FV4004 “Conway” and FV4005 Stage 2 in Numbers

Hello everyone,

there seem to be a lot of weird myths going around the FV4004 “Conway” and the FV4005 Stage 2 (calling them “tier 10 KV-2″ for example), so let’s have a look at the data we know about them. These data are based on original archive reports. One was dug up by David “Listy” Lister, the other by Ogopogo (US server). All the credits go to them. Unfortunately, I cannot publish the original reports, that’s up to the guys.



Weight: 50 tons
Length: 7,56m
Length with gun: 10,73m
Width: 3,38m
Height: 3,2m

Main gun: 120mm (20 rounds of APDS or HESH ammo)
Coaxial: .30cal MG

Turret armor: 132mm at 19 degrees front (139,7mm EFF) frontal, 95mm sides, thinning progressively to 31,75mm at the rear
Hull armor: 76,2mm at 57 degrees (152,4mm EFF) frontal, 50,8mm sides, 6,35mm “side skirts”

Maximum speed: 34 km/h

FV4005 Stage 2


Crew: 5 (commander, driver, gunner, two loaders)
Weight: 50 tons
Length with gun: 10,95m
Width: 3,36m
Height: 3,61m
Track width: 0,61m
Clearance: 0,51m

Engine: Meteor Mk.4B V12, 640bhp at 2550RPM
Maximum speed: 34,6 km/h
Power-to-weight: 12,75 bhp/ton


Turret front – 14mm
Turret sides – 14mm
Turret rear – 14mm
Hull front – 76mm at 57 deg
Hull sides – 51mm at 12 deg
Hull rear – 32mm
Bottom – 16mm

Main gun: 183mm carrying 12 rounds, firing HESH separated ammunition. Loading tray, NOT an autoloader. Historically cannot fire on the move, has to deploy recoil brace to help absorb the gun recoil.

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  1. I guess these 2 tanks will have horrible gun dispersion on the move or turret rotation, right?

    PS SS: I think that next time you post a topic which is bound to attract the worst of your blog readers(anime and gay haters in your GuP post) i Think the best thing to do is close the comments since your “cleaning” didn’t get too far :P

    • I have a freakin video tape with the first and the last episode of Dragon Ball.
      And I am going to tell You that guP stuff is absolutely disgusting.

      • So you’re alright with Dragonball, but not with GuP?
        That’s funny considering that Bulma at the beginning of DB is 16 years old and constantly uses her female features to gain the advantage over men.

        Like lifting her skirt in front of Master Roshi to get his dragonball… … yeah… that was totally normal… nothing out of the ordinary here.

        • you cannot define GuP as a better anime than DB. since GuP is overrated because of peoples like you mate (“OMG GIRLS DRIVING TANKS SO MOE”). from my point of view, anything MOE and anything COOL should NOT be MIXED. Touhou excluded.

          • I didn’t state it’s better than DB at all oO
            I simply stated the fact that DB, too, has it’s awkward moments.

            If I wanted to highlight an anime that is better than both I would’ve gone with one of these:
            Noir, Clannad, Zipang, Valkyria Chronicles (Game not anime), School Rumble, Macross, Space Battleship Yamato, Gundam, and a metric ton of others.

            DB is a good anime, but not one of the greatest, it’s one of those series that you grow up with and age with.
            (Remember how DB went from childishly to more and more “serious”?)

            From that PoV DB is a great anime, it’s set up in a way that you watch the initial season as a young child, DB Z as a teen and DB GT when you’re in between teen and adult.
            Why do you think GT went with the young Son Goku appearence?

            A similiar trick the Harry Potter movies used, the audience (for the most part) grew up together with the protagonists.
            That’s some marketing cleverness right there.

            Btw, I rate GuP with a 6/10, and the only redeeming features are the tank battles and occasional funny moments. (Waking Mako with a dud shell)

      • You either like anime or you don’t like anime. Simple as that..

        Plus, it’s not just about that. Comparing liking anime to being a pedo or a gay. That part is what annoys me and the fact SS doesn’t do anything about morons who say that.

