Making pre-9.0 Skins work in 9.0


Special thanks to Snowypearl (SEA) for sending me the link to this blog

Hello everyone,

I generally don’t use skins or any such stuff, but I think this info is rather useful, so I will re-post it here. For those who don’t know him, like I didn’t, Plazmakeks is running a rather useful nice blog, dedicated to World of Tanks mods and skins. In the abovementioned post, he explains, how to make the pre-9.0 skins work in 9.0.


Plazmakeks explains – I will quote directly his article:

Let’s use T-62A skin as an example. Before 9.0 the files in the skin folder looked like this:

Now they need to look like this:

So all you need to do is add “_AM” to the actual tank skin and to the crash skin.
Now, this will work for the regular (non HD models) tank’s. For Т-34-85, Т-54, Panther, Tiger I, Maus, M4 Sherman, Hellcat, M103, Centurion Mk. 7/1 and Tortoise this method will result in smudged dark (useless) skin.

11 thoughts on “Making pre-9.0 Skins work in 9.0

  1. re the HD skins… they are mostly 4 times the size, instead of 1024×1024, they are now 2048×2048..

    You should be able just to “upscale” them, although there will be a level of detail lost, how much depends on how you do the job….

    Although for some reason, when I try to reskin the HD models, I save them as DDS but the files are MUCH bigger than the original WoT HD skin.. I think I need to investigate the exact specs of the new HD DDS files a bit…

    • Not an expert but i think when you just “upscale” them you’ll get misplaced pixelated rubbish. Because models had changed.

        • Using proper terms, the UV map most likely changed, the actual pixel size of the textures doesn’t affect it, hence (for example) 4k textures in Skyrim that look totally different, but display perfectly.

          • Because models for them are the same, only 2d image represantation changes and changing this 2d image wont affect overall look. I wasn,t talking about pixel size. Besides Skyrim is overrated :P

  2. This doesn’t work with all skins, though. Several of my tanks now appear to be unskinnable. The only one I remember off the top of my head is the Churchill I, but there’s a few others as well.

    • Because some of the tanks have something changed in the models as well, and they are in nation_hd.pkg packages. It’s Churchill I and IS.

  3. But I have some skins and remodels form 8.11 and they are working in 9.0 without changing anything. Magic or what?

    • Too late to edit, new skins for HD models are not working, because old models have all textures in one file – guns, turrets etc. HD models have them separately, one file for hull, one for wheels etc

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