Tier 10 RU Server Winrate

Hello everyone,

we all know that RU server has the biggest influence on vehicle balancing (simply by the virtue of being the largest server cluster) – so, how do tier 10′s look over there?



I guess there are some tier 10 candidates for buff after all…

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  1. WT E100 anf FV 50% WR shows they are actually balanced! VK Winrate is expecte but not too OP imho. I see that gun carryer getting a slight splash nerf maybe could be the same case like VK that mostly CW payers own it. But i’d like to see british med and heavy tier x changed or a diffrent vehicle.

    • u don’t know what balance means. FV is UP with silver ammo, OP with gold ammo if RNG will not troll them.

      WT is OP in some situations and UP in another. FV needs buff for normal ammo and HESH nerf. WT needs to be reworked completly / changed for another vehicle, concept of WT is just retarded.

      • What most people dont realise that WT can be killed by anything. People are just too stupid and scared of that thing they switch of their brains and cry in chat. In the hands of a good player that tank is deadly i agree but if you play right against a WT hell die without even firing his clip empty.
        Same goes for the FV if they buff silver ammo the thing becomes OP and the Gold shells ruin you moneywise. A FV is a 3-4 shot for Tier x tanks and in this time he can shoot about 2 times… people just need to learn what to do and when to do it if you are in a tier 8-9 tank going out in front of an FV that shoots gold you are a noob far beyond the 50% WR zone and you deserve to die in 1 shot.

        • Couldn’t agree more with you thepanic.

          For WT, 105mm HE shells in the turret deal an average of 550 dmg per shot, and totally wreck it. When it’s reloading, it’s a deathtrap. Sure, you need to learn to play around it, not to poke a certain corners or be always ready to repair your track, but honestly I’ve been only twice unloaded on by the WT E100, ever since it was introduced.

          The same thing goes for the Deathstar, just it’s even easier. He only fires once, so you need to sacrifice a friend (:D) and then finish him off during the reload. They are quite paper armor and failry easily to deal with, I for instance fing the Obj 263 much harder to deal with – great armor and insane DPM make that TD such a huge threat.

          Anyway, well said, thepanic!

          • Yeah, O263 is so OP. That is why nobody plays it…

            Problem with WTE and FV is their alpha/insane drum damage. If they suprise you when fighting somebody else you are dead with no chance to fight back/hide. And given their vulnerability they are often camped with. And deal with camped TD on 400m when its behind bush/corner/unspotted/covered by others and can kill you in seconds.

            Insane alpa/drum damage makes this game campfest and players playing these TDs campers. They have no other purpose than to sit and deal insane damage. Practically they took artys role after arty nerf and the need to be nerfed/removed.

          • The fundamental flaw with your way of seeing things, guys, is that armor doesn’t matter when you have a HP pool to back yourself up.
            Yes, Waifu will be penetrated with each shot, but it has 2.200HP. So, let’s say you are playing a HT, like the IS-4. Waifu is faster than you, and he’ll wreck you before you get your second shot off, and let’s be honest here, if you have an HE shell loaded at all times at Tier X, you are doing it wrong.
            It doesn’t matter that you can easily penetrate it, because you are only dealing a fraction of his HP, and then you have to reload. He can gut you before you reload, and it’s still a good HP trade for him.
            And let’s be honest, no Waifu driver with IQ higher than a lobotomized ape will ever go alone, nor peek out of a corner first. It’ll take 4 or 5 tanks shooting him at once to kill him fast, before he wrecks one of you, then runs into the sunset to reload and wreck somebody else a minute later.

            Pretty much same deal with 183. Not only the alpha is insane, the HESH shell is completely broken. 270 penetration? No tank can take that penetration in the game. ALL tanks have weakspots that can be penetrated with much less power than that.
            And, if you are an amoeba that can only click, then you still do damage, because it’s an artillery gun with TD stats. Not counting the fact that it has TD camo and will outspot HT’s and may also outspot a MT with bad crew/Bad setup thanks to the camo advantage.

