Interested in catching bots? Download the Bot Hunter mod (version for 9.0).

- the vision and spotting points on a turret are identical (SS: as in, the points that get checked for spotting and the points, that spot on turrets are located on identical places)

Otherwise nothing much today… ah well, it’s Sunday anyway.

15 thoughts on “27.4.2014

    • honestly, I’m far more interested in the German one since they’ve been promising it for a lot longer with even less movement. right now they don’t even seem to have a model decided.

      • That depends on if you believe they have the info on the RU251 or whatever they were planning.

  1. Well, i think we are going to have 4 patches more in 2014…. june, august, october and december… think only 2 lines are planed (USA lights and or UK meds or japanese heavies).

    I think 9.1 is going to be a poor release, maybe 1 of the promised premiums (or T-54 light or german tier 8 med)

    9.2 i expect HERE the USA lights, in august

    9.3 UK changes in top tiers and one more prem tank… maybe 2 if we dont see one in 9.2 and havok update.

    9.4 the 2nd line.

    My main interest is what they do with the T21 T71 line… they can conect T71 with the tier 8 light OR they can add T92 as tier 7 and rework T71 as tier 8 and we have 2 tier 8 lights.

    Other point is what they do with xp in chaffee… more it with tank to tier 6 or not… i dont remember what they do in similar situations like the IS-4 move to tier 10.

      • No, they don’t, but people complain if there aren’t any new tanks. To them, new tanks are the only thing worth patching for, and at the same time they whine about engine optimisation and all that stuff. People are never satisfied.

    • I hope they make the m24 Chaffee in to a tier 6
      think about it the t21 in tier 6 and its a earlier older design.
      Here is MY suggestion… “SCOUT ” LINE
      tier 2 M2 light, tier 3 M3 Stuart, tier 4 M5 Stuart, tier 5 T21, tier 6 Chaffee (hare is the split),
      tier 7 The T71, and the M37(chaffee upgrade turret ) or the M41 Walker Bulldog
      tier 8? they said the T49 light tank
      the T92 airborne tank MAY be a tier 7 premium tank

  2. Thanks for the mod. Been reading your stuff for quite some time but this prompted me to want to personally respond and thank you for making me aware of this… I know it is unlikely that any of these bots will be punished (they all have to run premium accounts for it to work), but I do appreciate being able to now point out bots in-game to enemies and friendlies alike. Keep up the good work.

  3. Any clues as to how this mod works, and who wrote it? Not a fan of installing unknown software from a site with no info on my PC…

  4. It would make more sense to have the top of the turret was a spotting point, but copula be a vision point when applicable. It would make even more sense if spotting was a function of the number of points being spotted not just one.