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Source: Wotleaks VK community

Hello everyone,

russian Wotleaks VK community member visited the official launch event for the “Stalin’s Balls of Steel” book of Yuri Pasholok, where SerB allegedly answered some things. I will translate what was written (thanks to Maiorboltach for copying it to LJ), but…

This info is not confirmed and could be distorted. I do not guarantee it is true.

- multicore support will come this year
- T-44-85 will come this year (SS: I find this hard to believe)
- 2014 and the beginning of 2015 is dedicated to HD graphic rework, no new branches are planned
- buffing KV-5? “It’s done when it’s done” (SS: this seems unlikely)
- there will be more events like the Christmas one with the IS-6 – preliminary estlimate is summer, but maybe also during (Russian) May holidays
- it’s completely possible that there will be a separate Wargaming game with modern tanks
- Christie tanks will come gradually, we plan them for Fall of this year
- Italian branch – not in 2014
- the next WG (Tactical Press) book will be about IS tanks
- a couple of premium tanks will be released
- LT buff? “We will limit their MM spread and will introduce a couple of premium ones”
- next map to be implemented will be Kharkov

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  1. So no new branches this year, but Christie tanks are coming in the fall of this year.

    We’ll, only one of those can be true.

      • The old tech tree had the Christie tanks as their own branch that only goes to tier 4.

        Unless they plan on adding them in as low tier premiums, I don’t really see how they can add them as anything other than their own branch.

        • That’s not really considered a branch, though. 3 tanks is at max a “mini-branch” and implementing it is way easier than a branch per se (meaning at least about 5 tanks, ending most likely at tier 9 or 10)

          • It was actually 5 tanks, 2 each at tiers 2 and 3, both leading to a single tier 4.

            • I do think you can read between the lines and see how this isn’t considered a proper ‘branch’ as such because every previous branch has been all the way up to Tier 10 with no exception. Small additions (like the new Pz IV’s and the Tier 6 light tanks) can’t be considered new branches (though granted it was smaller than Christie implementation, then again the info on that is VERY old, who knows they only put in 2-3 tanks max now and inside another branch).

  2. New branches > HD, HD is really nice but they should give us button to turn it off, because players with low machines (me and about 40 % players of Wot) will have some problems. When I was trying HD Tiger and other tanks on test server my fps coming down rapidly and i can´t afford new PC at earliest time, so because new HD models I cant play. That´s sad.

    • You don’t want HD models, but the majority of the paying player base do.

      WG is a business so they’re out to make a profit.

      Whatever marketing research they did obviously showed that hd models would have a greater return on investment, so that’s what we’re getting.

      A decent computer isn’t that expensive, and they’re getting cheaper all the time. The current level of graphics in the game is generally considered sub par so they are working to improve it.

      • Also I’d like to point out that the last year and a half at least they were mostly rolling out new content, so people are getting annoyed by getting only that (see posts on tank clones and stupid maps everywhere). A step to development of modes and HD primarily is only logical.

      • I dont write i dont want HD model, they are awesome but when will be possibility to turn it off, that will be nice. I know they are not expensive but i have my own problems so i cant afford it. :)

        • right now min specs for game are for a 10 year old machine
          I think min specs could be for a 5 year old machine with out any problem not recommended spec.
          hell if your running a 5 year old machine its time to upgrade any way.

        • I believe they’ve mentioned that the graphics levels will still scale.

          So just turn everything down and you can still play with ugly blobs

      • @ mini marine

        I am sure that in some parts of the globe a new computer is not that expensive but 1/3 of europe disagrees with you

        now if we take tom’s harwares 750$ (~544 euros ) design as a base for a computer that can run wot at a decent medium setting (,3780.html) than you can see that :

        You need :
        - 3,45 Romanian wages
        - 1,88 Estonian wages
        - 0,437 uk wages

        So please don’t assume that if you live in a fortunate part of the world, other people have disposable cash to throw at a game in the hundreds of euros / dollars. Also has a pretty big player base in eastern europe, more than in france and uk , spain etc ( if you look at cw as milestone)

        • You’ve also got to take into account that they’ve got to appeal to the players that can actually afford to throw money at WG and that computer prices are on a constant downward trend

          As it stands, the game is poorly optimized for modern machines because it’s designed to be played on computers a few generations out of date.