            And the biggest sufferers of TD meta are mostly HT’s. They are slow, so they can’t run away. They have bad DPM compared to both MT’s and TD’s, and sometimes their guns aren’t even all that great. Couple that with bad camo and lowest viewrange of any direct combat class, and you can only rely on an armor that most of the times isn’t enough to stop an aimed AP shot, let alone APCR/HEAT/HESH shot.
            Of course, you can say “The meta of the game is correct. You don’t see many HT’s around lately, do you?”, and you’d be right, but it’s a game and if you are going to go for balance, you have to give HT’s a place in the battlefield other than big, farmable piñatas of damage and experience.
            And… A good HT driver will eventually have to come in contact with a TD, because he has to be in the front using that HP pool and armor to support a push after the MT’s establish vision supremacy (Hopefuly). You can avoid TD’s by camping, but that’s not what HT’s are for.

        • FV should have armor nerf, is to many times he not take dmg, good aimed shot.

    • IS7 needs a slight buff to its aim time, and penetration should be taken back to 260mm (AP). IS4 could use with a bit more gun depression, similar to ST1. OBJ268, I don’t understand why it’s suffering so much.

    • Look at “количество техники” -> “tanks count”, not many play it = less noobs.
      I have IS-4, Maus, E100, 113, E50M, B-C 25t, And realy IS-4 is good tank, only if u play like noob, u die like noob. 113 is weak, cant play like HT, more like MT or snipe. Maus + gold = hard time, E100 weak turet armor (and weak spot). E50M is great, and easy to use, B-C 25t is great but hard to use.

      I see IS-7 and ding armor, only ppl play it most have own WR at 4x% so….

  2. T-62A, IS-7 and Object 268 are underperforming, and should be buffed. Totally legit.

    • Buff? No shit.
      These tanks are driven by n00bs, that’s why they have bad reputation.
      USSR tanks fits perfectly for the tomato nation.

      • According to WG are all tanks played equally both by good and bad players, Thats why it make sense to compare the overall WR.

        • Well, STB-1 sure isn’t OP, but WR shows it is. And the reason for that is that tank is mostly driven by at least green(XVM) players and above and rarely by tomatoes. So that argument is utter shit and doesn’t make sense at all. WG is just too lazy to check more stats and combine them when it comes to buffing/nerfing. It’s just easier to track WR only even if it doesn’t have sense at all. And also you have tanks(waffleshite100) that won’t be nerfed soon because they are making too much money for WG eventhough they are perfectly aware that thing is broken/OP.

          • you can see why some tank are rarely driven by tomatoes. STB-1 are a good example. The way to get it are too difficult for them. When tomatoes see that line, they will looked at basic stats of low tier tank and think “wow, these tank are too weak/ no armor / under gun”, so they will look at other line. Or they just start with tier 1-2-3 and give up because they can’t make it work. So only good player go down that line, because at least they know how to drive them. On other hand the OP vehicles always loved by tomatoes because “OMG this tank so OP, i have to drive it”.

            • I would say that in Jap line the Chi-Ri is a stopping point where majority of even really patient noobs give up. It’s one of these tanks that require skill to be even somewhat useful and enjoyable. And thank god for Chi-Ri in this line, cause if noobs would get STA-1-alike tanks earlier they’d be all over the STB-1 in Tier 10.

        • “According to WG are all tanks played equally both by good and bad players,” – that’s BS and we all know it. Distribution of player base is NEVER equal. Said STB is a perfect example of that.

  3. Once it was on FTR, WR is nothing.
    WR / WR(player) is somthing.
    Some tank need skills, some most ppl using them are noobs…

  4. WR is nothing, i often carry tier 3 games in the “worst” tier three tank, the BT-7, it has the lowest avg WR(~47%) in it, but i manage around 52% in 550++ games…

    • Which only says something about you, not the tank. The picture SS linked includes the results of everbody, basically removing that kind of bias.

