Pictures from Piešťany Museum

Hello everyone,

Slovak player Elnorka was kind enough to share some pictures from his trip to Piešťany military museum in Slovakia, which focuses on vehicles, used by the Czechoslovak army. I think some are pretty interesting.

Also, thank you all for sending me many, many photos – from Munster, Overloon, Latrun, Saumur and others. I will post them all eventually.

T-72 model – a military school item for teaching the soldiers about tank construction


2S4 Tulpan – Soviet self-propelled 240mm mortar


T-72M1 – a Slovak upgraded T-72, license-produced in Martin (Slovakia) between 1986 and 1991 (cca 1000 were built). Compared to the original “monkey model”, it had improved hull and turret armor with ceramic rods and improved suspension.


VT-55A – Armored recovery vehicle


T-55AM2 – one of the last Czechoslovak T-55 upgrades with improved armor, fire control system and other modern features, produced from 1985 to 1990


BRDM-2 with AT missiles


BVP-2 – license-produced BMP-2, made in Slovakia between 1987 and early 90′s (1996?), number of produced vehicles is unknown, allegedly around 300.


SU-25 Frogfoot


Czechoslovak MiG-21


OT-64A SKOT – a Polish/Czechoslovak armored transporter (SKOT – in Czech “Bovine” – in this case means a shortcut for “Medium Wheeled Transport”)


Czechoslovak T-34/85



JT-34 – Czechoslovak crane tank, built on T-34 chassis, produced between 1962 and 1966, 150 were made


Vz.77 DANA – Czechoslovak-developed 152mm wheeled artillery (actually, I am not sure here, but I think this is it)


SD-100 – license-produced SU-100


31 thoughts on “Pictures from Piešťany Museum

      • In fact, SKOT is Polish-Czechoslovak cooperation… Chasis are from TATRA company…not sure about engine

    • wow, that’s great stuff. Ty, love these museum pieces. The bi plane over the jet was a unique pic, No?

      T-72 looks just bad ass, hope we get the 167 hull someday, ;)

      But, thers one problem……! you Got one of the Tank Destroyers wrong. I just don’t want you to get into trouble or hurt “that guys” feelings.

      Its the Vz 777 DANA, Its called the;

      Vz 777 SERBA !

  1. CehoSlovakia was under Socialist regim back in the day.. so i supposed it’s nothing special that star.

  2. Hey SS, tell me one thing, had SD-100 any czechoslovak upgrades ? Or was it just renamed to distinguish where it was made ?

  3. I wanna see more T-72-like “skeletons” in the game! It would be awesome! (The armor in the game is already a paper thin layer with just a number so why not remove the visible layer but hold the number?) :D

  4. About the school display T-72, do tanks actually have a frame work under the armor? I always assumed the armor plates where welded together to form the hull and required no frame.

    • Dude even cars need a framework. Unless you want a “shapeshifting” thing that will morph within 5 seconds :D

      • True, but car skins are millimeter thick steel, tanks are made out of centimeter thick steel plates. :) It just sounds weird that a steel plate centimeters thick would need some little framework behind it like there is in the picture.

  5. I would love to have Vz 77, or a wheeled vehicle, ithink it would give us something different