9.0.4 Feedback

Oh for heaven’s sake, Wargaming, now you’ve done it… great job with this micropatch…

Thanks to you, my battle now loads 10-15 seconds instead of previous 2 minutes, my FPS went up by cca 5 and I have less microlags. Which means you devils managed to draw me back to your game. Curse you!!!

(seriously though, I had a very pleasant playing experience, probably my first since 9.0 – please don’t “fix” it in 9.1, thank you.)

64 thoughts on “9.0.4 Feedback

    • Yep, I can definitelly advice to go for SSD. I am using various SSDs since 3 years and it has been the biggest performance jump regarding loading times, system features etc. Really really worth it.
      With 240 GB SSD priced under 4000 CZK (roughly 145 E) – it is not that expensive and definitelly worth it. I went from 80 GB to 128 and now to 240 – which feels finally sufficient for operating system and several games installed. Secondary HDD can be normal one – just for regular data or some programs that dont need that speed.
      WoT map loading will take 3-5 seconds – no freakin kidding. Rest of my set is quite regular mobo, Intel i5 cpu and 16 gigs of ram.

      @SS: and last but not least – SSD acronym can not only be solid-state-disc – but also Silent Stalkers Disc :D

    • I was several lines in before I realized there was no sarcasm. Good to hear they’ve begun to track down all the issues many were facing.

      • They better continue with optimization – WT GF is open since yesterday, and IMO their “realistic” battles beat WoT by no small margin.

        Now do not take me as some of the WT fanboys, I still have not lost hope for WoT. But virtually all my friends already left (mainly after 0.9.0 and its issues), so I do not play that much lately. I hope WG sort their “historical” battles out, they might be a nice relaxing complementary to WT.

    • He’s too busy having a justified and right war against EFE to have any negative words towards WG. I’m so proud of SS at the moment to stand up for racism and a new rise in nazism in Europe.

  1. Standard render master race!!!1 Never had issues with any of those *knocks on the wood*

  2. even tho I only played on eu2(CW) where my ping is constantly slightly bigger, there was little problem where we were waiting for CW to start and ofc we are also on TS, suddenly one of my clanmates starts asking what is happening with me and two others players as we were grayed out. I can hear him asking where I am plus I was listening to WG radio and doing some steam overlay browsing, game still shows normally connected and shit. 15 seconds later I get disconnected.

  3. Yes, I can confirm that this patch today did some good thing to the game. It has less Freezing. The Freezing when tanks are being detected is still there not much like before but still there.

    Few more patches like this one and it will be fixed.

    I wonder why the donkeys in WG brought this patch with so many freezing?

    Filthy WG!!!

  4. Yep :D
    No more city and sniper lags for me :D (most important)
    No more random huge fps drops
    Faster loading time

  5. I have a totally different experience. My fps have fallen by an average of 15 fps. I had a stable 40 fps and is now barely 25 fps, and each time the tank appears fps drops

  6. Well to be honest, this patch introduced me to micro-freezes i never had before. Fps went down a little.Its even worse than 9.0
    Anyway i heard that Warthunder went live…. :)

  7. Meanwhile in Minsk:

    ‘That fascist Czech is pleased with our actions, comrade! You know what this means.’
    ‘Yes, comrade, this bug has been added to the database with maximum severity. That dog won’t be happy for long. For great Communism!’

  8. It didnt change anything for me.. I barely see a battle before 14min, game freezes big when tanks die, when battle finally loads its another 10sec with 999ms and 2fps, then its kind of ok with 40-50 fps, sometimes 27 then 80..
    ping went back to 50-60, probably server EU1 is closer now. Playing on normal render, reduced effect and texture.
    Anybody knows how to reduce.battle load time? I drive scouts mostly, and.im feeling useless without running right at start.

  9. Strange, I didn’t notice any changes. Maybe because I only played 4 matches and quit while I was still calm. And I wondered what that micropatch was about..

    • Makes sense considering that WT:GF actually works buttery-smooth even despite of the fact that all of their models are HD, not just a very few of them with everything else being pathetically low-poly.

  10. Maybe you should stop playing on such a shitty rig then whining when it isn’t up to snuff.

    • You are just mad because your Mom cut off your internet for not cleaning your room.

  11. Yeah all better for me too, less micro lags/micro freezes. Usualy had arround 30-40 fps, now it can peak and sometimes stays at 50 FPS.
    Then again, I have everything set to low/off except the draw distance which is at max, and native 1680*1050 res. Specs: http://pastebin.com/GgRP704A

    Yeah I know a bit low/mid range and take into consideration i got most of the stuff as X-mas and B-day gifts about 4 years back, but still better than some people that play still on Pentium 4′s and “Ye Old” nvdia 8xxx/9xxx cards w/ 2gb ddr2….I’m actually very gratefull that i have such a machine, rather than nothing.

