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- Storm confirms that Tiger 1 will definitely be nerfed
- the 9.0 tank size changes (SS: HD Panther got kinda bigger) did not influence their camo factor
- Storm confirms that tanks will definitely have a special set of “historical” characteristics for historical battles only
- Storm states that the armor of the commander’s copula of Tiger II is correct because there are conflicting sources about this
- Svirin’s data on 85mm Ferdinand superstructure side armor thickness are incorrect (SS: it’s 80mm)
- the split of various vehicles (SS: as in Panzer IV, StuG) was needed for historical battles, it does not mean that “less historical” tanks will be removed

205 thoughts on “6.5.2014

  1. Why the hell are they nerfing the Tiger I? They only gave the damn thing its long-overdue buffing a few patches ago…and still the KV-1S has its magical nerf immunity?

      • KV-1S has been one of the most – if not *the* most – clearly OP tanks in the game since release….still nerf immunity. And the Tiger I had a massive nerf to its turret rotation when they buffed the RoF, for god’s sake…what idiot at WG thinks it needs even *more* nerfing?

        • Funny thing is as far as i remember KV-1S always was the “shittier KV-3″ when KV-3 was still tier VI. No one liked 1S. Im not sure what changed – people or the tank.
          It obviously needs to be nerfed though.

            • Yeah I remember times when those who played kv1s were like idiots who chose worse tank comaper to kv3… KV1S was as rare as chaffe or Maus in randoms…

              • Yes, but the 1S was worse not only because of KW-3′s armour, but also because of a worse gun;) The 107 was and still is much better in one vs. 1 combat than the 122 m;)
                And now ppl rarely use T-150s as they are too slow and don’t have KW-1S’s troll armour.

          • Simple: because the Tier 6 KV-3 was even more OP than the KV-1S. Right now, the only real OP tank in WoT is the KV-1S. The AT-7 is also borderline OP, but that’s another story.

            Sad that they nerf the Tiger I. It’s quite good right now, but anything but OP. The T-29 is way better. WG seems to have some problems with the balancing department.

            • >WG seems to have some problems with the balancing department.

              I think they have a problem with their historical butthurt over German tanks.

            • I’m not saying it deserves a big nerf (just a small one pls) but the Tiger I can out damage T10 tanks in T10 battles. I’ve seen it done when platooning with friends.

            • There’s the T18 as well, but that’s a completely different story.

            • Tiger isn’t even in the top 10 for WR. They should leave it alone and quit pissing us off.

            • The T18, Rhombus, WTE100, Cruiser III, FV304, T2 Medium, T40, Hellcat, T49, T57, KV-2 and STI aren’t borderline OP, but the AT7 is?

              The thing is a freaking walking weakspot with some armor underneath, and a gun duct taped onto the side.

              • Did you just call the ST-I and KV-2 overpowered? I’m going to pretend that I didn’t see that.

                • STI is by far best T9 when played with any brains but IS* is bad sooo….
                  Also Waffle isnt OP guys have you noticed by now the absolute second they are lit they die? This is because everyone now targets them as they should.

                  TBH the T9 waffle is much deadlier in Pubs when played right as its cam`o`d like crazy and has more DPM lol

                  Also T57 is OP in OP players hands. I have AVG`d 4k DMG in battle now for last 80 games but my first 40 games when played like a heavy was 2800 which is Meh. Unless your very patient and smart and play like a rapest its not OP.

                  T57 just takes the stupid player who has decidedd to sui-rush down with yo uand this makes players pissed.
                  Good T57= Game changer
                  Bad T57= Kills 1 guy or 75% of 1 guy and loses his T10 slot for his team.

                  If anything T57 makes stupid players more stupid and they think trading there life for 1600 DMG is worth it.

              • What is wrong with T 2 Medium???
                Aso, I can’ see the problem with T40 as long as there is a Hetzer at tier 4.
                I suppose you missed HT in T 57′s name, as T57 is a tier 2 artillery.

            • Think you’re forgetting the SU-100 and Hellcat at tier 6 and…AT-7? What the HELL have you been smoking mate? That piece of shit has to be the worst piece of crap tier 7 TD in the history of worthless pieces of shit.

      • No, that’s a lie.
        It will be “pushed back” shortly before 9.2 releases and nothing will happen to it.

        • On the other what Russian tanks are OP? SU-85, KV1S, perhaps T-54 (have not played it) and ?

          • Mediums, some of the IS series (infamous lower plate), one-shot-killl TDs, add to this the fact that most of the maps are designed in a way that favours russian tanks (plenty of cover, small size, clear directions of approach, etc. etc.) and you got it.

            IMHO issue wouldn’t be as bad as it is if WG would actually give us some large maps with open space and stop doing this ridiculous 3-lanes design for most of it’s maps.

        • No, I don’t think the game is biased towards any nation. But the KV-1S is a special case of OP tank that just won’t get nerfed.

    • Just because the KV-1S haven’t been nerfed yet doesn’t mean they can’t nerf other OP tanks. And the Tiger in its current state is OP.

