Want a free Super Pershing? Use a Bot!

Hello everyone,

it’s been some time, since we talked about bots and how they damage the game. Quite a discussion started around the topic – so today, we are going to talk about one specific aspect of botting – using bots to get free stuff from Wargaming.

As you most likely know, currently, there is a special event running on all the major servers: get a certain amount of XP in all the trees in the game and in turn, you will recieve a hightier premium tank (Americans get the T34, the rest gets Super Pershing). Naturally, this is a great lure for all the assholes out there using bots and yes, unfortunately, it works very well.

All the data below were obtained by Stormshadow, the EU bot hunter responsible for example for the anti-bot mod.

Meet 8toto1. Our 8toto1 here is a damned botter, that’s what he is. Let’s look at his stats first.


Sharp drop of performance? A clear sign of using a bot, but not a proof of course. Proof comes from three things:

- a replay (where 8toto1) exhibits classic bot behavior (you have to have the freecam mod to see it) – or here is another replay, you can recognize a bot easily (if you know what to look for)
- the amount of battles: between 20.5.2014 (10 AM) and 22.5.2014 (7 AM) – eg. within the space of 45 hours, 8toto1 played 468 battles.
- his battles per day (up to the day he got caught by Stormshadow, which was 22.5.2014 and 5 days before) – 319,149,263,366,157

Clearly that’s no human playing that and the replay proves it. But wait, here comes the best part. As you can see from the list of his tanks, 8toto1 has the Super Pershing. He has 9 battles with it (and a 55 percent winrate, which means he probably tried the tank himself, not using a bot). ALL these 9 battles were played between 17.5.2014 and 22.5.2014 – so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how exactly did our dear 8toto1 get his Super Pershing, does it.

Of course, 8toto1 is not the only one doing this stuff. Here are more examples of botting to get the Super Pershing.

4L3R4KKhis statistics prove that this guy played on average 255 battles per day in last 5 days (also, notice the sharp drop in performance). He has 161 battles in Super Pershing and ALL of them were played between 17.5.2014 and 22.5.2014 – what this means is the idiot got a Super Pershing for free and then uses it for botting too. I would laugh if it wasn’t a serious issue. Anyway, here’s a replay with 4L3R4KK botting it out with a T1 Heavy.

What, more examples you say? Okay.

J3ST3MR4K – again, the same case, sharp drop in performance, in last 4 (!) days he played 1212 battles (that’s 303 per day), has 153 battles with Super Pershing and 149 of them were all played in last 5 days, so it’s very likely he got it by botting as well. As always, a botting replay, based on which he was caught.

And you want to know what the saddest thing is?

These three guys are just a random sample of last two days. There are tons of botters on Stormshadow’s list – make no mistake however, WG EU does shit to fight them. You might see a lot of red (banned accounts) on yellow (wiped accounts) on the list – that’s because the list is PUBLIC and was openly advertised on EU forums. WG EU knows about it and they use it to ban bots. If Stormshadow (a player!!!) doesn’t catch the bot in action (or someone doesn’t send him a replay), the bot will most likely not get punished and the list is just a drop in the sea.

And something funny to close this article:

The standard punishment for botting (IF you get caught and IF WG takes action, which as you can see, despite evidence presented by replays, is not automatic) is not getting banned, it is an account wipe. That means you will lose all your tanks and credits. Here’s a twist – you will NOT lose stuff you paid for: gold, premium tanks – and WG EU doesn’t distinguish how you got them (gift/bought/event), which means that even IF you get caught botting and IF WG EU takes action, you will not lose the Super Pershing from this event, because it’s a premium tank.

Remember this next time WG tells you they are fighting bots really hard.

PS: about the “top 10 in XP” requirement – bots can actually statistically achieve that, it just is less common than with regular players and requires much more battles to grind.

103 thoughts on “Want a free Super Pershing? Use a Bot!

    • They actually can get to top 10, it just is statistically much less likely and requires an insane amount of battles. Which is exactly what the botters are doing.

      • its easy to get to the top 10 because the average number of penetrations during the whole battle is 1 or 2 .. for all players under 50% WinRate .. even bot sitting on spawn can do that.

        • Yep. That’s where the sad part begins: Bots can easily outperform some of the worse players we have in WoT.