    That’s my 2 cents :P

    • u mad? this is suppose to be old rig? i have some dual core @ 3,5ghz, radeon 4850 and 4gb ram and i want 50fps ;)

      • I had previously C2D E8400, (3GHz), 4Gb 800Mhz DDR2, Radeon 4780 1Gb.
        FPS were somewhere 20-30. Feduced medium graphics settings, ofc.

        nowdays happily updated ~40-60fps…

      • I meant some components are a bit old….for example the CPU is about 6 years old. And the hard drive is actually a factory repaired model with barely any warranty and it’s probably about 5 years old, I lost 3 HDDs because of bad sectors and that happend just when the whole hard drive fiasco was in play.

        Either way not saying that I have a really old rig, it’s just the fact how many generations of CPUs and GPUs have passed by after i bought my rig. Could of waited about half a year and got a bit better stuff. To be honest I would like to get a better GPU, just for the sake of being settled for the next 5+ years >_>

  12. Aw man, cant wait to get home!! Hopefully it helps my 10 year old pc get a few more fps! And the squares on trees atrifact is soppost to be fixed too!! Damn i cant wait to get home!

  13. Fucking kites/polygons in trees are gone. Finally too. Now I can see cliffs and try to avoid them.

    FPS and microlags seems better.

  14. “Thanks to you, my battle now loads 10-15 seconds instead of previous 2 minutes, my FPS went up by cca 5 and I have less microlags. Which means you devils managed to draw me back to your game. Curse you!!”

    Weird, I am getting the opposite effect.

  15. haven’t notice a thing after micro patch! probably because i didn’t get lag to get angry :-?

    but loading for some maps is still 45 seconds

  16. Can confirm FPS went down a little and micro-lags I never had before.

    I am already playing at 1280×800 all minimum except terrain at low and drawing at max. And render quality to 75%. Thanks. It’s getting tight with further FPS “optimizations” on my side by reducing graphics setting for being at least a bit playable. Sniper mode (especially with trees) is killing me.

    And now kiddies, don’t come around and tell me to get another rig. 8.11 was way better and I could at least enjoy the game. But it’s getting worse and worse. And this micropatch didn’t fix anything. It did the opposite.

    But apart from that: What’s up with engine_config.xml? The last two (or at least this) micropatche(s) apparently didn’t touch this file. Is the majority still better of with the single core config? Or should we re-enable the multi-core one which appeared with one of the patches?

  17. I had to play everything at LOW with my 5y old rig (only GPU was newer) [had E8200@2.66Ghz + 560Ti].
    Last week I changed CPU/RAM and here we go – everything at MAX [now have 4771@3.5Ghz + 560Ti].
    At last I see those nice pictures.. grass is bit annoying when you snipe sticking out only turret.

    Have ¬50 fps. Also had several crash to desktop (with vert sync on) – no crash so far with turned off VertSync.

  18. My laptop is still struggling before patch game was running on mid setting 30-40 and now around 7 doesn’t matter if I put everything on low or on high still 7….

  19. some crashes since this patch which i didnt have had before!! fps was fine for me as it was

  20. I’m getting “Critical Error – Unhandled Exception” since this match and can’t play. GG

    • I have had 2 games hang mid battle and one BSD ,
      not bad considering I never had any issues before great job WG lol

    • same here.
      But I havent had any fps drops, no lags, no freezes and same loading times as ever…

  21. not really, my game still plays like shit.

    “tank ANYWHERE on the map got destroyed? Here, have 10fps drop and lets make it sound like it was destroyed 10m away”

    oh and 20-30fps on Hidden Village is just awesome!
    fuck this game, Im done.

  22. Hmm I feel its just a bit faster but else all other problem still are there – so zzzzzzzzz wait for next round of micro patch or update to 0.9.1 to sort this like it was before 0.9.0.

    Hell might go to War Thunder GF and try tonight again to learn to play the tanks there, as its not like in WoT and the stupid hiding cloak stuff, not to mention this another Arty weekend special Grrr.

  23. I must agree with SS battle loading times are indeed much better. No longer first battle reload time takes 2 min but as much as SS said.

  24. yes it did help me with microlags..finally..it’s still twitching here and there but much better..fps is around 35-60..ping is little higher but lags are less so i guess that is ok,,if they work in this direction to optimaze the game and not just buffing/nerfing people are enjoy the game more..i have amd phenomx2-4gb ram..

  25. Placebo? I’ve gotten around 5% increase in fps and the micro-lags are still there but shorter duration. If only I had a decent route to the server it’d be good. Constant wobble between 30-250 ms. Not to try to make much of it, but WT client sees sub-40 ms all the time I’ve played it.

  26. Wasn’t it supposed to fix disconnects for people having AMD FX and Phenom processors.
    I got an FX processor and I still keep getting disconnects… -.-