      • Haha, Tiger is OP? Tell me what you are smoking :)
        A good T-29 player can still pwn a Tiger 1 if he knows what he’s doing.

        WG made the Tiger 1 acutally playable compared to other tier 7 heavies. The one tier 7 heavy that might need a nerf is the T-29, but definetly not the Tiger 1.

        • T-29/32 are a menace to Tigers. If bunkered in hull-down position they’re pretty much invincible to Tigers.
          Same with some of the IS series if they’re approaching perfectly up front.

            • I never said it’s every tank from IS series. Just some of them. (As for Chinese – isn’t that 110 (aka. upgraded IS-2U) nearly impenetrable for Tiger from up front?)

      • OP? The Tiger has a great gun, but that’s all it has really. It doesn’t have the armor to do a heavy tank’s job properly, and while having a decent top speed doesn’t reach it very quickly, and its turning is horrible. Basically, think of it as a big, sluggish medium tank with the gun of a tier 6 tank destroyer. In what situation besides the typical campfest on El Halluf or the west side of Prokhorovka is that overpowered? It’s competitive, and in the hands of a good player can SEEM overpowered (I’ve done pretty well myself in it, even in tier 9 games, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the T29 in most situations), but it’s hardly the best tank of its tier.

        Oh, and that isn’t counting that pretty much the entire hull is either an ammo rack, engine, transmission or fuel tank. That tank takes critical damage so easily from being penetrated at ALL (especially if a shot penetrates the left side of the tank, where the ammo rack is located) to the point that it’s ridiculous. Couple that with flat slabs of armor that’s barely adequate for a tier 7 MEDIUM tank and what you get is a tier 7, German version of the M36 Jackson, but without the TD camo bonus or sloped frontal armor.

        • this^^

          Throw a rock on tiger and bam! Engine knocked out.
          Sometimes it catches on fire even in garage…

          It really should be tier 6 to make it feel like what it used to be…
          IDK, tiger was one of the most feared tanks,.. when I see one in battle I have no respect at all ..even if I’m driving stock tier 5. You can penetrate it with a wooden stick.

          Too bad it was shredding developers families :D I bet it would be really good ingame if it was soviet machine…

    • Tiger 1 is more OP than the KV-1S. Tiger 1 has more health than any other tier 7 tank. It should be on par with the Tiger P in DPM and health.

      • That’s how it was BEFORE IT GOT BUFFED. So you just want the Tiger P to be superior in every way again, huh?

      • Are You serious? I aint never have Tiger 1 but I have face it many many time. I thik that it is easiest Tier 7 heavy to be face to face. I thik that Tiger 1 only real advantage is it good wiev range

    • It got way over buffed. The gun now has insane DPM. Also in the model reworks have removed all frontal weakspots so unless you can slam rounds straight through the frontal armor, you are SOL.

      • oh no. 100mm of armour. what ever will you do to pen that? oh, and before you complain about angling, either they’re going to give you the side of their hull to pen, their going to be giving you the front of their turret to pen or the side of their turret. just about anywhere you can see on the tiger you can pen the tiger.

    • I had 63% solo winrate on the old unbuffed Tiger when I was going for KT. With that insane new DPS I would’ve pwned so much.

      • Congratulations, you found one of the 2 potential counters to the KV-1S.
        Potential, because it depends on the map….On an open, fluid map, the KV-1S wins because of speed and agility.

        But for ALL the other, non-counter tanks to the KV-1S? Very OP. Shoots you once, leaves because it’s fucking fast, and by the time you catch up, it finishes you off with a second shot.

        Outflank? Fuck that, KV-1S 2 fast 2 furious.
        Out dpm? Fuck that, KV-1S will shoot you twice before you kill it.
        Out number? KV-1Ss *never* come alone. They all lemming together like some hive-mind, ruin-your-shit wasps.

      • Great tank, but far from OP or needing a nerf. It carries the same guns as the tier below it, and only the front plate is troll. The turret is a sponge. At least the 1S can fire safely in certain cover. The ARL has to really stick it’s neck out to deal damage.

  2. - Storm confirms that Tiger 1 will definitely be nerfed

    wait, what !? lower ROF ? or even lower turret traverse speed ?

      • Actually Tiger should be a tier VI with proper rebalancing, its counterpart would be either the ARL 44 or the Churchill VII depending on how WG feels about balancing.

        Too bad it will never happen…

  3. Who the fuck ever complained about Tiger (wich is one fucking massive weakspot , not even talking about module damage and fire magnet this thing is cursed with ) overperforming unlike other tanks wich magicaly avoided the nerfbat for fucking ages now , and even total braindead idiots can perform good in them ? The ONLY thing Tiger has going for it is the gun (rof , acuracy bla bla bla ) and that’s where it all ends .

    • Tiger I has pretty good armor if you understand how to play it and how to angle it properly.

