WoT Tank Viewer is Back

Hello everyone,

as you probably know, some time ago, the WoT Tank Viewer, one of the oldest and best tank softwares, allowing you to view WoT models and such was discontinued. Personally, I thought it was a terrible shame, because I used it extensively for model comparisons. Well, I have good news for you – its author, Rextimmy, is back.

You can follow the WoT Tank Viewer in this thread – and you can download the newest version from its official website.

The newest version (1.0.17) can view the HD models, a feature incredibly useful for the future tank updates. You can download it for free on the official website.

38 thoughts on “WoT Tank Viewer is Back

  1. TBH with Tank Inspector free as it is Tank Viewer is useless IMO….Unless maybe its used for skinning? Or some other thing.

    As far as viewing armor why not view armor and aim at armor and have it tell you exact LOS armor for HEAT/AP/APCR and overmatch etc

    TI does everything great IMO

    And once they implement indiv tech tree data and you have exp and credit calcs it ill be a one stop tool

    • Tank inspector requires an internet connection and account login (for who knows what nefarious purposes).

      • Yes. Track Resistance, AIm time dispersion on the move, and you can add any module and update its stats, it compares tanks and has pen loss over range.

        1 million more times info. For instance when STB1 came out nad guys where saying STB1 turret would be amazing we TI guys just looked at its OTM accuracy and dispersion and knew it wasnt gonna beat the 140 like so many predicted. Also from resist we need it wouldnt be Leo fast either./

    • I disagree.
      Imagine a fruit stand selling apples. Now imagine another fruit stand opens and sells apples AND pears. I would not say that the stand with “only” apples is useless now.

      I hope that the point I’m traying to make becomes clear with this example: WoT tank viewer doesn’t lost its use because it still does (hopefully; didn’t update it yet) what it always did, not? Moreover I like to stick to WoT tank viewer as it is perfectly adequat for me. I took a look at TI aswell and it is indeed useful but I don’t intend to learn all those very detailed numbers as I’m at a point where I can dare to say about myself that I can estimate values in battle enough to be able to not suck to badly. Also (and please correct me if I’m wrong) this is no compettion between team tank viewer and team tank inspector, is it? Of course they can optimize their programs by the motivation of competing but they don’t lose anything (perhaps money as an example), or?

      • Every single thing WOT viewer does TI does better. So the Apple Fruit alone is better…It also has pears.

        WOT viwer is and always has been hard to read true armor values. Tank Inspector does a very good job at layered armor. It measures the thickness between spaced armor to tell you whart LOS thickness armor is vs HEAT and it auto compensates for overmatch.

        All this is just Tank Viewer on crack. Anything else numbers wise is up to you or not to use….But just as a armor model viewer its by far better.

    • I’m guessing you haven’t use WoT Tank Viewer in a while then. Not only does it give you the ability to “shoot” at any part of the tank and tell you the effective armour, it will also tell you (assuming the shell penetrates, what else it will hit on the way through, ie next layer of armour, Gun Breach, Engine etc. Great for finding those sweet spots and IMO its now better than TI which I’ve stopped using now.

      • Yeah but does it have Ground resist and all the soft stats as well?

        Im glad to know its Armor stuff is better tan before but still I dont see what else it does better tbh. And it has 10 less useful features.

  2. why dont you use tank inspector SS? especially since you propagated it here on ftr?

  3. I don’t understand where is the difference between Tank Inspector and WoT Tank Viewer.
    Whitch one is the best ? And why ?

    • Tank vieveer works offline, doe not require registration and simply(for me) looks nicier.
      Tank inspector has effective armour calculation and tanks comparing feature added.

      Both have their pros and cons.

      • TI doesnt have cons…. Use a fake Email and bam ALL the soft stats of a tank as well.

        Also TI uses a WOT viewer module so not sure how its better graphics.

  4. I’ve been using version 1.0.14 for ages now and it can view the HD models so whats new about this version?

    I dont like online-only tanks viewers :D (not that its bad, but im not always online)

    • You use DIal Up?

      Its not a “Online Only” like it uses a browser. It uses an internet connection..lol

      Seriously you gonna use these on your phone?

      • Well yeah, but you can’t run that without connection, so it’s online only. And there is no need for whole online requirements at all, it pulls all info from gamefiles anyway so you can only speculate why makers of that software really want your email&password combination at all.

  6. YAY! Maybe it’s time to donate to thank timmy for his hard work.

    I think all of us who use this awesome tool should give him something for his efforts.

  7. I use Tank Inspector for its detailed statistics and the effect equipment and crew skills have on these.
    I use Tank Viewer for its ability to hide parts and spaced armour of a tank as well as its freedom of camera movement.

    • Dafuq? The developer once (or maybe twice) said that he was done with it, but whatever, I’m just happy that he’s back in business. :)

  8. Great news to see this updated again; much better than tank inspector (imo).

  9. As much as I’d like to only use Tank viewer(especially because it can load mod files, so I can pretest mods without loading the client), my laptop doesn’t have OpenGL 3.2 or better


  10. Tank Inspector is still the best. All in one and it also calculates effective armor, auto-bounces and overmatch.

  11. I like using TV for tank related art. can get better viewing angles for photos in TV

  12. Hi guys,

    Firstly thanks for the kind words (well some anyway lol ). Just thought i would clarify a few things.

    Wot Tank Viewer and Tank Inspector are two different programs designed for completely different purposes. My viewer has always been about tank skinning and modding. It was only later on i added other features such as the armor inspector ( FTR this was included late last year before tank inspector app was released).

    There will always be an overlap of some features, this is inevitable. Use whatever application suits your own personal interests.

    Happy Tanking :-)

  13. Oh one other thing for RQZ, sorry there is no mac version. The viewer is very capable of running on a mac but i have never had any requests before. I actually test the app every few months on GNU/Linux and it runs perfectly.

  14. Also forgot to mention, with 9.0 client WG accidentally shipped the server side hit boxes for the E-50M :-) If you are using my app switch to wireframe mode while in collision mode to see them. Also using the armor inspector will also return results for engine,ammo boxes etc. I couldn’t find any other tank where WG accidentally did this.