Kharkov Easter Egg

Hello everyone,

credits for this go to player tambardo from EU server, who found it. There is apparently an easter egg on the Kharkov map. When you destroy one of the garages in the A3 sector, inside, you will find a strange vehicle.


This is the Chtz armored tractor (bronetraktor), built in Kharkov in some numbers as a stopgap measure in 1941, when the Soviets desperately tried to put guns on pretty much everything to stop the Germans. Its low quality model exists in the game for quite some time – for purposes unknown. It’s doubtful it will ever be introduced.

This vehicle appeared once already in March in the developer diary videos.

13 thoughts on “Kharkov Easter Egg

  1. I would drive that. Now how come my red wagon can’t fit a 152mm gun?

  2. its just a model… what about all the cars that are in the game? arent those “easter eggs” to?

    • No, because the cars are everywhere and they’re nothing special. This one is an easteregg because it’s in some way hidden and just at that one spot on that map.

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  4. you sure russians are the men that tried put guns on every thing that had Chains on tracks?
    hmmm if you played Men Of War… you just see it different.
    gerys advancing with everything like you dont know how is made and come from…
    just saying “holy shit” and try hold them off….

    russians defend with so low Arsenals of weapon, without any special weapon for be ready to the attackers…
    maybe is ok, for realistic of hard work in WW2 , but at least in-game more strange gery Vehicle than every russian you can think about :\
    anyway, cool finding :)