What Tank to Use to Get Super Pershing?

Hello everyone,

as you already know, there is a competition running this month, awarding those, who manage to get 75k XP for every nation within the time limit with the tier 8 premium Super Pershing tank. But which tanks should a player use for this undertaking? Which will gain you statistically most XP?

I took these numbers and tables straight from Vbaddict – there are a lot more statistics there to find if you like this sort of stuff (despite Storm debunking these statistics as inaccurate, I guess they can be used at least as guidelines, if not accurate values), but what we are interested right now is the amount of XP gained by each respective tank.

The tanks have to be regular and between tier 4 and 8, the first number is amount of battles taken into account, the second is the average XP per battle. Red colored name means that the tank is of tier 9 or 10 and thus unavailable for the event.


Here, it’s clear. The AMX 50-100 gains the most.

6.     AMX 50 100 619,383 397.47
7.     Lorraine 40 t 386,153 389.75
8.     AMX 13 90 891,915 379.48
9.     AMX AC mle. 48 202,971 353.05
10.     Bat.-Chatillon 155 55 342,339 342.09
11.     Bat.-Chatillon 155 58 306,078 328.18
12.     Lorraine 155 mle. 51 344,070 322.40
13.     AMX M4 mle. 45 268,608 321.32
14.     AMX 13 75 558,386 315.24
15.     AMX AC mle. 46 143,205 303.59
16.     Lorraine 155 mle. 50 264,789 282.00
17.     AMX 12 t 605,566 278.45
18.     ARL 44 360,999 267.59


For China, the best earning tank is the 110, followed by T-34-2.

5.     110 244,116 388.96
6.     T-34-2 151,586 373.69
7.     WZ-132 322,801 373.19
8.     T-34-1 171,636 361.29
9.     IS-2 233,626 356.83
10.     WZ-131 305,532 339.63
11.     Type 58 242,012 278.04
12.     59-16 194,875 270.31
13.     Type T-34 222,123 213.78


Here it’s absolutely clear – Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträgers rules supreme, surpassing even tier 9 and 10 vehicles!

8.     Rhm.-Borsig Waffentrager 1,946,923 400.70
9.     E 75 1,466,389 398.27
10.     Jagdpanzer E 100 645,916 397.03
11.     Jagdtiger 716,321 394.56
12.     Leopard Prototyp A 336,895 382.83
13.     VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B 249,214 382.33
14.     Jagdpanther II 449,677 377.60
15.     Indien-Panzer 321,277 375.87
16.     Panther II 305,248 371.76
17.     Ferdinand 486,519 364.96
18.     Tiger II 1,443,740 355.46


Surprisingly, AT15 is ranked quite high due its very, very good DPS.

7.     AT 15 300,436 392.98
8.     FV3805 120,584 373.06
9.     Centurion Mk. I 309,457 367.44
10.     Conqueror Gun Carriage 109,784 362.24
11.     AT 7 231,229 361.54
12.     Caernarvon 322,016 357.58
13.     FV207 160,762 337.25
14.     Black Prince 313,776 333.85
15.     Comet 319,420 324.47
16.     FV304 440,171 297.75
17.     Crusader 5.5-in. SP 157,063 296.59
18.     Cromwell 425,816 283.49


Very predictable, STA-1 is doing very well even compared to other nations.

3.     STA-1 249,546 409.88
4.     Type 5 Chi-Ri 256,123 345.56
5.     Type 4 Chi-To 252,576 281.15
6.     Type 3 Chi-Nu 277,279 206.78
7.     Type 5 Ke-Ho 100,181 188.63
8.     Type 1 Chi-He 151,775 162.96
9.     Type 98 Ke-Ni 38,675 138.90
10.     Type 97 Chi-Ha 86,856 137.14
11.     Type 95 Ha-Go 22,603 110.74
12.     Renault Otsu 40,888 103.87
13.     Chi-Ni 37,462 98.31

Soviet Union

Object 416 is on top? Surprising. By the way, if you thought of using the overpowered KV-1S, it’s way, waaaay below…

