22 thoughts on “New Ranzar Video

  1. Very nice video. This is the kind of videos RanZar got famous for, not those mambo-jambo nationalistic crap he did in the last videos.
    Keep doing videos like this one, short, related to the game and funny as hell!

  2. So that’s why the bridge in Westfield was destroyed… oh well, time to steal some kills in my arty.

  3. Well, at least Ranzar return to the old good videos.

    Ummm its me or is using the pre-accurancy buff??? hehehe.

    • no that is RNGeus in a nuttshell :P
      cant hit a tank 10 metters in front of it can snipe from 550m away(kv1s and kv2 famous for dat :P)

    • what about the KV 2 with the 152mm??? :P i think that one gets the award of the da best sniperu gun :P

  4. Note the credits, “idea – prize winner – wot-news.com”, then perhaps the winner’s name.

  5. Ah good old russian guns… Best sniper guns in game, got 100% hitratio on it. Its really easy: just shoot and what ever u hit, call it target ^^

  6. Frankly I do like some of his nationalistic videos, though it’s mainly because Chaffee and Hellcat make for an awesome pair. But the last few were kinda…eeeeehhhh

    This one though, well we now know why Mir crashed back into the ocean, and lol the T71 wasn’t fast enough this time.