      • Prolly the only heavy tank that I don`t have to aim at when I`m at par with it. Every hit penetrates :)

      • But that does not make it OP. Every tank is theoretically OP if you know how to play it, then again look at the KV-1S. Every braindead noob can play the tank with success…the same guys would fail badly with a Tiger I.

      • Then they just switch to gold and pen it anyway. :/

        The only thing the armor has going for it is that the side armor is reasonably thick, which can make sidescraping a viable option, but not every map allows for such tactics. I usually find myself playing it like a medium tank more than a heavy tank as a result of this (though in this capacity it can be quite effective if you know how to drive medium tanks and adapt the tactics involved with that to the more sluggish Tiger).

    • “Who the fuck ever complained about Tiger” – Russians. Vast majority of feedback for balance comes from Russian community. (FYI: average win rate of WTF-100 on the RU server is very close to 50% – that’s why Wargaming didn’t nerf it)

  4. Seriously, when the Tiger I will be nerfed, the German tank fans will surely whine and cry somethng like this: “WG WHY DO U NERFED MAH TIGER 1???7 BUFF IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!11one”

    • Lol, it’s actually the exact opposite of that. I am sure they are nerfing the Tiger because Russian forums were full of whine “OMG OMG NERF THE TIGER BECAUSE I CANT DESTROY THEM EASILY ANYMORE IN MY SUPERIOR SOVIET STEEL”

        • Or maybe there are much better candidates to nerf right now, such as, lemme think…. A KV-1S, THE MOST BLATANTLY OP TANK IN THE GAME, OR THE T29, OP AS F*CK SINCE ITS INTRODUCTION?

          Almost noone, besides historically butthurt Russians (“OMG OMG TIGERS CANT BE GOOD, GERMAN ARE SHIT WE DEFEATED THEM RUSSIA STORNK”), has a problem with the Tiger right now. On the other hand, EVERY SANE PERSON is complaining about tanks like KV-1S. And what WG is doing? “F*ck you, Tiger is German, so it gets top priority in nerfing. KV-1S? yeah, yeah, we will nerf it, maybe in next year ))))))))”.

          • @sutek222, I competely agree with you at this point, because the Russian tanks have priority at WG (not in nerfing, just in keeping them stronk).

          • How the fuck is T29 OP? It’s DPM is shit and so is it’s hull armour. It is OP when hulldown which is the only time it performs well.
            And please don’t talk about butthurt people while your buttcheeks are obviously still upset. T29 is not OP (and neither is the Tiger IMO) and pointing at it shouting won’t help further your agenda.

            • It isn’t by itself. It’s been recieving a lot of indirect (and most likely unintentional buffs) because of the current trend in map design, which has been making it easier than ever to go hull-down.

              • Yep. Exactly. Current maps are designed in every way to make playing mediums as easy as possible – only they forget that it has a side-effects. One of them being that all of the tanks with strong turret and decent gun depression automatically turn into invincible gods.

                WG needs to stop doing that shit and start designing some proper, varied maps so that each type of gameplay would have it’s own place in WoT, not just medium rush + hull-down heavies.

            • >It is OP when hulldown which is the only time it performs well.

              Do you imply that its hard to go hull down and those are rare situations? Because that’s not f*cking true.

              And in hull-down even IX tier TDs have slim chance of penetrating it. yeah, totally balanced.

              • Yes because it’s so easy to hulldown in heavy chokepoints like in all the town maps. Also, like Windstorm, if you go to the hills everyone calls you a noob because you have to push as a heavy. Well that doesn’t work, since you have neither the 390 alpha of IS (T29 does a meager 320 every ~11 seconds If I recall correctly) or the side-scraping ability, RoF and HP of the Tiger (see how many good points there are to the Tiger). It’s very situational while the Tiger, which got buffed in any form possible can now run around at 35 km/h like some medium with as much HP as IS-3 and RoF and DPM better than the Panther 2.

                • Yes, you can easily go hull-down in town maps, Himmelsdorf is probably the easiest one, but even on Windstorm you can do it – just don’t go into the city itself but rather keep to the hills around it.

                • >Yes because it’s so easy to hulldown in heavy chokepoints like in all the town maps.

                  Uhhhh… yes? Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Ruinberg – on all those maps there is PLENTY of places where you can easily hide your hull.

                  >the side-scraping ability

                  Lol, just lol. T29 tracks love eating shells. It’s certainly way better in sidescrap that… Tiger I, for example (surprise!).

                  >the Tiger, which got buffed in any form possible can now run around at 35 km/h like some medium

                  >35 km/h
                  >like some medium

                  Okay, dropped. You are legitimately retarded.

            • It’s hull armor is actually quite good when you compare it to the Tiger 1 and IS. With almost 170 effective, it’s substantially better than the tiger’s flat 100mm and the easily pennable 100mm at next to no angle IS lower glacias along with the 120mm pike at next to no angle. Only other tier 7 heavy that has more frontal armor is the Tiger P, but that thing has a ton of holes in the front and a horrific turret.