10.     Object 416 208,347 404.11
11.     IS-7 1,086,140 401.95
12.     SU-122-54 102,410 399.13
13.     Object 268 337,876 388.54
14.     KV-4 577,788 371.31
15.     IS-8 1,380,063 368.11
16.     IS-3 2,439,027 367.82
17.     SU-101 102,598 365.69
18.     ISU-152 797,274 364.94
19.     T-44 668,443 362.61
20.     A-44 171,021 350.93
21.     SU-14-2 153,969 342.15
22.     212A 179,965 340.72
23.     Object 261 265,265 335.42
24.     T-43 391,569 329.00
25.     KV-3 392,035 326.09
26.     SU-100M1 107,186 321.21
27.     KV-2 468,997 317.11
28.     IS 1,419,113 316.31
29.     SU-152 542,709 302.75
30.     KV-13 146,328 300.24
31.     S-51 168,427 297.16
32.     A-43 153,623 293.36
33.     KV-1S 2,310,730 292.11


Mediums rule supreme, especially with the autoloaders.

11.     T69 646,891 390.24
12.     M26 Pershing 326,334 384.75
13.     T32 843,679 381.91
14.     T28 441,347 374.49
15.     T28 Prototype 654,626 360.27
16.     T29 1,255,706 359.37
17.     M53/M55 423,578 353.74
18.     M24 Chaffee 201,922 352.58
19.     T20 249,031 347.79
20.     M40/M43 384,652 345.91
21.     T71 920,948 343.03
22.     T25 AT 301,468 319.03

56 thoughts on “What Tank to Use to Get Super Pershing?

    • Those are core XPs (no daily double, premium acc, special event etc.)
      And, as SS said, not taking into consideration all battles, only those where someone uploaded him/her results.

      • Yes, i figured that one out. Still it seems very low compared with what i am used too getting. Whenever i get that amount of XP i consider that i have screwed up somehow. The first one for example, i suck with the AMX 50 100. Still If i got 397 XP in it then it means i barely managed to unload a clip.

        Then again, it could prolly even out with the losses since i almost never look at the results of them, to busy fighting in another vehicule.

        • Well your average xp in the 50 100 is 750, which considering your wr and DPB I assume is with premium, amounting to ~500 base xp per game, so not that significantly higher than these figures.
          Like you said, it’s the average xp, counting both wins and losses. And when you grind, losses are just as important as the rest as they’re still extra xp.

  1. i think that if you count all EU server, those numbers would be way way lower. Cos 90% red player “i have no idea what im doing” will melt any extremes

  2. Why is Object 416 suprising? Mostly good players use it (never seen tomato in it), it has great gun, camo and if used properly with camo crew its a killer.

    KV1S is OP despite bad statistics. These are made by army of braindead zombie tomatoes, not by the tank itself.

  3. But in Asia Server you can grind exp with Tier 9 and 10 excluding Premium tanks

  4. @SS:

    These tables are nonsense in connection with that mission, because they dont tell you anthing about xp-multi but about tank balancing and player behavior over a longer period of time.

    Under normal conditions t8 tanks are best suited for the mission, because your get the biggest bot bonus in hight tier matches. Up to 500 base XP for doing nothing in t10 matches, if your team wins by killing all enemies.

    Bot bonus is depending on enemy hitpoints destroyed in a match btw.

    • I would further add that IMO Tier 6-8 lights are the easiest XP grinders. Either passively by silent spotting in a bush or actively by taking out tracks on high tiers whenever you see they are about to get killed, shit loads of assisted dmg XP that you would never get just by trying to do the damage.

      • It depends – silent spotting might give more XP, but can make the battle longer.

        • I found out the contrary. Usually it ends faster if i am in a good position since my team get the targets handed to them on a plate and are able to shoot from beyond spotting range. If the battle takes longer it is also due to the spotting but only in the case where there are not enough ppl behind you to destroy the targets ahead quickly enough. Then it serves as a prolongment of the match since that flank you are spotting is kept from getting overrun.