          • well you have to admit its in general..

            sometimes it happens to me I got oneshot 1 minute into the game when no enemy is even spotted… other times I feel like I’m the only one playing in my team…

    • Usually still doesn’t mean never.

      Had a battle where a bot defended(!) our arty.
      He didn’t move at all the whole battle and shot only targets he had a direct line of sight to.
      Of course he got into the top10 of the match.

      Didn’t you have a match after you asked yourself “How the hell did I manage to get into the top10?” ?
      I had enough of them.
      As SS already said, it’s less likely but not impossible… and that’s sad.

    • due the +2mm spread and overall bad quality of the average player, isnt hard at all be in the top 10.

    • You, my dear sir, have all my respect :) That’s a really nice average exp, except if you only did doubles (which means…loots of tanks)

    • 208 battles and you won sp…. So you make 30 battles per nation and 2,5k exp per battle, you are so pro man….

      • He took advantage of the x5 on first win of the day event that lasted for 3 (4?) days. I don’t know if he’s pro, but he sure is smarter than most people complaining about the mission being unwinnable.

        • Yea, He didn’t just do it in the last 7 days, he def used the x5 days :)..

          I had a ton of tanks and even missed one x5 day.

          I have been splitting my “premium wins” so I get 3 x2 premium wins days instead of just two ;P… But some days have been HORRIBLE.

          Premium with x5′s (I didn’t have premium) woulda seen me walk away with the SP just with the x5…

          I need 7k more to finish the last 3 nations… It took me about 430 battles to get that all..

          • nice. finished the mission last week. those x5′s and infinite doubles made this mission easy. you can easily get the rest starting saturday when infinite doubles return.

      • i completed france with 2 tanks with the x5 in 20 battles.

        of course they were the 50 100 and 13 90(half gold to increase the direct damage xp)

  1. SS, you forgot about one thing – the rule saying that player has to be in the top 10 players on team by base experience earned to count exp for this mission. What does it mean? Well, nothing good. There are so many really bad players, afkers and bots so some of them can get their SP.

  2. Guess the next events will require top 5 base xp.
    Solving problems WG style.

    • There is no reason for WG to solve the bot problem. And why? Each bot brings guaranteed 10 EUR per month for WG (Premium account is 100% necessary for Tankleader and co. – no premium account and gold (both required) -> no bot). Easy money.

      • This.

        They will still ban/do account wipe for a couple of botting players once in a while just to pretend they are dealing with the problem. But the sad truth is that (most) botters are paying for premium account and thus bring in steady profit for WG.

  3. botting for (not so) superpershing, oh dear we are desperate aren’t we?
    -SP owner

    • Yep, its really a shame to see, that 99% of the bots still play better then some real players. The bots at least shoot at the enemy and aim at their direction instead of shooting planes on airfield or looking behind them while driving forward.

      • I’m ashamed of that too. In some battles team was so fast seam-rolling that I could not catch up…

  4. Best reroll method:

    1. BOT, for Super Pershing
    2. Get caught, statwipe (but you keep the SP)
    3.Pad XP/WR/Creds on your free SP like you normally do
    4. Instapurple, for FREE!

    • GL getting purple stats on a tank that does 20km/h max and has mediocre alpha AND dpm.

      • On flat it’s more around 35, 240 alpha is OK, good camo, good dispersion, limited MM.
        it’s workable.

      • THIS!
        SP, judging by stats is the worst T8 prem, I mean – it does the least damage and can make the smallest influence to the game. So padding stats with it wouldn’t be so easy.

      • There is an easiest way and im sure for that coz i know player done that.
        Simple send a ticket to WG and ask them how much reall money they want to raise ur stats.As far as i know is a 3 digit number between 100-300 euros.But there is a condition.U are not allow to be in any clan or to play platoons and cw.U can always play alone randoms.
        For known reason i cant tell the name of that player.
        Well if u have nice wallet and u willing to pay u can have everything u want.

      • Well those rerollacc noobs do love the 250 (or was it even 260) mm goldpen ;)

        • Because 90mm ‘murikan HVAP can into spreading democracy and freedom :D

          Limited MM gud for WR, bad players driving it gud for WN8 farming.

