It’s Good to Be a WG Employee – in CW

Hello everyone,

this post goes to all you clanners out there, fighting in the World on Fire event, trying to get your T23 premium tank. I have a very good advice for you – get friendly with a WG employee, it might prove… advantageous for you. Check this out.

This is WiliamDrake, a Wargaming employee (support department, if I recall correctly). He participates in clanwars right now in a regular clan, so he has to follow the same rules like everyone else, right?

Well… not quite, it seems. You know how there is a 48 hour cooldown for re-joining another clan, when you leave your old clan? Not if you are a WG employee!


Waiting 48 hours would probably mean losing the chance to get the T23 premium tank, so rules have to be set aside. Which makes me wonder – what OTHER rules has this guy bent?

By the way, wanna hear something funny? WiliamDrake is noone else than the infamous “Lukas” (or Luk4s or some other mutation of the name), known from the Dakillzor afair. Last year, in connection with that affair, he was accused of rigging clanwars – nothing was ever proven (or it was swept under the rug), but one has to wonder…

96 thoughts on “It’s Good to Be a WG Employee – in CW

    • its not like he was on a real clan.. he was grouped as WG Employee for easy finding, I guess that the whole “”clan”” itself is special, more than they guy himself.

      • I still did not get why that idiot rigging the contests .. only if he does not have enough right to give tank himself ..

        • what are u talking about? he simply left the Wargaming “clan” and entered another to play.. how is that rigging anything?..

  1. Ahah, good old Lukas. See SS, that’s the kind of reporting I like to see on FTR, instead of witch hunts.

  2. Well a question.. since he is WG employee he actually doesn’t need to do the CW.. since well.. he can get the tank like other Wg employees, for testing/streaming purpose, right ?

      • Although the french community people were doing a hunt me down event where they were in Pz 2 Js. Did they all buy russian boxed versions?

        • Apparently I was wrong. They have access to released stuff such as IIJ and Type 59, that isn’t generally sold – they can buy it for gold as a regular vehicle.

          • SS, let’s face it, these faggots bend the gameplay so badly that not single WG guy has bad stats. ;)

            • You can check serbs pretty bad stats, just to be informed that not all of them play real good. The only 2 employees who actually have good stats that i have checked are veider and zlobny, both playing with high-skilled players and both having in-depth knowledge of in-game balance and mechanics.
              Btw, wowp employees play even worse, with most of them performing on a below-average level.

            • Actually WG guys are generally quite obviously scrubs. The only ones with decent stats are ones who joined WG from good clans.

      • but aren’t there on RU server some WG members who have M60, VK72 and stuff like this ? or deception streaming with t23 ..
        (once i’ve seen a WG RU guy with all those fancy tanks ;_; jelly)

        • I’m pretty sure they have their original accounts and those with WG tag in them or some shit where they have all the tanks and skillzors unlocked and with those accounts they are playing those events hunt us down etc while on their own original accounts they play and grind just like every other player except they get some gold and it might be true that they get the option to buy tanks that are not available to usual player like pz2j or type 59.

  3. These sites that monitor clan entries ( and are known to make mistakes (downtime at the moment of getting player stats and so on)…

    However, it would be pretty interesting to see logs from wargaming about this user. If this is true, it would make a shitstorm

    • Creator of the site here, it seems like the site was working properly at that time.
      According to my data he left the clan between 8:49 and 8:54 and joined at 19:06 (UTC)

  4. So he did he leave PTS a few days before the event, to join WG clan for 3 days up to the event, only to leave and cheat on the waiting time to go back to PTS to get a tank that he would have gotten anyway even with the waiting time? (PTS has few players and wins a lot -> guaranteed tank for all the active PTS guys)

    Somehow this doesn’t add up. Looks like the next witch hunt after EFE.

    SS, I personally would really prefer if you stopped blogging about clans and players, there are a enough drama forums for those that are interested. The reason I read your blog and also supported you financially so far is because you bring news about the game and interesting articles about tanks and rules.

    • I like the ‘inside info’ too, previews on game development, but whats wrong with all the news that fit to print? Im fairly certain that it is this sort of article that SS feels is what can change what is going on inside WG, such things as he describes here.

    • This is not only witch hunting clans like the EFE thing. This is connected with WG themselves and their employee and it’s a good thing that SS payed attention to this instead of just letting it slip past which would then encourage that same shitlord to do something like this in the future w/o worrying about consequences.

    • Yet you read the article, all comments and even posted yourself.

      Is it truth or intelligence you are struggling with, Mungo?

  5. I think he does not need to hax like that for T23, because every single WG EU employee can buy EVERY tank anytime used on the EU server. Including tanks, which are unobtainable for normal players.

