42 thoughts on “Meanwhile at WoT Asia…

  1. The germans managed to fit in a time-machine inside the Maus (Why do you think it was bloated?) It went back in time and whooped some T-34 ass. True story.

  2. Damn, I would have put a Ratte picture there instead of that puny Maus :D

    • Well, the largest tank battle SINCE Kursk was (iirc) the Battle of 73 Easting during the Persian Gulf War.

    • I think Operation Spring Awakening or Lake Balaton Offensive, as the Russians prefer to call it, is one of the largest as well, with the 6th SS Panzer Armee fighting against the 3rd Ukrainian Front….

    • Correct me if I am wrong but as far as I am concerned it was the Battle of Debrecen (6–29 October 1944) with about 2000 participating tanks on the two sides.It could well be that it was just the second biggest IN WW2 altough, I do not know.

        • Russians realize the fact that the battle of brody was the biggest tank battle in history. It’s the Americans who don’t.

          • Americans most likely still don’t realize where even Ukraine is, not to mention Kursk or anything more… “difficult”.

        • @Dr_Wycior

          Even going by your sketchy Wikipedia source … not so much.

          Depends on your definition of “armored battle”. Kurks was fought for over a period of a month while Brody for just a week.

          Overall Kurks had magnitudes more of units involved and ~twice the armored machines.

          Also, Soviet butt-hurt much? Look at yourself in the mirror before talking about drones in any other country.

  3. he “means tank battle”, though confusing at first with maus on the pic and you may have disregard or misunderstood the “battle” after the word tank.