History of Great Victory, Part 5

Fifth part of the Wargaming series with Russian veteran memories about the Second World War. This time with former navigator of the Pe-2 plane, Galina Pavlovna Brok-Belcova, who recalls how because of the issues with one of the engines on its way to its target, her bomber stayed behind the formation, was left without fighter cover and was attacked by German Focke-Wulf fighters.

English subtitles are available.



Galina Pavlovna Brok-Belcova took part in WW2 as a Pe-2 bomber navigator, serving in 125th Guard Bomber Air Regiment (holder of the order of Suvorov and the order of Kutuzov). She flew 36 sorties, took part in the Operation Bagration to liberate Belarus from German fascist invaders. She was awarded with the Order of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic War 1st and 2nd Class and is a honorary member of the Soviet woman air pilots club.

18 thoughts on “History of Great Victory, Part 5

  1. ”to liberate Belarus from German fascist invaders”.
    the invaders were the wehrmacht.
    i think everyone knows by now that an army cannot be politically affiliated.

    • “Немецко-фашистские захватчики” — “German fascist invaders” is actually a very common cliche in Russian language. Yes, it’s historically and logically incorrect, but there’s nothing that can be done about it.

      • Same cliche is used right now in Ukraine.. Separatist call current Ukraine government “a fascist junta”.
        I.e. Russians still “fight” old war: they are good guys and all others are fascist :/

          • Truth is – usually nobody is more or less evil. Every country is concerned with its own interests and current trend in politics.If they compete, good is what is evil for the other side :)

      • OMG the reTarded people here are amazing…go learn what fascism means idiot.

    • Yes it can be seeing as it was used as a tool of the Government and carried out it’s polices(IE: conquest and atrocities)

    • Either you’re an idiot, or you’re worse, a Nazi in denial…

      [quote]The Holocaust in Belarus refers to the Nazi crimes during the occupation of Belarus by Nazi Germany on the territory of contemporary Belarus, and against the ethnic Belarusians outside it. Belarus lost a quarter of its pre-war population, including most of its intellectual elite and 90% of the country’s Jewish population. Following encirclement battles, all of the present-day Belarus territory was occupied by the Nazi Germany by the end of August 1941. The Nazis imposed a brutal regime, deporting to Germany some 380,000 young people for slave labour, and killing hundreds of thousands of civilians more.[/quote]


  2. Quite a tense story! I love them, albeit from “friends” or “foes”…..
    Off/t: you know Otto Carius (the WOT medal ;) still has his own drugstore called Tiger? What a guy

  3. Pe 2, a pity they never add bombers in WOWP. At first I though it was a War thunder video before I checked.

  4. Wow, a Pe-2 crew(wo)man.
    Those always inspire awe.

    Seriously, flying in an easy to spot light bomber/dive bomber hybrid takes massive balls.
    This isn’t the IL-2 where you have armor all around you and flying so low AA has a hard time tracking you…

    36 sorties isn’t a large number for Soviet and European pilots (seriously, some of them had thousands of sorties, their lungs were burned by all the oxygen they breathed at high altitude) but each of those sorties in that deathtrap of a plane is worth 10 in an american B-17.

    Massive respects to that woman.