          They aren’t taking anything away from the people with old machines, they’re just finally throwing a bone to those who have computers from this century.

        • No germany in that list? Unusual since that’s the big baddie when it comes to anything economic. But yeah, that & you have to consider their biggest (and most influential market for WoT) is still Russia (all glory to the union, belorussia + russia) and you’d be pretty happy to have a PC there at all i suppose. Let alone one with any computing power behind it. In Europe, as we say, it’s all first world problems.

    • I do believe that HD graphics will be only with the improved graphics. If you have your game set to standard graphics and everything on minimal settings you won’t see any highdef and thus won’t get any fps loss from it.

  3. “2014 and the beginning of 2015 is dedicated to HD graphic rework, no new branches are planned”

    No Sherman Firefly then. Oh well…

  4. LTs aren’t UP, not all of them anyway. some of them are actually OP in their own tier too. they don’t need any buff. just limiting their spread will be enough

    • thats the problem… for example t71 is a beast among tier 7, but when you face tier 10 all time you get fucked easily… for this reason i thing light tanks should have normal mm as other type of tanks… heavies have armor, td have gun, mediums are balanced, lights have speed (but when you face tier 10, their meds are even faster so…)

      • LAst night I played with 13 90 and raced Leo1 to the spot ridge. Guess what, he was faster. I couldnt do more in this X tier battle

      • On the other hand, when you play Comet against tier 9 or Pershing against tier 10 you are mostly free kill without speed / viewrange / dpm / agility / camo / aim time or whatever superiority. You can have decent or great games if you are very lucky. Chaffee is little OP at tier 7, little UP at tier 8, nearly useless higher, but can still hunt and hurt tier 7 or weak tanks in tier 9 battles. T71 little OP at tier 8, little UP at tier 9 but has marginal impact in tier XI games. In my opinion better/higher tier light tanks are well balanced.
        But tier 4 LTs without proper crew skills and poor view range are supposed to scout? How? I feel bad for shooting them even with tier 6 tanks. T49 is much better (can scout as well, but it is not supposed or limited to do it, it can damage tanks as well) and MM is limited to tier 7. E25 is completely broken TD/LT combination with limited MM.

  5. I don’t know what’s up with the T44-85. I quite liked it on the Testserver. The Pen was mediocre but with the 85mm of the T34-85 and T43 it would have been fine imo.

    • Giving the T-44-85 the T-43′s top gun…

      That would make it better than the T-43 and they don’t want to boost that very mediocre Tier 7.

      • They also intend to make the T-44-85 a aggressive close range flanker and not a sniper-flanker like the T-44 with it;’s very poor DPM. So they can’t nerf the DPM on the gun because that would relegate it to the same tactical side sniping that the current T-44 fills it’s role with.

    • The NA server has been doing this for the last few events, the T110E3 gave 2500 gold if you got the quarter million xp grind done, before that the IS-4 on track gave out a Churchill III, and the E-50M reward was the T-25.

        • YOU’RE the ugly stepchild? EU gets all of these gamescom events, not to mention it’s where most of the well-known youtubers are from, and of course, a larger server population means more attention from the devs. The fact that we get anything at all now is a vast improvement over how it used to be.

  6. WG planning to create a new tank game with modern tanks? If it’s online game, it will be great, if not…I don’t know what to say.

  7. “it’s completely possible that there will be a separate Wargaming game with modern tanks”

    That’s good to hear. With Obsidian Entertainment’s “Armoured Warfare” coming over the horizon, good competition is always welcome.

  8. “it’s completely possible that there will be a separate Wargaming game with modern tanks”


    Trolling with Merkava!!!!!

    If they do this, they should do it from within the game, creating Tier 11-12….. And separating the MM from these Tiers. (No Tier 9′s with new Tier 11-12….)

    How fun will it be to troll T10′s in a modern tank hehe.

  9. Modern World of Tanks: Leopard 1 as tier 1 lol :-D Unless they go for all modern vehicles instead of historical progression.