              • Well it’s side armour is shit, so there’s no way you can angle that armour so every IS still pens you. While with the tiger, it being a box, you can control your armour angles with that decent side armour and fat tracks (and also a great turret front).

    • Personally I just want them to leave it alone. It’s competitive, but far from broken by this point. At least now it has a role, whereas before it was overshadowed in pretty much every way by the Tiger P (with exception of the Tiger P’s cupola, but that’s about it).

  5. Tiger I nerf, eh? Oh WG, you so silly. But KV-1s is a balanced tonk. The AMX M4 is blatantly OP. Churchill Gun Carrier is perfectly balanced.

  6. after I saw the fail of 9.0.. I don’t expect to see the devs doing anything right anymore.

    this game will always be if something is broken, leave it. if something is not broken, fuck the hell out of it!

  7. - Storm confirms that Tiger 1 will definitely be nerfed

    I barely use that piece of crap anyway, i think its time to put its crew into GW Panther ;)

    • So if you think the *Tiger I* is somehow OP enough to need nerfing, we can assume you support massive nerfs for the KV-1S, BatChat, T57 and other *actually* OP tanks, yes?

        • Okay, what nerf should the Tiger get then? Its armor is worse than some of the MEDIUM tanks at tier 7 (The only heavy with worse armor is the AMX M4, but that has better mobility and should be played like a medium tank anyway), and while having a high top speed on paper has trouble actually reaching that top speed unless you’re on flat ground or going downhill. The only selling point it has is the gun, and you can’t POSSIBLY be thinking about nerfing the gun AGAIN.

          It’s basically an M36 Jackson, but a tier higher and German. How is that OP?

          • well..
            They can nerf the view range .. to somewhere about 150m
            Oh! And make it so that every tiger has 50% chance to spawn already on fire!

            But don’t worry, they will balance it out… We will get also some buffs!
            -Buffed free fall speed when falling off the cliff.
            -increased burning time
            -Left exhaust screws brought to their historical values and the screws are now ISO-compatible metric screw left-hand threads M16

          • >The only heavy with worse armor is the AMX M4

            Actually AMX M4 has better armor. It has 10 milimeters less of thickness but it’s at least angled, in comparison to completely flat Tiger plates. I was bouncing shots in AMX M4 much more often than in TIger.

            • That and the AMX M4 has the mobility of a medium tank. It just tends to get overlooked because of how bad it is when not fully-upgraded (and because the tank after it has an autoloader)

        • HP and DPM. Maybe buff 88L 71 gun depression to -8. It is 07 IRC.

          Current list of OP tanks:
          Hellcat (No idead how to balance it, except buffing Slugger)
          KV-1S (Nerfing gun depression to -4 and nerfing mobility. Done.)
          T29 (No idea, it is a tier 7.5 tank)
          Tiger 1 (Tier 8 HP, good view range, AWESOME DPM, great accuracy, great penetration… it was ALWAYS a good tank for good players. Now… I dread facing it even in tier 8 tanks…)
          T54 (Damned HEAT, Universal frontal plate)
          T57 (if you know how to use it… its just too good of a gun)
          WTF E 100 ( BY FAR best gun in the entire game… it is too much)

          • Hellcat: Either nerf the camo or nerf the gun on the Hellcat only (which would give the Jackson a role due to having much better performance with the same gun). Nerfing the HP could work too by making it even more of a glass cannon than it already is.

            KV-1S: Give its its historical 2 degrees of gun depression and nerf the rate of fire on the D-2-5T to its historical 3 rounds per minute. Also, nerf its mobility, as the KV-1S with a 122 mm gun lost a lot of its mobility irl, hence why only a prototype was made. This will solve a lot of the problems with the tank easily. To compensate for this, give the KV-1S a 100 mm gun, which the tank could mount historically in its KV-100 configuration (the same gun is available as an option on the IS).

            T29: …Agreed. Frankly, it SHOULD be at tier 8, as it was designed as a counter to the Tiger II, but it’s at tier 7 because WG couldn’t put anything else there, because they fucked up and made the only other potential candidate, the “Mutant Six”, a tier 8 premium in the very early days of the game (the T29 should have been tier 8, which would have had the T34 and T30 at tier 9 depending on preference of gun options, and the M103 at tier 10)

            Tiger I: Not OP. Competitive, yes, but not OP. The T29 and IS still outclass it in most respects, save for the accuracy, penetration and dpm on the gun, and total HP.

            T-54: The problem is that the T-54 in-game has the advantages of all variants but the disadvantages of none, making it, essentially, a T-55. It’s SUPPOSED to represent an early production/pre-production model, which means its mobility should be lower than it is, or keep the mobility, but nerf the armor to hell. Also, the HEAT shells should simply be made more expensive, to discourage its use unless you’re in a pinch as opposed to spamming it all the time.

            T57: Just increase the reload time of the autoloader and the time between shots fired, as the main issue is that its shorter reload makes it less vulnerable when not firing..

