Regarding the May Wallpaper…

Hello everyone,

upon reviewing the feedback to the “copyright” thingie and the WG May wallpaper (which STILL isn’t on EU server, apparently changing the names of days to English is very hard), I came to the conclusion that it is possible that the photo was different from the picture used on the wallpaper. Therefore I deleted the previous post. The castle is unmistakeably the same though, so – here is the wallpaper again:


And here is the castle picture (photo by S.Bailey via Wikimedia):

It’s the Corfe castle in Dorset, England. Interesting that they used exactly this castle, but why not. Oh and one last thing – do try to be… more polite, please. Comments such as “OMG SS U AN IDIOT” and such make me… irritated. Thank you.

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    Nice to see WG’s art department still nicking stuff willy-nilly from around the web. Yes, I know that particular one is released under Creative Commons, but I don’t see any attribution to the original photographer.

  2. It’s clearly taken from a different photo. The shadow on the castle is in different angles. The wallpaper has 45° shadows, while the photo shown here was taken near sunset with almost horizontal shadows.

  3. Stop bashing WG!!! because of them you have this Game you spend so much time to waste.
    “proud employee of Hellenic bank”

    • Yes, the Scottish referendum is just the beginning. Soon you will see local militia swarming the isles and referendums will be all over the place!

      • Viva La Scotland..

        They should have left BEFORE their O&G reserves went through the floor, but eh….

      • Scots should watch out for Russian tourist… you know the story:
        At the boarder Immigration officer is asking Russian tourist:
        - Nationality?
        - Russian.
        - Occupation?
        - No, no, just visiting!

    • Its the wallpaper for WoT in the Red Alert universe :D

      (Good crossover: gives us a chance to play the Cronotank, Teslatank and the MAD tank. I’d love some other C&C tanks too, like a Mammoth or Overlord)

  4. Who cares? For all we know WG bought the rights to use that image for their wallpapers… moving on to more important things in life, oh wait i don’t have a life according to red barons.


    Sorry, I just had to. Can’t control the urge to type this after you mentioned it…

  6. A professional concept artist/illustrator would use a library of own pictures taken to avoid exactly those copyright issues. So it might be that the artist has gotten around to take own pictures of the Corfe castle.