Undocumented (Obsolete?) Features in World of Tanks

Hello everyone,

this info comes from Dom1n’s blog, thanks Dom1n for sending it to me. These features were found by player Bigoss5.

So, for example, there is a “horns” interface, hiden in the game – probably a leftover from the time when horns (as in, honking) were still planned. Judging from the menu, the horns were supposed to be customizeable – you can see how well that might have ended (burping, nazi songs, screaming etc.)


There are however even more interesting features left in the code. According to the leftovers in the code, at some point there might have been an interface to transfer gold to another player and there definitely is an interface to allocate free XP to the crewmen:


There might have been plans for something called “internal browser” as well (perhaps internal CW interface?)



It is unclear whether all of these functions are some obsolete remains, or some are actually going to be implemented at some point. Still, interesting.

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    • Commander bonus/ BIA / Vents / Any Consumable that increases crew skills = modifier

    • MovingText, internal browser and free XP to crew XP are all present on WoT CN server at the moment.

      MovingText is a banner on top of the screen showing “tips” that means nothing to players other than tomatoes, and is permanently visible either in garage or in battle unless modded (by modifying the xml file shown above)
      Internal bowser is namely awesomium.exe, except that in China, even before historical battles were implemented, the browser interface had been used for showing missions, events and the gift shop. Useful for some but worthless for others.
      Free XP to crew XP is a CN-server-only feature at the moment, but trust me, hardly anybody would use it. Just think – to get a crew member with main skill 100% trained, you’ll need 200 gold (100g in events on CN server). To get a commander with the six sense perk trained (from 100% main skill status), you’ll need 210,064 free XP, which is 8,403 gold (6,002g in events on CN server when 1 gold = 35 free XP), and we haven’t taken in to account the value of the elite XP transferred yet.

      All in all, apart from the “horns”, those features are already present and have been “tested” for a long time on CN server, and I’m not surprised that WG haven’t introduced those features to the other servers yet – you see the reasons.

      • CN? China? From what I understand, WoT is vastly different in China, and I imagine it’s possible these features are in the the game, perhaps for China alone? Even buggy at best?

  1. Yes, horns were supposed to appear back in 2011 summer and to be customizable; few months later, the all the texts regarding horns were changed to ,,not used”, now they have been removed completelly from the files with game texts that have to be translated.

  2. Would sure like to allocate meself some free XP to my crew. Or transfer gold. Or honk obnoxiously loudly at a player who just moved in front of me.

    • Wouldn’t like to allocate free XP to crew if you know that the first perk costs over 200k XP. (1 free XP = 1 crew XP)

  3. Oh, that horn interface, I remember it…

    And I remember how people screamed around with their tanks during first minute of match in CBT/OBT… :)

  4. There was planned in early 2011 function of sending gold to other players from your account. It was scrapped long ago, due to fear of increase in accounts stealing to get gold and other scams.

    • In 2011 there was even option “Send gold” among others options that were appearing after RMB click at other player name. Although it wasn’t working and was finally removed long ago

  5. Interesting thing, how crew xp for free xp is already translated into siemkish… Maybe this one isnt that dumped at all ? Or got dumped in very late stage of development ;)

    • I wouldn’t call a feature that is currently working and available on CN server “dumped”, but as the first perk costs over 200k XP, you can imagine how many people would use that. (1 free XP = 1 crew XP)

  6. IIRC, the free XP –> Crew XP thing is actually a relatively recent addition currently in place on the Chinese servers. Personally I wouldn’t mind if they added it. A 1:1 conversion rate is a bit steep, but if they made it 1:2, I’d probably be willing to convert xp in order to get 6th right away on new crews.

  7. Old Supertester here – WG put in a lot of horns and bells of the like of cars, trains, and so on. It never got further, or was customizable to us. That was also the time when all the camos where made up completely…

    As funny as a Type 59 with a dixie horn was…

  8. I have to say that I thought the horns were a good idea that was poorly implemented. Tales of mass horn abuse on the test server were highly exaggerated from my experience–but then, I’ve never been TK’s every single battle either, so I must get in with the nice Russians. In fact, I almost never heard a horn other than my own as I was testing the feature. Any abuse could have been minimized by tweaking the timeout they put on the horns, or else by using the ignore list. The vitriol on the forums was not justified.

    The problem with the horns was that it was done as a novelty instead of a useful function. If the horn sound had been accompanied by a visual indicator to those within hearing range (similar to the hit direction indicator) then it would have been very helpful when driving in close proximity, especially when you needed to cross in front of someone who might be about to shoot.