Unwarranted Bans from FTR

Hello everyone,

yesterday, while trying to update the entire banning system, I made a mistake and unwittingly banned a shitload of people. It should be fixed now, I apologize. The comments should be operational now as well.

- SS

23 thoughts on “Unwarranted Bans from FTR

  1. Was surprised that yesterday’s shitstorm, with the bad EFE stuff, lived that long. With all the nasty talk in the comments, one would expect the comments to be closed rather quickly. They weren’t until 400+ (mostly trash) were posted.

    It’s your blog dude, but going full Daily Mail on it, is not going to bring benefits on long term…

  2. SS, since you want to continue the HoS, could you limit it to players from top 30/40/50 clans only? Else you’ll drown in screenshots of all sorts of 2k battles noname tomatoes flooding the chat with nazi insults and generic shit like that takes away most of the entertainment value, to be honest. It’s always the same.

  3. And i have a bute ,someone from RISE going full retard in chat..no racial slurs or such shit..but everyting in between …very entertaining.

  4. I would say that any particularly bad abuse should feature regardless of their clan.

    I assume this is just for Nazis (As lets face it playing a WW2 era tank game with Nazis is a bit creepy). Or do you want any particualrly dim racists/bigots in general.

    The must ludicrous I saw was “Allah is a pedofile and eats pork” (bad spelling included ofc). Which is at best a rather unusual theological position.

  5. Well you scared me.
    I even posted on FB , but when i saw that’s bigger case , I understood it’s some temporary thing.

  6. Lol, you had a lot of people scared there. I saw the banned thing and was like, “Uh, what? what did i do wrong? :-/” Good to here it was really just a derp on your part lol.