            WT E-100: Hmm…there’s a few options for this one, including increasing the delay between shots fired from the ammo drum, increasing the reload time on the drum, or possibly nerfing the aiming time a bit.

    • Said by a player with russian nickname. I didn’t expect any better.
      You’re a perfect example of what’s wrong with RU community.

  8. Quite honestly, I don’t understand why they buffed the Tiger H. It was fine as it was. I don’t think it’s OP in its current state, but it is pretty damned good.

    • Hahaha, is this an ebin trole?

      Let’s compare pre-buff Tiger to IS:

      - better DPM
      - better alpha
      - better mobility
      - better armor
      - less chance of catching fire
      - less chance of getting ammoracked
      - smaller, thus harder to hit
      - better camo

      - a little more HP (by 220, so less than damage from single average shot from 88)
      - better accuracy (which doesn’t matter much after accuracy buffs)
      - better view range
      - better penetration (while IS’s penetrations is still completely enough for VII tier)


  9. Tiger I may endure nerfs after nerfs , because of whiners, haters and stupids… But nobody can take his historical reputation.

  10. They are nerfing it again after buff? why dont they remove it for good to save the trouble. Morons!

    This tank used to bounce Type59 shells. Now it’s a paper tank with fast rof.

    • It’s armour has always been the same. I don’t know how your playstyle changed that you don’t bounce shells anymore but it’s certyinly not the tank’s fault.
      And the RoF is what they buffed so people like you would stop whining about the shit armour (which wasn’t going to change any time soon).

      • Gold shells and normalization is part of it, the other being that there’s a lot more open maps now where you can take fire from multiple directions, (and usually you find the faster heavies have already taken any sort of cover you could use for themselves). Armor angling only works if you know where the shots are coming from and, if from multiple angles, only from certain directions, because angling against one shot will invariably leave you vulnerable to another from a different direction. That simple fact has always been the bane of heavily-armored tanks in WoT, the German heavies in particular.

  11. Yeah, nerf the Tiger, it’s blatantly OP.
    Unlike some of these underdogs: KV-1, KV-1S, Hellcat, Borsig, Waffle E 100 or T57 that are underperforming since their introduction.

    • On RU server WTE-100 got a win rate of 50.55%. As far as Wargaming is concerned – that’s a perfectly balanced tank.

      Maus on the other hand… Maus is OP and it’ll most likely get a nerf too at some point. RU server win rate is 51.37%….

      • If Maus is OP, then why did it get a turret traverse buff?
        It got it a few patches ago. It was same Win% as before. So it seems WG are smarter then they look…

  12. - Storm confirms that Tiger 1 will definitely be nerfed
    T29 is laughing at you WG monkey boys.

  13. I sold the tiger 1 back before the buff cause it blew..bougjt it back after the nerf and its ok mow, but the t29 is still far better. Probably sell it after they nerf it again.

  14. The only tanks that need nerf are the ones that are being used for statpadding/troll platooning (lookig at u KV-1S, T18, T57s…..)
    They are gonna bring the tiger down to uselessness yet again.
    1) Coz that is the tank that caused the most butt-hurt IRL to the murderous red-army commanders
    Eg of a red-army commander: http://img828.imageshack.us/img828/1940/127434250836.jpg

    2) The tank was finally effective after a looooooooooooooooong time and players had stopped complaining about it. WG doesn’t want that.

    3) Gun stats, the only thing going for the tank will be hit, same as the super poop-shing (the armor nerf)

    While the KV-1S is perfectly balanced, and might need a buff

    • “While the KV-1S is perfectly balanced, and might need a buff” – most likely an armor buff. Wargaming will find some documents proving that soviet steel was 50% better than German steel.

  15. Another example of how stupid WG is when balancing tanks. No-one on this entire planet is complaining about the Tiger being OP, yet its going to be nerfed. EVERYONE on this planet KNOWS the KV-1S is OP as FUCK yet has it been nerfed in 3 years…. NO! Why? Because it has a little red star on the side of its turret instaed of an Iron Cross.

      • We know russkies are the brainwashed retards, so we kind of expected the nerfs to Krauts. Only reason why waffleshit is still OP/broken eventhough it has iron cross on itself is because it makes ton of cash for WG.

          • Yep. Everyone sees Russian propaganda everywhere and it makes it seem like it’s Nazi Germany all over again.

            • Given what’s going on in Eastern Europe at the moment, that may not be too far from the truth, but that’s another story.

    • Oh really? Let’s take for an example a tier VI, maybe VK 3601? Oh wait, 2 shots and it’s dead.

  16. WG policy: let’s nerf the germans.
    that’s why WoT needs some real competition. because they are complete fu**ing a**holes.

    • Yea, only right now the only real competition – War Thunder – is made by Russians too and it’s got own quirks and “Russian OP” shit (T-50, I’m looking at you).

          • A.W. will be accused of bias no matter what.

            It’s one of these arguments that noone can win – simply because we do not have enough data on all of the tanks they plan to implement to show as realistic balance between them as possible. This game will be mostly a guesswork.

