How Newbie-friendly is the WoT Community?


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Hello everyone,

Russian portal made an interesting survey. The post author, Sergei Kolokolnikov, compared, how friendly is the community of various online games towards newbies (not to mix that term up with noobs!) – and he also included World of Tanks in the survey. This survey is “tainted” a bit by the fact that as far as I know, some games have exclusive Russian servers (WoT), some games are almost exclusively Russian overall (Warface) and some games have mixed audience. Either way, here’s how the author considers the communities:

DOTA 2 – some swearing, as you progress, there are less and less “gentlemen”.
Friendliness score: 6/10

League of Legends – players apparently expect newbies to know the slang and terms right from the start and to know what to do. Learning the author is a newbie however, players were helpful in picking classes, builds etc. On the other hand, some matches apparently are full of idiots, giving nonsense orders and swearing. Overall, it’s like in DOTA.
Friendliness score: 6/10

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – apparently, CSGO players are actually very newbie friendly and when you say you are a newbie, they are helpful and congratulate you for good shooting, if you do well. There are arguments and taunts between players, but overall the requirements for a newbie are quite low. The author however notes that this goes for international servers, the more Russians you get, the more people start to talk about Crimea, Putin and how Russia is great.
Friendliness score: 8/10

Warface – Warface is a F2P Russian first person shooter game, very popular on Russian market. According to the author of the post, the servers are full of retards, kiddies and noobs, who call you a moron often. When you lose, the winning team gets called cheaters and gays. Anyone who doesn’t join the lemming train and for example uses cover is called a cheater. The chat is full of ALL CAPS and hate messages. Players are hateful towards newbies.
Friendliness score: 2/10

Titanfall – apparently, Titanfall gamers are as angry as the Call of Duty crowd and everyone is screaming on the voice chat, but unlike Warface, this anger is just general anger venting, not directed specifically at anyone. People just let off steam. The game is apparently so hectic that it is difficult to get noticed when you don’t do stuff well – you can run around in circles and the other players will not notice, because they are busy with their own stuff. When the author got stuck in a narrow corridor and blocked it, the other players simply ran around him using balconies.
Friendliness score: 7/10

And finally…

World of Tanks – here, the author notes that unlike Warface, the chat is quite peaceful, with players not having time to write in battle and instead, they communicate with simple click commands (attack! help!), of which there is a lot, so a new player gets lost in them. Even if you do stupid stuff, other people are usually apparently silent, only in one case, when the author teamdamaged some other guy, that guy just shot him back. On the other hand, you can’t expect help, questions from newbies get lost in the sea of other stuff on chat and the best advice you get is to try tutorial or read up stuff on internet. Apparently, all this is said politely.
Friendliness score: 7/10

What I could add to this is that this situation actually changes the higher you climb on tiers – around tier 5-6-7, where even as a newbie you get in a day or two, at least on EU server, you start to encounter experienced players, who already expect you to know the tactics and other stuff after 2 days of playing World of Tanks. And what about you? Agree? Disagree? Do you think WoT community in game is friendly?

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  1. Id say World Of Tanks players are friendly to newbies, unless noobs buy for ex. Lowe before they reach 500 battles…

    Im surprised League of Middle Schoolers has 6/10, it has the most retarded and cancerous community out of all the F2P games IMO. And the game is not much better than the players.

    • they should make it that for a tier 1 premium (yes i know there isnt really one) you need 1k battles
      for a tier 2 premium you need 2k battles and so on. Then the “newbies” cant mess up the game because they have found a way to get maus/T34

      • It’s a little too harsh. IMHO having two “normal” tanks of the same tier and one of “tier +1″, with at least 100 games on any of them, would be sufficient. So if you want to buy a T34 or Lowe, you have to own at least two tiers VIII and one IX, with a total of 300 games on them.

        • Would say it’s enough to get a regular T8 before, as you meet the same tanks as in the premium. Bought mine when I was about to unlock T9 in my first T8, second highest was a T7, and with a nearly 1.600 WN8 I might not be the greatest, but my Premium didn’t hurt me or anyone else (it’s the SP).

          So once you reach a Tier, you unlock the Prems there, that would be my suggestion. it would be furthermore some kind of motivation to unlock them…

            • Well they are not doing this game for your lovely eyes they are doing it for money and putting restrains on what you can buy for real money and what you cant would not make profitable game.. players would just lost interest by the time they would progressed to T8

      • “they should make it that for a tier 1 premium (yes i know there isnt really one) you need 1k battles
        for a tier 2 premium you need 2k battles and so on. Then the “newbies” cant mess up the game because they have found a way to get maus/T34″

        I would prefer it if they made you get Master on a tank before they let they you buy the next tank. That alone would stop many noobs at tier 5 until they could grow a brain.

        Premium tanks, I would say you shouldn’t be allowed to purchase one more than two tiers above your highest regular tank.

    • lvl 1 accounts are matched agaist other low level accounts, thats why they dont see a lot of noob and moron.
      wot if they stick to low tiers is the same.

      warface on the other side you get matched agaist wallet warriors from the beginning so its really common see these comments.

        • Are you talking about the temp pref. MM that stock tanks get? Otherwise, tier I always gets tier I/II battles, tier II barely ever goes abover tier III…

          • new players themselves have their own MM for the first 20 battles, after that they get in battles with everyone, including seal clubbers.

    • “Im surprised League of Middle Schoolers has 6/10, it has the most retarded and cancerous community out of all the F2P games IMO. And the game is not much better than the players.”

      Try to play Smite then my friend.

      • They are all same crap, MOBAs that is. Id say the only decent one is DotA 2, everything except cosmetics is free, slightly better playerbase and its more challenging.

    • I left DOT2 and LOL due to the overall bad community. I survived 2 weeks of LOL before I left it. Ended up in Smite that’s more or less as silent as WOT or the one that complains about the two that are afk in base.

