Minipatch Patch 9.0.3 coming to ASIA and RU servers

Hello everyone,

tomorrow, 8.5.2014, a minipatch 9.0.3 will be activated on EU, RU and ASIA servers. This patch will “bring a series of changes in the mechanics of discounts and missions”.

Edit: Official info from WG support page

This patch is made to help those who are facing issues with game performance due to inappropriate graphical settings in the client.
The goal of this patch is to detect players who are experiencing low FPS (less than 20) and propose them to adjust their graphical settings

41 thoughts on “Minipatch Patch 9.0.3 coming to ASIA and RU servers

  1. Hmm missions bugged? Could it be about the free premium tank mission that everybody has differently?

    Edit: what does graphical settings and low FPS have to do with discounts and missions? O.o

      • Well, since it is WG we are talking about, I guess they themselves don’t even know what one department is doing and what the other one >>

        • I’m gonna take a screenshot of my current settings, just to make sure the game won’t do something fancy like turning everything to minimum or some other stronk vodka programing.

          Why is it that majority of people seem to be more afraid of new hotfixes than happy about them? I’m one of them. With every new hotfix, patch, update etc, comes about an hour or 2 of googling, changing stuff in source codes and whatnot, just to maintain the level of performance and eye candy I got before. Not to count that I basically have to wait for like 2 days till people find out what was changed/missed/fucked up this time.

          Also, minipatch 9.0.3?? did I miss the existance of 9.0.2 or something? Last thing I know, 9.0.1 came up ….

          • Perhaps 9.0.2 was SO buggy they spotted it and pulled it from release…? Then again perhaps someone cannot count…

            • Well, there was something my client just downloaded (about a minute of download time), updated and says I’m running the lastest client now.

              In the Updates file folder, it says “wot_90.417446_content_en”
              this is how the Updates folder looks like for me, bunch of updates I didn’t even knew about, after 9.0, 2 more of them the same size as this today’s one.


              so … this could as well be 9.0.3, since the previous 2 are supposedly 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 …. The big file from 19/4 is 9.0, then the first 10MB file on the same day (should it be called 9.0.1 if it comes with the same patch download?) then the 27/4 is the 9.0.1, so I still don’t get it, no minipatch between the two, yet they call it 9.0.3?

    • I certainly am prepared to have to start ignoring more comments with whining and complaining. (I’m not trying to belittle the people who have legitimate arguments or problems, just those that don’t bother to even try updating drivers or just sound really whiny in their comments)

      • definitely my fault that i can run any other game on ultra and in wot i have to turn shadows and water to low quality to have at least 30 fps when firing at tank in close combat, and i am not even talking about fps drop when some tank explode

        • I can play ultra on this and ultra on that, bla bla bla without telling specs, geeeezzzz…

    • What they will recommend? Probably to upgrade your pc … if you want ofc.

      • you didnt get the picture.At the moment the game is unplayable for me, and i`m gonna tell you why
        -i made every single trick in the book to optimize the game,defragmenting , etc.When the game WORKS , it runs with 60 + fps. But the problem is microfreezes, “micro’ being a gentle word, they last between 3 and 10 seconds.When i dont have freezes, i can play with NO PROBLEMS, but imagine a 10 seconds freeze when you are spotted.
        Hows this picture now?

      • Exectly the answer I got after about 6 or 7 “technicians” at WG couldn’t help me not even a bit. Everything on lowest settings as possible. How low can it go?!?!?

  2. I think that they will fix SuperPershing mission. Now it includes daily bonus. With x5 coming this weekend it will be very easy to get that free premium tank.

      • IS-6 mission was limited to 6 tier only. Now you can play on 4-8 tiers. Do the math: 4 tanks per nation x 4-5k xp for first win x 4 days of event = free Super Pershing.

        • And Is-6 11.800 gold, SP 7.200. math.
          But no offense.
          I think both tank is crappy… I would be happy the T34 mission, like in the NA server.
          Still, 7.200 gold for playing, like always, is great :)

        • Actually on the Asia server tier 9 & 10s work aswell. Maybe they are fixing that?

  3. oh that’s great. Everytime in game when the fps drops below 20, you’ll get a pop-up asking if you want to change the graphic settings. :-)

  4. oh and, I am playing on lowest graphic settings already. So what will the patch suggest? To play Tetris instead? :-)

  5. Micropatch heh?! Good… Until the new hotfix comes out I will continue to update my tankers. No problem…
    Yeah, yeah…potato PC detected…

  6. “The goal of this patch is to detect players who are experiencing low FPS (less than 20) and propose them to adjust their graphical settings”

    Or, yanno, fix how your system detects and sets default graphics?

    Or, yanno, fix your optimization? Oh, sorry, you’d have to have optimized it in the first place to be able to fix it.

    Or, yanno, don’t add things that will bork up the experience of so many of your players.

    Sorry WG, you can’t play the “You need a better computer” card when other games run smoother and look soooo much better on the same computer.

  7. I get 10-20fps and about 250ms ping. My computer is 10 years old, so i can understand it. But im already on the lowest settings. Will this do anything to help me? I guess not.

  8. All this “low fps” problems remind me how I played wolf et on my first pc – pentium 3 500mhz, riva tnt2 32mb, 256mb ram – 640x480x32, everything on lowest possible and it still lagged as hell :D

    And guys these days complain because they run wot on lowest settings too – but on what resolution? 3200×2400? lol.

  9. “The goal of this patch is to detect players who are experiencing low FPS (less than 20) and propose them to adjust their graphical settings”
    ┬┐am i the only one to see how incredibly RETARDED this patch is?.
    It’s not addressing the REAL ISSUE at all (which is the horribly horribly broken and unoptimized graphic engine) it’s just saying “well you kept the same graphic settings as in 8.11 but now we lowered your performance by up to 50+% so we’ll suggest you make the game look like shit(way worse than before) so you can regain that fps”.
    but hey, what a GOOD patch!, very meaningful!

  10. >>… due to inappropriate graphical settings…<<

    "Tell me where the bad video card touched you…"

  11. From the special notes on the Asia server it looks like part of the reason for the patch was to stop the daily XP multipliers for first victories from counting towards the SuperPershing (and probably other) XP missions.
    “Note: The First Victory bonus will NOT be counted towards completing the Flaming May – Superpershing missions.”