        • There’s a lot more to anime than hyperbole comedy like GuP. There is also a lot of anime that avoids underage exploitation and concentrates on having a story, it’s just unfortunate that everything is grouped under the same moniker. I like certain anime but I can’t stomach GuP or other series that take a theme and pepper it with almost-clothed teenage girls going “tee-hee-hee” most of the time. I won’t come and tell you you shouldn’t like it either but it is borderline suggestive underage exploitation and you should admit it to yourself. That’s where the criticism and name-calling is coming from. The Japanese culture is vastly different from ours and what is deemed appropriate there is not always deemed appropriate everywhere else

        • Nah. It’s either you like the series or not. Being anime has little to do with it.

            • Hmm I wonder, did SS talk to you about your attitude on the blog? I don’t think he did xD
              But of course, knowing where you come from comes no surprise to me why you hate gays :D :D Which is normal from people like you :D

        • +1, they don’t know the difference between Pedos and Lolicons! true that most fujoshi are lesbian, and all fudanshi are gay

    • Dear Lone blonde.
      The GuP and whole “moe” genre (I hope i got the term right) offers no real value except sort of , I guess … tension relief for certain creepy individual.
      Being in my early 30′s I can watch Dragon Ball or My Little Pony alongside my nephews, or alone, and I am gonna have a good laugh every time. However with a small tint of gulity plesure in the latter instance.
      But those Japanese anime are a product of alien, sometimes barbaric culture. And I simply can’t stand the blatant objectification and sexualisation of women characters, nor the people that praise such deeds.


      • The blatant objectification and sexualisation of fully clothed women/girls driving tanks and living their lives.
        Oh yeah, and one short bathing scenes where nothing could be seen.

        I could understand if you’d go on the objectification/sexualisation bandwaggon with the very shady stuff that walks a fine line between porn and normal entertainment.
        However GuP never even comes close to that.
        And 9/10 animes don’t either… so… what?

        What’s next?
        Wonder Woman from the DC Universe is a objectified and sexualised woman?
        Just look at that dress she’s wearing! Just gotta overlook that she single handedly saves other heroes like Superman at times… …

        People like you are just as dangerous as the people that don’t care about true sexualisation of women.
        Yelling those words on every possible occasion for no reason robs them of their weight when it truly matters, although I have a feeling you won’t understand that.
        Blinded by opinion…

        • Heh. Do You know about that American game called baseball?

          - Fully clothed
          Belt length mini skirt, constant implied upskirt shots. STRIKE ONE
          - One bathroom scene
          The sole fact that You know such thing by heart says a lot about the target audience. STRIKE TWO
          - And 9/10 animes don’t either
          9/10 animu is now girls doing things while scantily dressed. Oh wait, it was always like that. STRIKE THREE
          aaaaaand you’re out!

          • why don’t you both watch Puella Magi. you can still watch it with your nephews and still fap with it.

          • Not really, Strike Witches has constant implied and made pantyshots, which is one of the reasons I will never add it to my favourites, the idea of the entire world facing a grave alien danger together?
            Awesome, Montgomery and Rommel fighting together is probably a childhood dream of mine.

            The only thing about GuP that came close to fanservice was the mentioned bath scene.
            Oh wait, one of the girls wore a bikini once for a few seconds, the moment came and went past faster than a strafing A-10.
            But I guess that’s a point for you?

            I would like to know what kind of animes you watched… I have a feeling you chose quite the wrong tag when looking for animes.

            Here you go, and remember to activate captions.

        • Oh come on, anime girls fully clothed? If you are a fan of the culture and normally only wear napkin-sized miniskirts, it doesn’t mean that it is what everyone would call fully clothed. If fully clothed ends only when you see everything, you’re missing quite a few shades of grey from between. There is anime, there is hentai and there is anime that borderlines on hentai.

          Western culture enjoys ADULT women as sexual objects, but does so also with men. We don’t however, treat underage boys like sexual objects and neither should we treat underage girls that way. I promise you, if you dress your 12 year old daughter like GuP and take her to a public place you’re going to get shady and judging looks. Upskirt little girls are not a good form of entertainment.

