9.0 Fail: Panzer 38(t) Armor got Fucked Up

Hello everyone,

thanks to player Faqqet for this one – another nasty thing I didn’t notice since 9.0. Long story short, Panzer 38(t) armor got totally fucked up in 9.0. Check this out – this is the elite configuration. The abovementioned player mentioned in comments that the armor might be screwed – went to check first to gamemodels3d:


See all those “holes” – entire frontal turret, the hatches on frontal hull, the rear hull etc.? All of them now have 0 armor. The bottom of the tank completely disappeared as well from the hitbox, so any HE shell, exploding under the tank now behaves as if it did hit an open-topped vehicle (nothing stops the splash):


To confirm it via Tank Inspector – the green areas have 0 armor:


And no, this is obviously not historical. I actually really wonder, how such fuck-ups happen – I mean, does some random guy at Wargaming open a random tank file and starts deleting armor zones? What the hell? Also makes me wonder… are we supposed now to manually check every armor model in the game to doublecheck, whether some idiot didn’t screw it up? Isn’t that the job of WG employees? And what else got screwed up?

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  1. The Churchill VII has been riddled with errors since the day it was introduced. This is just a more obvious example.

      • The tracks do actually cover the front of the hull IRL. So not really a glitch.

        • Well you can see that if you’re clearly being shot in the tracks (watch the red outline on the .png) it damages, while there’s no hull behind it. also it’s side is bugged, it doesn’t matter at what angle your being shot at in the side, it pens. seriously.

  2. Wow…the poor Pz.38(t) really is messed up. I wonder if the n.A. has the same issue? If so, its doubly screwed (scout MM and gigantic holes in the armor).

  3. well thats what i call an epic fail. i have no words for it. dont they know: if it aint broken- dont fix it!

    makes me wonder if all they learned at school is how to dance their names

  4. Normally I wouldn’t really care much about a t2-3 light tank’s armor schematics, but what SS said here:

    “are we supposed now to manually check every armor model in the game to doublecheck, whether some idiot didn’t screw it up?”

    highly concerns me. I guess now people should run to tank armor sites to check whether tank armor values have been altered after each new update……. :/

    • The devs sead that T110E5 will have a buff in armour…And that was back in 8.8 version. I need to check every time when a new update comes(nothing happens). They could of sead something about that ….

      • They say they gonna Nerf the e5 in one of the upcoming patches. Fuktards. I would rather they up the rest.

      • in my opinion the e5 already has very good armor (at least from the front) if you use it right :)

        • No! The E5 is a slow medium! It is made to lead an attack or to rush but you can’t do that because tier 10 TD’s eat you in 2 seconds! (dont say now that maus is for leading attack’s….he is to slow, E100 too) T110E4 is a better “havy” tank then E5

  5. this WG guys are so incompetent thats unbelievable.
    until next update i will not play this crap game.

  6. “Working as intended, Comrades.”


    SerB finally nerfed it to its historical value of 0 armour.

  7. So this is the basic proof the QA monkeys at WG are not doing their job properly?

    I think they need to have this stickied on their doors too!


    “Whoever of fucking designers doesn’t fucking play the shit he creates will be fucking penalized each month! You are fucking hurting the project and I fucking will hurt you until all the shit doesn’t get the fuck out of your head!”

  8. It is German tank, what you expect? :P
    Would never happen with Soviet tank :D

  9. Is it wierd that I did 1300 demage with T92 to an IS-7 with splash? Maybe IS-7 has also a opend down turret…

    • It’s not weird that you did that much damage. Such high-damage hits happen when you hit the floor in front of the tank and the splash hits the bottom of the tank which has less armour.
      At least that’s how it works, I think.

      • I think so too. Every now and then I’ll fudge a shot in my 304 or Bishop, and it’ll land underneath my target, sometimes causing a surprising amount of damage to heavy targets for a miss with such low-caliber HE.