      • And the Germans get the Panzer III Ausf.L and M at the next tier up.

        Of course, then at the end tier they somehow expect Tiger IIs (granted, with improved guns) to fight IS-4s (even though the gun in question, the 128 mm gun on the Maus irl, couldn’t even fit in the turret of the Tiger II, so if they wanted to be historical, they should have gone with the Maus)

    • War Thunder ?
      Yeah… the game where they put an IS-4M vs a Tiger 2 105mm (fictional proposal only)
      And you know what? The IS-4M whipes the floor with it.

      They had to stop at IS-3.

  17. Of course they must nerf the Tiger I while KV-1S is still out there safe and sound…I’d like to see what those who say WG doesn’t have a soviet bias can say now.

      • They do, and most of them statpad in the KV-1S, KV-2, IS-3 and/or T-54.

        • or the T18, Cruiser III, M8a1, T40, T49, Hellcat, T57, Chaffee, AmX13/90, bat chat, amx 50 (right number?), hetzer, stug…

          I’m sure I’ve missed a few….

          edit.. I did miss some…

          Borsig, WT pz4, WTF100…

          none of them look ruski to me….?

          • I loled at half of your choices. Sir, you have no clue what you’re talking about.

            • Come on then…

              Give a proper answer…. because most of those tanks are subject to countless OP whine threads… and the lower tier ones are all used for clubbing…

              oh and apparently the nVK7202, M60, AT-7, Cromwell, T29, T14, Excelsior, T1 Heavy, M4, M4E4, RAM-II, AT-2, 105 leFH18B2 , PzKpfw B2 740 (f) ,Marder, PzSfl IVb , Chi-Ha and D2 are all “OP”…. according to noobmeter…

              You look down Noobmeters lists and there’s not many ruskies that come up as being OP…
              ..according to their numbers…98 tanks are “OP”…
              25 USA (out of 64)
              22 Russian (out of 75)
              22 German
              12 GB
              8 French
              6 Japan
              3 China

              that does not really support Russian Bias….

              • Noobmeter winrate is a BS too. Just look up results from RU server. Apparently one of the most OP tanks is Maus. It’s by far more OP than WTF-100.

                • Stats Mean Nothing™…

                  But half the gaming population believe Noobmeter, Wotlabs and the others like they’re a fecking bible, torah, koran… the Word of Jehosophat or whatever…

            • Did you just called Stug OP. Jesus fucking christ. Now i understand your OP-1S is not OP comment. You are actually retarded. You don’t just act like one.

              • well honestly, .. .i do surprisingly well in my Stug III G
                Not sure.. but Im surprised nobody ever mentioned it.

                Maybe it really is OP…
                Maybe not, maybe that tank just suits me really well…
                and no matter whether I camp or play it aggressively, my win ratio in that tank is almost 10% above average..

                on the other hand.. I hated kv-1s… maybe the slow rof and terrible accuracy …
                idk, maybe the stug really is just my taste…

                • The STuG III G is horrible, it’s crap armor gets penetrated more than a college girl at Mardi Gras.

                  The new STuG III B is far better same armor and the derp are actually viable being they are at a lower tier.

                • “The KV-2 is balanced.”

                  I haven’t laughed this hard at a comment online in a LONG time.

                • @ArmoredColossus

                  if you are taking hits in Stug 3G you are playing it wrong.
                  that armor could as well be removed completely, literaly zero armor and it will still be viable. Hell it has only 350hp… the key is to remain invisible.

                  It’s little invisible bastard. 100% camo crew, camo net, binocs and you can take down tier 7 heavy before it can even spot you.
                  Also, the gun is kind of weird… 150pen but I have no trouble penetrating heavies from the front.. maybe the RNG rolls very good.

              • I am talking about the original Stug, not the split stug..

                The original stug could sit in a bush and wipe out half the enemy on its own…
                ..and it was reasonably quick for relocation…

                If you cant play the stug well, then you need to l2p….

                • “I haven’t laughed this hard at a comment online in a LONG time.”

                  Good, laugh at your own stupidity then. The KV-2 may make you cry when you present your side to it, but I have no problem facing them and chewing them up.

  18. - Storm states that the armor of the commander’s copula of Tiger II is correct because there are conflicting sources about this

    “So because nobody agrees on this stat, we have to invent AGAIN something!”

    - the split of various vehicles was needed for historical battles, it does not mean that “less historical” tanks will be removed

    WTF100 is happy. Others don’t. And i miss my T-50-2. :(

    - Storm confirms that Tiger 1 will definitely be nerfed

    Is there anything left to nerf?

    • I heard somewhere that the T-50-2 will return, just at a higher tier than it was. Tier 7 seems to be the most probable place to put it.

      And yes there is apparently, and it’s the only really good thing about it: the gun (though it DOES have a decent HP pool, that’s only to offset the lack of armor, which is barely adequate for a tier 7 MEDIUM tank, and while having a good top speed on paper, its acceleration and turning are sluggish).

