41 thoughts on “Tank You Very Much, Episode 2

  1. Since when is a 432 a tank?

    And notice how its always British AFV’s? Last week an Abbot, this week a FV432.

    • Strange thing, have you noticed the british accent on all those peeps ? The weather and landscape is awfully british too! Maaan the fact there are british AFVs is veeeery suspicious!

      • Whats that you say, they’ve shipped the Russian Lass + film crew over to the UK?

        And yes I am aware of the Russian SPG behind the 432 in that video.

          • It is interesting that they have filmed all this in the UK. maybe Bovington is the only place that they can get the tanks from!

            • I’m not sure why you all have a problem with stuff in the UK….

              but, to answer a Q or 2 the Russian SPG is a gvozdika and this is being filmed at a “fun park” place which has a good few AFV’s (lance missile carrier is just an example), clay pigeon shooting, SAS style training etc and the winner of the SAS training exercise gets to crush a car with a chieftain!.

              how do I know I hear you ask. well, because I’ve been there done that and got the T-shirt :)

          • No, it is a secret place in Siberia terraformed to make it look like UK. It was a place for Spetznaz to get accustomed to the Brittish weather. Those people with brittish accents are spy trainees from the replica of the town Ludlow located nearby.

  2. I drove one of those once, it was actually surprisingly comfortable. Automatic gearbox was clunky as hell though

  3. I would ask the question: “How low can the WG EU stuff’s creativity go for views?”
    I’m sure they will answer this in the next vid :)

  4. The money spent for the production of this BS would be invested far better in improving the gameplay.

    Nice girls, ugly films.

    • Well, if I recall correctly Olga is SerB’s(or Kisly’s) daughter, so she wold work in WG anyway. At least she does not invent new gamemodes… Or is she?

  5. This….is just about the worst thing I have seen come out of WOT. Period.

  6. Nice thumbnail of the video. Men are portrayed as brainiacs in lab coats while the woman (or rather: the female) is supposed to be a cumdumpster. Good going, WG.

  7. Trying to sell their game with stereotypical pretty girls. Cavemen russians.