        On the other hand, I’ve received near-misses from “proper” artillery pieces that appeared to land under me, but caused minimal damage, so…eh. Something tells me there’s something a little wonky there, but splashes to the tank bottom happen rarely enough that most players don’t really notice it enough to complain.

  10. I am starting to think that there is some kind of error in automation software – like model converter or dimensions changer etc…

    • Oh c’mon like you could ever rely on it’s armour. Even Pz.I C can penetrate it, who cares whether it has 15 or 0 armour?

      • ^^ That is the most single dumbest “argument” i’ve ever heard/read on this site.

        • Is it though? I’m sure you pwn in tier 3 matches because you angle your Vickers Medium III with it’s 14mm of armour. And I’m also sure that arties are a constant problem, because the matches are so static it easily hits you when you’re standing still in your Pz. I C.
          I know WG screwed up but don’t make an mountain out of a molehill. Did anyone report this when 9.0 came out when playing it? No. The guy who discovered this was looking at the model in tank inspector because this has very little to no impact on Pz.38(t) gameplay.
          Now if they accidentally did this to, idk, IS-7 or something that would be an entirely different story, since armour actually has impact on gameplay there.

          • Angle the PzKpfw 38(t) well and at 20-30M a PzKpfw I Ausf. C will bounce most of it’s clip. Even more so if you “Sidescrape” against him.
            And if you hull down and only show the turret, you may get a bounce or two at long distances (And the 38(t) loves long distances).
            Then again, the 38(t) has a very, very high level of armor in the same way that the Hellcat and the T49 do. You can easily hide it and shoot from camo.

          • Yes it is.

            If you have 0 armor you’ll get shot to crap from any kind of HE, especially from under the tank. It happens quite often that you get a shell from underneath from arty. Other tanks can also quite easily shoot you there for extreme damage. Overall if you’re sniping it shouldn’t be a problem.

            But it’s still about the principle, things like this shouldn’t happen. It should never get released in a patch. Stop trying to defend WG, this is a fail that a two year old could basically have fixed.

  11. The IS-3 also got a gaping hole on the bottom. A rectangle, really. I thought it might be my pc not rendering properly for some reason or other, but reading this, I think it might be another case of a mild screw up.

  12. I wondered why machine guns do to me so much dmg recently. Now i know… :(

  13. And I already wondered wtf is wrong with that tnak when I tried to get it back to 50% WR last week….
    Any other models fucked up`?

      • Why not?
        Someone has to test them for the players :)
        ////irony off

      • “And what else got screwed up?”

        The entire game itself. SS, I’d appreciate if you actually stop playing this piece of junk coding named as “World of Tanks”, because this thing (not even a game for me) is nowhere near what I used to play.

        And yes, as an old wolf I used to play in CBT/OBT.

        Edit: Those who will bash me up for writing these words, think about pre-8.11

        • It’s true. As a game, it’s really quite terrible. Playable, but terrible. as you play it more you do grow to ignore and overlook quite a few things, but that doesn’t mean the issues don’t exist.

    • Well, i checked all other models and nothing else seems to be as broken as this.

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  16. I wouldn’t be too quick to judge on this one. Bugs appear all the time in games and collision boxes are actually also 3D models (very very low poly) that are imported with the main tank model. So if the model imported into the engine wrong, it can mess things up. So let’s say they imported the collision model but the bottom of the tank got corrupted and didn’t import in (wargaming tank models are modeled weird so it’s possible) so when they go to put the values in, they thing that part of the tank is there so they put in a value for it but because the model isn’t actually there, then there was nothing for a value to get assigned to. I was working in unreal the other day and my friend gave me a house he modeled and I imported it in to the engine and it exploded. Parts of the model folded over each other and other parts were missing. The textures were all messed up and it was just broken. Engines can be a pain in the ass sometimes. And hell bugs can happen too. I was once modding minecraft and my newest edition, emerald ore (this was before emerald was officially in the game) dropped sapphire gems. Turns out I forgot to change a number from 1 to 2 in the id.

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