      As for WOT. Yes low tiers are silent and “ignorant”, there are the few TD and TK ofc. But if the author played a tier X match of bought a tier 8 premium with 0K battles. He would indeed see things differently. Most players don’t expect mush form 0K players in tier 1 to 4. Nor do I. I see players with 40K battles rage in tier 1. I always say “you sir must be a pain to play with in tier X”

    • Titan Fall looks Amazing. What Mech Warrior should have looked like. WOT getting a 7?

      Hmmmm, ok, if u say so.


      • What Mechwarrior online should have been is Mechwarrior: Living Legends. Titanfall is an anime-inspired COD-alike shooter for teenagers/console kiddos. Sorry, but noone with experience should touch that thing with a stick.

    • More or less. But I mostly just play the co-op missions and challenges. Those are fun. The Team based vs modes are indeed full of retards and the chat is insane. So I stayed away form that portion as the enjoyment is non existent.

  2. You can’t say some other game is full of retards and then not say WoT isn’t full of retards. Cause have you played low tier games? Fucking retards, all of them. Which is one of the downfalls of WoT, being that there’s a victory modifier you get punished for being on teams of retards in a 15v15 game.

    tho it is hilarious doing like a tier 2 game and getting mines and seeing 13 fucking tanks go onto the islands from the north spawn

    • I still wouldn’t call them retards. Most of low tier players are still learning how to play the game and becoming a tactical genius usually requires some experience. It’s natural to learn by copying and in case of Wot it’s usually looking where to move.

      Player1: “That guy has same tank as I do. I should follow him and look what he’ll do.”
      Player2: “Looks like those guys know what they are doing. I shall follow them.”
      Player3: “Wow, new map. Where should I go? Bunch of tanks are heading that way. I’ll join them.”

      • “Player1: “That guy has same tank as I do. I should follow him and look what he’ll do.””

        And he watch like guy in Marder rush or/and suicide scout or guy in KV1s camps in base :)

        • I dunno if you use xvm but using it in the low tiers theres more players than you think who are like several thousand games in, low 40%ers, and like < 200 wn8 who just stick to those tiers.

  3. for WoT maybe 6/10, the community on EU server is not that friendly…

    • You can’t put WoT at the same level at LoL…seriously !
      I don’t say that WoT community is friendly, but there is that much worst !

      When I started to play LoL with a new player, we already get flamed at the first game if you do wrong. It’s the more toxic community I ever experienced.
      (I already heard that my country is so “full of noob” that we are supposed to get atomic bombed…really…)

      I pretty agree with the author for WoT, generally speaking until tiers 7 people still pretty quiet.
      (except if you are in the 5 last guys of the team, where you might be flamed if you do really nothing.)
      At the end of the battle some guys rage against the whole team, quite politly with some “that tomatoe team”, but with the number of tankist we can met per hour it’s pretty rare to found mad men raging contrary to other games…

      The biggest problem is the lack of communication, this ambient “silence” ingame because noone take the time to talk or explain something.
      The language barrier with eastern europe people doesn’t help, but even with only english speaking people there is not that much communication.
      Because there’s no lobby room at the entrance and the beginning of the battle, it’s hard for a newbie to learn something from someone before/after battle. This is one explaination of newbie at Tiers 10, they continue their way blindly without any help since the beginning.

      A kind of chat with battle stats could be nice. How many time you would like to say something at the end of battle, but you ran out of time to do it ?
      And it could be easier for people to ask some questions. (like “I really don’t understand that/my tank…”), and I know people could be more ready to give some advice once the battle is finished.

      • “The language barrier with eastern europe people doesn’t help, but even with only english speaking people there is not that much communication.”

        Implying that all french, italian or spanish people speak good english? Coz i got a suprise for you there, mate.

        • At least the alphabet is a lot more similar, you can kinda get the gist with other romanche rooted languages. Cyrillic base stuff is a nightmare.

          • Cyrillic is used (among EU server countries) only in Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia, and Latin alphabet is popular in last two states (actually, recently Latin is probably more used than Cyrillic in Serbia).

            Main language problem is rather connected to fact, that there is a lot of kids with poor knowledge of English.

            • Which in it’s own way is good – at least we don’t have to listen to them raging on how someone did / did not move, shoots, what he is doing, etc.

              Otherwise WoT would be exactly the same shit LoL is, only with more racism.

        • I don’t know how you could read into this to get that surprising conclusion ^^

          But that doesn’t really matter : anyway the main idea is in the end of the sentence you quoted : even in a theorical game with only one language in common, people don’t talk that much. If they do it is not actually for advising anyone. :/

      • There is one good solution: a sensible tutorial, probably divided into few parts, describing all fundaments of this game – like MM, camo, spotting, how HE works… and so on. Of course rewarded with small amounts of gold, so every player would check it.

        Also, an informative panel or short video should be shown after unlocking or buying a new tank – telling what MM it has, how to use it properly, its pros and cons….

        WoT has an incredibly awful tutorial, and it’s one of main reasons, why there is so many tomatoes in this game.

    • play at SEA, there’s only a few chats, and if there is, it’s either spam, retards, or boxes and 555+

  4. You shouldnt be running in tier 6-7 tanks with absolute no idea how this game works. Read after the mechanic and get experience on lowtiers, playing against other tomatoes there is easier than going up to tier10 and run in front of statpadding exclusive-premium full gold user clan members.

  5. Friendliness score: 7/10 for WoT

    This is not true in my opinion. When compared to games like Swtor (Star Wars the Old Republic), the majority of the WoT community is a bunch of arrogant stats whores who like to bash players who have mediocre stats or are newbies. Since the existence of XVM and WN-ratings, WoT is anything but Newbie-friendly.