    • In case of a WIPE, do you get to start “fresh” with new stats?? That would make Botting extremely lucrative, since you just botted your way to a free premium, but don’t need to care about horrendous stats… Terrible

  5. Oh, look, what a surprise, that cockmuncher named 4L3R4KK in T1 Heavy did cost me a battle once. He was top tier obviously and did jack shit once he was the last one alive on the team.

  6. More than a little disappointed that WG aren’t doing anything about it. If you’re caonfirmed to be botting or cheating how hard is it to simply delete someones account and ban their IP !?

    • If you wold be part of WG, you would definetly understand this and do the same.
      WG already told, that they give the players second (and I think even 3rd and 4th) chance after they catch them. Why? Of course, because of real money! If you ban player, there’s a bigger chance, that he will rage-leave the game forever. But, if you leave him all the gold goodies and access to account, then probably he will come to his mind and start playing normally, meaning – will spend more real money.
      Makes sense?

      • No not at all, you think someone who’s using a bot is paying any money for the game ?

  7. Bots? Same like at Warthunder ground forces :D
    In almost every battle in WT I feel like I’m only one playing in my team – trying to cap/defend… all others just stay back and wait till time runs out.

  8. “here are tons of botters on Stormshadow’s list”..no..there are 381..for all servers..aren’t you a little bit overestimating ?..

    • 381 found by a hand full of ppl in their free time. Shouldnt be hard for paid WG employees to find even more with the tools they have (especially the direct access to their database and their ingame report system). But well that would mean working and we all know what WG Eu support thinks about this… “Use ingame report system”; ” Go to Forums with ur problem/ question”; “*insert random macro that doesnt fit your question*”

      And although there are only 381 on the list, they still didnt mange to even ban/wipe those obvious ones (Well 200+ games every day seems to be normal for WG…)

  9. They are to slow at WG… I had to send replays and screenshots from one bot to them for over 6 weeks. When i started to send screenshot, this guy had played 6000 games..6 weeks later he had already 24000 games.. with every ticket i was sending them, they told me they have to proof that the is a bot.. he played every day 400 games.. sometimes he was logged into the game for 3 days in a row. I mean, who the fuck can play 400 games a day? They said they have him on the watching list.. yeah , for 6 weeks. Normaly they could booted him already after the 3 ticket from me.. Well, after 6 weeks sending tickets, he finaly got banned..

    • @ Thomas Kiffen: I mean, who the fuck can play 400 games a day?

      1440 min. in a day
      avg game is 4 min IIRC [or maybe that was my average] that is only 360 potential games in a 24 hr period ….

      I know when I started playing in Dec [ the day after Christmas] – I play 10 – 12 hours for several days straight … I have logged 4,130 battles since Dec 26th … in that time I have only NOT played 4 days in 6 months …..

      in that time I have been shot through a couple of buildings, and twice in a bush hull down in a light tank, no one else around ….

      what I have to ask is :shrug: so what ….. why do you like controlling your fellow players ?

      I bet yo don’t like Gold Ammo either ……

  10. If bot can get into top10 I’m okay with that.
    Why do people hate bots anyway ?

    • Bots can get in Top10 with no problems at all. I’ve seen bot taking Ace badges in low tier tanks. Now imagine the average level of real human players now..

  11. I also have a drop in performance – I simply stopped giving a fuck for so called teams, so in case of lost battles I simply go out one way or another.
    There is a chance that in case of leaving a battle during countdown, even if it will be won, you will get 0xp and 2x star will still be available.

    • well but by doing this u still dont manage 300 games a day. U still need to sleep eat , go to restroom , work(?) and so on.

  12. Dont beleive. Why?

    Yesterday – 5 x fights = 5 x 11th place.

    Wins, draws, lost, every game 2-3 shoots damage, spots … and always 11th place.

    Dont beleive, that bot may do more exps …

    • dont shoot he with a normal tank /leave before ur dead. Otherwise there is NO way u can end up 11th place in a lost games with 2+ shoots that dealt dmg ;)

    • let’s see….if bot does 300 battles per day….
      300 X exp earned….

      EDIT : oh yea, if you always end up in 11th place…you’re doing it worng

      • For a bot to be in 10th place, only 5 idiots on the team have to do 0….when the bot even gets some light tanks HP when said light rams him, he is 10th in this team.