      • Winrate of VK72 proves you wrong, these statistics are biased and cannot be used to measure whether a tank is OP or UP. It’s also important to remember that the more popular a tank is, the more likely it is that it will appear in both teams in any given battle, dragging its wr to 49% (2% of battles end in draw iirc)

      • You’re forgetting the whole fact that it has the worst gun of all tier 10s. How they make it work, I will never understand.

  5. Holy sh*t, IS-7 Stats
    It’s weird, because I generally have good games in that thing.
    Peeps just need to know how to use it.
    Sure, I would love maybe an HP buff but there isn’t really a huge need to buff it.

    For instance, the VK7201.
    One of the main reasons that tank has a high w/r is because of their drivers, being knowledgeable enough to earn those things through warring.

  6. Just my thoughts:
    T-62a: Just don’t make it burn every time it get’s shot at.

    121: Get’s insta popped by ammo rack explosions often and burns too often. Just give the ammo rack some more HP. And perhaps the same with fueltanks.

    ConqGC: Too accurate.

    WTE-100: Nerf aim time, mobility. Remove the 128mm gun or remove 2 shells from the clip.

    HESH: That should bounce more often,. Not really sure HESH actually works the same as an HE shell in real life which it does in game. (Interested if someone acutally knows if it does or not?)

    Foch 155: Shells travel too much like a howitzer. Give it a more narrow trajectory and perhaps a slight buff to shell travel speed.

    • HESH sticks to the armor and than detonates, it squashes and spreads plastic explosive, than it is ignited(it all happens really fast), and that results in spalling of armors interior and pinball effect inside the tank. I would not want to be in a tank when HESH drops the bass.

    • ConqGC actually has the worst accuracy of all the arty pieces. It’s because the gun arc on it is so good that you can make shots on people sitting behind rocks who would otherwise be safe from all other arty pieces. That’s all there is to it really.

      HESH doesnt bounce in real life. It’s HE Squash Head. Meaning it squashes itself onto an enemy tank and will stick. As it is atm its either underpowered or over powered depending on how you see it. There is no real way of them implementing it into the game properly. But giving it HE Shell characteristics with high pen does make the most sense for this.

      WTE-100 needs a camo nerf which is coming at some point to all TD’s so that should see the stats change somewhat.

      62A and 121 are both tanks that everyone wants to get and goes for it because it is actually an OP tank if you know how to play it. Because they’re so popular the overall WR for them both goes down.

      Look at the 62A clones, they are doing better than the 62A because they’ve not been around as much and are less popular.

      Foch 155 is fine in my opinion after having given it its armour nerf and reverse speed nerfs twice… If anything it needs a slight reload time buff. But not by much. Only a few seconds tops. And maybe an aim time buff? But if you’re driving a TD you have vents and gld anyway… So yer thats fine as well tbh.

      • WT E-100 needs camo nerf. Yeah, how can you nerf something which basically isnt there in the first place? It has some camo only with camo net on, and then you would have to nerf camo net effect as well, which would bring many other changes etc etc. WT camo is completely fine, they should (if they dont remove it from the game completely, which would be best imho) either nerf time between shells or number of shells in the clip. 4 shells in the clip and like 45 sec reload time would be completely fine. And the viewrange should be 400, not fucking 420 meters.

    • HESH should never bounce…

      And it works completely differently IRL. It *should* smash against the armor, spread out the explosives on a small surface of the target’s armor, then explode on that surface, causing massive spalling inside the target, killing everyone and destroying everything.

      IRL HESH would be simply devastating in WoT.

      • Correctly implemented HESH would work like a silencer on the enemies – you fire it, you see the blast, and then you have a brand-new tank with an entire crew killed inside :D

    • Conquerer GC too accurate?