    I would give WoT 4/10 Friendliness score.

  6. Disagree for WoT, i will say 4 or 5. Game is full players that dont even see mini map dont use MM, dont use brain when they play, just rush die and think he is do something, or all go on one side and camp, instead of push that side. So game is full of noobs, and after 5-6 lost in game u “must” write something to idiots :D

    • I agree with you. But i dont blame people wo played less than 3k matches. But 5k and more matches people should have learned what MM is and what to do or what you never should do.

  7. The amount of rage on WoT is incredible. Though sometimes it’s funny to see some idiot raging about losing. The racial shit really takes away from the game. I don’t care about racial slurs but seeing ‘jews go get cancer’ a few times makes you question how retarded some of these people are.

  8. I disagree,the first time I played WoT I stopped after a week,because everyone was swearing with me,even on general chat. Then I spent about a month watching pros on Youtube and reading forum articles. I think that helped a lot,but after that I still got a lot of swearing,especially if I did really mess up something. In my case most of the players were very intolerant,they expect me to be the best.

    The most newbie friendly community for me was the player base of Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 and the player base if its mod Darkest Hour Europe 44-45. These games are 6-8 years old and they are still kinda popular today. There are very few servers left,but on weekend evenings they get full. RO and DH are (kind of) simulators they are not as complicated as ArmA series but they are still very-very realistic,almost no HUD,no health bar,no crosshair etc. teamwork,knowing your weapon and class is inevitable.
    So it’s really hard to get comfortable with it,especially because nowadays the more arcade games are popular (the games,which couldn’t/can’t really amuse me for long time,maybe Battlefield 3,but nothing else). But the players are very friendly,and they like if a new guy appears,especially because (I think) there are around 500 active players,and most of them know each other, and they help a lot. There is also a clan for newbies with the main goal of making good players out of newbies.

    • Well, I have 56 win ratio and decent other stats, I play 3 years, more then 99 prc of battles solo. But still happens that some 45-48 win ratio guys call me a noob or tell me what I shall do :).

      Yesterday 45 win ratio guy was giving me orders :D When he died (in open field, yeah) he declared that we are all noobs and idiots. He played 2k games only and feels like a commander and expert. WoT is full of such people…

      Last year I had to take longer break tiered with WoT community. I came back a few weeks ago, play just a few battles a day and already I am fed up with WoT kids.

      • WoT is also full of WN8 elitists who are the second cancer of the community right after racists. I rarely see people in other games name-calling eachother because of stats – these games just don’t show you stats right on a screen, so problem simply doesn’t exist and you score people by their performance in current match. In WoT elitism from stat-whores is quite common and can really discourage new people (friend of my just started playing WoT and that’s pretty much the thing that bothers him most – once you reach tier 5 stat-whores start to be annoying talking shit instead of giving advices.

        • Yep, this is one of reasons, why I support banning XVM.

          A few days ago I had seen 2 such guys bushing Lowe player cause he was “only” 48 and dared to stay alive and snipe when huge part of team suicided. When I wrote them to finally shut up, suddenly they stopped rage (although I was sure they will start rage on me).

          The funniest part is that Lowe was third best player in team in XP and first best in dmg and got High Caliber. Both those ragers made together around halef of this Lowe dmg.

    • Pro-hint – If you will become blue, purple player, that doesn’t mean you won’t be called a noob. I am a purple player and I get called that every second battle, mostly because I exploit the maps as much as I can, climbing up spots most people don’t know and using gold to carry a match.
      So what I want to say is, getting better won’t decrease the amount of times you are called a noob in wot community, it is how it is. A red player will call a green player noob, just because he can.

      And about the part where more friendly people play advanced games, you are right. To say it short – idiots are a magnet to easy to start games.

      • I know how that feel mate.
        Ppl will can you noobs just because you do something different, something they never see/ do before. i usually called noob many times because use my tank in unusual ways

  9. WoT: i’m friendly to lower tier players, but if i see players on VIII, IX, X (which i play most) I rage hard and I give a f**k. I flame these noobs, because they are just stupid donkeys who dont know how to play their tank.

    If I have enough of the game I just teamkill the most dumbest person who disturbs me (e.g. blocking me) in the battle, so I get an hour or a day-bann. I dont care.
    Because of this situation I decided not to pay any cent for the game anymore and i play on a standard account. WG and Serb can just suck my balls.

  10. As the matter of fact…

    On ASIA server players mostly silent on low tiers. Insult or whatsoever mostly comes out on tier 5 and above. Even when i visit back tier 1-3 for lulz nowadays, insults are very rare.

    On forum, well… most user try their best to be helpful, especially if you asking politely on newcomer section. As long as you not sprouting hack/cheat accuse and stubborn with that, the unicums will try to be polite.

    So yeah, for me 7/10 not really off-mark.

  11. Peaceful chat? Politeness?? In WoT??? I must’ve played a different game all this time. Or maybe RU server is more peaceful? Since there is pretty much only 1 nation, I guess there’s no nationalist stuff like on EU.

    • Yeah, I think you can be right, EU can be much worse then RU or NA due to its multinational status. Although I play on multinational servers in other games and it is much, much calmer. But all these games are PvE and in fantasy worlds, so no connections with real nations and history.

      • Not every WoT server is as problematic as EU.
        ASIA generally peaceful despite its multinational status until you got into high tier.

        The only bad thing with ASIA multinational status is occasional non-english battle chats with the worse one using non-latin character.

      • Multinational servers tend to be more peaceful because its hard to express emotion in foreign language. Thats why often you see when some dude starts flaming you in english but quickly goes to his native language to avoid the communicational “choke point” (and since all people dont give a fuck about other people hes not bothered at all that you cant understand him, ergo the flames are pointless)

        • Well I can’t agree. Due to these multinationality we have all those anti-Jewish, anti-Polish and other BS that Silentstalker was presenting for some time. And people rage in native languages thinking that other dont understand. Have seen it many times.

