9.1 Model Changes

Regular model changes – not much has changed in this patch, apart from one quote big one. There have been a lot of really tiny changes, most of them are completely unrecognizable, like textures fixes, here for example a small texture fix on AMX50B turret:


Several (about a dozen) tanks recieved a small graphic overhaul – their non-HD model got back their shading, like in this case the Batchat 25t:


Several tanks had their tracks texture changed, like the RhB here, nothing really important:


But… now it gets more interesting. T82 model was fixed – now the sprockets correctly “bite” into tracks:


The Birch Gun model was fixed – now the gun has a proper mechanism model


And now comes the best part. M8A1 US TD (“Scott”) model was completely overhauled. The armor thicknesses did not change, but the layout and 3D model did.

Stock turret version (the one with the machinegun is new)


Elite turret version (the one that looks like stock is new)


Armor model – elite turret version (the smaller rounder is new obviously, thicknesses stay the same)


As for the HD models, these can’t be opened in the tank viewer, so as you can imagine, the comparison is quite harder. Allegedly there were some changes in the Centurion 7 model, but I can’t spot any. T-54 elite turret side armor changed from 180 to 160 nominally. As far as I can see, the actual layout of armor did not change at all.

33 thoughts on “9.1 Model Changes

  1. so this is what WG staff spend there time on…no wonder this game has all these lag problems

      • hey, it’s wargaming. they nerfed T26E4 for stupid reasons, made fail historical battles and confrontation mode, postponed havoc engine, canceld a whole bunch of nerfs..etc etc….

        • Yeah man WarGaming is so horrible. WoT is absolutely worst game ever and has no chance on MMO market.
          Go play War Thunder which has amazing and clear interface, fun and realistic tank movement, total lack of RNG, every player is member of Mensa and they pay you to play it.

        • Hey just my opinion but T26E4 is very good tank up to date. I think it was OP (haven’t played it before)

  2. Any news about fix for the Tiger I model? That silly gap between the skirts and tracks?

    • >the old turret with the gun and fences gave it a cooler look
      But absolutely unhistorical.

      • And KVS is historical ?
        And IS-3 top gun is historical ? And WTF E100 is historical ?
        And the tank models without transmition are historical ? WoT is not about history, its arcade game. If u want to know about history of tanks go to tank museum ; ) . WG works really weird – they see an old picture of tank (only one ever built and failed in tests) but they say yeah this tank existed and we will ad it into the game and who cares if it will be OP or total crap –
        “we saw it and we dont care”

        • If your first tank listed was KV-1S, then yes, it pretty much is historical.
          No, the BL-9 isn’t 100% historical, and everyone who isn’t retarded knows the WTE-100 isn’t historical.
          Baby steps towards logical revisions like the M8s is progress, and progress is good, big or small.
          Your reasoning that “it’s an arcade game” is bad, because that means we could have an IS-3 with the IS-7 turret and the Obj. 268′s gun “just because.” Storm himself said that he thinks they added way too many of these fictional tanks. The FakeV215b and FV4202 are going to be replaced too, which makes me think one day they’ll do away with that retarded WTE-100 and Conq. GC. (…and E4…)

    • >Why did they have to remove the sexy turret from M8?
      Because it was Hellcat’s turret.

  3. So T-54 is again nefed, it is not even funny anymore…..
    Turret nerf, vehicle got bigger,now again turret nerf.

    • M5′s top turret was altered in 0.9.0 test, so we can expect it to be implemented in the game in future updates. I believe that top gun also will be changed.

  4. I don’t understand why the elite turret on M8A1 is the version without the MG on it…

    Tanks look more “elite” with the MG on top, they’re more menacing.

    • M8 had machine gun, but it was removed in M8A1 turret – it’s simple.

    • I wish WG would give us the option to use either turret without any disadvantage in aim time or view range. I would understand if they kept less HP from stock turret.

  5. Did the M8A1 change size too, or is that just a problem with the pictures?

  6. Nice to know they are finally modeling tanks on real tank models, although their paper tanks will still look the same.

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