Tank Dance

Hello everyone,

this video was featured at the end of last week’s video replay summary after the final credits – for those of you who missed it. It’s… interesting :)


33 thoughts on “Tank Dance

    • Well it’s a replay, so if you know how to edit it you can do pretty much anything you want with it.

  1. I think they changed something in the Actionscript ( AFAIK the replays are in that format) to cause the tanks to “bounce”.
    But i wonder if i’m right or wrong. (experts’ answer needed please :) )

    • Actionscript is language for flash, so its only applied to the interface.

      • I know but then what is the language (or code or codec or something) of the replays’ core (simplified question: how does the client decode the data that came from the server and display it or lets you store it?)

  2. This one vid is more entertaining than all the retarded WG productions like tank you very much