          For example. As you see my nick is in English, I also write on chat in English. And not long ago after i wrote a comment about lemming team one responded in his native language very rude sentences that meant in general “stfu you stupid English idiot, you can kiss my ass and so on, learn to play”. Yeah, kid was playing a tough guy thinking that I dont understand him. His problem was that his native is also my native, so I responded him how he deserved.

    • “Peaceful chat? Politeness?? In WoT??? ” – he must have played only tiers 1 and 2. Out there most of people don’t even know how to use chat, so it’s relatively quiet.

  12. First battles are against all newbies, to prevent early sealclubbing and to drag a player into, so everybody have “I can haz a tank and can roll” attitude, so any measurement of newbies approach is pointless.

    Noobs on higher tiers are punishment for the team, and I’d like WoT getting 1/10. To introduce you know what and to keep separation as first tiers.

    Knowledge base is on forum, in standard way- read as much as possible, ask later, not the opposite.

  13. I wonder how WoT on Xbox Live is. In my experience, XBL just invites normal, balanced people to suddenly morph into “SHITCOCK!” (thank-you, PA) screaming trogs.

  14. ” situation actually changes the higher you climb on tiers – around tier 5-6-7″
    Didn’t saw that much flaming at those tiers…most people understand that @t6-7 starts the true stuff.But, ofc, there are exceptions.

    On the other and I can say that at t8-10 starts the flaming stuff.And I agree with this kind of attitude.At t8 you should know at least the basics of the game, which will make you an average player.At t10, if you don’t know how to play…you’re sincerely a lost cause.

  15. WoT in Asia:
    Low tiers (1-3)
    Not really much chatting happens, everyone just go do whatever they want. You die, the others don’t care.
    Mid Tiers (4-7)
    Again, not much. There’s now some chatting, but mostly just calls for help or attack this guy. Some are just asking for what tank to grind, and some will give helpful advices.
    High Tiers (7-10)
    Now here’s where the hate starts coming up. Some players call the team noob, lemmings, idiots, bots, and so on. But most of the time, hate comes from Wallet Warriors, those who have 0-1k battles and yet has a Tier 8 premium tank, which they do not know how to play. I understand why they hate, it’s obvious. Bots, another large portion of hate.
    But most of the time, the chat is filled with silence, too busy with the battle unless it’s a campfest.

  16. This is not the case in dota: if u r new the mm puts u with other newbies.And theres not the newbies the problem the retard russians r the problem who search for match on eu west and they cant speak english and they do dumb thing

  17. WoT friendly??? Not so much. But it is PvP so no chance for huge friendliness comparable to some games that are PvE like Lotro, where I met very kind and helpful people. And WWII theme attracts many retards, nationalistic comments and all those idiots we have seen in FTR Hall of Fame…

    Also mixing fresh players with seasoned ones is not so good idea IMO. Even calm player can rage when he see what his inexperienced teammembers are doing in every battle. And what is more shocking, game has 3 years and it seems to me that with every year people are less experienced…

    • - “Also mixing fresh players with seasoned ones is not so good idea IMO. Even calm player can rage when he see what his inexperienced teammembers are doing in every battle. And what is more shocking, game has 3 years and it seems to me that with every year people are less experienced…”

      I think this is what damages the game experience the most. Separating the playerbase into a few large groups (like “people new to the game and learning”, “average but competitive Joe” and such, but also “regular trolls or people immune to experience/learning/progress”). That way I think we wouldn’t need a real skillbased MM and still could have a fun experience playing this game instead of getting hurt in the chest during our trial for one good game or important victory each day.

  18. Wheres Warframe?
    I could give 9/10 there – only occasional russians who I provocate, yell and hate at each other, but still working together :D
    Usually chat is few messages to zero.

  19. Hmm very little games there…

    Well about World of Tanks, I would give it a 5/10 for the community ingame for obvious reasons.
    But me personally, I think the best game community is/was definetly in Guild Wars, I would give that one at least 9/10 rating. A LOT of help for new players there :)

    • I tried GW2 for a month or two, and I have to agree, it was quite friendly (although chaotic at the same time). However, it may be connected to game mechanics – for example if you fight a boss, every active player will get a reward. Also, you can’t s”teal” resources (everybody gets its own).

  20. 2-3 days to reach tier 6-7?? You got to be kidding. I guess it would be possible if you played really hard only a single line of a single country, but still.

    I bet most people take a long time to get to tiers 6-7. Not everybody plays only one line of tanks for 1-2 days solid. So my guess is that is why players expect people at those tiers to be better prepared. The impression is that it takes a long time to get there and have learned something….

    What’s worse is that you see lemming trains and very bad play even at tier 8. Tier 8 is the hardest level to play on. On one hand you may encounter some of the best players at that level and on the other it seems that you see lemmings and idiots even more often than on tiers 5-7 all the while struggling through the long grind of upgrading your tank to a point where it can start to really count.

    • The problem with tier 8 is that there are some awful noobs with premium tanks. Two such idiots being top vehicles, and battle is often screwed.

      On middle tiers (IV-VI), there is often a stituation, when one side is quickly overwhelmed, and team which loses less tomatoes win.

  21. I think World of Tanks has the rudest player base that I have ever seen. But like others said, it’s mostly in the higher tiers. I’ve seen a few idiots in lower tiers but not many. As I progressed up, I couldn’t believe how many ignorant people there are in this game. The only other game I played on line was Quake, Quake II & Quake III Arena, mostly Capture the Flag. I played for many years and don’t remember anyone being ignorant like in WoT. I thank WG for allowing us to disable the chat now because I got tired of reading all the insults from the players that have been playing longer complaining about noobs all the time. And a LOT of them are grown men. Sad really.