      The only reason GC has a good winrate is that only highly experienced arty players who know what arty and their characteristics mean would bother to grind an arty line post-8.6.
      By the way, GC is practically unplayable without BIA/gold consumable, while other artillery pieces (especially Obj. 261) see less urgent need in using good consumable and ammo.
      And don’t forget a large portion of the people who did grind the ConquereGC endured the hardship only to take part in CW, and that kind of people more often than not have platoon mates in random battles.

      • Only reason I state too accurate is because the times I’ve noticed the ConqGC is when I get hit by it while I’m on the move. So perhaps I’m simply misstaken. Suppose it could just be a good choice to play when choosing artillery.

        HESH: maybe it’s fine the way it is?

        I’ll stand by the other statements and regarding what other said about T62a and 121 being OP in the right hands: Not a chance. It doesn’t even come close to OP.

  7. It looks like there is some problem with me as I do not fit that stat at all …

    IS 7 – Appears to be very under-powered, but I love this tank and IMO it’s a bit OP.
    Avg: 47.76%
    My own: 55.82%

    Ob 140 – Appears to be pretty balanced with a tiny “above the average” level, but I can’t seem to reach that level
    Avg: 50.04%
    My own: 46.40%

    G.W. E-100 – a bit “weak” in global RU stats, but in my case looks like it’s pretty decent …
    Avg: 48.9 %
    My own: 53.27%

    Bat. Chat. 25t – Again a weird opposite to the “average” in my case
    Avg: 50.52%
    My results: 49.20%

    T110E5 – My “lovely E5″, one of the best things I can spend my time in ;)
    Avg: 49.38%
    My result: 55.91%

    On all these machines I have played over 100 battles each (1200+ on my E5) and there is no way that it’s only my fault in general. I do not camp (like … ever!), my general WR is about 54%, so not that bad at all. For some reason on these machines i’m like an “AntiRussian” and i just don’t get it … all machines I consider very good and easy to win with appear to be bad here, and at the same time all machines that I consider not that good at all seem to be doing just fine in stats.

    My thoughts are now:
    IF they get to buff those below the average and nerf these above the average all my fav machines will be BETTER and all that I do not like will fall into “hate” category … WTF ?

    • That means that driver’s style of play is more important than a tank.
      E.g. M3 Lee – one of worst if not THE worst tanks in the game and I have ca. 50 % WR in it, averaging about 1.0 kill/game.

      E 75 – one of best if not THE best T9 heavy – IIRC I have 43 % WR in it, mainly because I unlocked 128mm not so long ago so it’s biased by my results with 105mm.

      Still, what I observed looking at my WR in all my tanks, I seem to have high WR in tanks that I don’t like that so much (not that I hate them, just don’t think they are “special”) and low or average WR in tanks I adore. Only 2 exceptions – M4 and KV-1, which are my personal favorites of all, have most games in them and wouldn’t sell fo 20k gold, those I have over 53 % WR.

      So screw WR, just play what you like and what you feel you’re good at.

    • In chat at start of battle: “Side with more IS7 will lose :/”

      the side with the most heavy tanks are usually bound to loose. And it’s not because there’ s anything wrong with heavies. It just attracts the worst player.

  8. rare tanks have more winrate because their line is not noob friendly… is7 has low because most noobs are goink straight to is7, especially in russia. but on the other hand, lots of ppl complaining about weak t10 IS tonks, might be true

  9. winrate dosent show anything is that tank OP or not mainly other things do like damage and so on and same
    if the tank begin underpowered

    • It’s nothing special, like a tougher FV215b with a boomstick which can actually sidescrape. It’s an interesting tank nonethless, but I find E-100 far better.

  10. i dont understand how you can compare tank with 75battles played and 25k games played

  11. Tank W/R like this means nothing. Only when compared to the W/R of the players using htem can you come to the conclusion that a tank is under or overperforming – like the new system that fellow put together.

    The reason tanks like IS-7 etc have really low global W/R is because many tomatoes drive them, we’re talking 40-45%ers here, so they will naturally drag down the tank’s W/R as a result. By contrast, tanks like the FV4202 is hardly ever driven by tomatoes, its usually the top end players (skill wise) and yet it still has a terrible W/R.

