9.1 – Stronghold Mode in WoT

Hello everyone,

once again, thanks to Mick42 and Tanitha for this info. Apparently, the “Fortification” mode (presented in earlier Wargaming video), will come (in non-combat version) in 9.1 and combat version will come in 9.2. This info is however two weeks old, so it might have changed. The “Fortifications” mode was also renamed to “Stronghold”. Here, a video explaining what this mode is:


17 thoughts on “9.1 – Stronghold Mode in WoT

  1. I found it funny that they said the “Additional artillery” is a good thing…

      • I find it funny that my stats are still better than yours and it’s like 6 months since i stopped playing WoT.
        Why i have this feeling that you’re quite new in WoT?

        You see, long time ago i had the pleasure to fight in battles with 7+ artys per side. People complained a lot and the amount of arty got reduced
        Now they are increasing it again with this random whatever they want to introduce.

    • I think they are doing that so that everyone can explore the new mode without any fighting that’ll disturb them in their exploration of the new mode.

      • I suppose, they will introduce fortresses first in go-out-of-your -hole only mode.

        It seems to me it is not said in the English version of Diaries, but even before reaching the opportunity to struggle for anyone’s Stronghold to ransack it (and to also necessity to defend own Stronghold) clans will be able to fight on arenas outside of their Strongholds – it’s quite logical as the only way to get resources to improve your fortress is to fight in Stronghold mode.

  2. I feel like WG is trying too hard lately to implement multiple game concepts into one single game. :/

    • And majority of them are fails. HB already failed due to low number of players, thus long queues.

  3. That voice over bloke is annoying as hell..

    Some whiney american accent that has been edited down so much, its like listening to the speaking clock…


  4. The guy said something about fortifications that they can benefit clan members in their experiences in random battles.. so clans involved in this mode that everyone is just blindly being a critic will develop their members faster. So, it adds to the concept of the game and
    if you don’t like it don’t play it.

  5. This ‘stronghold mode’ intrigues me…and as an avid strategy game player, I think this is something I could help my clan with quite a bit.

  6. “Now players will not only have to focus on their vehicles, but they will have to pay attention to what’s going on around them”