    World of Tanks is THE most unfriendly game I have ever played. I would give it a 3/10.

  22. Community wise, LoL is definitely much worse, and screwing up in NORMALS can get u a ton of insults about your parents being in graveyards. WoT has a less retarded community, but the idiocy of players is nearly the same.

  23. I only read chat for the LOLs. As far as I am concerned when people rage in chat it says more about them than it does about the subject they are addressing. What is good is when killed team mates are helpful because they are not inclined to tunnel vision and can alert you to changes in the situation. I do this my self. If it is not constructive shut up.

    There should be a good team mate + option just as there is a report button. Options like “saved my ass”, “saved the game” “blasted away cover and let me get shots” “tried very hard but still a noob” — subjective stuff that is hard to measure by stats — but it should not possible to + a toon mate or clan member.

  24. 7/10 … He must have chat turned off..

    I find that the EU crowd has a ton of users that spam anti-Semitic comments and are generally just assholes to the majority of everyone else. Most of the players are okay, lower tiers they tend to be nice, but that is in no doubt due to the fact that low tiers new players are mixing with other low tier new players. The thing is, that x5′s, x2′s and x3′s can see “new” players quickly jump to tier 4 or even 5. The all day doubling on the 1st will see a lot of new players quickly grind. And above tier3 is when you start getting the crap.

  25. I was a newbie too, but when I was I a newbie I still had quite good stats and after like 500-1000 battles I started to watch videos from Jingles and QB and find the other stuff that helped me to play better…..Today you can see guys with 10k+ battles that look like they are fighting their first battle…..That’s the most saddest thing of WoT. And even if you want to help him, you type them some advices they are ignoring you or just say Fu*k you, and continue to doing their failplay.

  26. I don’t know about other online games (coz I haven’t played any) but I will say WoT is NOT newbie friendly.

    My reasons:
    1) Since 2008-2013 (first quarter) the game lacked a tutorial; so the only way to learn mechanics was to just grab a tank and press the battle button. CS & BF have single player bot system where you can try-out and learn. The only way you get to learn wot is the hard way.

    2) For most of us, who don’t have unicum intuition, we had to spend hours reading the reviews, studying maps and watching replays to get a feel of how one should play, what were the basic tricks (side-scraping, going hull down etc)

    3) No; the community was not friendly!! (NA server at least), you accidentally block someone’s tank on NA then wait for the avalanche of insults to be thrown at you (even if it was to shoot another tank who was trying to flank the blocked tank in the first place); so players are NOT friendly. I like the ASIA server, they stay calm (most of them; unicums included) and just crack on. Don’t know about the EU and RU server in this matter.

    • And u say now the game has serious tutorial??????
      EU server is same like NA and maybe worst
      For RU and Asia i dont know

      • The tutorial what we have is nice… but contains only the very basics of the game.
        WG should make a MUCH more detailed tutorial.

        • Present tutorial is a joke – it tells nothing about the game mechanics. Just basic controls.

          Good game should be “easy to learn, hard to master”. WoT is really hard to learn for a newbie. especially one who doesn’t check off-game resources (YT etc.).

  27. I myself get bashed up by so-called “unicums” and bash up “tomatoes” all the time.

    Newbies? Fuck them. We already have 80m accounts.

    • Do u know how many times i raped these so called unicums my ass players?Do u know how many times i saw tomato as they say player dancing around a unicum and blow his tank to the air?
      Unicum?yeah right if i had the benefits they have……..!

      • What kind of benefits?

        Some people have stats inflated by group playing in good clans, but it is hard to find other benefits that really improve stats apart from having a functioning brain :)

  28. My 2cents:

    I think that wot community IS newbie-friendly. If you shoot the red tanks, don’t do anything stupid, ask politely and don’t pose as “I-know-it-all-stfu-naabs” tard despite having less than 500 battles on your account – there’s not much to worry about. Especially if you at least TRY to learn something – ask skillozords, read about game mechanics, tutorials, etc.

    However – overall wot community is shit.


    The idiots, the wannabe nazis, griefers, dumb kids – wot has all sorts of scumbags and plenty of them at that. The community is so full of crap, that moments when you get praised by someone – be it your or the enemy team – are worth more than gold.

    The mechwarrior 4/mektek community was the best all around, too bad the game pretty much died. ;_;7

    • “Like, you kill someone – YOU FAKING CHEATER, NOOB L2P!111…”


      That was like in my Comet on Himmelsdorf, I see a Cromwell, shoot him a few times and he starts to rage just like that. He even opened a private channel to post that again (lol).

  29. Of course Warface is not RU only. It was first, but EU/NA version are here for more than half year from official release. I was in the Warface EU closed beta from January 2013, so info that it’s “almost exclusively Russian overall” is very inaccurate.

  30. Personally I am very friendly and helpfull towards new players, I was bad as well when I started, everyone is (apart from re-roll tards) so I can’t expect something I wasn’t able to do at the start as well. BUT when I see 5k+ games, 200wn retard, doing things that any normal human being wouldn’t doo…OH BOY, I get very creative when it comes to insulting then.

  31. Btw. if WoT don’t have retards, and impolite players, what was “Hall of shame” about? :D And because i started to play WoT from early beginning (cbt), i can see that, there is still more and more retard players also in higher tiers. I think that author of this “survey” didn’t spend much time of playing…

  32. I only dislike those WoT 45% Players with massiv amount of games (10k ++) who havent learned the basics.
    Most of them are just self seekers who want to drive a tank and shoot around like in Counterstrike.