    Like Pz IIJ, BT-SV, M6A4E2, VK7201 …

    • Even if he is not after T23, it is shameful from WG to give him an opportunity to hop around clans and helping his buddies that way. Where is the 2-day cooldown before entering new clan?

      • You don’t get it, do you ? It’s the other way around that you think, he didn’t hop around to help his pts buddies… wg probably asked him for help with wg cw clan, so they could get at least few good players in stream battle that they planned, reducing the cooldown after wg was gone from map, he had nothing to do with it, since he can get tank with no problems, it was wg way of paying back the favour of joining for 1 battle.
        SS your blog once was great source of important info about game, but now you have to dig through that entire personal shit to get info, since you joined cw stage and it became personal level dropped sooo much.
        Way too much drama, personal crusades, warpaths against some ppl or clans…
        You say ppl like dakilzor are drama queen seeking for attention ? You are doing same thing currently SS, just more sophisticated way.
        I wonder how ppl who supported you financially feel like now with all that shit personal posts.

        PS. Did your fanboy Folter helped you with this personal grudge post ? ;)

        • Check few comments above. The same guy, who claims the EFE post was a “witchhunt” now praises me. The point is: it’s always okay, unless it concerns to someone you know. I don’t take sides, I think this kind of CW manipulation is odd regardless of reasons, in fact I think WG employees shouldn’t play in regular clans at all as it is a clear case of conflict of interests.

  6. Theory:

    WG clan participated at the beginning in the event. What if they needed good players and told their employees “Get your butt into WG clan to fight for us? As compensation you can go back to your old clan without waiting time.”

      • Yes, because then he just made a short break from his clan to dohis job for WG, he should not be punished for that with a waiting period.

        • Well if he wants to work for WG then he is free to do, but once you are obligated to work for them you should forget about your past clans. You either work for WG or you quit and commit to your clan. You can’t sit on two chairs at the same time.

      • Yes? He went into WG clan to participate in an event for the players. Once the event was over he came back into PTS. There was only a benefit to players with this, boosting the capability of the WG clan so they could (hopefully) put up a decent fight, I’m not sure what the problem is.

        Must be a slow news day, because this piece isn’t even amusing like some of the gossip/witch-hunt stories are.

      • Based on the fact that he was only in the WG clan for 3 days, he might have gone in just for some special event, like hunt the pros or hunt the staff (Happens occasionally on the NA server)

        If that’s the case, then it’s perfectly fine, IMO, for him to skip the waiting time and get back to his “old” clan.

        I also wouldn’t be surprised if the official WG clans aren’t allowed to participate in the special CW events.

  7. They already have access to any tank released anyways.
    Joing different random clans is promoted as they want them to be active among us “mortals” and pick up what it is we really do and think about the game.

    I can only see good things come from this.

  8. It would have been nice if SS would actually not have a crusade against certain people. I think most neutral (and sane) reporters would having the title stated:

    “How WG-employee leaves own clan to entertain playerbase – in CW”

    What will be a new post: “Evil Russia develops game to brainwash Europe – All WG employees are evil!”

    …… this blog has gone down the drain

  9. Nah… Sorry.

    I dont care how much you think the EFE posts were a witch hunt, or how much you think this is a crusade or grudge or what not.

    If WG employees on ANY level are going to play in the public servers, they should all adhere to the same rules WE do. And, Im inclined to agree with the notion that WG employee’s should not be participating in clan wars. If they can get the T23 anyway… why rob a non-employee of a spot in the Alley of Fame.

  10. When I saw the blog entry title I choked worse than the time I finally achieved the flexibility to self-fellate and got overly eager and slipped a disc!

    Way to make sumtin’ outta nuttin’ bud!

    • Prince apparently had a rib removed to do that….

      strangely enough… thats actually the funniest thing I have read today.

      You touting your motives for improving flexibility…. not prince…

      Also, from an anatomical standpoint… slipping a disc wouldnt make you choke… even while nomming on your own junk…. just saying

      • Well no shit sherlock; I’m typing this ain’t I? I think the correct term is gag, and I couldn’t straighten…wait! Why are you so interested in what I do in public transport water closets?! Pervert!!!

  11. While being in PTS it always surprised me how Lukas or the leadership knew quite some interesting background info during the 1st campaign. It wasnt a secret among us that he was employed by WG. At some point he wanished to do the job, but anyway me personally and quite a bunch of ppl didnt liked him. He was one heck of an arrogant prick.