  12. That STB-1 though.
    A few of the stats are actually quite surprising (Maus/T-62A). Damn, if they touch my Maus I will be furious!

  13. I am very surprised about WT E-100 to see that it has average winrate. That thing is broken, unhistorical and needs replacing.
    FV 183 should have gold removed and have soft stats slightly buffed.
    Not surprised about Conqueror GC tho, it is IMO fairly balanced but after the great nerf only good players bothered to go for it.
    IS-7 has left me bewildered. I do consider it slightly UP but still…
    Also I don’t understand why such an excellent tank that the IS-4 is has such low WR. That thing can do miracles!
    Obj 140 and T-62A are on the low end probably because of noobs. Of the two I can’t decide which one is more OP.
    STB is same as Conqueror, only it has exceptional DPM.

    • Russians don’t know how to play WTF-100. There was some long discussion about it on a forums (or was it reddit?) back in a day and a summary was that Russian playstyle requires a tanks with heavy armor. And it seems like over-performing Maus confirms that.

  14. these stats couldn’t be anymore pointless….they show nothing, but a blurry image of how specific tanks are performing, but majority of them doesn’t show the real performance of a tank at all….there is tons of other stats that should be combined together to get the real picture….

    Is STB-1 that OP? No it isn’t. It just shows it’s driven mostly by very good-unicorn players. Is 268 that UP TD? Fuck it isn’t. That just shows how many tomato russkies are driving it pulling it’s WR down. That’s only the tip of the icerberg when it comes to evaluating tank’s performances.

    And best part of this is the waffleshit e100. By these stats it’s one of the most balanced tanks in the game. In practice it’s most broken piece of shit that is more broken than arties. How is it possible? Well as much as they are played by unicorns you can see in every T10 battles as much if even more shitards driving them thanks to exp converting and top of the tree bonuses.

    • the 268 is abit UP becose it did get nerfed way too much. the reload time should be faster becose it does pretty less DPM comapred to other t10 tds and it had only DPM and mobility advantage now they removed 1 and nerfed other and pretty much all others (expect WT) have good armor… but that retarded WG dosent get it and they just try to bring tanks to same lvl but they just screw everything up

      • Just because some TD is better (waffleshit) than other doesn’t mean other TDs aren’t balanced let alone UP. 268 is the example of how T10 TDs should be. It’s perfecetly balanced. Problem is in powercreep idiotic tanks like waffleshit or 183.

  15. Least played tanks = higher average WR
    More popular tanks(best example IS7) = lower/lowest average WR
    On most cases, newer tanks also tend to have better WR

    This statistics show or prove nothing, this is just to give you an idea of the most/least played tanks of each tier.

    Luckily for us, Wargaming does not balance tanks based on such charts.

    I’m baffled to see here, reading those comments .. that people still actually take those charts seriously.

    • “Luckily for us, Wargaming does not balance tanks based on such charts.”

      They do.

      • They changed there formula recently for seeing if a tanks is OP or UP
        SS had posted the formula here on FTR and then it was confirmed that WG accept and will move to buff/nerfs according to that

  16. I hope WG aren’t using this WR anymore to decide buffs/nerfs, it’s not relevant at all…STB-1 is definitely not OP and IS-7, IS-4, T-62A and Obj268 are most definitely not UP.

    • Well as far as single stats go, Win ratio is superior to Damage, Spotting, Damage taken etc.

      But you are correct, it should be looked into along with other stats.

  17. Rather than complaining that X tank looks UP because it is played by noobs or Y tank looks OP because it only played by good players, check it out yourself at http://wot-news.com/game/tankinfo/en

    The ‘Tanks Curves’ section show the new method of viewing win rates that gives you a graph of player win rate vs tank win rate. It lets you know how potentially UP or OP a tank is depending on who is playing it.