    • Up to 500 base XP for doing nothing in t10 matches, if your team wins by killing all enemies.

      And you will get nothing because only first 10 results are counted to the mission. Bots are below.

      • just making two hits will usually get up in the top ten … t10 games where the best makes way below 2K damage on the losing team are common. And often enough you find 0 damage idiots also on the winning side.

  5. I’d prefer advising to use whatever tank the person feels good with. For example I have 500+ average XP on Black Prince, so I’ll probably use that one. And of course, it always depends on what’s in your garage. Buying 50 100 because it has slightly better XP gain is foolish, IMO. You can as well buy BDR – way cheaper and you’ll get pretty much the same XP if you play well.

  6. Soooo, you will need (with an average 400 xp per battle) 31,25 hour gameplay on each nation to achieve the bonus tank.
    75000 xp / 400 xp = 187,5 round. If one round takey cca. 10 minutes, than it’s 1875 minutes of gameplay. 1875 minutes are 31,25 hours. Ok, not counted with daily doubles, with premium, but not counted with massive lose streaks as well. It can be 630 xp / game with prem and with dailys in average, but thats still 19,83 hours.
    And this is only 1 nation….How much do we have? 7.
    So for a pershing, you have to do:
    non-premium average: 218,75 hours of gameplay.
    premium average: 138,81 hours of gameplay.

    If you go out to spread some advertisement sheets, you can earn it (in a realtively poor country) with 1,5 euro hourly fee in 18 hours.
    (7200 gold – buying 7500 costs roughly 27 euro)
    If you are a grown man and taking some overtime, calculating with 3 euro / hour, you can earn it in 9 hours. If you are an office worker, it’s much more less. If you are a western-european worker, you earn this money while you take a visit in the toilet.

      • Or people who like to play the game. You can buy anything with money, but then you could just as well not play the game at all.

    • I guess you not working anyway. this is a game. I will play as usually, going all tiers except 9. and will get SP in process easily.
      work for a week, buy wot account in ebay, come back here to say you are genius….poor ppl the ones without imagination

      • AS: If you wrote it to me, I can tell you, that I am working, I could easily buy several pershings from my daily salary, but I won’t. Because I don’t need it and I dont want to be a slave of the game. I am playing from closed beta and now it became too repetative. I made tough grinds, it was enough. I have a real life and I want to live it while I can.
        You are right, this is a game. I only want to show you, that it takes away days from your life. In 200+ hours you can earn a forklift driver qualification for example, or participate in a language training, which brings more benefit in the future. (Hell, a complete Skyrim playthrough took only 90 hours several years ago…) If an employer is courious about your skills, you can’t tell him/her, that you don’t have any, but instead you have 8 tier X in your garage, a super pershing, a type59, an M60, and your efficiency rating is 1800… ;)

        • you put too much in one way or another. I run 10k, so I could relax after work. I play some tanks so I could relax. that’s it. I will collect only doubles and it should be ok.
          and mate, you care about work too much. at the end of the day we will all die :)
          so life is not about working working is never over :) good luck whatever you will do. the only thing-enjoy it. I found my formula in turning chat of :D

    • I actually like this analysis. It shows how much time we’re investing in WOT and how WG encourages us to spend even more, with such a safe (for them) promotion :)

    • I dunno what game you are playing that the battles last 10 minutes, most of mine are over in 5. And anyone not afking or botting will have far better xp per battle than that. I mean if It really took 100 minutes game play to grind 4k xp as your “maths” suggests no one would bother. For most people they can grind that 4k xp in 2-3 battles thanks to the daily double, which is 20 minutes top. Do that for half the nations each night over the time of the mission and you will get you super pershing with a week to spare. A lot of people play that hour and a half of wot a night anyway, so all they need to do is limit what tanks they are playing.

      Anyway, if you view playing the game as work why even bother in the first place, idgi.