          But honestly, if there was no exposition of adults as sexual objects, we would all just be prudes wearing spacesuits to cover our whole body and turning the lights off the moment we step into the bedroom. The point here is that adults are capable of consent because they are capable of handling the consequences of that consent. Children are not and that’s where the distinction between the two comes from. You should leave children alone to figure things out on their own until they are ready to take part as adults

    • Paper armor on WTE-100 is balanced by burst. On this machine, compared to FV (183) i can’t see anything balancing the turret armor. Fully rotating turret doesn’t make up for this bias.

      • Imagine it’s going to be smaller and maybe more nimble than current FV 215 (183) , this is going to be a true KV-1S of tier X , sorry but I think it’s going to be perfectly balanced

        • 183mm firing every 15 seconds without any help from rammer/vents (and actually, reload would be even faster, since 100% Commander would give 10% skill bonus for the loader) IS OP.

    • Yes but Hesh isn’t that strong in-game, it requires alot of learning to use it properly, otherwise, it’s better to use AP actualy because of more penetration.

      • Hesh would be great if they gave it the real life properties. The way it is now, you just have to aim with it the way you would with a normal HE ammo and you can do fine. No real learning needed there.

        • Srsly ? Histoical ? The closest implementation that would be closes to its real properties would be a shell that deals half the damage of AP but has somewhere around 80% chance of knocking out crew members and deal horrific module damage. I’m not sure if it would be much fun.

            • Well, at least you can then leave the battle and move on to the next tank. Imagine getting turret ring, gun and radio damaged, as well as commander, loader and gunner dead, all that still having ~60% of hp. Would you like to go on fighting?

  2. > Historically cannot fire on the move, has to deploy recoil brace to help absorb the gun recoil.

    Just a question: Why it had so much propellent then? If the only ammunition for the gun was HESH that is not kinetic energy dependant? :)

    • Because 183mm shell is quite heavy and in order to make it shoot at enemy and splash the explosive all over impact area it still needs a considerable velocity.

      • It doesn’t. The propellent is there for two reasons. 1. It has APDS as well, and they need to fly FAST. 2. Because having little propellent it would be just a derp howitzer, and incapable of firing at moving targets. Having high muzzle velocity allows it to actually hit moving tanks with the HESH rounds.

  3. I really wish they’d just leave the British alone and put in the 2nd French heavy tree they have teased us with for all these years. France has now become the nation to go the longest without new tanks, despite having a huge amount of candidates not yet in the game. Just look at the old tech tree for them from around 2012, it’s fucking huge. They had a lot of premium tanks scrapped for no reason aswell.

      • Exactly, french tanks despite being in the game for a very long time are not really that popular among the players. Remember that developers do not make all the decisions about what tanks should go in. It is the company’s management/game producers that decide about those things because it IS a company and as such it’s focus is on making a profit. More people interested in the product, possibly more paying customers.

          • Their tech tree is tiny? They have a TD line, SPG line, heavy line, and a light/medium line. Look at the chinese: one heavy, one medium and one light line and half of those are copy paste tanks up to tier 7 medium.
            Not saying I want more chinese tanks, i dont want more copy/paste TDs.

            • They are tiny in comparison to the other “original” nations, USA, Soviets and Germany. A bit more diversity in the tech tree wouldn’t hurt at all, it’s not like their tanks are particularly nasty “clones” like the Chinese, the M4 1948 and 65T looked like very interesting high tiers for one. Plus the premmies that were scrapped looked like alot of fun, if not interesting. There’s plenty of leaked pictures.

              edit: oh, and the it appears the biggest problem with the game as of late is the massive amount of fantasy napkin drawing tanks running around in the newer lines, the low tiers of France especially are full of historical tanks that fought in the battle of France, so it only seems logical to, y’know, add some history to the game.

              • Ye but those pictures are oooold. I guess the producers just have different plans, even if the tanks themselves may have been completed and everything.

                • The French, Japanese and Chinese branches are all less played than the other nations. For that reason they are in no rush to add more Chinese or Japanese tanks, and the French tree is falling into the same pit even though the issue is not that the French tanks wouldn’t have good features (I would argue that the Japanese tree is just the STB-1 and the Chinese tree is unpopular because of the bad gun depression making them noob-hostile), it’s that they have only released difficult French tanks. Some players can make the autoloaders sing without taking return fire, but when you look at most of the players in games they want to drive up to the enemy and fight. You don’t do that with an autoloader unless you want to die quickly. The French need non-autoloading heavies and proper mediums to make it a real nation.