        They usually shoot too, so one damaging hit per game will get them enough to fulfil the mission when playing 300 battles per day.

  13. this may be a noob queastion
    when i checked the profile of those botters in the wot portal…i noticed that the players nickname in the address bar changed to “Platzhalter”…what does that mean?

  14. Sorry silent but they are very logical, WoT requires an extreme amount of grinding, they like the game but to grind such amounts makes the game boring, and thus illogical to play since games are meant to be fun, so to fix that they manage to still enjoy the game by having bots, it’s us who grind hatefully who are strange if anything. I would use bots if I wasn’t so darn proud of my winning rate etc, because grinding that much is boring and I want to have fun.

    • Why grind? You don’t need a top tier tank to play the game. Plenty of fun tanks at every tier.

      I think you’re doing it wrong.

      • Yes, I think the same. And I am a little angry on myself that I spend so much resources to get 3 X tiers :)

    • Well the game is about grinding. Or as we say in germany :” Der weg ist das Ziel” (Literally : the way is the target. Means as much as getting a tier 10 tank isnt the target, the way towards it, having fun in each of those battles is what counts).

      By using a bot, u may get a Tier 10 tank or what ever u want, but u miss all the fun u can have while playing ur way towards it. The fun, when u finally managed to have a nice round or get your topgun researched etc.

      The game is about playing it, not about having all the tanks ;)

      • Well my thought was that bots were used to get rid of the hard grinds, the stock grinds, I remember myself for example M6 without m3 gun, i hated the game, and there are many examples.

  15. Silentstalker, 4L3R4KK and J3ST3MR4K is most probably the same person and he is Polish. When you use numbers in those nicks as letters both nicks have meaning in Polish and they are very similar. First one Ale rakk (What a crab) and the second Jestem rak (I am crab). I think proffesional botter who makes accounts to sell them.

    • Dude… The word Crab is not used for noobs in Poland. That is a Russian/Belarusian/Ukrainian thing. The languages are similar so i understand why you could have misinterpreted it.

      • Oh lol…. Have I wrote anything about rak meaning noob in Polish? Your post is totally pointless.

        My point is that both accounts almost for sure belong to the same person. Nicks have very similar meaning, in both is word “rak”, both are in Polish and both use numbers as letters. And both use bot.

      • Ah, you are probably confused by translating rak as crab, yeah now checked in dictionary and it should be rather crayfish (or cancer cause we do not know which rak he means). But still your post is pointless.

        • Your assumption that it he/she is a Pole judgning only from those few words that are common for slavonic languages is weak. That was the point o my comment, i am sorry that i was unclear. Considering that it is a accountselling gamer as you state at in gaming RAK is used in is used in the countries i mentioned for noob in games it is more likely he is from those.

  16. If a bot can squeeze into top 10 spot on a team, then that bot did more then an actual human being. Which is sad. So yes, if a botter gets a free tank out of this, Congrats. Just proves players are shit in this game and a bot can beat them.

    Also, you seem mad SS, did a botter steal your fun for a day?

    • Or it could mean that there are 5 other bots on the same team. Hopefully they’re not that common, but sometimes you wonder.

  17. All I can say is THANK YOU to st0rmshadow for catching these jerks. They ruin the game for the rest of us, I just wish WG had their own system for catching them instead of relying on paying customers to do it for them.

  18. thanks for a good advice! but i just got a SP without a bot, what a shame…

  19. If a bot is able to aim and shoot well enough to get into the top 10, then aimbots are no doubt a reality…

    I find the MM in WT to be perfect…if I fly tier 1 planes now, I find myself up against tier 2 and 3 planes…Ranked MM would solve the bot problem, as well as many other problems that WoT has…

    • well u dont need a aimbot, just gold or he and autoaim will do it in more than 50% of the battles (which is more then enought if ur bot does 300 a day)

  20. I’ve always said that any player with more than 200 games in a day (heck even 150!) should be regarded as a bot.

    WG were very quick to ban that guy who kill a T110E4 in his BT-7 (think that’s right) saying “You cheated. It was impossible to do that damage”.

    Yeah? Well is fecking impossible to play more than 200 games in a single 24 hour period without botting.