    • People aren’t all here to play for stats – I mean: to play good. Some are just here for fun, ofc for you who want to play and win it’s not great. But we don’t have to be rude with them :)

      • what kind of fun is this thing where you shit for 10 minutes in the corner of the map camping and waiting waiting waiting waiting until it is too late and the insults/rages and all the wonderfull stuff are going like thunderstorm still cant figure it out……
        yes it is about having fun BUT actiing like idiot and get flouded by rages/insults and stuff what is the fun in that???
        if they find this thing fun then there is something reaaaaally wrong with there brains and must check it

        • I don’t talk about people who’s camping, doing nothing, and rage. Ofc they’re stupid.
          I mean people who just play, they’re doing it wrong yeah, but why insult them?
          Seriously, you never see people insulting ‘tomato’? Saying that they should delete their account?
          I don’t think it’s a good way to help newbie. Even with a lot of battle, the more you’re rude with them, the less they’ll try to become better.
          At least that’s what I think.

          Edit: Just look at what London Soul said at the bottom of this page. How the hell, can he find WoT newbie-friendly?
          I never played in RU server, but if it’s really 7, then it’s really different from EU.

          • pretty much yes
            also about the ones with the big numbers of battles
            many times wont listen even if you ask them politely
            and yes you are right about being constantly rude will end up in a bad road

      • Fun is wheb you pull it off from certain defeat, wheb you are practically shaking with excitement after a very intense firefight (win or lose). That is the feeling for which I play this game.
        ofc I need my stats to improve (stuck at 49.86 for the past 3k battles)

        Hell I win battles with me dying in the first min in an e-100 and I have lost many matches where I did more than 6k damage in the same tank.
        My belief is; unless you team up with some really really good players, there is a certain wr which you cant breach. At least this has been the case for me.

  33. WoT community is toxic and hostile. Ask newbie questions on the forum, you usually get mocked and insulted, especially if you have more than a thousand battles (omg how do you not know this yet you stupid fucking noob), and if you have less than a hundred battles you usually get called out for being a secondary account and a stats padder.

    7/10 is a fucking joke, maybe it’s different in Russia but German and general EU community is a toxic pool of waste.

  34. Never played the other games from the list.So i can give a score only for wot.And that will be no more than 1-4.
    And i say 1-4 becouse wot have players from several countries and even the good attitude players not very friendly most of times against newbies.

  35. I’m fine with newbies, but the fucking noobs that already have thousands of games played should know how to play!

  36. Meh. When you’re V-VI people aren’t as friendly as he said. A lot of people actually are angry about the Stats.
    Each time it’s the same: tomato team, 42% win, being rude etc. I don’t think it’s really newbie-friendly, people actually don’t have time to think, that they’re already considered as noob.
    That’s why I disable the chat. I get tired of all this.

    But when you’re in a good game with fine people, it’s really fun. And people actually are newbie-friendly. But I saw less and less of this.


  37. Russians you get, the more people start to talk about Crimea, Putin and how Russia is great.

    Ahahaha this made my day.

  38. WOT chat is a zest pit at times the amount of vile hateful comments i have witnessed is horrible and of course they never get banned. I try to help new players out in chat that ask questions like is this tank good, what gun should I use etc. but I will admit I have said comments towards people with 20K battles 46% WR who are just doing nothing but anyone with 5K battles and below I don’t say anything we where all noobs at one point.

  39. WOT friendly? Between the nazi turds, racist retards and generally friendly people who like to have sex with your mother in awkward positions, I would say it is very mild mannered indeed.

  40. well a bit intristing to read article but 7/10 about wot ???
    was he a russian playing on EU not knowing english or what???
    EU is one of the most toxic communitys
    they die cause of being idiots they rage at them who at back
    you killed a tank (cause it is the game after) either you teammates rage cause you stealed my kill noob bla bla bla or the enemy starts raging cause he though he is the invisible tank and get butthurt not acceptint the fact that he died
    the so called unicoms???we seen them in the battle (and sometimes in FTR hall of shame) morons statpadding whores who are just too blind to accept others opinions that are lower of them and ofc the
    wannabe kidos who either fail trolls/ gonna be nazis but fail / ragers against other countries(especially polland ) like there countrie hasnt got noobs they are prime masters of tank battles in an arcade healthbar system of gameplay

    so yeah 7/10 for this stuff??
    NO!i dont think soooo…..
    o btw dont forget the unkhown reaons ragers that enters a battle and start throwing insults and the typical wonderfull stuff

  41. Aren’t a lot of people here confusing “newbie friendly” with “overall friendly”? No PvP game has a decent community overall but WoT is one of the more newbie friendly games I know in general: If you just don’t pretend to be a super pro in chat, you will do fine. Hell, I’ve even platooned with strangers and taught them some stuff (this wasn’t available when I was a scrub, though, because platoons were premium only). Just ask politely in chat and if someone actually knows what they’re doing, they will usually help.

    As for chat not being very active, that’s pretty simple: Everyone speaks a different language by default in Europe, so it’s not nearly as chatty as the NA server, for instance. On top of that, game mechanics mean that most fights last a very long time in terms of making someone’s HP dissapear, so you don’t really have time to write a list of protips or tactics while shooting. Since there is no pre- or post-battle chat, people will just have to remain ignorant.

    Also, I really want to say that once you hit tier 6, you’re no longer a newbie: By this point, you should know what penetration is, what armor is, what angling is, how much damage the most common tanks do to you, know what hard and soft cover is and at least be fairly intimate with a couple of maps. I’m not saying you’re ready to use any random tank at its full potential but you should certainly be beyond the “hold W forever”-point in the game and realise that there are some fights you can’t take part in (eg. going up against an IS-3 in your VK36).

  42. WoT community for newbies is quite good. Ask nice on forums, many people, some even have tons of experience, answer back nicely.

    But as you go up the food chain discussion, especially on the Asian server where there are egotistical Singaporeans and Aussies and terribly mannered Filipinos, it gets bad really fast.

