Not much new today again. Russians confirm the T26E4 event (you’ll be able to get Super Pershing for free – or a gold equivalent of it if you have it – plus 14 days of premium account), if

- you make 75k XP on every nation
- you can make it only with a tier 4 to tier 8 tank (not tier 9 and 10)
- you have to be in top 10 XP-wise in order for the XP to count
- on Russian server, XP earned on premium tanks, will NOT count towards this event

It’s quite likely the EU event will be the same. American requirement for the T34 seems to be 100k, not 75k though.

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  1. For the EU it’ll be 200k for a T1E6 using only Tier X vehicles, cause you know, WG EU like to screw with their players at times.

    Don’t worry, I’m just kidding, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • damn dude dont give them new ideas! cause the next month you will see “200k for a T1E6 using only Tier X vehicles”

  2. “That’s a lot of XP” :p
    With the Mini-Campaign in May, there is a lot to do in the future -_-

  3. On NA server it looks like its just 100k xp in general, must be top 10 in xp, Tier 4-8. But DOES NOT appear to require it being finished in every nation. Though in exchange it only gives 2 days premium. But I assume that is because T34 costs more gold than Super P so the premium days equal it out.

      • Well it only has 2 missions for that T34.

        1 is do 100k. The other is simply complete that one. It does not state it must be done multiple times or done in a specific nation or every nation anywhere in the missions.

    • Took a look at that in-game and yea thats what it says. But that seems too easy. Massive shitstorm incoming if it’s true! some people can do it in like 3 days.

    • Yeah, I was staring for the requirements for a long time since it only needs 1.) 100k exp random/team battles, and hope not 100k each since I don’t go team battles. 2.) 100 complete 100 battles on random/team battles/historical battles, and once again I hope not each since I don’t play team and I can’t get into historical battles. So yeah, that’s it, I hope they are not mistaken about it.

  4. Premium tanks don’t count on the ASIA/SEA server, but I believe the high tier tanks do.

    • It would seem people don’t like SP very much so if it’s one of the least popular premiums and doesn’t sell very well I guess they have nothing to lose to give it away in a mission.

  5. What if I sold my SP before for gold. In that case what would be my reward?

  6. I really wish the explanation for it in the ASIA server would specifically state which tanks are NOT usable. I know it’s tier 4 and up but didn’t realise that premiums are not allowed. Makes sense I guess, otherwise I’d spam IS-6 non-stop and just get a colossal amount of credits while grinding for it.

  7. let’s say you do 1000 XP average (including dailies and bad balltes where you are not in top10), you need 75 battles for each nation = 75*7= 525k XP!
    with average 10min/battle 5250/60= 87,5 hours!
    T26 costs 27€ so this would be 0,31€ for an hour of work.

    Even for poor nations i would say: Work a few hours and buy a T26 thats much less work at all, or do you earn less than 31cent an hour?

    • Again: If you equate playing tonks with work you shouldn’t be playing tanks but do something you enjoy instead. Or you enjoy working as much as tonks in which case you should stop playing tanks and work more.

      • well i would better work 6h then 87,5h playing wot for the same result, YES. Playing so long is no fun anymore and its definetely not that efficient.
        You wont play when you like to, you HAVE TO play because otherwise you wont get your reward in time. So you play further even if you would like to stop that day and do other things. You become a slave of wargaming :)

    • Did you also add in the value of the crew xp the xp the tank its self earns to upgrade, the credits, the ammount of fun?

      • did you calculate the xp and creds you would earn after 6h working until you would get your persh with playing (87,5h)??

    • Many players do not work at all. They may too young or too busy with studies for an employment for example. Also many players that do work make it a principle not to pay for virtual goods, like gaming in general.

      This way or the other, there are people who are not willing or able to spend money to purchase in game gold or premium tanks directly.

      And so an in game reward just for playing the game gives them an opportunity to grab rewards not available to them otherwise.

