US T34 Premium Tank Operation…


Hello everyone,

as you probably know already, RU, SEA and EU servers have Super Pershing missions, US server has a T34 mission with the requirement of 100k XP per nation instead of 75k. Not bad! But… US server also has some very stronk (or trollish) art department. I will just leave the banner for the operation here, as visible on the page linked above…


Wrong T-34, guys :)

21 thoughts on “US T34 Premium Tank Operation…

  1. Or perhaps it is a new model. A casual palyer is going with his shiny tier X tank, when suddenly a t-34 med tank appears. The palyer thinks, “oh, that can’t hurt me… Shoot here little one, shoot if you dare!” But that tank is a mighty T34 is reality, only had a good disquise. He shoots and casual player dead.

    Trolling lvl 99.

  2. No, acutually it’s the mission desciption that is wrong! You grind 100k on each nation and you get a free soviet T6 medium!

    • I’m pretty sure they said. Why would they be sad? Also T34=/= T-34. Everyone who plays this game should at least know that.

  3. Grinding 700k XP for a free T-34 and garage slot? TOTALLY WORTH IT!
    Because fuck grinding the 22k XP for a regular T-34 without a garage slot.

  4. It might be only a generic design for every mission. But even in that case it’s fail because they aren’t making any effort to change the image in less than 1 minute.

  5. Good, I’m not the only one that noticed. :P

    That being said, looks like no T34 for me this time (I don’t have a whole lot of tanks for some of the trees, and since you need to grind exp for ALL of the lines…)