9.0.4 Hotfix Coming on Thursday

Thanks to Dom1n for letting me know (that awkward moment when a Polish guy tells a Czech guy about a post in Czech section of the forums). English version by Ectar:

Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/391788-eu-cluster-downtime-micro-patch-15052014/

Please note that on Thursday morning (15/05/2014) we will have a short downtime to apply a micropatch to address some issues. The game servers will be unavailable starting from roughly 06.00 CEST (04.00 UTC). The downtime is expected to last for about 1 hour.

Content of the patch:

  •    Fixed some issues with minimum rendering range.
  •    Fixed low FPS when shooting automatic guns.
  •    Fixed performance issues on Hidden Village.
  •    Fixed artefact issues on some graphic cards (square on trees).
  •    Fixed disconnections with FX and Phenom processors.
  •    Fixed charging gold by default on maintenance page when changing gun module on a tank.
  •    Fixed some rare memory leaks and crashes.

40 thoughts on “9.0.4 Hotfix Coming on Thursday

  1. - Fixed disconnections with FX and Phenom processors.

    Fckin finally!
    I use to experience 4-5 sudden disconnects during 1 battle. Sometimes 3 disconnecs while the battle is loading with additional 2-3 during battle, most of the time when I’m infront of enemy tanks.

    • I sometimes get disconencted at rounds end, on my way to the garage. I don’t have an FX/Phenom cpu, though …

      “Fixed low FPS when shooting automatic guns.”
      Nice. I see these drops quite often when going against Pz1Cs and combat cars.

      • Yup Pz I C was nerfed (lags when shooting makes this game unplayable with autocannons) hope they’ll really fix it (not like other micropatches)

    • Yeah, i have disconnects too, some times is only some seconds, other times i have to exit and relog, hope this actually fix it

  2. >Fixed charging gold by default on maintenance page when changing gun module on a tank.

    Nice, but can we get an option to choose credits by default for consumables as well?

  3. -Fixed disconnections with FX and Phenom processors.

    What the hell!!! what thing they are doing that the processor type and family matters???

    I’m a embedded programmer so I know how to work with some cpu propietary special registers.

    But anyway this doesn’t matter on 95% of time because the only difference is that the code generated by the compiler runs better on Intel if it is generated with ICC than in AMD but it works perfect on both.

    I cannot imagine the shit code that they are doing. Atleast some python code that is in scripts folder sucks they manage the memory like a “noobs”.

    • no offense to anyone, but I wouldn’t call AMD a “processor”…

      but you do have a point though…

      • AMD’s top processors are barely beaten by intel’s processors. Phenom II is a very common and still quite powerful CPU.

        Please sucking off intel’s cock.

  4. Fixed charging gold by default on maintenance page when changing gun module on a tank.

    I dont have any gold so it will not change anything for me :D

    • I have 4 Gold Shells (bought for credits) in my T32 when something like a T28 Prot/E75/E100/ST-I and stuff appears. used them all in one match. BAM 48 gold less. fuck this bug. -.-

      • This is why on tanks on which i actually load 2 or 3 gold shells i leave out automatic restocking and just reload manually, it’s not that bothersome.

        • Using the dropdown menus you select credits, not gold as the default method, this is available for ammo and consumables. How do you guys not know this? I’ve never lost even one gold this way.

  5. @SS, have u noticed that B1 and DW2 got pref MM ? And also aim time on their guns was changed. And obj 416 got nerfed (penn from 219 to something around 200)

    • Hi, the sniper lag is caused in most situation by a very low setting of Terrain Modelling Quality. If it gets set on low the game does some strange loading… unpacking and other shit while zooming in sniper mode. I got realy harsh fps drops after the 9.0 patch so instead of running all on highest details now i must play at lowest possible details on improved render to get that more or less stable 20 – 30 fps. This settings gave me a small increase in fps but caused uber laging and trolling of the sniper view. I figured out that when i set the terrain quality to maximum the problem just gets the fuck away :D (The lower you set this setting the more lags you get, so better put it on maximum). Had no problems after that so i hope it will work at least for some of you.

  6. “Fixed charging gold by default on maintenance page when changing gun module on a tank.”


    THIS cost me 14 gold when I switched to 75 L\48 on my Panzer IV H. Luckily, I got Killed by a friendly KV-1 otherwise I would have lost more.

    WG/Devs, please be very very careful with “gold” and the maintenance window.

  7. Fixed some rare memory leaks and crashes.
    I love the fact that they use “RARE” when i see so many people complaining about bad performance…Memory leaks affects performance, just to make it clear for everyone.

    • I haven’t noticed performance loss, but yeah, having 27/32GB memory occupied was kind of awkward :D

      • What are you running there? A special WoT server just for you with those 32 gigs :D

      • I have not see such memory footprint but what I see is that the WoT process gets up to 1.3G if you play for hours (memory leakl ??) and it might crash on me. I am using Windows 7 x64 but I wonder if WoT is a 32bit application.

  8. Thanks God,

    I hope this shit patch will fix the FPS drops when I shot or while I go in or out of snipe mode.

    What I don’t understand is why when I ask people in game, if they have any lags these motherfuckers say no. How stupid do you have to be not to see the lag.? Ohh well maybe they are idiots and lag for them is normal.

    I hope that the donkeys in WG wont create another fucked up patch like this. They wasted 1 week premium that I had and could not play fully.

  9. Fixed charging gold by default on maintenance page when changing gun module on a tank.
    It was about fkin time. Got tired of changing it when switching between 90mm for randoms and 100mm for TBs on 6shooter.

  10. I must be incredibly lucky. I haven’t noticed any performance problems on my machine even though it is not incredibly powerful. Atm it’s worth ca. 900 € but a total of 2 different parts were bought at the same time as I like to gradually upgrade.

    I also have a Phenom 1100T and never get disconnected.
    It’s almost sad that I’m left out of the crowd that is mad with WG.

    • Lucky you ;) Im running a 6 year old PC with D830 2x 3GHz, 3,5Gb RAM and a 9600GT oc and until now (9.0) i could manage to play the game on maximum possible settings @ 30fps now i must finaly buy a new rig ;]

  11. Protip:
    I’ve found Razer Game Booster and Alt-Escaping->Task Manager and setting priority high for best FPS.

    I have a laptop that was average-to-poor about 2 years ago and it seems to have boosted FPS by 10 – which is a lot for the old boy!

  12. damn WG! I had no problems before micro patch and now my game chrashes often and is very slow after battle getting into hangar. what the fuck you did, implementing bugs or fixing them?