    They should be auto-banned once they reach 200 and then have to prove that they weren’t botting by providing replays before they’re allowed back in.

    Next time they get banned for reaching 150 and so on, ever decreasing numbers so they aren’t tempted to try and push it to just below the line.

  21. Sad but true – I realized recently, that I cant achieve the SP mission (I have life and not botting) Actually I will fail with the japanese tech tree. I play WoWP also. There is 100k XP per nation to get 2 premium planes (even havent tried to achieve – its totally impossible for me). Some jerk came to troll after 10 days with their Ki-88 or XP-50… Clear situation – botters here and botters there. The situation in WoWP is even more difficult: the planes are in a constant move, so much harder to realize any bot-suspicious situation…

  22. “- his battles per day (up to the day he got caught by Stormshadow, which was 22.5.2014 and 5 days before) – 319,149,263,366,157″
    I read this as upward of 319 trillion games per day.
    I highly doubt even that many games have been played in human history of any and all video games put together.

  23. You know what funniest thing is? If i wouldnt see that post, I wouldnt believe there are working bot programs for WOT :P Now i am after few battles with bot for quick test and i must admit: it works xD
    Dont worry, i wont start to use it daily, I like my stats :)

  24. Do you think you could make bot ?
    It’s harder than it looks, you don’t appreciate the hard work of men who took upon themselves to give a tool to all players who do not want to be shackled to PC 10 hours a day.

    • Yeah, I always admired serial killers because the effort and hard work they put in planning and executing the murders. I think I’ll send them flowers. /end sarcasm

      Sonny, come back when you are at least over 18.

  25. I got my damn state exams next weak, no f way i will get that tank -_-

  26. the LD13 after the video replay provided by a person AFT decided to ban 8toto 1 which used a Bot in Wot.
    we apologize to the community for wot dégragrément provided by this player.
    Commander of the LD13

  27. For a long time, I have had a suspicion that WG is not seriously cracking down on BOT’s because WG needs them to fill battle slots. I don’t want to sound too cynical, but I think WG operates its own fleet of BOT’s (tightening strap on tinfoil helmet; heck, perhaps its TOO tight).

    WG knows how many battles tankers play each day, and what the battles/day average is. They know the percentage of tankers that grossly exceed that average. Perhaps to WG’s horror, the number is quite high.

    Banning them all could cause a huge increase in queue lines. Long queue lines mean players are not using up gold consumables and ammo (ie, not spending money on WG). Players in long queue lines may even log out of WoT, which would further increase the queue time. We saw how quickly Historical Battles imploded, partly due to long wait times.

    The BOT issue could be cured rather easily. However, the cure might be worse than the disease.

  28. Heil! To beginning , i want to say sorry for my English , and for this massif use of bot , but to many people use this , it’s easy. I dont think someone find me and use my name and the name of my last clan to write an article to make an exemple. I just want to say fuck you to the man who write this article. I do this to have the T26E4, IS-3 and other and play with my team in 7v7 or other. Dont write an article about me for dont say the reality. For me , 2000 players an more use bot , in all clan of UE. Just why focus on me and accuse my clan when the problem is from wot who accept bot, cheat, afk, flame…?
    Sorry for my last clan, sorry for the player who played with me..
    Send me a message in private if you want to take with me, its not necessary to blame my last clan.
    Only God Can Judge Me.

    • Nobody blames the clan, and your leader was very correct and kicked you out. Good riddance!

      Also, there were several other players mentioned in this article, not only you… Keep in mind, using bots is still illegal, no matter what you think/say/do. If you get discovered, don’t be surprised about the consequences and the namecalling that follows. End of story.

    • ” when the problem is from wot who accept bot, cheat, afk, flame…?”

      I can also brake into ur house/car. Why is this physically possible if god/the state doesnt want me to break into ur house/car.

      Or in other words: Just because its possible doesnt mean its right/allowed!!

      • The only thing that tells us that we do not have the right, it is the moral. In video games, it is easy to ignore or forget the moral.

  29. Drop in performance could be other things. For example my performance have dropped the last days, but that is because I’ve tried to level new crews to 6th sense on a couple of tanks. Also had a long roll of sub 40% xvm matches and that really hurts.