    • Well if you are a newbie and come to the forum to complain. Then no, he won’t get a response to his “question” just a “oh you’re doing it wrong” response.

      Newbies that ask in the newbie section of the forum do indeed get help and nice responses. But if your opening post is not nice or more of a complaint box or a rage post because the newbie did not understand the basics. Then there won’t be no help on the forum.

      I’ve seen people say “sorry I’m new to the game” when someone complains about his actions. It usually turns fast to a help sessions and a quick tutorial in most battles I’ve played where most will answer his questions about what he did wrong, or why he did not do damage. But if the response was “STFU”… well… then no.

  43. We’re all aware of some issue or another with potatos and tomatos. I suggest WG add a min battle requirement for anything past tier 6 so ensure people get enough experience for the higher tiers. Too many times i’ve seen tier 9/10 with 1-2k Total battles. Its not gonna stop them from playing but should help ensure they at least learn how to play before moving up the ranks.

    I also recommend some new mechanic for MM to take into account either winrate or general stats for players at 8 through 10 and further balance it out so we don’t have one team with 10 purples and the other with 1 blue and all green. This I believe would solve A lot of problems with WoT.

  44. Wait a second… The guy played the games for like what? 2 hours each or so? Or like 10-12 matches or so? Because there would be a very big difference in it. In LoL 2 hours is almost 3-4 matches, OFC you won’t be flamed so much if you break the meta or have terrible stats. (and because you “have to deal” with the idiot FOR 30 MINS you get end up being a jerk). In CSGO people know how hard it is to master the “noscopeheadshots” and they see you as a walking meatbag so why shout you at? In Titanfall (which is a new game), people still learn how to be “proes” so if you suck it’s “part of the game”. In WoT however you play for 2 hours and you get to tier3. Mostly. No wonder he wrote what he wrote.

    Aaaaaand just a question: Did he surveyed the forums too? Because forums are mostly far from the “unpoliteness” than in the games itself.

  45. Seems like it depends on server mostly cuz I would give Dota 2 on europe servers which is dominated by russians 1/10 and on US servers 9/10. Russians are whining, cocky leavers who can speak only their 3rd world dialect and expect every1 to know it whereas on US server ppl usualy try to help and have “everyone makes mistakes” attitude, beside brazils who are like russians of the US.

    I never played LoL but I’ve heard it’s very unfriendly community, filled with angry teenagers.

    When it comes to WoT EU, sometimes swearing starts during the countdown, lots of Nazi and red propaganda, stat whining (somehow ppl with horrible stats usualy do the most stat whining), when you try to help ppl their responds are cocky and rude… 0/10

    Not to mention entire WoT is up side down due to retared system which basicly allows newbies to play hightier battles if they spend enough money.

    • “[...] beside brazils who are like russians of the US.”


      “I never played LoL but I’ve heard it’s very unfriendly community, filled with angry teenagers.”

      Nope… it’s filled with people declaring others angry teenagers. Like in CoD or in WoT.

      “Not to mention entire WoT is up side down due to retared system which basicly allows newbies to play hightier battles if they spend enough money.”

      More like enough time. But honestly i think it’s a really good system. You can play your favorite tonk even if you “grew out from it”. (My friend only goes with tier 1s… and i usually go with my MS-1… because it’s fun to us. Progress isn’t fun for us. :D)

      • Yeah same with startrek Online you get to final rank in few days and then you are stuck playing only one “tier” you cant go back play with smaller ships etc.. WOT system is way better and frankly games are not flooded but so many premium T8s as one would imagine.

  46. >around tier 5-6-7, where even as a newbie you get in a day or two

    Dirty re-roll account spotted. (I kid, I kid). No, you won’t get to T5 in a day or two. I remember back in 0.6.4 (May 2011) it took me at least a month or so to learn the absolute minimum, start advancing tiers, grind through the old T-28 with the 85mm (120 pen, 160mm) that I thought was a bad tank due to inexperience (even though it was awesome) to get the old T5 KV and start to feel invulnerable as I was blasting people left and right with probably the most OP tank in the history of WoT AFAIR.

    In any case, for me, it was a time before Clanwars, collision model viewers, extensive guides and videos by objectively (WN7, WN8, CW territory swag) good players so I learned by trial and error.

    But even in today’s information-rich environment, I really doubt a new player to WoT will reach T5 in “2 days”.

      • It totaly agree, no way a newbie could have a teir 5 after two days. Ive been playing for four days and i have two teir 4 and five teir 3 tanks, but 10k+ xp i need for teir 5 looks years away. You probabley could do it if you were grinding a new line, but for a new player its out of the question.

  47. i play warface NA (closest server from jakarta, indonesia) and usually they’re a silent bunch. then again, maybe that’s cuz i’m still in the bottom noob ranks due to lag making me lazy to play it

  48. >> Warface is a F2P Russian first person shooter game, very popular on Russian market.

    Yes, very popular. So popular that it’s the first time I’m hearing about it. Lol.

  49. it is rather rare and pointless for people to rage in low tier match (aka in front of newbies) because unskilled play is expected to be seen, unless the newbies buy t8 prems….

  50. Pretty spot on for WoT.

    Players don’t usually have time to type in game…unless they’re dead and anally devastated about something. Then they rant and wouldn’t shut up.

    Shut the hell up, you’re dead. Nobody cares.

    You need 1 on 1 help you can join a newbies friendly clan.

  51. well, i can give credits to players up to 10k battles, if he is shit after 10k battles played there is no hope and i would flame the shit out of him….everything bellow 10k is “allowed” to be noobie for me personally…but flaming people at t1-t5 who have played like 1k battles is being a major douchebag…..since i do rarely play that low tiers, only thing i do is flame those monkeys with 10k+ battles who are still shit at the game…. i would give it 5/10

  52. 20 battles today 5 win, the most common resulte is 15:5, 15:6, and then how to dont say something and swear to idiots and noobs in team.

