WoT Game Crash Bug Fix

Hello everyone,

this is an official info from Wargaming, so don’t be scared. The developers are hard at work… bla bla bla… yea, they fucked up the spread of processing power over multiple cores and it’s causing the crashes that some (many) have been experiencing. According to WG EU info (linked above), the issue can be fixed by disabling it and according to the same info, it can fix the FPS drops as well.

BE AWARE – the last piece of info (the FPS drop fix) is NOT confirmed and in fact, players on RU server reported that disabling the multicore feature decreased their FPS. Don’t expect miracles

In order to disable it:

- download this file from WG site
- unpack it
- copy the unpacked file “engine_config.xml” to the “World_of_Tanks/res” folder (over the old one)

Edit: It is confirmed that this does NOT solve the crash issue.

33 thoughts on “WoT Game Crash Bug Fix

    • Well, I wouldn’t call that multicore at all.
      Single process tree spread over 4 cores. Each of them running at 40-60%
      Multicore should use all of them to their maximum if I’m not mistaken.

      What’s the point of having it spread if the workload is halved? In the end it takes equal amount of computer cycles, thus no performance increase.

      • The point of multicore is to spread the load around so it can process it faster and doesn’t overload one core (overheat = moar lag). What’s the point of using cores to the maximum if you don’t have to?

  1. I haven’t have a crash yet. Does this affect everyone and is only a matter of time before it happens to me?
    I’d hate crash and then to frantically try to relog into game in the middle of the battle … but I don’t want to fix something that might not be broken (especially if I’d lose some fps that I actually observed to go up after the patch).

  2. They updated the forum post :

    edit: na pádech se pracuje, výše uvedené může pomoci s fps!

    “edit: we are dealing with the crashes, above can help with fps drop.”

    So I guess it does’t really help against the crashes and they haven’t found out how fix it yet.

  3. Here is Asia player
    We have some people try the fix
    But it does not work
    still keep crash

  4. It had quite the opposite effect for me – with this “fix” I just got crash-to-desktop, while it did not happen before…

    • i did not have any CTD with this patch, so i think i wont touch that “fix”…

  5. I tried that. It fixed my FPS, but my core is overloaded after sme shoots or after someone gets killed and I have spikes due to that. Can’t use it :(

  6. * Waits 2 years for multicore support *


    Someone needs to make a meme from that.

  7. Yea, guys on forum figured it out yesterday. For me there is no improvement, what helped me a bit was downgrading my nvidia drivers from 337.50 to 331.something. Now fps drops to 25, and not to 15.

    • Hmm,, Im runnig on 337.50, got 45-50fps all maxed out.
      used to be 40fps on previous driver.
      GTX 770m

  8. Wait I’m a little confused…I know there’s a way to implement multicore with some strange trick, but is it officially implemented?

    • No. It isn’t implemented yet. “full support” will be in later 9.1/9.2 patches. What a load of BS. Definitly not playing until all these stupid performance issues are fixed.

  9. Been hit by it a couple times, but it so far only when dead and switching who I was spectating from. So, I just stopped hanging around after death. Probably better for me anyway.

  10. happened to me twice in 2 minutes, I noticed i was after I went into sniper mode. So what I did was disable the new “sniper mode effects” in settings and it didn’t happen again.

    Give it a try and report back

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  13. They should have a test server and test the patch before release and could even test 2 or 3 times.
    Then even the dumbest clowns can get the patch right before release.
    Sounds like Captain Beak and his merry bunch of yellowsnowsniffers are running the show.