was asking for a lot of billions euros? Do you know why EU did not exploit Ukraine then and there? Do you know what is the purpose of NATO? Its not EU and US who are going away from Russia its Vice Versa.

    • “Ukraine is a corrupt country” – most of the countries in a world are corrupt. Belarus would be as good example of corrupt country as Ukraine itself.

  7. This makes me think of the same thing as whenever SS decides to add something political (or in other words openly anti Russian, which he used to do quite often) – keep the politics out.

    Its a game, and its a blog, not a medium for sharing opinions on politics. Even though it is a personal work/mod/blog and the authors have full right to do whatever they wish.

    • He can’t help it. Blind anti-Russian bias. Some people can’t move on and can’t realize the reality changed and time passed.

      • “Blind anti-Russian bias” – yea, identical to the blind pro-russian bias from Wargaming. I guess it’s nice to have someone balancing this BS.

      • You’re completely right – some people just can’t accept the reality. Chinks, for example – they haven’t invented anything of worth in the last 500 years, they use Western tech and even copy Western culture, they have shit-tier military (can’t even invade Taiwan, lel), yet they still fail to realize how pathetic their country is. The blind anti-Westernism is hilarious.

    • I agree. We are here to discuss and get information on the game we are playing and related matters. Ofc, the XVM developers’ move is related but it was obviously transpiring into political discussions about views and opinions everyone has and are obviously differring.

      Not a wise move at all on behalf of the modders, mixing your views into your ‘work’. You compromise one way or the other what you have achieved, making your efforts unnecessary ‘dirty’ in the eyes of some, ‘great’ in the eyes of others. I wouldn’t like to know e.g. about the religion of the producer of my favourite icecream nor about the colour-preferences of the mailman, the sexual preferences of my favourite writer, etc. These are unrelated AND private matters. (Somehow it seems political views are those private matters everyone is keen to show off first… how sad.)

      SS, I don’t mean to offend you in any way, it is not your fault the discussion went this way, but it is thin ice…

      • “Not a wise move at all on behalf of the modders, mixing your views into your ‘work’.” – WARGAMING STARTED IT ALL.

        XVM is just following the pattern. Wargaming was the one putting political, pro-Stalinist shit into the game. At least XVM doesn’t support communist dictator and the murderer of millions.

        • One wrong-doing doesn’t justify another. I agree with you, it was a stupid and unnecessary provocation on behlaf of WG with the pro-Stalin inscriptions. This does not invalidate my point though, rather the opposite, since it applies to any of such stupid decisions.
          The moral of the story: don’t follow stupid patterns. A Hungarian writer said: “Above a certain level one shouldn’t go below a certain level.” For me, to gloryfing a dictator gloryfing a questionable movement is hardly a good answer.

  8. That’s OK, there will be no more Ukraine anyway if they send troops and tanks to the east to deal with the “terrorists”. Russians won’t just stand and watch their people get killed by pro-nazi gov.

    • Yeah right. After the whole “western side” admitted they will take actions if russia violates the Memorandum on Security Assurances (Budapest, 1994) i bet the Putin will think twice about waging a war against “pro-nazi govs”.

      • They won’t do a thing. Nobody wants to die for Ukraine. If Europe starts a war over those ungrateful shits the countries involved will have a big problem in the next elections.

    • China has nothing to gain from this conflict other than a diversion from the West…and some military hardware from Russia, but Crimea sets a bad example for Taiwan, not to China’s favor mind you. Russia put China between a rock and a hard place…

  9. If you truly understand the history of Eastern Europe; it’s no wonder why countries seek to join NATO of their own accord.

    Who hasn’t had their territory annexed, population deported/liquidated and been occupied by Brother Russia. I suppose you only have to deport and replace so many people in a country to perminantly cripple it with threats of violence from the ‘oppressed’ diaspora.

    Not very smart by the makers of XCM. I wish all the best for the people of Ukraine who are pawns to the demands of extremists on both sides.

  10. Why should Russians get butthurt over “Slava Ukraine” inscription, they want free, sovereign and undivided Ukraine, right? Its like “Glory to Russia”, isnt it popular among them nowadays?

    Well, they only want it federalized, but only to protect russian speakers (80% of the population). Uhm… and to force it into their Euroasian union (legit, even if they dont wantto join, tough luck)… and they shouldnt really think about joining the EU (absolutely HARAM!).
    I mean like this HARAM! https://img.4plebs.org/boards/pol/image/1393/65/1393659842110.jpg

    But otherwise they want Ukraine totally independent, thats what Lavrov said ugh? Russkie explain plox!

    • Russians are butthurt about anything that isn’t straight on pro-russian when it comes to Ukraine.

      “but only to protect russian speakers” – there’s noone in need of protection in Ukraine due to the language they use. Many, many independent studies have been done and none of them shown any signs of what Kremlin propaganda implies.

  11. Well, if WG shoved down our throats those Stalinfag tank inscriptions in game i think XVM modders can do whatever the fuck they want with their mod. Don’t like it? How terrible. Uninstall the mod.

  12. Fuck russia and fuck the russians. Bunch of drunken barbaric animals living in the stone age.

  13. Lol at the communist idiots in the comments. Nice job guys…
    241 Ace medals?? So cul, very politic pro!

    Even more off topic:
    There is not Soviet Bias in World of Tanks. More of a US bias really. But in reality, just noobs but hurt T-43s killed em.

  14. I’m tired of reading about Ukraine. They are not even able to defend its own borders. Corrupt country suspended between the past and the present …

  15. I don’t think this is such a bad thing – For XVM to get involved with a political comment is actually raising awareness to what is happening. It’s incredibly brave on their part, and I don’t think that glossing over things is the way to do something. If you see an injustice or something you don’t agree with, you should speak out and say “hey, this shit just ain’t cool, yo”. The fact that XVM developers have done this actually makes me think positively – The more a community speaks out about world topics, the more chance there is for people to actually listen.

    The WoT community is pretty toxic as a whole – The NA servers give shit to anyone who isn’t “from around these parts” – The EU community gives shit to Turks, Polish, Czech and anyone who doesn’t speak in English (and the English just give shit to everyone, including the English people) – The RU servers are notorious for teamkilling people whom are from outside Russia (hands up anyone who has been teamkilled on the test server by people with RU after their name, purely because you had something other than RU after your own name)

    The fact that developers for a mod for WoT has decided to throw out a comment like this is of course going to rub people the wrong way, but I also believe this may also galvanise other people’s opinions, perhaps more vocal people who want to say something similar. Maybe XVM doing this gives them that incentive to say “actually, those XVM guys took a risk and did something, maybe I should do something”

    WoT does live streams, and streamers do things for charity, but I have yet to see anyone hold any type of discussion on what is happening in the Ukraine, everyone seems just too dis-interested/ignorant/worried of repercussions to speak their mind…. it’s a shame really.