  12. Once again just show how utter useless & corrupt the WG EU staff are only in for there own gains.

  13. I wish him and re-roll PTS good luck with bringing PTS to it’s former glory. I imagine it will be pretty hard, and they will still need to win battles against good opponents (if they want to try to win back any reputation, not giving technicals). Until then they are just “good stats clan” like many defunct ones before it.

    • Respect? Same way as the thrust to their own members? Did you notice that all have recrut status? Isnt it abit fishy? … :)

  14. When we were facing PTS on Sand River in encounters, landings, whatever. PTS Always got their favorite side, this is not 1 or 2 times, its 10 or 20 times. In a row.

    The chance for that happening in 0
    However things like that stopped happening after he left. I wonder why. Maybe they will get rigged battles again? WilliamDrake is supposed to have all the tanks and all the crewskills so its essentially cheating. Why is he allowed to join player clans even?

      • This is more a question of why is an asshat not gagged by WG? He severely hurts the playerbase trust for the WG staff. He is like what Rainbowdash_GER was to [322]. The beginning of the end, the solo member that brought down the reputation to an unsalvagable level. That account is permanently banned, with others of his accounts, Rainbowdash_GER goes by Xensation nowdays and the only reason he is in a clan is because he created his own.

        • Well its a mystery for me aswell how could a prick like him ever make it into WG and especially customer support, but that aside… For what I know and it is a fact ppl can confirm that from some source Lukas or the leadership knew enemy clans chip locations and so much background info about clans and their plans that it made me wonder how the fuck can he know so much.

          The affair Lukas and DarkFenix started with Dakillzor was the begining of the end. Not to mention the acusations of spies in PTS which made old core members leave. It was the most toxic atmosphere I ever witnessed in any clan to this date.

          • So, wait, Lukas knowing enemy chip locations and plans means he’s corrupt or something? Um, heard of spies? They’re this cool thing you can use to find enemy chips on the map. And plans? Seriously? Pray tell, how do WG themselves know each clan’s plans? Do they have a psychic department? But no, I’ll tell you why he ‘knows so much’; he’s competent, difficult concept isn’t it.

            And fyi PTS was on the rise for a good while after Dakillzor was got rid of. We lost, what, less than half a dozen disloyal members? Big deal, I know they’d like to believe their departure was the cause of some kind of major fissure in PTS, but the plain fact is a small number of members leaving (zero core members incidentally, not that you’d know who the core members were) is not something we gave a damn about.

            I realise you’d like to live in a world where the mighty-but-evil PTS was felled by a dramatic internal schism caused by its tyrannical dictators, but the simple fact is you’re deluding yourself, making up fanciful theories to make up for your lack of actual knowledge.

            As for the spy accusation (singular, there was one), yes that was pretty toxic. Regrettably it occurred while I was on holiday or that ridiculous bullshit would never have picked up momentum. Aside from that the sources of any kind of toxic atmosphere are usually the very people who accuse us of such, trying to surround us with that kind of toxicity wherever they go, inside or outside the clan. Y’know, much like you’re doing here.

            • I remember when PTS didnt reqruit 50% wr guys. That was a long time ago, PTS died years ago.

            • Do you spell ‘phoenix’ the way you do to be ironic; as in, only a retard would spell it that way but you are so not?

              Anyway, I digress…you realise this is a game right? If somebody is called out for blatant bending or complete mitigation of rules or procedures, especially if it is an employee of the company that operates the game, then fact is fact. Being a butthurt faggot that takes the game so seriously that he even feels the need to defend his actions and start spinning a story about shadows in the dark weaving webs of ‘toxicity’ is just lame.

              Go ride your pony hard princess :D

              • You should try being a bit more informed before you call someone a retard, it might help you not look so stupid in future. Sargatanas has it right, it is indeed a Starcraft-inspired name.

                At any rate, did you have an actual point or did you just come here to be a hate-spewing homophobe? It does seem to be a pattern among the anti-PTS crowd; lots of hate and insecurity poorly concealing a lack of substance.

                • Yep, A-grade tard…how unusual :/

                  A character’s name from another game? Well fck buddy, a point each for originality and imagination :D

                  And why would I be a homophobe? Because you are a faggot? You do realize that most people that are called a faggot are not homosexuals, right? Catch up son, next you will tell me that retarded doesn’t mean relatively slow and is offensive to some minority group? Not for a very long time now…hence why I identify you as being retarded.

                  Oh, and ‘faggot’ has always meant ‘useless person’, however some homophobes like to suggest that gay people are faggots…something to do with a narrow minded belief that humans only have value if they procreate…dickhead :D

  15. what if i told you WG employees can play ESL aswell, the moderator who banned SS from the EU forums (Kacsa1) was my teammate in the proleague team, Team WD.
    unfortunately he couldnt rig our battles *trollface*

  16. This is exactly why I no longer play clan wars, WOT employees rigging the battles and the bigger clans running hacks all the time.
    The average person that plays WOT hasn’t got a snowballs chance in hell of winning any gold, no matter their stats.

