23 thoughts on “SU-85I in Premium Shop

  1. So it does cost more than any other tier5 premium? …. Nothing unusual…

  2. Hey SS there is a solution for FPS disaster, here it is>

    Go to your desktop, press windwos key + R.

    A window will appear. write there “%appdata%\wargaming.net”

    Delete all the content there.

    Also if you installed already mods, as i did, remove them before you reopen the game and install them again.

    Again, I dont know for sure if it will work, but for me it worked 100%. but I really hope it will work for you guys too.

    • Yeah I did that a whle ago, folders like these get messed up with files big time. And it’s weird because while everyone is whining about massive FPS drops and shitty map load times and ridicolous bugs my game worked just fine, for all three tests plus now. I do have an SSD so the maps load faster, but the rest should be just as shit, as the game uses the same 1 CPU core as with everyone else. If it works for some people, there are chances it’s you who fucked up.

  3. Now I just want the MTLS, since I’m Dutch and those things were custom built for the Netherlands… here’s hoping.

  4. Lets wait for another bonus codes/ password change action/ gold rewarder mission …then wait to some anniversary or hollydays and buy it for about 500GOLD :D With no money in it :D

  5. So it’s basically an SU-85 with better view range…sounds good to me. The abyssmal view range of the SU-85 is what killed it for me (I could live with the low hp pool and other deficiencies, but that was the dealbreaker), but this one doesn’t have that handicap. I’m hoping this shows up in the NA store.

    • Except the SU-85′s pen isn’t crap like this premium. 119 pen with AP and 161 pen with APCR vs 144/194. Accuracy is worlds apart too. SU-85I is 0.42, while SU-85 is 0.34

  6. another Russian premium TD…….
    wake me up when they actually bring an American premium TD out

    • Seems to be permanent. You will probably be able to buy it in game once 9.1 comes out. Hopefully they’ll change the price so it’s in line with other tier 5′s but somehow I doubt it…

  7. Sadly, they don’t offer the Pz. IV Hydro in the shop, too. You have either to buy a Razer mouse for 80 € or even 250 € for the code at ebay to get the Hydro. Weird.