  7. Hmm i think this post is useless. Everyone has own preferences in vehicles and those stats are crap. Everyone should look at his own stats – I have avg 710xp in tiger Porsche ( no prem ofc) and its not even on the list here

    • yea pointless stats.
      its how you play a tank not how others have played it.
      every one is different, every game is different.
      but I suppose a bad player in a bad tank will be lucky to match these stats.

  8. Still not sure,
    gotta use one tank for 75.000 xp are jusr tier4 to 8s of that nation?
    mfg exterminus
    PPS: Still, would advise to check your own service record, sort by XP, check the in garage checkbox (think that one comes with XVM) and sort by average XP, use the highest raating tank u like to play for every nation (that is if it is one tank)

    • kinda confirmed to myself:
      u can use several vehicles, it gets add up,
      and premium+daily double count, if it ain’t 75 in one day should be piece o cake

  9. Hm, maybe the “average battle-time for each vehicle” should’ve been taken into account…
    I can imagine that AMX 50 100 gains more overall-XP, but AMX 13 90 gets more XP/per equal time or sth like that.

    Anyway… nice table, I always love those clear overviews by FTR

    • I’m driving one and there is no doubt it’s OP. It has turret eventhough it’s a TD and camo is epic. Pretty much whole waffle line is OP excet maybe Sturer Emil i would say. And T10 waffleshit is most broken tank in the game.

      • I wouldn’t say the Flak Bus is OP. Yeah, the gun’s great (the gun traverse arc, on the other hand, isn’t), but it’s a tier 5 TD with no armor, it’s the size of a bus (hence the name) – making it very hard to hide on a lot of maps – and only 350 hp. If that thing gets spotted at all, it’s as good as dead, particularly since you have the M4 Sherman, Panzer IV H, and other vehicles with 105 mm or larger howitzers that can blow it away with one HE shell.

  10. Dafuq? Even the S-51 earns more average XP than the KV-1S?
    That means a LOT of n00bs playing that OP tenk.

  11. I already have an American premium medium, so I’m not even going to try this mission. :)

    Good luck to the rest and I hope you won’t go crazy from the tomatoes. ;)

  12. if you have slots in garage just buy 2 tanks for each nation (even t4-6) and just do double xp every day, you need average about 2700exp daily per nation. two bad doubles will do (with 2 more lost games it is even too much :P)

  13. That KV-1S is the perfect example of why WG balancing rules suck so much ass. Get enough tomatoes playing a particular tank and it doesn’t matter how OP it is, it wont get nerfed because there are 10x as many drooling window lickers using it as 50%+ people.

    • Not to mention that the W/R has nothing do with the balancing anyway. If they want, they just nerf it, if it has good W/R or not. Case in point, E-75. M103 and ST-I performed much better, yet no nerf..

  14. Frank…don’t take those stats serious.Although those are the average stats of those tanks, the way a single player plays them is very different.
    For example, on the british line, I suck at playing the ATes, but on the other hand I find the Cromwell amazing.Also, I also enjoy the ARL44 as much as the 50 100.Hell, I like it even more than the KV-1S.
    It really depends on the player.

    Also, KV-1S is ranked so low because every retard and their dogs play it.

  15. Where did you lose SU-100?

    Also, few quick glances and you can tell these tables are non-sense… well at least for anyone above 200 WN. They look skewed by tier 8 tanks used in team battles.

  16. it says on wg site that it doesn’t take into count x2 xp and premium but when i check in game it does so doing x2 on different tanks is probably best approach. Is this a bug or will x2-x3 count for event?

    • It means…all the exp gets taken in to account for the mission…x2 and prem…BUT….for the top ten who recieve this “reward” only the base exp is counted…that excluding prem and x2.

  17. The reason for the high avg xp on the obj 416 is because it has a great DPM and avg damage per shot.

  18. As easy as doing doubles with 2 in each nation, with the (sure) specials with some x5 or so….done.

    • If the AMX M4 mle 45 doesn’t exist in WoT, why is it on the french tree as the tier 7 heavy between ARL 44 and AMX 50/100?

      • fail … i dont know why i read it as TD lol even when i wrote it right…