Earning “Free” Gold during the Super Pershing Event

Hello everyone,

a short info (thanks to DEXXXXXTER and Asmodeus for noticing this) – as you know, we have the “Military Parade” special, celebrating the end of the Second World War. As a part of it, you can buy tier 8 Super Pershing with a 15 percent discount.

If you do that (buy it with discount) AND you fulfill the Super Pershing mission after that, you will recieve the gold compensation of full Super Pershing price, eg. you will get 15 percent more gold, than you spent for the Superpershing.

I am always reluctant to post this kind of info, because by now you must have figured out that this is not an “oversight”, but completely intentional move by Wargaming EU to make you actually buy that thing AND to make you play the (rather difficult) mission (eg. play as much as possible, perhaps spend gold during your play etc.) – up to you, whether you take the deal or not of course, but… well, I won’t.

33 thoughts on “Earning “Free” Gold during the Super Pershing Event

  1. “you will get 15 percent more gold, than you spent for the Superpershing.” – Small lie SS, do the math ;)
    Ofc everyone knows what you mean by that but:
    7200×0.85 = 6120
    Your sentence is implying that we will get 15% more gold from discounted price (that we spent on SP) so:
    6120×1.15 = 7038 Not true ;)

    • Cmon guys, math isn’t that hard.
      when you’ll finish the mission you’ll get the full price of the SP(7200)…right now you pay for it 6120, so 7200 – 6120 = 1080profit, theat means 15%, 7200*1.15=8280=7200+1080.
      In conclusion SS maths are good :D

      • No its not man, because he implies in his post that you will get 15% more gold than you SPENT on SP, if you want to profit from discount you will buy it during discount, eg, at price 6120, not 7200 genius, learn to read, and i guess math actually is too hard for you

        • If you do that (buy it with discount) AND you fulfill the Super Pershing mission after that, you will recieve the gold compensation of full Super Pershing price, eg. you will get 15 percent more gold, than you spent for the Superpershing.

          This is implying that if you buy the tank now and then complete the mission. you’ll receive a 15% more gold than you spent.
          Maverick is correct, I can’t see how you even got to your maths conclusion.

          • Maaaan. Come on, use your brain. How could 1080 gold be the 15% of 7200 and 6020 gold too?:D Its impossible. Actually you will get the 18% of the 6020 gold OR you will get the 15% of 7200 gold.

          • He just tries to be supersmart. He is right in some case. It depends how you understand “you will get 15 percent more gold, than you spent for the Superpershing”. Most people understand this as 15% from basic price. But you will buy SP with discount. So it sounds like 15% profit from 85% of basic price.

            • This has nothing to do with being super smart, he is just using his brain.

              Just change the numbers:
              If the tank costs 1k gold, at 50 % discount = 500gold. You complete the mission and get 1k gold. Than you don’t get 50 % more gold (50 % of 500 = 250), but 100 % more gold than you spent.

  2. I guess, in a way, You can say that this explains why they gave The US Servers the T34 Mission.
    US gamers generally are willing to give more/have more money, so why not put a bigger prices tag to this event by giving the US the T34 to buy.

    I apologize for the terrible English.

    • Your English isn’t terrible, even if you used a translater, because they are in most cases even more terrible ;)

  3. In first day of SP event in Asia (friday, 2nd may) , player just full fill 75k exp of 1 nation (yeah, just 1 lol) and they receive SP + slot + some stuff. After 1 day, WG fixed that bug.

  4. Ummm but the question is, if you have SP in garage when complete the mission you receive the SP gold you pay for it or the full SP gold value??? think for example in modules… if you buy modules in 50% offers when you sell them they cost 50% of the buy cost, not 50% of full cost.

    • I think it depends on, that the SP is on discount, when you accomplish the mission. If it is on discount, then you will get the discounted price in gold. Maybe.

      • no u will get the full 100% normal gold price. did the same with the T2 Light (only 375 gold but still)

        • T2 Light was 750 in full price, so you got 375? Isn’t that 50% less?

  5. What really bugs me is the fact that WG gives the T8 prems a discount of 15%, they just add a month of premium to it in the gift shop. What kind of a discount is that? Today cola is on a 15% discount, but you know what, for your “convenience” we’ll add some glasses (worth 10€)….

    • It is annoying indeed, but you can always buy gold first and then purchase the discounted tank directly in the game store.

      • That’s true, but because you need to buy more gold than actually needed, it’s technically not a discount, eventhough you keep more gold than the cost of the tank, but you don’t want that gold, you want the tank, which is impossible for a discount unless you also wanted a month of premium.

      • Just an illustration; Say that I want an IS-6, normally that would cost me a little over 40 euros. But now with the discount, in store it’s 10030 gold, so I have to buy 10.000 gold + 500 gold = 35,95€ + 2.25€ = 39.2 euros, making my discount a meager 1-2€. That’s fricking retarded, because I wouldn’t need the 300/350 gold that remains after buying a garage slot..

  6. Well, this is the problem for me.. with 5x i can complete the SP mission in the military parade special (now i have all nations between 21-25k xp) if is true you receive the SP prize in the moment you complete the mission …. well, i can use some days of MP special to complete crews in some low tiers hehehe.

    In the end we talk about 1080 gold bonus… in the worst situation you can lose 1080 if complete mission in MP special.

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  8. Well it is Free if you have the gold to spare and you were doing the mission anyway – like me.

    So I say thank you WG for my free super pershing and 1000g bonus.

  9. actually doing the superpershing mission will net you the gold that the tank costs at the time you complete the mission.

    so you will NOT get 7200 gold if the tank is on sale….

    nasty habbit wg have of putting tanks on sale when they have a mission for it at the same time.
    recently it was the t2 light tank.

    • No idea what u talking, are u ppl really so dumb.

      Buy Super Pershing now for 15% less 6120 Gold, complete the SP mission after the special is over and get back the full price of the SP 7200 Gold.

      In the end u got 1080 Gold more on your gold Account. Easy.

      • Yeah it’s kinda depressing that ppl have problems to grasp such a simple concept.
        On the other hand, it’s exacly the same with the average WoT player (no clue about the game) you meet in randoms, so guess we’re all used to it.

  10. The Spersh has been a good gold earner for me.

    Bought it at 15% off, sold it last year for 100% gold price, then rebought it at 15% off, now with any luck I should be able to get it ‘s 100% gold value again… Nice.

  11. So all we have to do is play several hours, earn 525k xp to get roughly 1000gold ?
    No thx.

    I will try to get the tank, but Im not buying it to earn 1000g in the end…
    playing chinks and japan is torture for me… hate those nations… As I see it I’ll end up with 5 complete nations and jap&china somewher around 10k xp …

  12. …And why?

    If you buy it, you’ll be getting a 7200 gold equivalent and 1080 gold afterwards (8280 total) for ~$30.
    If you don’t, you’ll be getting a 7200 gold equivalent for FREE.

    ~$30 for 1080 gold, how about no.

  13. You actually get 17.65% more gold than you spent, since you spent only 6120, but you come out ahead by 15% of 7200.

    I did the same thing with the IS-6 mission; I bought the IS-6 at a discount, but waited until after the discount was over to complete the mission. (If you don’t wait, you get the discounted price in gold, not the standard price.)

    How you feel about all of this depends on how you buy gold, and how much you buy. If you’re spending a fair amount, as I do, and doing it in the most cost-efficient way possible (don’t buy anything but the $99 gold package unless it gets you a) something you can’t buy in-game, or b) gives you a better rate than 250.12 gold per dollar), this isn’t a trick in any way shape or form, since you come out ahead (assuming you owned or planned to buy the premium tank anyway).