  19. WG policy is :”that is not russian , we **** it up”
    Tiger H is a critical damage magnet , 1 shot from tier 6 to the front , here goes the engine , side scrape is useless , and you can’t side scrape in lots of maps , by the way , unlike the t29 , the tiger has a shitty turret beside the hull.
    to summarize lets hope Wargaming uses this famous thing called “brain” that god gave ya !!!!!!!!!! instead of being biased idiots.

    • The turret of the Tiger is not half bad, its no T29, but its better than an IS/IS-2. The hull will bounce approximately 0.5% of shots that hit it in non auto-bounce zones, with the condition they are being fired from scouts, that are tier 4 or below.

  20. Tiger falls again a victim… of nerfing or should it called Historical accurasy????
    After the overbuffing it received
    what about the WTF E100???
    T57 Heavy????
    Kv 1s with -8 depression for balancing reasons you know…….
    after the fail of the 9.0 where you are going the game into???
    WG you so silly

  21. This is a joke, Tiger H got buffed only a few months before, its not op at all.

    Did anyone of u ever get angry at a Tiger H? I think not. Its a 1500 Xp and CR Pinata Box, with the buffed rof it could finally do some dmg before the 1500 Hp are gone.

    T29 is still better, nerf this shit before. 200mm, 320 dmg and the best Turret ingame for its tier!!!

    Nerf T18, Hellcat, T54 Gold Shells, Kv1s, Borsig, Su 85B, T6 brit arty and all the other crappy mainstream op Tanks before damn WG apes.

    • > T6 brit arty

      Funny how just recently we had tons of people asking Wargaming to balance all of the Arties by turning them into FV304 – higher RoF and lower damage than regular arty – and now we have people calling it to be one of the most OP units in a game.

      • Well, the problem with FV 304 is that is fun to play.
        And many ppl who had almost quit artillery out of boredom(40s waiting ain’t fun if you shot then decides to knock out a plane midair). Look at tier 6 games – there are 2 FV 304(no usually 1 I must say, fever ppl play it) per team? Ppl want all arties not to kill them in one blow, but if there are 2 unloading at you… Start praying.

        • Even one is bad enough. Some tanks (eg. KV1(s)) can be permatracked and you can just keep on shooting till they die, even if they got unspotted right after you landed the first shell.

          That’s precisely why I hate advices given on such an important matters by random forum members, majority of which never played artillery past tier 5. Completely clueless people demand stuff that’s only going to hurt them while not really making a game more enjoyable for anyone.

  22. WTF is wrong with this balancing department are they really THAT stupid to nerf Tiger I ??!?!?! HOW the hell are these decisions made????? Simply because people want to play the Tiger I in HB ??? I would personally sack the person who even though about nerfing Tiger I when it’s not even slightly OP!!!!! KV1S should be the name written above, NOT TIGER I!!!!

  23. As much as i like KV-1S, there is no use denying its OP. Yet nothing have been done to it.

    In other hand, Tiger I, with many flaws and need expertise to play it with good result got another nerf.

    You know what WG? Suck it.

    I can stand Sherman nerf, i using 76mm more anyway. Tiger I nerf will really pushed it now. If they making it any slower maybe its time to look for another offline game.

  24. Tiger gets nerfed, german gets nerfed.

    All the while since 8.0, no Russian nerfs has been done, only buffs.

    I guess this is WG Dev’s way of saying “We love communism, we love Vladimir Pudding”.

      • Belarus is basically Russia’s bitch. Their entire purpose in international politics is to smile and nod to everything Russia says or does.

    • As now Tiger 1 is fine actually.

      Since this big cat can always prey on any overconfident T29 player who try to fight Tiger on flat terrain (not that rare occurrence either).

      If we talked about any buff…. maybe increase crew survivability. Its really not funny if splash damage from arty can knock your driver out.

  25. After hearing about a proposed Tiger 1 nerf, I didn’t understand. Why would it need a nerf? I figured I’d check out the changes; if it stank, I’d sell it for the garage slot. Too bad, guess no historical battles in- The light bulb went on.

    They nerf the Tiger -> it’s less enjoyable in pub matches -> people don’t want to give it a garage slot and sell it -> voila, their queue problems in the Kursk battle are solved! If it’s not in your garage, you can’t clutter up the HB queue with it.

    Maybe a little paranoid, but sometimes ya gotta wonder with WG.

  26. WG should just fuck off with messing around with tanks that no one wants changed, and focus on the tanks that need to be re balanced. Sometimes WG is beyond reason though.

  27. How sad. Glad I sold my Tiger 1 now. Aside from being penned by everything that shoots it, catching fire and losing it’s engine every game, now it gets nerfed? Please.

  28. For all of you moaning about tiger nerf, it’s several facts that contribute.
    1. l0l troll mantlet, it’s not reliable armor, but if you shoot at it be prepared for lulz.
    2. hitpoints, if engaging a T29, for example, even if the tiger 1 takes the first hit, it has about as much hp as the T29 would to start, and that brings us to…
    3. The Gun. Quite simply, it has the highest DPM of any tier 7 heavy tank, and rivals that of tier 8 TDs like the JP2, penetration is good too, as with aiming time and accuracy.