    • IS2 is a fine tank and only tier 7, so easy to grind to. Japanese are meh, but Ki-Nu is good enough.

      • Meh chinese are easy as fuck, just remember never to fight on hilly areas, T-34-1 is a really good tank and the IS-2 as well, basically a IS-1 with easier grind. Type 58 is very similar to T-34-85 and same with Type T-34, just with slightly worse GD. WZ-131 and WZ-132 are really good light tanks. Also Japs are pretty decent at tier 4 and 8, powerful guns and good gun depression. Tier 8 is pretty difficult to grind though and tier 5-7 are really awful.

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  9. ‘- on Russian server, XP earned on premium tanks, will NOT count towards this event’

    Thats the most idiotic thing ever.

  10. Should be quite an easy way to get 8k+ gold (I’ve already got the SP), so play my fav tanks as usual and leave the chinese/japanese for x2 days and get it over with. Nice.

  11. Why no tier X and IX? Because we would not be screwed by MM to see battles with +2 tier all the time?

    • Because WG doesn’t care about the players who do poorly when bottom tier. They are having too much fun laughing at you noobs.

  12. It was a lot easier just to the have the T34 when they switched to get it free.

    • Yes but not everyone currently playing was playing back then. Also if you do have it you now get garage slot +12k gold(Make sure you don’t complete the mission on a weekend if during that weekend Tier 8 premiums are on sale.

      • Making $50 and buying it yourself is FAR easier than actually doing the missions, but “free” is easier for some people.

        • Depends on the country you live in. If 50$ is 1/6 of your monthly earnings, than no – not it’s not easier and it’s not a good idea.

  13. I think there is more chance to make this than the WoWP monthly misson …

  14. - you can make it only with a tier 4 to tier 8 tank (not tier 9 and 10)
    - you have to be in top 10 XP-wise in order for the XP to count

    Ah well fuck it then.

  15. Welp, this is my punishmeny for not touching nazi or communist tanks.

  16. “American requirement for the T34 seems to be 100k, not 75k though.”

    Seems fair to me. T34 costs more than the SP so should cost more. (not that I would try for this) Even if you are just playing for fun the Time Value for the extra work you’ll have to put in to reach the requirements means that you might as well just purchase the tank. (I’m not saying its “work” to get the “free” tank but it takes effort and before attempting to grind out that xp you should ask yourself if its worth all that much time and effort)

  17. I want that gold, but what the fuck, premium tanks not count? What the hell, the Type 59 is the only good Chinese tank I have, fucking WG expect me to grind 75k with the T-34-1 do not make me laugh!

  18. In what battle modes? Random only or Team & Historical too? I think Companies might be too easy & they are not supported by WG events anyway in any missions…

  19. On the ASIA server the tier limitaion isnt there and all xp earned in the e-100, leo and e75 added up for the event.
    Though I had a sting of defeats 4k+ dmg in all matches :/

  20. - you can make it only with a tier 4 to tier 8 tank (not tier 9 and 10)
    on the restriction it says :”tier 4 vehicles and higher only” , so why no tier 9 or 10 ?
    will the xp earned from tier 9 and 10 will count ?

  21. Well, if you dont have grinds is not hard complete it… i remember the IS-6 special… i pass it because i want finish japanese tree and research object 430… now i have 0 grinds (only low tier battles to have 100% crews for historical mode but with the actual fail is HB…) and looks like 9.1 is going to be a “fix bug” patch i have 40 free days until 9.2 arrive hehehe.

    I think gold tanks dont count because WG is to lazy to count their xp without the 50% xp incoming bonus… i dont like at all the limit in tier 8 (at least they can up it to 9) and i can live with no gold tanks but some nations like Japan …. well, add the only gold tank it has is not bad.

  22. Do doubles count?

    BTW if it was up to tier X then would be a piece of cake for me, grinding either tier 8 or 9 from EVERY nation currently so I wouldn’t have to buy anything or “waste” exp :)