                  But we’re not getting the french heavies even though their guns are good, the art is interesting and they would offer different dynamics than the US heavies that might be the closest comparisons.

      • I would agree with that! I think it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy though, they aren’t easy to jump in and play as the autoloaders require more map and tactic awareness than I would expect a sub 3,5k battle player to have and they don’t have the premium support. I would probably play them more if they had premiums available because I like to focus a crew and bounce between grind tank and credits premium with the same crew. So for experienced players with lots of tanks to buy they aren’t super attractive bar the obvious and for newbies they are frustrating. Same problem with China and Japan but those are far newer lines.

        Edit: China heavies are a great line to get lots of experience in different play styles mind. I tend to recommend them to newbies.

    • This. You think the Germans get the short end of the stick, the French don’t get any of the stick.

  4. Total crap for a tier 9-10, they dont have armor and camo… guns are nothing new or special, simple old guns in new base… inferior to the old plataforms.

    I dont know why you compare them with WT serie… they are totall diferent, specially FV4004 loos very inferior to WT tier 9 because has worst camo, offers a bigger target to enemy tanks and has a worst gun with lower damage and pen (i asume the 120mm is the gun used in Tortoise)… the only advantage over WT for me is it can use better terrain for hulldown but in the moment the turret armor is bad… WT wih this camo and using the “aiming rear tactic” is much better as ninja TD (and i need say that for me Borsig is better ninja than WT).

    FV 4005 VS WTF… hard to say, they are total diferent in play style, i need say i dont like WTF, but sure i am going to like a lot less 4005 specially with FV183 as 2nd option.

    to be fair i find ok the 4005 in tier 9 but with both guns, 120mm and 183mm to have some diferent to Tortoise and player can select if he wants a fast gun like Tortoise in a weak base but mobile and with turret or a gun that shoot every 30s but in tier 10… i really expect something more than a weaker FV183.

    The question is in Firefly… i really find more usefull it as med. i think in
    5-the UK version of tier 5 sherman OR Sentinal AC I
    6-the UK version of tier 6 sherman or Sentinal AC IV
    7-Firefly with 17p (in the end the UK panther worst mobility than comet but using best gun from BP)

    Over here i have a lot of ???? maybe in tier 8 we can see a super firefly with 20p, tier 9-10 are for the allways present FV prototypes… maybe the FV4202 as tier 9???

    Let see, i have the feeling that we are going to see UK secondary med line before the TD line because if the touch tier 10 med and heavy is obvious for me they need do something with old tanks.

    • >Tier VII

      It’s a Sherman, a tier V tank, except it has much worse gun depression. And a 17 Pdr at that level is not good enough to offset it.

      >Tier VIII
      >Super Firefly with 20 Pdr

      Never heard of such a thing, and even if it existed, it would be shit. The gun would barely fit in the turret and would realistically have godawful rate of fire and depression- on top of being a tier V tank at tier VIII, you know.

      >Tier IX

      Not connected to the earlier tanks at all.

  5. I actually like tge idea though 183mm for both tds is rather redundant 200mm pen hesh for the 120mm gun, maybe with a little damage buff over regular 120mm HE could be quite cool. The real problem is mobility and rof. The deathstar is quite mobile which doesnt make the rear mounted turret much of a disadvantage.

    However I would strongly oppose a 183mm gun firing anywhere near as fast as the Jpz does. Also getting oneshot in the new brits by other t10 brit tds would be likely and you really cannot give a td with that gun 2500hp to balance it.

    Dont get me wrong, but people would just have to live with a worse Fv unless wg were to make the new one considerably faster and enabling it to fight actively with its centrally mounted turret

  6. tank looks brutal it seems also like a missing link! FV 183 td and heavy!

  7. With the armor values of the FV4005 2 it seems like it is purely a test turret. I doubt any British vehicle would go into battle with 14mm of turret armor. On that note, I’m sure that WG would find a solution to this issue if this vehicle is to be included as a tier 10 by either creating a new turret for it or finding some obscure document stating a possible turret to be used, possibly one from some other vehicle.