  53. I’d say really concentrated “name calling” on WoT is rather rare. Most often it’s 2k battles 45% winrate “experienced players” that can’t stop whining and swearing. More often then not they stop after a minute if nobody takes the bait from these trolls… If a decent player starts the swearing it’s often after having tried to coordinate at the beginning of the battle and some Lemming train ruining it and stuff like that.

    What I really can agree on, is that it’s increadibly hard to get hints from experienced players. Tutorials are the only serious source of information. I’ve tried often to get hints/”orders” via battle chat, especially when being alive with the top players after three minutes with 3-10 kills or something like that. Only three times somebody actually bothered to answer me. And in every one of these three times I managed to be an asset except a liability, and we even got the wins in the end. Even got my Mastery Badge in the Chi-To in on of these battles…

  54. Ive found world of tanks quite newbie frendly, althouh i admit its the first online game i have played. Ive been playing for four days now had have 390 ish battles under my belt, and im quite supprised by how nice some people are. Twice now ive had other players who ask me to follow them and then they showed me what i should be doing, i dont know if they had xvm and could see if i was new or just were being kind to another person, but it feals nice to have someone be acceplting of noobs and who try vto help then. Its problbley worh mentioning im playing on the SEA server, so its probabley just us kiwis being awesome like normal.

  55. I’d say that the WoT community isn’t that bad as far as multiplayer games go…as long as you stay off of the forums; going there is just asking for trouble.

    That being said, there ARE a few cauveats, the majority of them having to do with battle tier:

    Tiers 1 through 3 are easily the most newbie friendly, well…except for the sealclubbing and the scambots that populate tier 1 games. That being said, not all sealclubbers are there just to pad stats, and some can even be very helpful, as I found out first-hand when I first started playing.

    Tier 4 is a real shock to the system, by comparison, as while most tanks start to get ‘normal’ matchmaking at this tier (technically they still don’t, because tier 1s and 2s don’t face off against tier 4s, and not all tier 3s face tier 5s iirc, so in the best case scenario, everybody else is one tier below you), and is where you really start to find yourself at the mercy of the matchmaker, where working as a team is important, particularly if there’s a lot of statpadders driving Russian heavies and M18s in tier 6 max games with you in the tier 4s. It’s also the point where you start to learn some of the finer points, and you learn more all the way up into tier 6.

    At tier 7, the game changes again. This is where tactics, adaptive ability and mastery of one’s tank become more important than anything else. At tier 8, this is taken to its extreme, as this is the tier where most of the noobs (people who refuse to improve) will hit their ceiling (unless they’re insanely persistent and fail their way to tier 10 like so many do), while those that have a grasp of the game will prosper and advance onwards.

    Tiers 9 and 10…just forget it, if you’re a noob. If you still haven’t figured the game out by then, then you’re hopeless, and people WILL let you know how much you suck.

    TL;DR – if you’re a newbie, stick to tiers 6 and below until you get a grasp of the game, then feel free to advance.

    Now, ANOTHER cauveat is that some servers are more forgiving than others. From what I’ve seen, the NA is the most cutthroat of the servers when it comes to newb-friendliness. They’re just not welcome here, and frankly it’s a bit saddening. It may also be part of why the server population has stagnated at around 50k players on the NA server (that and American gamers hate grinding – I personally don’t mind it…within reason – WoT actually isn’t that bad as far as grinds go compared to some other games I’ve played, since you at least feel a sense of accomplishment while doing it if you’re doing well in battles)

  56. Why EVE online isnt included? I was trying it like 4 years ago during a free month special and was impressed by the community. I got various offers of help when I shown my frustration about the trillion of information and stuff thrown at me the first time playing. In the end I quit, but ppl were generally mature and friendly, but that type of game attracts alot of mature players due to the complexity of the game obviously.

  57. “Overall, it’s like in DOTA.” – LoL is like DOTA2 in terms of community? Bullshit.

    LoL is a cancer of computer gaming communities.

  58. I try to be friendly all the time on the WoT forum. If someone asks for help or advice I’ll give them information, to the best of my knowledge. If you ask a civil question, you’ll get a civil answer.

    However there are a lot of whiners on the forum, who come on to just rage and apportion blame to everyone but themselves and these people need to be taught: “The problem generally lies with yourself. Your lack of understanding or your inability to learn”. Like the guy who raged that the AT-2 was OP because he shot it 30 times from the front and penned it twice. Doh! If he’d asked “How do you kill that AT-2?” he’d have gotten friendly advice. Instead he got his answer with a hefty dose of scorn.

    This is the difference between newbie and noob. A noob takes no blame for his failures and rages at the mechanics, his team mates and everything conspiracy theory under the sun. A newbie realises he doesn’t know stuff and asks question with humility.

    There are quite a few trolls on the WoT forum too, who love to give a dickbag answer to every post, but generally I’d say WoT is a helpful place.

  59. LOL its very noob friendly, I don’t rage at new players for instance. If there on my team I watch em drive out and death scout for me and when there the enemy I make sure to help them with the penetration / vision mechanics through practical applications of them :)

    Over all no one seems to help anyone in WoT till you join a clan or group up with friends, then learning begins. To me the public newbie helpfulness would be a 2 and in group help would be an 8.

  60. If someone write not stupid question i answer, and sometimes write with ppl after battle, but WoT and “invite to friend” and no post battle chat (like in LoL after battle u can write with others our and enemy team).
    I think problem in WoT is good player like play high tier, but newbies can only play low tier, so new player learn from new player or idiots.
    In etc LoL u play with good player too, on start, so is big difference.