    • Cmon… Its not much rigging he can do… Besides some info about chip location and shit… The battle STILL has to be won fair and square…

      • I was shot by a E3 while backing down from a ridge, I wasn’t spotted at the time. I spotted him. He had just shot at someone else, he turned 90 degrees aimed and fired oneshotting me. My tank blew up well below the ridge line, sixth sense never went off. So do the math, 26deg/sec traverse moving 90 degrees 3.4 seconds + aim time 2.5 seconds + reload time of 16 seconds = 21.9 seconds!
        All in less than half a second! Oh and I was in my T62A.

        I guess I am a really bad player as I can’t do that with my E3!
        Sent a support ticket in with a reply to WOT never got a reply.

        This happens more times than not in clan wars.

        • Ever heard of counter blind spot guessing? Iam shooting several bushes each CW and got a few kills like that. Are You srsly saying that he used some god cheat that made u visible? You do reasilse that these mechanics are server based? You are being ridiculous here son…

          And yes a shot in the turret of the T62A makes the ammorack blow quite alot.

          • Can you read i wasn’t sitting i was moving he had fired at someone else, turned 90 degs reloaded and fired with a E3 in less than half a second. You go get your E3 and try that even with a crew with 5 skills you can’t do it no way!

  17. Thats the part I love the most about noobs, not knowing you are one, they never admit someone is better, always the system cheats them, they never run out of excuses but its never their gameplay. Conspiracy hacks and rigging all the way

  18. Why there is no screen of the whole clan history? I suggest you all to look at it. It has not only 3 rows, but 5. And you will see that he joined PTS (1.11.2013) but did not left (date is missing). So, there is some problem. But SS published only selected part. Guess why :-)

    Clan Change Date
    [PTS]Pirates Joined 15.5.2014
    [WG-EU] EU Left 15.5.2014
    [WG-EU] EU Joined 12.5.2014
    [PTS]Pirates Joined 1.11.2013
    [PTS]Pirates Left 14.10.2013

  19. Yep, because he got moved to wg clan out of system, on special rules, by wg, not by some haxxor button he has in his interface, for purposes of cw event for planned streamed battle, to give viewers decent level of game, not 15:0 score, thats part of PR for example, but ofc why SS should care and think this through to get to such logical conclusion easily, after all zombie-minded personal crusades are so popular here recently…

  20. There was anouncement given by WG-EU. They planned to fight ONLY at the beginning of the World on Fire (only 1 day). So they recruited staff temporarily. It seems legit they alowed to the players to return back to their clan immediately. That is why there is no date (in his clan history) when he left PTS . Check your sources or ask questions before you write an article SS.

    • That is true. It seems WG simply allowed him an exception to get him to participate at the CW event in WG clan. It’s rather reasonable.

      The only thing that doesn’t really feel right is the fact that a WG employee is allowed to lead a normal clan. But that is a separate issue from this.

  21. I can’t understand how that Luk4s is still working at WG. Very bad image for WG.

  22. Lukas I am ashamed of you ….. you are a disgrace to WG and PTS ….. you leave WG and joint PTS in the same day ?…… totally weak … you should be able to join PTS even before leaving WG ….. tsk tsk tsk ….I am disappointed in you …..

  23. …. UPDATE … UPDATE …

    We just learned from a reliable source that Lukas is dead.

    Being a calculating maniacal bastard he first located a tree on a high cliff. Tied a rope around it while the other end was tied around his neck. He took with him his trusty Stronk shotgun that his Kurwa grandpa left him as he intended to shoot himself in the face as he jumped. And just to be sure he dies… he swallowed poison.

    Unfortunately as he jumped the drop made his shot miss his tiny head but hit the rope instead …. as the rope snapped he fell all the way to the river below …. as he landed he got sick from the fall and threw up the poison ….so that was a fail …. he then realised that he was not intended to die …. so he decided to head home.

    After all this attempt … he got very thirsty … but there was no vodka around …. so he decided to drink that liquid in the river …. the thing other people call water …..

    As you all know … he is polish …. water kills polish wot clan leaders ….. he didn’t know that for he never drank water before in his life … and so he died .

    Let us all observe a moment of silence for Lukas Aka Drake AKA Dazkillors Valentine AKA Halfik’s Girlfriend …. you will be missed.

    Reports say that a note was found in his pocket and it said : ” how do you like me now ?”