    • 1) Fair enough, I’ll concede to that, both in that it CAN stop shots and that it’s unreliable at best

      2) The HP is to compensate for the absolutely terrible armor of the tank. Also, frankly, if you’re in a T29 sitting out in the open and trading shots with a Tiger I, you DESERVE to have your tank blown out from under your scrub ass. If there’s anything the Tiger I is good at, it’s punishing overconfident players (when driven by a competent player itself).

      3) The gun and DPM is the only thing it has going for it. Without that gun, it’s worse than the Tiger P in almost every way, and would no longer be competitive. As it is now, it’s basically an M36 Jackson with more HP but MUCH worse camo with a Balkenkreuz painted on the turret.

      • This. How about instead of nerfing the Tiger for illogical reasons, buff the AMX M4 so that it’s more comparable with the rest of the tier 7 heavies? It’s a good vehicle, but it’s a watered down Tiger at this point. At least give it the 51kmph speed limit that it HISTORICALLY had.

        • But the key to the tank is not trading shots, it is to be in a position where they enemy can’t trade back. I prefer playing aggressively with the tank, using my hp to take the first hit, my DPM to deal two more, sidescrape a bit, and if I start losing, fall back and go for the drivewheel. it’s akin to brawling with medium tanks, only on a much slower chassis, which is compensated by with more HP…
          IF they nerf the vehicle, it will certainly be the HP, it will certainly be terrain resistance, and it will certainly be view range. This will bring the vehicle down to T29 and IS level.

        • M4 could use an increase of HP (to get it above average for T7 heavies) OR speed buff to the historical value, but that’s pretty much all, it’s not a tragic tank, just ARL44 is really decent and plays very differently than AMX M4.

  29. T29 doesn’t need a nerf for the simple fact that it leads to T32, a tank weaker than Tiger2, a compensation so to speak. Never the less i like Tiger H more than T29 and i’m sad for the announced nerf that i’m almost sure it will be to the gun.

    • Historically the T29 was made to COUNTER the Tiger II, so if we were to go by historical information, it should be at tier 8.

  30. Does anyone know what the nerf will actually be? No? I didn’t think so. Lets all complain about it anyway and while we’re at it, let all start to make xenophobic statements as well, because that always helps to show how intelligent and mature the player-base is…

    • we all know what a german “re-balancing” means !!! we’ve all been through this shit hundreds of times so STFU about the “immature” community!!! they ruined german tanks since 8.4 on and on and ON so don’t tell me about WG german tank “re-balancing”!!!! players simply had enough of this bullshit and the Tiger I doesn’t deserve any damn nerfs , it’s that simple!!!!

    • Complaining post factum is completely pointless. That’s why we complain now.

    • I already bought tigerP on discount this weekend to fill it with my tigerH crew…..
      wg mofo’s might actually nerf tigerP too, to get european community seriously pissed off lol
      At least i have some ruskie OP tanks in my garage to blow off steam meanwhile :) if you cant beat them, join them

  31. “- the split of various vehicles (SS: as in Panzer IV, StuG) was needed for historical battles”

    And yet they’re not being used in historical battles… derp

  32. this game is today actually only about OP und UP Tanks.. too bad, why is Tiger so much in the Focus? can someone tell me what problem they have with the Tiger?

    Nerf KV-1S first then we talk WGN – or maybe buff AusfB.. replace FV4202.. thats some topics you should care.. need more? just tell.. maybe already nerf the firing Bonus the TD’s have like Rhm.. nerf Rhm – i am fine with that e.g.

    Nvm, i gonna sell it now.. then i know at least what i have.. “i dont’ have it”

  33. I have the feelings that WG is watching the remaining premium days…30 days before it runs of, WG stops nerfing my german tanks (VK2801) and starts buffing them (Tiger/Panther line some months before). So after i have bought another 180 days…..they announce nerfs. Fuck ya :p

    I didn’t have a problem with the Tiger before the buff (nor with the entire line + Panther line), so if they roll back ALL changes (both buffs and nerfs from the last big change) it would be ok. Most whiners simply can’t do sidescraping right, 50% of them use an angle much too large, the other 50% just do it completly wrong by angling the wrong side. Which leads to a perfectly offered-to-shoot-at front plate or even ammo rack boxes. I just recently sold my KV-1S cause it was just to easy slaugthering the enemies (it is OP), but IS, IS3, KV3, KV13 (a lovely machine) and T-150 still remain.

    If they really nerf Tiger……combine it with the buffs for the light tanks, my 5 patches in a row nerfed VK2801 needs some love ;)

    • “A quick announcement: tomorrow, I will not be posting any articles, as I am gone whole day. I’ll post the translations when I get back (no idea when, probably very late – if there is anything to translate that is)”